The World’s First Futa 11 – Futa’s Wild Presidency Chapter 1: Futa’s First Presidential Delight

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The World’s First Futa – Futa’s Wild Presidency

Chapter One: Futa’s First Presidential Delight

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

April 17th, 2047

“Final segment,” Adelia said, squirming. “Then I am taking you and your beautiful wife to dinner and then back to my place.” She grinned. “How does that sound?”

“Like a lovely evening,” I said, glancing at Sharron hovering just off-stage, her hands grasping her pregnant belly. I arched an eyebrow in question.

Her blue eyes sparkled as she nodded her head.

“Well, the wife agrees,” I said. “It sounds like a great way to end my forty-eighth birthday.”

Adelia laughed. “Even a futa needs to have her wife’s permission before making plans, huh?”

“Yeah,” I said, squirming. I stared out at the studio audience. Over three hours, and they were all still eager for this. I could feel them quivering out there, wanting my clit-dick, so envious that Adelia was interviewing me.

The caramel-skinned talk show host stretched for a moment as the producer called out, “Thirty seconds.”

“Here we go,” Adelia said. “Ooh, I could use a massage, too. Maybe I’ll order one. I know this great place. Cute girls.”

She winked at me.

“Happy ending included?” I asked.

“Of course.” She frowned. “Should we talk about you signing the Prostitution Act into law?”

“I think we should focus on the creation of the united world government. I have some fun diplomatic stories. That bill, well, it was easy to pass. Glory Olson and Henry Millner got some great bi-partisan support behind it.”

She laughed. “You made one your slut and cuckolded the other to win the presidency. I’m not surprised they became your allies.”

“That’s what I do,” I said. “I bring people together.”

“And we’re live in five, four, three,” the producer said before mouthing, “two, one.”

The red lights on the cameras came on.

“Thank you for sticking around and watching all of our interview with President Becky Woodward,” Adelia said. “If you missed the earlier part, the video will be free to watch on the streaming platform of your choice. We have one last segment to dive into Becky’s unique diplomatic strategy.”

I smiled at the camera, my blonde hair shifting about my shoulders. “That is the best way to put it. Though I prefer naughty.”

Adelia’s rich laugh echoed around me. “Mmm, it’s definitely that.” She patted my thighs, sending a wave of heat up my leg to my girl-dick. “But first, let’s talk about that day you became president. Your inauguration day. The first futa president.”

A smile grew on my lips. “It was a blur, to be honest. There was the rally and the parade. I really only remember catches of it.”

“Like the surreal moment of your swearing in?” she asked.

“Yep, right after my vice president was sworn in, it was my turn.”


January 20th, 2037

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States,” I recited at noon, my term officially beginning. My hand rested on the Lincoln bible, feeling the weight of history of the man who kept America whole.

My daughter Christina picked it out. She was my analyst. Good at figuring out the right things to say or the right acts to do to resonate with the voters. I had won the election by a landslide. 73% of the popular vote, 100% of the electoral college.

Now I was the Forty-Eighth President of the United States.

Justice Meredith Ridley smiled as she pulled the bible away, handing it off to an aide. The National Mall exploded in cheers as I stood before the Lincoln Memorial. They were crowded around the Reflecting Pool to watch me, stretching out to behind the Washington Monument thrusting up like a massive cock into the sky. A big, phallic obelisk thrusting into the capital’s air.

I liked it.

“Madam President,” Justice Ridley said, a smoky look crossing her smooth cheeks. She wore her black robes, the youngest woman sitting on the Supreme Court. “May I…?” She arched her eyebrows, her eyes flicking down at my tight, gray pencil skirt, my cock bulging the front.

“You naughty judge,” I said as tens of thousands cheered me on. “Of course you can.”

My speech could wait. My followers knew what I was like.

With my new secret service protection detail around me, I hiked up my skirt. The cameras were recording this, streaming it out across the internet. All the major sites were carrying it live: Twitch, YouTube, iTunes, Disney, Hulu, Xfinity, and Netflix. I bet there were thousands of small commentators all speaking over the various feeds, discussing what I was doing.

I loved it.

Justice Ridley fell to her knees, the mature beauty staring up at me, her curly, brown hair tumbling about that motherly face. She tugged down my red-white-and blue panties—also Christina’s idea—and groaned as my futa-cock plopped out, thick and hard. Bigger than any man’s shaft.

“Ooh, my, yes,” she moaned. I had already bred Justice Ridley a few months ago when I met her, but just because she wasn’t in hyper-ovulation, didn’t mean she wasn’t horny for my girl-dick.

