These Summer Days Ch. 1

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“Dad, how come you have never taken us to Maui? “It didn’t take long to talk my dad into taking the family to Maui. We had never been there, and my mom and dad had always talked about going ‘some day’… so my parents seemed honestly surprised at my eagerness for a family trip. We had grown more distant in the last few years… I despised them for living the lie they called a marriage. They were eager to salvage the illusion that we were still a loving, close family, so the trip was planned for the last two weeks in August, before school started. I went to my room smiling. I had no regrets that I had fooled my parents into paying my way to visit him. He was there, and I felt compelled to meet him.

He had joked about being my ‘first’. I was going to see that it happened.

We arrived on Maui on a Saturday night. I had told him I was coming. We had planned it together. We had spent long hours talking, laughing…caressing, on line. From elation to fear, wonder to trepidation, my senses traveled the full gamut of emotions. Then and now…. I wondered if what I was doing was right…. but I knew somehow, that it would be. He was a gentlemen…a gentleman with a decidedly wild side…but a gentleman never the less…. everything that he had ever said, had confirmed that that was so…He had described to me in elaborate detail, in his delicious style of prose, the way he would ‘take me’ the first time. How he would honor me as his queen. Treat me with the reverence and honor such an occasion, he said, deserved… take away my pain with his loving acts and bring me to levels of pleasure he said, I could only imagine. The thought alone, made me wet.

The sun had just set when we landed, and Maui seemed busier than I had imagined. We were whisked to our resort in Wailea, a beautiful spun sugar palace on the beach, called the Kealani….” White Heaven’ he later told me…The beauty of the resort entranced me…the magic evening glow casting its soft light…creating an air of magic and mystery… Drowsy palm trees swayed in the warm breeze, heady with the scent of fragrant flowers.

The pools glowed with the torch lighters flame and the last golden rays of the setting sun. The warm ocean breezes stilled…blowing wistfully…going down with the sun. I knew he was near. I could feel him. I had felt him across the miles of starlight that had separated us for so many months, and now he was at hand. If I called for him, he might even of heard my voice, because I knew he was close. We had planned that carefully. I went up to the room where my parents were unpacking. I smiled at them, the first time in months. I was happy.

But not for the reasons they imagined. All the rooms in the hotel were suites and they had requested an adjoining room for me, in deference to my defiant new sense of independence. It was perfect…like having my own room. I strolled out onto the 7th floor balcony, my eyes drinking in the romantic panorama that lay before me. So this is where he lived, I thought, feeling pleased for the first time at having dared to come. The lights of a distant fishing village where just twinkling on, at the edge of the mountains that descended to the huge sweeping bay where the garland of luxury resorts were strung like jewels along the best miles of Maui’s golden sand beaches…oooh!

This is going to be fun I thought…turning back into the room, shedding my top and shorts, wilted from the long flight, and stepping into the cool marble bathroom, to have a quick shower. I couldn’t wait to call him. I resisted touching myself, even though the sheer sensuality of the room…the sensuousness of the moment, had made me wet …swelling again in pleasure…the drone of the plane and the anticipation of the 10 days to follow, the mystery and unknown adventures these summer days held, already had me at a fever pitch. It was all I could do to resist using the shower massage to relieve some of the delicious tension that was growing, as the darkness of evening descended. On a whim I decided to shave myself bare, he had intimated he liked that. The brazenness of my act surprised me. I couldn’t believe how inexorable our destinies seemed.

I lathered the little trimmed triangle I had remaining, and carefully removed the last of my hair there, then rinsed with the shower massage, the insistent pulse of the warm water making me … Nooo! Stop! The urge to touch myself, too great though. Just a little I thought, promising myself I wouldn’t cum… saving those pleasures only for him. I wrapped a towel loosely around my waist, my breasts swinging freely, nipples thick in the warm humid tropical air. The light in the room was very flattering and I caught a glimpse myself in the full mirror that descended from floor to ceiling, lining the closet doors… one whole aspect of the suites wall. I turned and looked at myself, letting the towel drop, my skin glowing from the warmth of the shower. My sex was plainly visible now, altyazılı porno nothing left to hide. I looked even more youthful, my own beauty turning me on. I touched myself tenderly, where only moments before there had been hair, feeling the new smooth sensuousness there, then trailing my fingers lazily up my sides in a way that always made my nipples stiffen.

