The Week

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A crowd of them came back from the bar to Toni’s apartment. They had been in the bar for some time and so were well lubricated. Somehow the subject turned to sex scenes in books.

“Do you like erotic stories?” Chris asked Toni.

“I prefer the real thing,” Toni replied smugly, thinking of her boyfriend who would be waiting for her later on, a twinge of arousal tugging at her crotch.

“What do you mean?” Chris continued.


“But that’s just sex, that’s not erotic.”

“Sex is erotic,” objected Toni.

“No it’s not the same thing at all.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, you go round to your boyfriend and I presume you have sex with him. I’m sure you get very aroused but that is very different from an erotic situation. There has to be some tension about it, the risk of being caught perhaps, or the situation being out of your control, or totally in your control, or something that only you know. Some tension between your sexual desires and your rational self.”

“I’m not sure I really understand the difference. If my boyfriend arouses me then that’s all the tension I need!” laughed Toni.

“I bet you like it when the tension finally snaps,” someone said.

“No comment,” said Toni blushing slightly.

The conversation moved back to other things and soon everyone who was visiting was on their way, dispersing all over the city to where they lived.


Toni got up early on Sunday morning and went out for a walk. She thought a bit about the odd conversation the night before, about how Chris had been so insistent that being erotic was not just having sex, but about tension. Feeling pleasantly tired after a long walk, Toni arrived back home.

On the doorstep of her apartment was a large cardboard box with her name on it. She carried it into her bedroom. With a pair of scissors she soon had the box open. It contained several padded envelopes, marked with days of the week. One of the envelopes was marked “Sunday, open first” so she opened it.

It contained a small cassette player already loaded with a tape and another envelope. She pressed the play button. After a pause, Chris’s voice came through.

“Hi Toni.

“You wanted to understand the difference between sex and an erotic experience. Well all you have to do is to follow the instructions in these envelopes. I should emphasize that you should want to do everything, and you are quite free to abandon the experiment. But you have to genuinely abandon it, not just pick and choose which instructions to follow, that would not be erotic at all.

So the first thing that you have to do is to shave your pubic hair. In the envelope are a razor and some shaving foam. Go into the shower and shave off all your pubic hair. I want you to be aware of your sexuality all the time. And I want you to be aware of me imagining you. I’ve never seen you naked, so I don’t even know if you have blond pubic hair or dark. But soon you will have none.

When you come out of the shower I want you to masturbate. I want you to enjoy the feel of your new smooth lips with your own fingers. Stroke your outer lips, then your inner lips, then your clit. Enjoy a fantasy where you are a shaven slave with your cunt being inspected by prospective buyers in the slave market. Their fingers part your lips and open up your sex to see your most intimate parts. They pull you open so that your clit stands out and then they rub it roughly. Enjoy your orgasm. Imagine me imaging you masturbating. I like to watch women masturbate, share the ecstasy of their orgasms, enjoy watching their fingers manipulate the folds of their sex so delicately.

“Next I want you to make some sex-art. The envelope also contains some paints and some paper. Paint your outer lips with one of the paints and your inner lips with another. Then put a sheet of paper over something saddle-shaped and straddle it so that you take a cunt print. Experiment with colors, pressure, whether to hold yourself open or not. Next you have to send two people one each of the pictures. It could be anyone. You don’t have to say who it is from so you can send it to someone anonymously if you like. Perhaps to someone you fancy from afar, that would be daring.

“For the rest of the week, whatever you wear you are not to wear any underwear. No bra and no knickers. If you are feeling especially daring then wear a skirt so the breeze reminds you. Otherwise jeans are fine, the rough seam should cut into the divide of your sex and remind you of your sexuality.

“This tape won’t self-destruct in 5 seconds but it is over. And it is your mission if you choose to accept it.”

The tape went quiet. Toni sat for a moment wondering how Chris could somehow be so intimate without ever having even kissed her or talked about sex with her. Let alone fucked her. She pulled the inner envelope out and opened it. It contained a razor and some shaving foam, some paints, some paper and a couple of stamped envelopes.