The Supreme Court Justice sucked the tip of my dick into my mouth. I groaned, knowing speakers carried my passion out to the watching crowd and to the country, to the world, watching the streaming broadcast.

“Mmm, she’s making quiet the oral argument,” I moaned.

A secret service agent gave me a smile. A big, burly man utterly immune to the lusts I inflamed in women.

I winked at him then shuddered as Justice Ridley bobbed her head, sliding her mouth up and down my cock. I groaned, my eyes rolling back in my head as the pleasure rippled through me. My pussy clenched, my juices building and building in me.

I smiled, loving this delight. My heart pounded in my chest. It was amazing. My heart thundered. It beat with such a rapid thud-thud. I squirmed, my head shaking from side to side as I loved this pleasure surging through me.

“Oh, America, Justice Ridley is loving my dick. Mmm, she’s got a good technique and…” A big smile crossed my lips. “She’s using her fingers. She’s stroking my pussy lips. Just teasing me.”

The crowd cheered louder, screaming my name.


What an intoxicating sound to hear when having my cock sucked by a Supreme Court Justice.


I was the President of the United States. The leader of the free world. I would unite them, bring everyone together, just the same away I was bringing Justice Ridley and myself together. My futa-dick throbbed in her warm mouth. I was so eager for all the naughty diplomacy I would conduct.

My head swayed from side to side. My eyes fluttered as the justice stirred such pleasure in my cock. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. Juices dribbled down my thighs as her fingers stroked up and down my labia. That wonderful, sweet musk filled my nose. The scent of my own arousal.

“She’s eager for my cum!” I moaned.


“She’s going to get such a huge mouthful! I’m going to work with the Judicial and Legislative Branches of our government to get results like these!”


Justice Robert stared at me with her motherly, brown eyes. They brimmed with emotion as she sucked so hard. She worked her mouth up and down, pleasing me, driving me wild. I groaned, my breasts rising and falling in my silk blouse, my nipples tingling. Her fingers teased my labia.

Every one of the justice’s sucks brought me closer and closer to erupting into her mouth. She was such a sexy MILF. Her tongue danced around my dick while her fingers explored my folds. She teased me, making my depths clench.

Then she thrust her fingers into me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled. “Oh, she’s bringing me closer and closer to erupting.”


My pussy squeezed down on her probing digits while her mouth sucked and slurped on my cock. She made such naughty, obscene sounds. I loved them. My eyes rolled back in my head. I sucked in deep breaths, my heart thundering in my chest. I didn’t want this to stop. I wanted her to keep pleasing me. To keep driving me wild.

I would spurt my jizz into her mouth. I would drown her with so much of my cum. Her fingers curled inside of me. She sucked harder at my girl-dick, her eyes squeezing shut. I gasped as she brushed my G-spot with her digits.

Her eyes shot open. She attacked my bundle of nerves.

“What a naughty judge!” I howled. “Oh, America, she’s found my G-spot!”


“I’m going to cum! I can’t take it. It feels so good! She’s sending rapture flooding through me.”




My pussy convulsed. The rapture shooting from my G-spot shot straight to my ovaries. They electrified them in the depths of my snatch. I groaned, my girl-dick throbbing. Then my cum fired from them, spurting into the justice’s mouth.

Ecstasy slammed into my mind. It fired from the tip of my cock and washed out of my convulsing pussy. She gulped down my cum while her fingers kept massaging my G-spot. I heaved and shuddered, my tits bouncing in my bra.

“Oh, my god, you’re an amazing justice!” I howled.


“Drink all my cum! Such an American patriot!”


My orgasm peaked. I fired the last of the cum out of my girl-dick. The rapture consumed me. It left me dazed and reeling. I shuddered, riding high on not just my orgasmic bliss, but the adoration of my followers, and the knowledge I was now the President of the United States.

I could change the fate of the world. Build something better.

I would.

Everything blurred after that. I gave a speech while deflowering a virgin intern. I rode on a parade, waving at the crowds lining the streets of Washington D.C. waving American flags and flashing their escort numaraları lovely titties at me.

More speeches. Interviews. I felt more like a prize show dog being trotted around than the most powerful futa in the world. It was dizzying, bewildering, but still amazing. I drank it in. I didn’t want it to end.

So many people crying my name. So many people wanting to love me. I could feel the passion and affection of the entire country, the world, focused on me. I promised them again and again how I would unite everything. How I would make peace in the world.

“Through joy, not violence. Through passion, not anger,” I said time and time again. And I meant it.

Finally, I was brought the White House. My new home for the next four years, and maybe eight. It was such an incredible sight to witness, it’s pristine outside lit up by the spotlights, driving back the January night.

