Three Entitled Girls Ch. 01

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19 years old Eric is on his knees in his university dorm room, his face buried in his petite girlfriend’s crotch. He is eating Clara’s pussy, sucking her clitoris like a good little man-whore. The boy’s tongue pokes inside her shaved cunt, sweeping along the folds to lick up her juices. His lips press kisses along her labia, focusing on his girlfriend’s pleasure, trying hard to make her cum for him. There is nothing he enjoys more than doing this for her, making her legs tremble as he sucks her pussy. It is so tasty and being a submissive slut feels so good, he never wants to stop. He doesn’t think he can.

Clara, meanwhile, is fully enjoying herself. She is a freckle faced girl whose personality is not much different from Eric. Both of them are bookworms. Heck, their first date was in the library! The girl has always felt self-conscious about her figure, since she is slightly overweight, but he assures her that she turns him on despite the little gut that protrudes out. A lot of other students mock them, saying thick and thin look perfect together, but he always tells her to just ignore what they say about them. All that should matter to them is each other.

Right now she is very happy to forget about all their troubles as he hungrily feeds on her cunt, licking the hole and probing inside it, getting his lips on her clit and forming a vacuum, applying a suction technique he learnt from a magazine. He sucks hard, giving her head quite well after about three months of practice since they started dating. The boy’s jaw is aching slightly but he keeps up the work, firm in his resolve to make her cum on his face. Eric loves nothing more than when she drenched him with her pussy juices.

She strokes his hair affectionately as he keeps his tongue lodged inside her tight tunnel, locking her small legs around his head to keep his face where it is. Her hips thrust upwards, driving her pussy into his lips as she facefucks the boy, using her boyfriend to get off. It feels so amazing to have his lips all over her cunt, sucking and kissing and doing anything that makes her feel good. The girl knows she is very lucky to have snatched him from the day they first met at orientation. All she needed was one look at him and she fell in love.

Pretty soon, Eric’s attention becomes too much for her and she shrieks in ecstasy, orgasming powerfully. Her pussy throbs as it unleashes torrents of fluid, the sticky juices gushing out onto his waiting face, filling his mouth as he opens it to try to swallow. This is just so fucking amazing, to be able to cum inside this adorable boy’s mouth, squirting into it as he keeps it hanging open for her sake, also because he took wants to swallow the nectar. In truth, Clara has always found her juice to taste a bit weird, but that only makes her more glad that Eric enjoys it.

“That tasted really wonderful, darling,” he says to her in a cute voice. “But I know something that is even more delicious. Your asshole.” With that said, he watches as she smirks and lie down on her stomach on the bed, and then moves over to place his face between her asscheeks. He happily kisses her sphincter, using his already wet tongue to slide in through the anal ring, feeling it expand slightly before contracting around the intruder. It makes him so hard to do this for her, sticking his tongue into the forbidden orifice. Her pussy is on fire once again from having him do this nasty thing for her, sticking his tongue into her asshole.

He is sucking her ass like a pro, rimming Clara as she sighs in bliss, face down on his pillow, his nose buried between her. Clara decides to rub her little button as he does this, fingering her extremely wet pussy, hoping to cum a second time. It feels amazing to have his lips against her asshole and she finds herself grinding it back against his face, her sphincter almost sucking his nose inside. She has never felt so much pleasure before in her entire life and certainly hopes he will keep doing this for her every day for the rest of eternity.

Eric’s tongue is now actively seeking out areas in the dept of her rectum that he hasn’t explored before, trying to go in as deep as he could, constantly probing. Soon, she is climaxing for the second time, spraying her nectar all over his bedsheets, the juice seeping through it as her cunt throbs madly, shaking all over her body in the throes of her intense orgasm. He keeps on eating her out, French-kissing that booty like his life depends on it.

The geek is soon cumming for the third time, before telling him that it’s enough now. “I want to make you cum, too,” she whispers, sitting up and facing him, legs hanging off the edge of the bed. She places her feet on his cock, which is now leaking pre-cum like a broken faucet, one sole pressing against either side of it. With his prick trapped between them like a sandwich, Clara begins shuffling her feet, rubbing his cock the way she knows he likes. Her boyfriend is moaning loudly from receiving bahis şirketleri the first rate footjob, thrusting up between her soles with his throbbing dick.