She made up her mind. She stripped off her cycling clothes. She stood facing the mirror in her bedroom, her feet slightly apart. She was fit from cycling and her legs looked strong and bursa escort muscular. Because she was short her breasts looked large and firm, pure white against her lightly tanned belly and shoulders, with large crimson nipples. She looked lower. Her pubic hair was not so much an inverted triangle hiding her sex, more of a patch of dark brown hair above it. Her outer lips only had a little hair on them and were clearly visible in the mirror, the pink tongue of her inner lips peeking through and hanging between her legs. She picked up the razor and headed for the shower. Soon her pubic hair was spiraling down the shower drain. She walked back into her bedroom and looked in the mirror. Her pubic hair barely hid her sex anyway, but she had to admit it looked erotic. Like when she was a little girl on the one hand, but more blatantly sexual than normal on the other.

She lay down on her bed. She reached down and stroked her smooth outer lips with one hand. They did feel different. She parted them and reached down with her other hand to lightly stroke her now-erect clit with a finger. Slowly she rolled her finger on it building up the excitement. She reached down lower, probing between her inner lips for some of her juices to make her clit smooth and sexy. She continued to stroke herself, a little harder and faster now, close to coming. She started to imagine herself at a sale of slaves, standing on a wooden block naked, the clothed purchasers reaching out and inspecting her, fascinated by her bald crotch. One man in front of her reached out and took one of her outer lips in each hand, roughly pulling her open to inspect the details of her sex. Behind her another spread the cheeks of her arse and fingered her arsehole. A potential buyer decided to check that she was easily aroused. He bent forward, opened up her sex with one hand and started to gently lick her clit. His other hand slid between her legs and he pushed two fingers into her cunt. Despite her embarrassment at her predicament, her body responded to the excitement of the tongue and the fingers slid easily into her wetness. She imagined the man continuing to finger-fuck her and lick her until a powerful orgasm finally burst upon her, in her fantasy and in real life. She lay there for a moment before she got up. She was slightly chilly so she pulled on a sweatshirt, naked from the waist down.

She opened the packet of paints and smeared a little red paint on her cunt-lips. Then she turned the waste-paper bin on its side and held a piece of paper onto its cylindrical surface as she lowered her paint-covered cunt onto it. The print was pretty indistinct; it could have been almost anything. She tried a couple more and soon she had learnt how much paint to use, how hard to press against the paper and soon she was producing prints that really looked like a cunt pressed against paper. She experimented a bit with different colors, washing her smooth lips in the shower each time to get rid of the old colors so that everything didn’t degenerate into non-descript brown.

Finally she had had enough. She washed the paint off one last time and walked back into her bedroom. She pulled on a sweatshirt and jeans, feeling a little naked with no underwear, even though she often went without a bra and no-one would be able to tell that she had no knickers on.

Finally, she took the large envelopes and put two of the most blatant paint prints into them. She wondered whether to send one anonymously to someone she fancied, but in the end she was a coward and sent the first one to her boyfriend, describing it as a piece of abstract art she had done for him. But she decided it would be erotic to send one to Chris. After all, he had never seen her cunt and she could imagine him looking at the picture and trying to imagine what her cunt was really like. A sort of Rorschach ink-blot test, except this was a cunt paint test.

Toni was tempted to look at the next padded envelope, the Monday one, but in the end she went to bed and enjoyed the feel of her smooth lips again.


Toni woke early. She got up immediately, keen to open her next envelope before any of her room-mates were up. The Monday envelope contained another cassette tape and another lumpy envelope. She put the cassette into the player and pressed play. As before, soon she was listening to Chris’s voice.

“Good morning Toni. I hope that you have a shaved crotch and no underwear as ordered.

“Today I want you to be very aware of your sexuality all day. In the enclosed envelope you will find a plastic cock. I want you to put this into your vagina and not take it out again until you go to bed. You may have to squeeze your vagina a little to keep it in place so you won’t be able to go for long without thinking about sex.

“But there is another toy in the envelope too. There is a plastic butterfly with a wire connecting it to a little control box. You need to wear the butterfly so that the abdomen rests on your clit. Before you leave the flat you should play with the control to see what it feels like. Take time to enjoy the sensation. If you are not in a hurry you might even come. Put the control box in your pocket.