“We did it, Mom,” Lola squealed. The first futa-daughter I ever conceived, born to the first woman I ever screwed, had organized all of this. With Rebecca, the second daughter I’d ever conceived, Lola had formed the futanari party. She’d gathered her friends, a mix of normal girls and other futa-daughters she knew to create this movement.

I was unaware of it until I found out I was their nominee. That was back when I floated through life. It had barely been five months since then, and I was a changed person. I found a purpose once more. A mission that would transform the world and give my life meaning that all the sex I had over the last nineteen years couldn’t provide.

“Ugh, I can’t believe that the Prime Minister of England would say that,” said Leah, my daughter with Professor Rider. Leah was my press secretary. She gave an angry toss of her strawberry-blonde hair.

“What?” I asked.

“Nope,” Bethany, my morale manager, said. It was her job to keep my spirits up and find entertainment. She worked closely with another daughter, Danielle, to find interns, preferably virgins, for me to enjoy. “No more politics.”

“But—” Leah started to say.

“Is it an emergency?” Bethany asked, arching an eyebrow. “A national catastrophe?”

Leah shook her head.

“Okay, no politics.” Bethany smiled at me. “Because, Mom, I have arranged a party for us. Something for all of us to enjoy and celebrate this night. Whatever Phillipa Lockwood said can wait for tomorrow.”

“A party?” I asked.

“An orgy?” groaned Danielle. She took after her mother, Dona, always ready to have fun.

“Yep!” Bethany said, clapping her hands together. She had such a wicked grin on her face.

Jen giggled. She wasn’t one of my daughters, but one of my interns. She was also engaged to Lola. The pair made a cute couple. They were young and in love, just like I was with Kurt before everything changed and I grew my futa-dick. Her stomach was round with her pregnancy. She was nearly five months along, looking so sexy with her baby bump.

“I could use a party,” Christina said, pushing up her glasses. “It’s been a long day. I can’t think any more.”

“Yep, put that phone away and stop analyzing the press coverage of the inauguration,” Bethany said. “We are on a media blackout. Unless World War III is happening, we are having fun.”

My armored limo stopped before the White House. A man in a white suit, every one of the staff who worked in the White House were all navy personnel, opened the door. “Madam President.”

I smiled and nodded at him as I sipped out. There were discreet guards lurking in the shadows around the entrance, Secret Service agents looking so tough and intimidating. There were more around, along with marines and more all dedicated to protecting little old me.

But who would want to hurt me? The world loved me.

Even husband loved me when I was breeding their wives.

I strolled into the White House, shuddering at the history around me. As tired as I was, I couldn’t help but gawk at the rich furniture and the works of art hanging on the walls. Paintings and busts and tapestries abounded. I shivered as we moved into the West Wing. I smiled as I trod on the rich, blue carpeting that lead to the most famous office in the world.

The door gave it away. It was oddly shaped, too big for a normal door. Bethany darted forward and opened it up onto the curving sweep of the Oval Office. I shivered as I stepped inside, my heart trembling at this momentous occasion.

Then I groaned at the sight of the three girls perched on the large desk, made from the wood of the HMS Resolute, a gift from Queen Victoria. Each was nubile and lovely. The three would be naked save for the ribbons wrapped about their breasts and waists, the large bows obscuring their naughty bits. They preened at the sight of me, all beautiful in their own way.

“The first girl is Izzy Pendelton, Mom,” Bethany said, pointing to the girl with the red ribbon wrapped about her. She had curly, brown hair and a freckled face that glowed with her excitement. “She came all the way from California to be here.”

“Madam President,” she said, her voice wavering with excitement.

I licked my lips in delight.

“Then the girl in the middle is Edwyna Wilson from New York,” Bethany said.

Edwyna was a cute, Black girl with a light-blue ribbon wrapped about her ebony skin. She had a shaved head which gave her an even more exotic look, and lithe legs, her toes curling as she gave me such a hungry smile.

“And last we have Brianne Marlow from Louisiana,” Bethany said, pointing to the redheaded wrapped up in the metallic-green ribbon. She had large breasts that quivered in the band of her wrapping, her blue eyes twinkling.

“They are for all of us to enjoy,” Bethany said. “They’re all virgins, too.”

“Wonderful,” I said, licking my lips. My eyes settled on girl number 1. She had freckles. Izzy was just too cute to pass up. Plus, she was a West Coast girl like myself. And West Coast was Best Coast.

I took Bethany’s hand, squeezing it, then led my daughter to Izzy. The other two girls didn’t look too disappointed as my other daughters swarmed in on them. Rebecca pulled Edwyna to her, kissing the Black girl hard on the mouth and Christina pulled on the ribbon hiding Brianne’s large tits.

