The Waxing Ch. 05

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It was time. It had been a few weeks since I have showed off at the dry cleaners and even longer since Caroline had twisted my balls. I wasn’t sure what I wanted more—the delicious pain she had given me, or for her to clean off the hair growing in—it was so itchy and painful I could hardly take it.

I called her, and surprisingly she recognized my voice immediately. I told her I wanted to be waxed again, and this time no shaving—I could take the pain. I heard her laugh a little as she said, “I’m sure you can.”

I was not as nervous this time, but still felt butterflies as I pulled up into the parking lot, not knowing how far things would go this time. Pushing them down, I went up and rang the bell, only to be surprised as Caroline greeted me. She was dressed much like she was the last time—no kaftan this time, just yoga pants and a cropped top, but this time her hair was cropped close—not quite shaved completely, but very short. She definitely had lost that MILF next door look. She looked beautiful but somehow more dangerous and sexier.

She smiled widely as she saw me, “Good to see you John! Are you ready to lose that hair?” I smiled back and nodded yes. “I am. I love how it feels bare, and want you to wax my back and front, no shaving this time.” And then, taking a deep breath I said, “And also I want you to wax my whole penis as well, and maybe my butt since you mentioned that.”

She smiled even wider, “I thought you might be interested in a complete wax. I love that. However, I think we should go even further.” I looked back at her confused before she responded, “I’ll do that all for you, but I’m also going to wax your legs.”

I looked at her even more confused, “But.. huh? I’m not sure that I want that.”

“Oh honey, you don’t have a choice. I told you last time I’m the boss, so if you want any of this done, I’m doing what I want. I think you will look even cuter with less hair. So, what do you think? Are you in or out?”

My mind was a blur again, but it took me no time to decide. “I’m in” I said.

“Good. Take it all off then and leave your clothes here. I don’t think we need to pretend to use the sheet this time, I’ve seen it all before, and you just want to show me anyway, so strip down.”

And then she stood there, with a challenge in her eyes, while I took off my clothes. I could not get them off fast enough and was excited to stand in front of her nude. I didn’t get hard but could feel my excitement building. It felt different this time though… I was somehow more afraid of what was going to happen.

I noticed a little change in her attitude as well—she didn’t bother to touch me while I was standing there, only walked around me slowly. She seemed more business-like, or stern somehow. I just stood there, getting more excited as she looked.

She then turned to me and said, “Good. Go in the other room and get on the table John. Lay on your stomach and we will start on your back.”

What followed was probably the most pain I have ever felt, and not the sexy pain like the last time. It could have been 20 minutes; it could have been 200. She started on my back with the wax, then my butt, then had me roll over and did my chest. Slather me with wax, rip off the strip, repeat, repeat and repeat again. My skin was on fire, and any excitement I felt about being naked was long gone.

Finally, she finished with my torso, but before I could breathe too much, she started putting the wax on my legs. All of this had been in silence, with the exception of the ripping of the strips and what felt like the ripping of my skin. My entire top was red, and I felt so exposed.

Caroling Etiler escort worked from my ankles upward, quickly efficiently, and without mercy. She started on my front, and when she got to my thighs, she just looked and me and said, “Turn over.” It was clear it was a command, not a request, so I did so. She worked her way up the back of my legs, spread, ripping, spearing ripping.

By this point it felt like my whole body was tingling, and I was beyond pain. I started getting aroused again and could feel my cock stiffening against my stomach. What had started as torture had turned, and fI felt not pleasure exactly, but an allover body sensation that was exciting me.

Caroline finished the back of my legs, and I head, “Turn over” again. Knowing I was now fully hard, I didn’t hesitate to do so. I was putty in her hands now—something about the pain, the sternness and my desire to show off my raging hard on was compelling me to do this. I wasn’t nervous or ashamed. I raised up on my arms and turned over, looking right in her eyes as I felt my hard cock exposed. She looked and me and for the second time today, I saw her smile. If I didn’t know before, I knew now that she was enjoying the pain she was causing and enjoying my reaction to it. I kept looking at her, willing her with my eyes to continue, wanting her to know that I was completely in her grasp.