I cocked my head, and watched them thicken and rise, wrinkle and tighten, feeling my breasts grow taut with the stimulus. I turned, lazy with the heat, and lay on the bed, tired from the days travel, my mind racing with the newness of everything, the anticipation of the unknown, the fear of what was to come. The view of the bed in the mirror, suddenly erotic… I parted my legs, entranced with the sumptuousness of the light, the richness of the fixtures in the room. I looked good in the light, and I let my hand wander…idle… lingering there…but the anxiety I had flashed on, made me feel less like playing. I was hungry and tense so I poked around, found the mini fridge and grabbed an Evian water and an expensive looking chocolate bar…I got a wild idea to have a drink.

All the little bottles lined up in the mini bar looked so cute and inviting… I rarely drink. In fact, I loath the idiots at school who act so stupid when they are drunk…but hey!… this was vacation! …time to try new things!…hmmm tequila…what the hell…the people who plan these things had thoughtfully placed a fresh lime in the fridge, so I sliced it open. I knew you were supposed to suck the lemon, drink the tequila then lick some salt, or something like that… so I slammed it and coughed, nearly gagging…ugh…fucking firewater…but the effect was almost instantaneous. My head spun, my tummy felt warm…and then hey… that’s pretty nice! I decided to have another one!

Slam yeoow!…that one didn’t burn too much…woo hoo! I teetered out to the balcony with my third shot and said to myself…ok! Now we are having fun!…To my utter amazement, and with a wicked little buzz on, I watched transfixed as a gorgeous golden moon, rose from the sea, edging everything from here to the horizon, in silver …I don’t know if it was the booze or the place, or just the beauty of the moment, but I suddenly realized why I was here. I felt that pull toward ‘him’ in that way that had brought us to this point, less than a mile apart I imagined now…. I remembered our times together online…like two brilliant pieces of colored glass in a swirling kaleidoscope who seek each other out and explode in a passion of fiery blue green colors… and I was warm through and through, and surprised at the intensity of my desire to be with him…to share this moment.

Suddenly a little drunk, I sauntered back into the bedroom…opened my suitcase, resolved to find something determinedly sexy to match my mood. Settling on a black bandeau bra, a slinky off the shoulder lavender T-shirt with an interesting neckline, a matching black rio cut panty and a silky pink and orange sarong, wrapped island style around me, I spun and admired the results in the mirror…I brushed my hair…thought about make up, and just did my eyes and a little blush. Next a little perfume…Strawberries and Champagne, of course, because I loved it …and….well… he had dreamed about it…. Very nice, I thought, looking in the mirror, turned… looking at my ass and tits in profile…thought, ok, that looks hot, grabbed the room key, a calling card and a credit card, and stepped into the hall.

The elevator was crowded, everyone was dressed sorta’ ‘beachy’ and sexy, so I thought, ok…so far, so good. The bell dinged and I stepped out. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the place was. Everyone looked happy too. Suddenly butterflies leapt in my stomach. Oh my god! I can’t believe what I am about to do! The thought of maybe, actually meeting him for the first time, tonight, overwhelmed me, and whether it was the booze or the thought, or both, I suddenly felt light-headed. But, (and this was definitely the booze…) I suddenly found an ounce of courage, strolled past gleaming brass cages filled with exotic parrots and found a quiet payphone. Seated in the comfortable, private booth, I fumbled with the calling card, my hands shaking. I took a deep breath, thought about our conversations, all the steps I had taken to get to this point, took another deep breath and began punching in the numbers. “Hello?” …oh My God! A woman answered! Ok…calm down… maybe it’s his housekeeper or something..

.”Is **** there please? “I’m sorry you may have mis-dialed…” The line went dead. I’d been shaking so much; perhaps I had dialed the wrong number. I was suddenly glad for the booze, and determinedly punched in the numbers one more time. One ring, two rings. My heart leapt as someone picked up the line. ” Hello?” His smooth, familiar warm voice at the other end. “Hi!” I said, my voice suddenly sounding even younger, than zenci porno it really was. ” Oh my goodness…you’re here?”