My girl-dick was hard when I stood before the trembling Izzy. Her freckled cheeks blushed bright as her brown eyes flicked from me to Bethany then back to me. She licked her lips and let out a little whimper.

“Mmm, you are just the cutest thing,” I purred.

“Thank you, Madam President,” she breathed. “Please, please, enjoy me.”

I glanced at Bethany. “Shall we.”

My daughter, her hair a goldener hue of blonde than my own, nodded. Together, we reached out and each took a different end of the ribbon wrapped about Izzy’s breasts. We tugged. The bow knot whisked and came undone.

A pair of small, cute titties appeared, pink nipples hard. Izzy let out another moan. She leaned back on the desk, her shoulders wiggling, making her firm breasts wiggle in such an inviting manner. My mouth salivated.

With my daughter, we leaned over and latched onto Izzy’s nipples.

“Madam President!” gasped Izzy. “Oh, Bethany, yes, yes!”

It was so wonderful to share this treat with my futa-daughter. To suck and nibble on Izzy’s nipple and make the virgin squirm. She was eighteen, newly budded into womanhood, and ready to be fucked hard by the president one of the many first daughters.

My tongue swirled around the nub while Bethany planted small, sucking kisses. Izzy groaned and shivered. Her curly hair spilled about her shoulders as we pleasured her. I nibbled on her nub, loving the feel of it in my mouth.

As I sucked, my hands roamed her body. I slid down her slender waist and found the ribbon wrapped about her waist. I followed it, brushing the bow. It rustled as my hand searched for the end, eager to unwrap this wonderful gift my daughter had provide.

“Oh, wow!” gasped one of the girls, maybe Edwyna from the accent. “Oh, you’re in me, Rebecca! Your futa-dick’s in me!”

“Rebecca wasted no time in popping a cherry!” Lola cried out.

“Had to strike before Mom got her!” Rebecca moaned, her voice strained. My futa-dick throbbed, envying my daughter.

“So true!” Jen said. “Ooh, Lola, yes, yes, just slip into me!”

“So lame fucking your fiancee, Lola, when there are fresh cuties to enjoy,” Danielle said.

“Ooh, it’s not lame,” panted my daughter. “She’s so tight and silky. Just wonderful.”

I pulled on the ribbon as my daughters’ chatter rippled around me. The knot whisked undone. Then my hand found the virgin’s pussy. Shaved. How delightful. Izzy gasped as I rubbed up and down her hot flesh, my fingers parting her tight slit and feeling her hymen.

Izzy quivered as I fingered her while sucking on her nipple. Her virgin twat felt so juicy. So delicious. I couldn’t wait to enjoy her. I shivered, my futa-dick aching and throbbing, eager to penetrate her and make her squeal.

I lifted my face. “Mmm, hop off the desk. I want to eat your snatch, cutie.”

“Yes, Madam President,” she moaned.

“Ooh, go, Mom,” Bethany said, lifting her own mouth from the virgin’s other nipple. My blonde daughter gave me a wicked lick. “Eat her out.”

“I plan on it,” I moaned, my girl-dick throbbing in my panties.

I sank to the ground. Clothing rustled as I came face to face with Izzy’s shaved snatch. Her juices glistened on her tight, plump vulva. Her clit just peeked out, looking so cute and pink and likable. She quivered above me, her firm titties quivering.

“Ever had someone eat out your pussy, Izzy?” I asked.

She nodded her head. “Some friends of mine at school. We would lick each other… so we could stay virgins and not loose it to the boys. We all just hoped… and then competition came up, and we all entered, but I won!”

“Yes, you did,” I purred and leaned my face forward. “You’re going to lose your cherry to a futa tonight.”

“Yes, Madam President!” she groaned then gasped as my lips nuzzled into her escort pornoları virgin flesh.

My tongue fluttered through her juicy folds. I caressed her sensitive flesh, sliding through her folds and flicking her labia. She squeaked and shuddered at that. A smile grew on her freckled face. She squirmed as I played with her bud, swirling my tongue around it.

I sucked on her. She gasped, her body swaying. I nibbled on it, my hands gripping her slender thighs. The sound she made were so cute. My girl-dick throbbed in my panties. I savored this moment, loving this girl in the Oval Office.

“Madam President, yes!” she groaned. “Oh, that’s wicked. Mmm, yes, I liked that. Just keep doing that and… Oh, yes!”

I sucked hard on her clit. Her body bucked. Her small tits quivered as I loved it. Her spicy juices spilled cover my chin and ran down my throat. It was so exciting to give this girl what she craved. To drive her to her orgasm.