“At bursa escort bayan lunchtime I want you to go to a park or somewhere near wherever you are. You should sit down on the grass and turn the controller to high. Enjoy yourself having an orgasm in public, probably for the first time in your life.

“I want you to fantasize about something while the butterfly buzzes and makes you come. Have as many orgasms as you like. And when you get back this evening I want you to write down your fantasy and send it to someone. Again you can choose who you tell and whether it is anonymous or they know it is from you.

“Have a nice day!”

Toni opened the envelope. Just as the tape had said, there was a translucent red plastic dildo shaped like a cock but with a flared base. However it was wider than any cock she could remember and short enough so that it would be completely inside here when the base was pressed against her cunt lips. And a plastic butterfly with straps attached to a waist-belt.

Toni slid the soft plastic cock into her. Although she was already wet from the excitement of listening to the tape, she had to fuck herself with the cock before she could get it completely into her. She felt stretched wider than she could remember. Next she put the belt from the butterfly around her waist and positioned the butterfly so that it rested just above her lips, with its abdomen pushing between her lips so that its tip rested right on her clit. A strap went from the butterfly between her legs and up between her arse cheeks. This also prevented the dildo slipping out of her cunt. She pulled on a pair of jeans and put the butterfly control box in the pocket.

Toni slid the control out of the “off” position. She could barely hear the gentle hum as the butterfly vibrated but she could certainly feel it. She thought of it as the stinger on the insect injecting excitement directly into her clit. She turned the speed up and could feel her arousal building almost immediately. She imagined Chris thinking of her, the only person in the world who knew she had a huge dildo in her cunt and a vibrator on her clit. Since it was still early, he was probably still in bed. She wondered if he was masturbating, imagining her fucking herself with the dildo. She wondered what his cock looked like, big or small, circumcised or not. She decided that his cock was like the dildo inside her, circumcised, wide rather than long. She imagined him stroking himself, imagined his hard cock glistening with lubricant as his fingers slid up and down, his knob pink and sexy. The butterfly made her come just as she imagined Chris coming, powerful pulses of white spunk shooting onto his belly.

Soon Toni was cycling off to her first lecture. The pressure of her bike seat on the dildo made for an interesting journey. When she got to the lecture hall she felt as if everyone could see the dildo and the butterfly under her jeans, although she realized that obviously nobody really had any idea. When she sat down the base of the dildo pushed it harder into her, stretching her open in a very exciting way.

At lunchtime, Toni walked out of the lecture hall and found an isolated spot on the grass. She reached into her pocket and turned the knob on the control box to high. The butterfly leapt to life, vibrating intensely on her clit. Toni had never masturbated with a vibrator before that day and was surprised at just how fast it excited her. In a couple of minutes she felt her orgasm approaching. She turned the butterfly down slightly so that her orgasm built up exquisitely slowly. She hadn’t really had time to fantasize, the butterfly was so effective she knew she could even come while revising her math lecture. She started to fantasize. In her fantasy, four male students grabbed her as she sat on the grass. They pulled her onto her back and tied ropes to her wrists and ankles. Soon she was spread-eagled on the grass, still clothed, her hands and feet tied to stakes hammered into the ground. One of the men pulled her T-shirt up to her shoulders, exposing her breasts, her nipples hard with anticipation. Another of the men undid the button on her jeans and pulled down the zip. Then he took a sharp knife and cut from the base of the zip right through her crotch so that the knickerless swell of her shaved sex pushed obscenely through the opening. She ought to have been scared but in fact she was very excited. The four men departed. Everyone passing on their way to lectures had a view of her, her breasts and her cunt offered to them. Finally one attractive man wondered over. He unzipped his fly and his hard cock sprang out. Kneeling over Toni he slid the head of his cock up and down between her lips, spreading her juices around her entrance. The butterfly finally made Toni come as she imagined his steel-hard cock pushing against the slight resistance of her cunt opening before slipping deep into her wetness.

As Toni’s orgasm subsided, she reached into her pocket and turned the butterfly off. She looked around worried that everyone around her must have noticed that she just came. But nobody was paying any special attention to her. bursa merkez escort She realized that Chris was right and it really was the first time she had come in public.