He sounded calm…pleased…happy, even…”Have you checked in yet?” Yes…” I said, suddenly at a loss for words .I could feel my deodorant kick in…. What seemed like an eternity passed, though it was probably only a space of a few seconds…”So how was your flight?” he inquired. Oh great I thought. Talk with this guy for hours on line, for like, the last year and now you cant think of a thing to say Urg…”Ummm it was ok..I’m tired…I mean no, not really but…aah…how are you?. (Oh jeez…great …I’m sounding like a dork.)…I think to myself. In his smooth, inimitable way, he replies,” I’m fine, it’s lovely to hear your voice… If you’d like to rest and call me in the morning, we could talk about getting together then… maybe for breakfast? ” Umm no..I mean yeah… ok… if that’s what you’d like to do…” I mumble, a little slurred from the tequila. An uncomfortable silence…then… “There is a beautiful walk…that follows the shore in front of the whole string of resorts along this part of the shore…lots of people, so you will feel safe and comfortable. Would you like to walk it with me?…My heart pounding, cheeks flushed, umm sure…I reply. He continues,” The moon just rose, it’s a beautiful evening…

” I know…” I stammer, “I saw it from my room, it made me think about…” I stop, not wanting to sound like…like?..:::::sigh::::…I pull myself together and take a deep breath. “Well, since we are friends, I think that would be very nice.” I manage to say, feeling a little more sure of myself. “Ok…will you meet me in the ocean foyer of the Four Seasons Hotel? Its just next door to yours…a five minute walk.”

“Ok”, I say, “I’ll see you in a few minutes then…”

Thinking my heart could not possible beat any faster, I gently hang up the phone. Man… this worse than final exams, I think to myself, stepping out of the phone cubby, realizing I’ve made it hotter than a sauna in there…The evening air feels wonderful… welcome and cooler on my damp skin. I walk through the gardens, up the marble steps, to the front of my resort and get directions from the bellmen how to get to the resort next door. Seeing a lady obviously in distress, he says I can go, either by the beach, or the road. “Which way is faster?” I ask him. New waves of anxiety overwhelm me. I’m thinking, maybe the five minutes is up, and maybe he thought I wasn’t coming, and well…maybe he just went home and forgot about the whole thing…

I try to think clearly…but my thoughts are just a jumble…I walk along the path that fronts the road and in moments I’m entering the hotel’s lobby…expansive, dramatic, completely open to the sea breezes , the palms softly swaying in that sleepy way that only palm trees can. I look around the softly lit foyer…ok where is he?.. Is that him? Nope…. too old. Is that him? Nope… too young…hmmm….(where could he be?) I think to myself. I sit down in a big fluffy cream-colored couch that practically swallows me up, making me suddenly feel, very small and insignificant. What if he doesn’t like me?…What if he thinks I’m too ugly…too fat…too short….err… too young? Oh god! I can’t believe I’m actually going to meet this guy. And where is he? Five minutes go by and now I’m starting to get worried. I go up to the concierge and ask her if this is the only foyer…The beautiful Hawaiian girl behind the desk smiles and says, “Are you meeting someone?”

“Yes.” I reply uncertainly. “Oh, he called, he said he might have given you confusing instructions, he’s at the front of the hotel by the pool, In Hawaii we consider the ocean side the ‘front’. He said to tell you sorry for the confusion… Is he your dad?” she says with saccharine sweetness. Ok, I’m instantly bright red. I turn and walk quickly down the stairs toward the gardens and the front of the hotel.

“Bitch…” I think to myself. I see myself in profile in one of those huge gold trimmed hotel mirrors…the ones that always make you look so good. I like what I see…my tits and ass look good in this outfit. The stairs spread out to meet the pool area. A sign says ‘pool foyer’ and my heart jumps nearly out of my chest, because there he is. He looks pretty much like he does in his pictures, but maybe more tanned…slightly more muscular…..umm…real…and ..well…jeez …sooo… normal.

He looks up, then gets up so quickly, that his drink falls over and water and lemon slices spill over the edge of the round marble patio table and a tiny waterfall splashes to the slate floor. The tiny bud vase replete with gardenias and jasmine, tilts in slow motion, about to join the drink glass, now rolling precariously toward the edge of the table and disaster below. He grabs both of them in such funny, vulnerable desperation, that I can’t help but laugh. His face aldatma porno is bright red and suddenly…. delightedly… I find myself at ease. Any boy couldn’t have made a more favorable first impression on me. But to see a 40 year old man go through those contortions, and to think I was the cause…well..