Then she gasped. She threw a look behind her. Her body shifted, her pussy pressing tighter. Knees brushed mine. Someone was kneeling behind her. Then Izzy let out a squeal of delight, her back arching. I heard another wet sound.

“Mmm, Izzy, you have such a tasty asshole,” Bethany purred.

I smiled, my daughter was licking the girl’s asshole, and I was devouring her pussy.

I fluttered my tongue up and down Izzy’s folds, watching the virgin gasp and quiver. Her body shook. Her curly, brown hair danced about her head as the pleasure coursed through her. She rubbed at her belly as more and more of her spicy juices poured down my chin.

Bethany made such naughty sounds as she rimmed and ate out the virgin’s asshole. My daughter feasted with the same hunger I felt. This was so amazing to share this girl with her. For us both to pleasure.

“Madam President!” Izzy moaned. “Bethany! You’re both… Oh, you’re both making me feel so naughty!”

“Mmm, good,” groaned Bethany. “Cum on my mom’s face. Shower her in your pussy juices.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Izzy groaned.

I sucked on her clit.

She gasped in rapture.

Spicy juices bathed my mouth and chin. They poured over my features. It was a wonderful treat to enjoy. I reveled in this moment, my tongue licking and gathering up all the cream I could. I gulped it down, my hips wiggling from side to side as the pleasure burned through me. My eyes squeezed shut as I feasted.

I reveled in this. I devoured her, lapping up all the spicy juices I could flooding out of her. Izzy’s moans joined the other sounds of passion echoing through the Oval Office. My daughters loving the other girls, fucking them, celebrating what happened today.

“Madam President!” Izzy moaned, her voice so throaty. “I need more. Please, please, I need to be fucked!”

“Yes!” I groaned and bounded to my feet, my breast bouncing in my blouse. My dick was so hard. It tented my skirt, thrusting out, eager to be enjoyed. I glanced down at Bethany. She’d stripped naked, her cock hard. She licked her lips.

An idea popped into my head.

I grabbed Izzy’s shoulders and turned the girl. My cock nuzzled into her rump, my nipples feeling the heat of her back through my silk blouse. I rested my chin on her shoulder, loving how she squirmed her cute butt against my bulging girl-dick.

“Mmm, look at my daughter,” I said. “She’s cute, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, Madam President,” the girl said.

“Now, would you do me a favor and help me thank her for everything she’s done for me?” I asked. “Will you give her your cherry?” I slipped my hands around her and cupped those firm titties. They were small handfuls, her nipples hard.

She sucked in a shuddering breath.

“My daughter deserves something nice, don’t you think?” I continued. “Can’t you help her out and just sink down on her? Won’t you impale that pussy right on her girl-dick and make her day?”

Bethany whimpered.

“I can do that, Madam President,” Izzy said. “I will do that.”

“Good, good,” I said. “Mmm, I knew you were such a wonderful thing.”

“Wow, thanks, Mom,” Bethany said, her voice bursting with awe. “I mean… You’re the best.”

Such motherly affection pounded in my chest. I was so happy that my daughter was getting to experience this pleasure. She deserved such joy. I stepped back from Izzy and watched her cute rump as she sank down.

While I stripped, Izzy lost her virginity. She squealed in delight as she impaled herself down my daughter’s clit-dick. Bethany gasped in delight, clutching at Izzy’s waist. I smiled, so glad my daughter could enjoy this. It was so hot to watch.

Then Bethany worked up and down my daughter’s cock. It made me so hard. I stripped out of my clothing, freeing my breasts. My blonde hair danced about my shoulders. Then I shoved down my skirt and stepped out of it. My panties came next, the gray silk sliding off my hips. I groaned as I freed my girl-dick, my shaft bouncing before me. It was such a treat.

I stared at Izzy’s cute rump as she worked her pussy up and down my daughter’s cock. That butt was just delicious. It made my cock so hard. I knelt down behind her, pressing the tip of my dick into her lower back. As she rose up, the crack of her ass swallowed my dick.

“Oh, Madam President,” Izzy groaned as she looked at me over my shoulder. “Ooh, are you going to fuck my asshole.”

“Uh-huh!” I said. “I still want one of your cherries.”

She smiled as she slammed down my daughter’s shaft, my cock sliding out of her crack. I shivered at that wondrous feel, my dick drinking in the silky caress of her skin. I groaned and forced my cock downward, plunging between her butt-cheeks. Her hot crack engulfed my spongy crown. Pleasure flowed up it.