That evening she wrote down her story about being staked out on the grass, with a bit more embellishment to make it into a little erotic story. She put it into an envelope. She decided that it was too personal to send to her boyfriend, who might not understand at all. She had never talked to him about fantasies and somehow it would seem too intimate to do so, despite having regular sex with him. Instead, she sent it to Chris. Somehow it seemed easier to bare her personal secrets to Chris than to her boyfriend.


Next morning Toni had to wait for her room-mates to leave the flat before she could listen to her next tape. She ripped open the envelope. As well as the expected cassette it contained another lumpy envelope.

“Good morning Toni. I hope you enjoyed spending the day with a dildo in your cunt. I certainly enjoyed thinking about you, and imagining you coming in public at lunchtime. I hope you are good at coming quietly and are not one of these people who has to scream.

“Today’s envelope contains a different shaped plug. I want you to wear this one in your arse all day. There is some lubricant in the envelope to make it easy to insert since you won’t have your own juices like yesterday. I suggest you rub lubricant on your arsehole and then rub it with a finger until you can slide a finger in and out of it easily. Did you know that the only place on your body with a greater density of nerve endings than your arsehole is your clit? Then coat the plug with lubricant and push it in slowly. Don’t try to go too fast. Once the widest part is in it will hold in place.

“Then during the day I want you to think about what you will fantasize about this evening. When you come home I want you to masturbate. But inside the envelope you will find microphone and a blank cassette. There are also some pegs in the envelope. I want you to record your fantasy as you masturbate and, unlike yesterday, I want you to come loudly. Once you are first aroused I want you to put the pegs on your nipples. It will hurt a little but add to the excitement of your masturbation. If you are very daring you could also put them on your outer lips. Then you can send the tape to someone. Again, it is up to you who. Of course I hope it is me since I want to listen to your pleasure as you come.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

Toni opened the envelope. There was a large purple plug. It had a narrow end, then got much wider, then had a narrow neck before the wide base. With it was a small bottle of lubricant. Toni undid her trousers and let them fall around her ankles. She squatted down. After squeezing a little lubricant onto a finger she started to rub around her arsehole. She had never really done that before and was interested that it felt good. She pushed her finger so that she was rolling on the edge of the opening feeling her arsehole open up slightly. She pushed her slick finger into her tightness. As she fucked her arsehole with a finger she felt herself loosen. She smeared more lubricant over the plug and then placed the point in ready arse and slowly pushed. It felt as if she was being split at first. She started to stroke her clit, to see if that helped. She would push the plug in until it started to be painful. Then she would hold it there letting her body relax and get used to it while she masturbated. As soon as she felt comfortable, she would push it in further. She was just on the point of deciding that she would never get it in completely when it popped in and locked into place. It was not painful but it definitely throbbed. She continued to masturbate until she came, imagining Chris thinking of her arsehole. She pulled up her trousers. She would not forget that it was there all day.

She had to sit slightly unusually on her bike saddle so that the plug in her arse was arousing rather than painful. Sitting in lectures with her arsehole throbbing seemed to be very arousing. She surreptitiously pressed on her clit through her trousers underneath the desk.

That evening she set up the tape-recorder and microphone on her bed. She put the plastic pegs beside her. She pressed the record button and started to speak.

“I am lying on my bed naked. I am stroking one of my breasts with one hand and the other is just touching my outer lips gently. I’m going to part my legs wide now so that I have clear access to my sex. Now I’m stroking my inner lips. I can feel that I am starting to get wet already. I’m pushing a finger into myself. My outer lips are quite fleshy so I am reaching down with the hand that was stroking my breast to hold them apart so that I have free access to my clit. Now I’m stroking myself slowly. I’m going to put a peg on one of my nipples now. Ouch. It is quite intense, I haven’t yet managed to completely let go of it yet. There, it is right on the limit of what I can take. Oooh. OK, now for the other nipple. Ow. It is not so bad after the few seconds, but it is painful when you first put them on. I’m going to see if I can stand a peg on my lips now. Ooo. I have a peg on each outer lip. It is really sharp. I’m going to have to masturbate to take my mind off the pain. I’m stroking my clit quite fast now since I’m close to coming. I can feel my body trembling like it does when I get close. I’m going to come, oh that feels good.

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