If she knew that, she didn’t say anything, she just picked up the wax and spread it over my thighs and ripped off the hair, edging closer to my cock. I was worried that I might come at her touch, but honestly did not care. And then before I could think about it, I felt the wax being smeared all over my balls, and pubic hair. I thought when I saw her the last time, she was rough, and it turned out that twisting my balls was only an appetizer. The pain was amazing as the hair was ripped off of my cock, and before I could catch my breath, she put the wax on my shaft.

And then it was done. My nerves were pulsing, my body felt like it was on fire and I was hairless, lying on her table, hard as a rock. I felt vulnerable, subservient and most importantly turned on like almost never before. My mind was swimming—would I get to come again? Was she just going to make me get dressed and leave? What was my wife going to think and did I even care?

I looked up at Caroline, “Wow, I’ve never felt like this before—do all of your clients react this way?” Just so there was no confusion about what I meant, I reached down and cradled my hard cock, stroking it lightly.

She looked at me and replied, “No, only some react in a certain way—the more submissive men and women make their excitement clear, like you do. But I didn’t say you could touch yourself—take you hand off your cock.”

I quickly did and she continued, “I asked you the last time and you said yes, but I want to be crystal clear: if you want to continue with this and with me, your life will change forever, full stop. What you thought were your ideas of pleasure and pain will change. I’m not interested in your professional life, but you will find yourself obsessed with pleasing me and I expect your full attention whenever I request it. Slave is too simple a term for what I expect—your all-consuming passion will be a complete focus on my wishes and my desires.”

My mind went blank for a moment when I heard this, and I got a pit in my stomach. I thought about my wife, my life and if I would be walking away from all of that for a woman I barely knew but made me crave a surrender I didn’t know I wanted. As if she could sense my thoughts, she smiled again, “Don’t worry about Susan, I have a feeling Beşiktaş escort that she might like a new life.”

Now I was panicked. How did she know Susan? What did she mean by that? And yet, I couldn’t ignore the fact that Caroline had awakened a part of me I didn’t know that I had inside. The erection that wouldn’t quit was evidence of that. Any doubts I had went away when I felt her put her hand on my cock, and I just looked at her and said, “I’ll do whatever you want.”

Removing her hand, Caroline responded, “I hope you know what you are getting into,” and turned and left the room. I just lay there, naked and hard, wondering what was next. And in what felt like hours but was probably minutes, I found out.

Caroline came back in the room transformed. She was wearing a black mask around her eyes, a leather harness top around her amazing tits, and a strap on dildo around her hips. She had put it on top of her yoga pants, and the thick silicone dildo she was wearing bobbed slightly as she walked back into the room. The air was still, and it was clear that she had been serious. Whatever I did next was going to change me.

She said, “On your knees bitch and suck me.”

Oh fuck I thought, and if possible, I got harder. I scrambled off the table and more than willingly got on my knees and started licking and caressing the dildo, like it was a real cock. I’d never done anything like this before, but after a moment, started sucking on the tip, pushing it into my mouth.

“I said suck me bitch, not play with me,” Caroline said as she took her hands and placed them on the back of my head. I felt the silicone cock pushing against me, as I was forced to take it into my mouth. Without hesitation I opened wide as I could, and spit dripping from me, started sucking it with all I had. I did my best to deep throat it, taking her into my mouth as far as I could. She started moving her hips, thrusting into me. “Keep going Johnny, be my cocksucker—show me how much you can take you little bitch.”

And I did. I sucked the fake cock with everything I had, wanted to show her that I would do whatever she wanted. And more than that, I realized that I liked it. I was sucking that cock, imagining it was real and getting so excited. I wanted to be Caroline’s bitch and imagined making her come.

Then, in the middle of gagging on her cock, she pulled it out of my mouth. Caressing my hair, she said, “Very good Johnny, with some practice you will be quite the little cocksucker. Now get back on that table on your back.” She stepped back and I scrambled so fast to get on the table, excited about what was next.