I went lower and lower until I found that naughty hole. Her puckered sphincter. She whimpered, her lithe back arching, her brown hair sweeping about her shoulders. I circled my cock against her velvety entrance, eager to bury into her.

“Madam President!” she gasped as I pressed forward. “Oh, wow, that’s… Yes!”

Her squeal echoed over the other moans through out the room. My daughters were enjoying the other girls or, in Lola’s case, Jen. They were fucking, enjoying themselves, celebrating my victory the same way I was.

My girl-dick sank deeper and deeper into Izzy’s asshole. Her velvety bowels engulfed my cock. She squeezed around them. The pleasure was incredible. It had my eyes rolling back in my head as I went deeper and deeper into her.

“Yes, yes, yes, Madam President!” she groaned. “Oh, this is so wild!”

“We’re fucking her,” Bethany moaned. “Oh, we’re both fucking her!”

“Yes!” I groaned, so glad I could share this virgin delight with her.

I seized Izzy’s tits, massaging those firm mounds. I pressed my own softer breasts into her back. My nipples drank in the feel of her skin as I drew back my hips. Her bowels clung to my shaft with a velvety grip that sent pleasure shooting through my mind.

I groaned, reveling in every moment of this. It was so amazing. It was a bliss that I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to keep feeling this delight. I pumped away at her. I slammed my cock into her tight depths, reveling in the feel of her bowels about me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Izzy moaned. “Ooh, that’s it. That’s what I love. Just do that. Ram into me!”

“I am!” I groaned. “I’m fucking you so hard. Ooh, yes, yes, yes!” My head tossed back and forth. It was incredible. The pleasure surged down my shaft. My eyes widened. My pussy clenched. I plowed into her, her bowels squeezing down on my cock. “I’m going to spurt so much jizz into you.”

“Do it!” she gasped. “Both of you! I want both of you hot futas cumming in me!”

“We will, Izzy!” Bethany panted. “Just keep working that hot, tight cunt up and down my dick. Oh, yes, I’ll fire so much jizz into you. You’ll drown in it.”

“Mmm, that sounds hot!” I hissed, my crotch smacking into Izzy’s rump. “Doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” the girl gasped.

Her bowels were a velvety heaven gripping my dick. Every thrust into her brought me closer and closer to my explosion. I swayed, the heat burning through my mind. I grunted and groaned. The pleasure shot through me. It was this wondrous thing. This amazing delight. I was so glad I could experience this. My eyes rolled back into my head.

My nipples throbbed against her back, drinking in her sensual skin. She squirmed and writhed, fucking us, working her holes up and down our clit-dicks. Her bowels squeezed and relaxed, increasing that velvety delight, bringing me closer and closer to exploding.

Then she gasped. Her body heaved between back into me. Her bowels rippled about my dick as I thrust into her. She threw back her head, her hair caressing my face as she squealed out in utter rapture. A sound so wonderful to hear from a woman.

“I’m cumming!” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, I’m exploding on your cocks!”

“You are!” Bethany groaned.

“Uh-huh!” I gasped, slamming my dick deep into her bowels. “Let’s flood her!”

“Oh, god, I am!” howled Bethany.

My dick spurted hot cum as I drew back in. I shuddered, the jizz erupting out of me as I buried back into the depths of Izzy’s writhing bowels. Her flesh milked me while the pleasure slammed into my mind. That wonderful, dizzying rush that had me swaying from side to side.

Our moans mixed with others. Such naughty sounds abounded. My head swam. The oval office spun around me for one rapturous moment as my orgasm peaked. Then I crashed hard, my pussy spasming, juices flowing out of me.

“Ooh, yes, yes, yes,” squealed a girl. “Oh, you got it all out of me.”

“Mmm, I did,” moaned Rebecca. “Mom, mom, come breed Edwyna. I licked all my cum out of her pussy. She’s all yours.”

“Ooh, yes,” Edwyna groaned. “Please, come breed me, Madam President.”

The Black girl shuddered, her fingers flexing as she reached out for me. Her round breasts heaved, her thighs spread wide. Rebecca moved out of the way, panting, her face flushed. She had her half-brother’s grin, so big and friendly, her escort portalı eyes the same shade of blue as Kurt’s.

Then I saw that broken-in pussy, pink depths spread wide surrounded by Edwyna’s dark flesh. The Black girl shuddered, smiling at me. She looked so exotic with her head shaved. It was a look that transformed her into a sensual goddess.

I crawled to the eighteen-year-old, eager to enjoy her. My dick swayed, still throbbing from Izzy’s asshole. Edwyna grabbed my shoulders pulling me to her. She licked her lips, her brown eyes glassy with lust.