“Hi” he stammers…and spontaneously holds the flowers out for me…Oh god he’s more nervous than I am. I think to myself. He gains a little of his composure, at least as much as a man can, mopping up a spilled drink at the very moment he is trying to make a favorable impression! The waitress, another tawny brown fox…(God, where do they get all the gorgeous people on this island?)…graciously saves the day…mopping up the remains, and in one fluid motion, replaces the spilled drink, then slips away like a shadow… The flickering torchlight flickers as the breeze quickens.

“Umm hi!” I say, grinning.

“Hi!…”he says again…(oh, nooow look who doesn’t have anything to say!)

“Pretty smooth there eh, on the entrance, wasn’t I?” he says…His face still red even by the light of the torches. “Umm yeah” I say, still smiling. “You always were pretty goofy…how are ya? …and can I have a drink? I am so dry, must be the plane or something.” Umm sure you want aaah…umm do you want.. a soda ..or water?” Ok, this is cute. He is soooo nervous.” Well you can have a water if you want, but this girl wants one of those fancy tropical things in a coconut with the umbrella and flowers and everything. “Ok” he says, “I’ll be back ok?” and he dashes off to the bar leaving me sitting there!

In a flash he is back, he moves quickly, I can tell he is good shape, but everyone, except the tourists, seems to be here. ‘Would you like to walk?”, he says, and without thinking we set off. He smells wonderful, like coconut or something, and then I realize it’s probably suntan lotion. Something else also…indefinable like the sea. He is very tall and seems pleased to see me. I keep reminding myself that we are friends and try to remember something…anything that we have talked about in hours and hours of conversation, but all I can think about are the times, he did delicious things with my mind.

Things only he seemed able to unleash in me. Things that don’t seem appropriate to talk about now. The coconut drink is as delicious as it is beautiful and goes down smoothly. We walk along a lonely lovely clash of black-pinnacled lava rock with wild platinum waves rolling in a few yards below.. the path is wide and manicured…wide enough for three or four people to pass .. it winds beautifully along, the front yards of multi million dollar homes and resorts extending to its edge…the moon is now fully risen and it is bright enough to see every detail.

Every eyelash! I steal little glances when he doesn’t think I’m looking We stop high above a pretty cove and sit to rest on a stone bench perched picturesquely there. I’m aware of the warmth of his arm near mine. He radiates the heat of someone who has spent long hours in the tropical sun. The remains of the coconut drink slosh around in the bottom of the husked nut and I realize it’s not the only thing sloshed… I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful moment. I lean into his shoulder and murmur gently how glad I am that we have finally had the chance to share this moment…He takes a deep breath, and I can feel all the tension leave him. Finally together, his hand finds mine, tracing soft circles in my palm, finding the places that send little thrills through my entire being.

I look at him, suddenly feeling very happy and free…”Ooh! My goodness…is there booze in this thing?” I ask in mock disbelief, suddenly realizing I’m able to make the whole ocean tableau, that lays so prettily before me, spin and ’tilt’, if I look at it, ‘just the right way.’ The hilarious thought (at least it seemed hilarious to me, at the time) that If I made the ocean tilt toward us, we would get mighty wet, makes me smile and look at him with questioning eyes, like he should be able to get the joke, and then I began to laugh.

What?” he says, a smile in his eyes. (He obviously doesn’t get the joke), I think bemusedly, which starts a whole new round of laughter. “Are you tipsy?” he asks gently, a smile on his lips. “No” I laugh, “but the ocean sure is!” (Well at least he’s finally ‘beginning’ to ‘get’ the joke…) I muse, with great hilarity. ‘My goodness” he says, earnestly “When you said you wanted a tropical drink…” his voice trailing off…

“Oh, I did!” I bubble happily, “I just didn’t think it would be so strong!” (failing to mention the three shots of tequila I had slammed, to steel my nerve, a few minutes before coming to see him.) “Mmmm…I’m fine.” I say, in my best attempt at being straight-faced. But I can’t contain myself, and burst into new fits of laughter. Looking down, I see that my sarong is open, and my black panties are clearly visible in the moon light, but I don’t care, and I hike my sarong up even further, curling one leg sexily up under me, on the bench and resting one hand, one arm, and my head, on his shoulder. The full effects of the booze have come, and gone, and I have reached a perfect state of happiness.

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