And then I found out what was next. Once I was on my back, Caroline pulled out the stirrups and placed my feet into them. Since I was there last, she had added straps to them, and my legs were quickly strapped in. Next up were my arms, strapped to the table, close to my chest. I was trapped as she manipulated the table, raising my legs and sliding me down.

I realized that I was strapped to the table, and my ass was open. I feared and desired what was coming next, hoping that she was going to fuck me, and at the same time scared of it. I didn’t have to wait long, as she stepped away from the table and got one of the bottles of oil she used for massages. I felt it drip all over my balls and taint, flowing down to my gaping ass. Her hand briefly massaged me, dipping so quickly into my asshole, and spreading the oil. Then she moved to the side and poured it all over the dildo, which was already slick with my spit. I swallowed, knowing what was coming next.

She looked right at me, stroking the dildo, Taksim escort “I told you that there was no going back. I knew from the first time you came in here that not only would you agree to this, but that you with one taste of me, you would be begging for more. I’m not going to make you beg or ask permission. I’m just going to fuck you like you never knew you needed.”

And then she stood in front of me and started sliding that dildo into my ass.

Now, I’ve had fingers in there, but never a dildo or a cock, and never like this. She was not rough, but she was not gentle, and it was clear that she was going to slide into me, so I better relax and take it. And so, I did. It felt like my ass was being split in two as she slid in. But it was amazing. She was right, I didn’t know I needed to be fucked, but it was in fact what I needed. As she slid into me, I groaned in pleasure and tried to move closed to her to take all of her cock. She sensed my desired and pushed deeper into me, dripping more oil on her dildo to ease the way. And in what seemed like no time, she had buried her silicone cock all the way into me. The pain was intense, and brought tears to my eyes, but I wanted more.

“Fuck me please. Please I need for you to take me. I want to feel the pain and pleasure only you can give me.” Caroline looked at me, “Oh honey I’m so proud of you. I told you that you would beg for me, but I never thought you would take me like this the first time, let alone be ready for me to really fuck you. I’d say strap in, but you already are—so get ready.”

And then she fucked me.

Sweaty, rough, amazing fucking.

My body was on fire from the waxing at the stimulation. I had never felt this before, and I never wanted her to stop. My cock was so hard that it hurt, but I didn’t care about coming. I just wanted her cock in my ass forever, punishing me and making me excited.

I could feel her slow down, as she went as deep into me as she could, and then I felt her hand on my balls. The memory of her squeezing them came back and she did the same thing. She squeezed them so hard, while buried in my ass and said, “Come for me bitch.”

And I did

It felt like every piece of pleasure was leaving my body as my cock throbbed, pushing out my come like a fountain. I was having the most intense orgasm of my life—I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and my vision went black as I felt my own come splash all over my body. I was sweaty and gasping for air as I came and came.

I think I did black out, because the next thing I knew, Caroline had pulled out of my ass, and I was unstrapped. I was still short of breath, my chest was heaving, and I was covered in my own come. My asshole was so sore, but I was already thinking of feeling her in me again, even as my cock was still twitching from this time.

Caroline looked at me and said, “Don’t clean yourself up. I want you to go home sticky and sweaty from my fucking, and show yourself to Susan, so she can see you fully shaved. I wonder what she will think?”

At then she pivoted and looked up at the corner of the room, “Did you get all of that?” she said to the air. A moment later, a blond with tattoos, barefoot and also wearing workout clothes walked into the room, “All good Caroline,” she said, before she turned to me and said, “Hi Johnny. When you get home make sure you tell that little wife that Susannah says hi!”

And then they both laughed at me. Worried and exhausted, I pulled on my pants and shirt, before I went out front. Caroline of course presented me with a bill—2x what it was the last time, and I paid like the bitch I was quickly becoming.

She then handed me a card with the next appointment on it already—just one week from today. Sensing my confusion, she just looked at me and said, “I know you will be ready to come back tomorrow for more of me, I’m going to save you the trouble of calling to schedule with me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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