“You know where my dick just was?” I asked.

“Izzy’s butthole,” she moaned. “I don’t care, Madam President. I just want you to sink your dick into me. I want to have your baby.” She shuddered. “Please, please, breed me.”

“I’d love to,” I groaned as she rubbed my cock against her juicy pussy.

I slid into Edwyna’s depths as my ivory breasts pressed into her ebony tits. Her arms encircled me, pulling me tight as she welcomed me into her depths. I shuddered, so glad I could unite with her, bringing together everyone from all walks of lives and backgrounds.

I wanted us to be united just like Edwyna and I were.

Her pussy clenched around my girl-dick, polishing my dick clean of Izzy’s asshole. Her hips undulated. She stirred me up as I pumped away at her. Every thrust into her depths cleaned my cock more and more. It sent such a depraved lust through me.

It was such an incredible delight to experience her pussy clenching around my dick, polishing my shaft with her juicy twat. I groaned into her mouth, kissing her with such hunger. I thrust my cock in and out of her, reveling in the heat of her snatch.

It was amazing. She shuddered beneath me, kissing me with such a hungry need. Our nipples caressed as our bodies rubbed together. Her snatch clenched around my girl-dick. While our bodies undulated and writhed together.

Around us, my daughters were having fun.

“Ooh, yes, yes, yes, you got a juicy snatch, Izzy,” groaned Danielle. “Mmm, you like getting fucked doggy style”

“I do!” Izzy moaned. “Ooh, that feels different. I like having sex with futas!”

“I know, we rock,” Danielle moaned. A loud smack echoed. “Mmm, yes, wiggle that cute rump.”

I shuddered, thrusting harder into Edwyna’s cunt. Our lips danced together. Our bodies heaved, nipples caressing. Every kiss of our nubs shot rapture down to my pussy. To my ovaries. They brimmed in cum. They were bursting to unload in her depths and breed her.

“Oh, I love it when you lick your cum out of me, Lola,” Jen moaned.

I caught a glimpse of the girl’s pregnant belly heaving as she squirmed.

“Mmm, I taste so good in your bred pussy,” Lola answered. “I’m getting hard again.”

“Then you’ll have to fuck me and make another yummy creampie to devour!”

They were such a wonderful, loving couple. I loved the sounds they made as I pumped away at Edwyna’s pussy. I slammed into her, my cock sliding in and out of her juicy snatch. She had cleaned my dick by now, buffing it clean and bringing me closer and closer to erupting.

“Wow, you have such an amazing asshole!” groaned Christian. “Wow, Brianne, that’s just so hot. Ooh, yes, yes, yes, squeeze your bowels around my dick.”

“Mmm, this is so hot,” moaned Brianne. “I have Leah’s cum running out of my pussy while you fuck my asshole.”

“You drained me dry,” groaned Leah. “I’m not like Mom. I just can’t fuck and fuck.”

“Let me suck you to get you hard,” Brianne said. “I want to taste my pussy on your dick.”

“Yes!” Leah groaned.

All these sounds of my daughters loving the other girls was so hot. It made me thrust so hard into Edwyna’s pussy. I broke my kiss with her, gazing into the passionate depths of her eyes. Her hands gripped my rump, fingernails biting into me.

“I’m going to flood your cunt with so much jizz!” I panted. “Mmm, it’s going to be leaking out of you.”

“Oh, yes, do that!” she groaned. “Knock me up! Breed me! I want your daughter so badly!”

I nuzzled my nose against hers as our bodies worked together towards that same goal. Her silky cunt slid along my pussy, the friction building the pressure at the tip of my dick. Every thrust brought me closer and closer to exploding into her. To flooding her with my cum.

I groaned, my pussy clenched as I rammed into her depths. My ovaries brimmed with my seed. She gasped, her fingernails biting into my rump. Then her cunt went wild about my cock. Her pussy walls spasmed and massaged me.

“Madam President!” she moaned, bucking beneath me, her orgasm spilling across her face. “Now! Now!”

I thrust harder into her, faster. My ass clenched beneath her kneading fingers. Her climaxing pussy sucked on my girl-dick. My ovaries felt the pressure. They grew tighter and tighter, my cum building and building in them.

“Oh, damn,” I groaned, my eyes rolling back in my head. “Shit!”

“Breed me, Madam President!” howled the girl.

My eyes widened as I thrust into her cunt. I was the President of the United States, and I was giving my constituent what she craved. My thick futa-cum spurting into her fertile depths. A wave of heat washed over me.

I buried into her, staring into her dark eyes. My girl-dick throbbed. The tip swelled. My ovaries tightened. My pussy convulsed. I gasped as my orgasm burst in the depths of my cunt and rushed up my futa-cock to that aching tip.

My jizz fired into her. Hot spurts of my cum flooded into her fertile depths. I groaned and she gasped. Her fingernails bit hard into me as she shuddered beneath me. Her snatch writhed about my cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she howled. “Oh, Madam President, that’s incredible. You’re spurting in me. You’re flooding me with all your cum.”

“I am!” I moaned, the heat burning through my thoughts. “Oh, wow, Edwyna. This is… I just… Wow.”

“Uh-huh,” she groaned, her eyes fluttering. “Mmm, this was incredible.”

“So incredible,” I purred.

“Oh, Madam President!” howled Brianne. “I need you to breed me, too!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m almost done with her asshole!” shouted Christina. “Yes!”

I shuddered. Edwyna giggled beneath me. She nuzzled against me then her lips met mine. I shuddered atop her body, kissing the Black girl with such delight. I savored this moment, my pleasure buzzing through my body.

Then I pulled out of her. I had other constituents to breed. Izzy and Brianne both needed, deserved, a load of my cum to fire into their pussies. And I should give it to them. I would fuck them both so hard. I would make them erupt.

Brianne rode my dick, her big tits heaving as she bounced up and down my dick cock.

“Yes, yes, yes, Madam President!” she howled, her Southern Accent sounding so sexy. “Please, please, cum in me! I need it! I want your baby!”

How could I deny her?

I pumped my cum into Brianne’s body. The redhead’s pussy spasmed with such an intensity about me. She milked me dry while she had the biggest grin on her face. I groaned, my body buzzing in rapture as she fell back.

Jen ate out my cum from her while Lola fucked her fiancee’s pregnant pussy from behind.

Izzy needed me. She waned me to fuck her bent over my desk. “The full Oval Officer experience!” she moaned, wiggling her hips. “Breed me here! Where history is made.”

I did. I fucked her hard. I pounced her pussy, savoring how tight she still was. She gasped and moaned, my tits heaving above me. She came fast. Her pussy milked my dick with a hungry passion for my seed.

I left her dripping with my cum.

That wasn’t the end. I still had more to go. My daughters may not have my stamina, but I did. I pulled Izzy down on me, eating my cum out of her while Edwyna impaled her tight asshole on my dick. She worked herself up and down my shaft, gasping and moaning and crying out in delight.

It was incredible. It was the best way to celebrate my inauguration day.

“I hope this is a tradition!” I groaned after cumming in Edwyna’s tight asshole.

“Maybe,” Brianne said right before she engulfed my dirty cock in her hungry mouth, sucking with such a wicked delight.

As the orgy wound down, sometime after midnight, I still felt myself keyed up. I had this eager excitement still coursing through me. I sat down naked at my new desk, the leather of my comfortable seat—and it was one of the most comfortable I had ever sat in—sticking to my flushed flesh. I smiled as I ran my fingers across the English oak surface of the desk.

This was all mine.

“Danielle,” I said, I was curious about what Phillipa Lockwood said about me. I was planning my first diplomatic trip abroad next week, meeting with one of the U.S.’s closest allies. I wanted to be ready for it. “What was that about Lockwood you wanted to tell me early.”

“Hmm.” Danielle lifted her head from Brianne’s big tits. My daughter blinked blurry eyes. “Oh, right. Just a moment.”

I squirmed as she dug around in a her satchel. Then she navigated through the passed out bodies sprawled across the floor. I leaned forward in my chair, ready for my first briefing as the President of the United States.

“You’re not going to like it, Mom,” Danielle said as she handed over a tablet across my desk. “It’s going to make next week… interesting.”

I tapped the screen to start up the video, an achieved video from Sky News. I frowned.


April 17th, 2047

“What a kinky way to celebrate your first day in office,” Amelia said, fanning her face. “Mmm, though I doubt any of us are surprised.”

“Well, I am sure the archived recordings of my oval office ‘meetings’ are all over the net,” I said. “I had no problem releasing them.”

“No, no you didn’t,” breathed Amelia. “Now, you mentioned in that story how Danielle brought up the words of Phillipa Lockwood, the then prime minister of England.”

“She’s going to be in my cabinet when we get the new government ready,” I said. “Heading up the world bank.”

“Yes, yes,” Amelia said. “But back then she didn’t have flattering things to say about you, did she?”

“Oh, no she didn’t,” I said. “I was really looking forward to my first trip to England to meet her.”

“We have a clip of her infamous words,” Amelia said. “Let’s roll it and hear Becky’s reaction.”

To be continued…

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