Eventually Eric erupts like a volcano, spraying jizz all over her feet and calves. Once his dick stopped unleashing cum onto her, he bends down and kisses her feet and lower legs. Licking up his own cum, he cleans her off with his tongue, making sure not to leave a drop on her. Then Eric lies down with her on the bed and holds her tightly against his body. Both of them hold each other’s face with love, making out passionately in the aftermath of their powerful orgasms.

“I can’t wait to make love to you when we are married, baby,” Eric says to his beloved girlfriend, leaning in to peck her forehead, holding her face to his chest as they cuddle on his bed. “It’s going to be so wonderful when we lose our virginities to each other on our wedding night. There will be rose petals all over the bed and we’ll have nice jazz music playing from one of those old stereos for the atmosphere. Perhaps we could have champagne and oysters before having sex too. I heard my friends say that those are really great sex food. Aphrodisiacs, I believe, are what they are called.” He begins telling her about how he’s envisioned their wedding, as she listens intently. They aren’t engaged yet, having been dating for only three months. But both of them are madly in love and want to be together forever.

“Hmmmm, sounds wonderful, darling,” Clara murmurs, inhaling the thin boy’s fresh scent. “Makes me want to just fuck you right now. Perhaps we shouldn’t really wait until getting married before having sex? We could ” It’s the first time she’s said something to this effect and completely surprises Eric, who’s caught off-guard by her words. This is not what he expected to hear from her at all. Very far from it, in fact. He couldn’t have been more surprised by anything coming out of his cute girlfriend’s mouth.

“But you were the one who suggested we wait, baby,” he says, looking at her quizzically. “Never mind, we’ll talk about it later. I need to start packing now. My mom will be here to pick me up in about an hour.” His college is not far from his hometown and that’s why his mother is picking him up, since she is really excited to see him again after he’s been gone for so long. The boy also misses her and his dad and sister as well, and can’t wait to see all of them again.

“Okay, baby,” she replies and starts to help him pack his stuff. He doesn’t have much items, leading a simple existence. It takes them only abut 20 minutes, leaving them 40 minutes to talk to each other some more before she walks him to the exit of the campus. Clara will be staying during the break, wanting some time away from her family to gain independence. She waves goodbye as he heads towards his mother’s familiar car.

Eric has a huge smile on his face as he sees his mother’s Toyota parked at the spot where she dropped him off months ago. He couldn’t stop beaming as he approaches rusty vehicle. After all this time apart, he is going to see his mother and be with his family again. There is nothing in the world that could make him happier than he is right now. The only thing that comes close is eating Clara out. God he misses his family so much. He can’t wait to get home and start cooking for everyone again.

“Hi, mom!” the boy greets her once he gets inside the car, leaning in to give her a little kiss on the cheek. “I missed you so much!” He’s always been a little bit of a mommy’s boy. The teen places his bag in the backseat and his equally happy mother starts driving out of the campus and onto the main road leading back to their home. She turns on the radio to their favourite channel to listen to some music as she drives.

“So how was college, kid?” she asks him as he gazes outside through the foggy window. “Did you make any friends? Or a girlfriend? I can smell pussy juice on your face, you know?” Eric almost choked on thin air at this, sputtering as his mother chuckles at his reaction. He was sure he thoroughly cleaned up and had no more stench left when he exited the building, so how did she manage to smell Clara’s pussy on him? This is simply insane! He can’t believe she actually managed to detect the scent so easily. God he should have been way more careful than he was.

“Yeah, well, there is one girl I really love,” he mutters, redness creeping up from his neck to his cheeks. He continues, not noticing his mother’s frown yet. “Her name’s Clara and she is really sweet and kind. Her smile is very cute too. I think I’m going to marry Clara and spend the rest of my life with her.” Now he turns and can see the way she is frowning unhappily, clearly displeased by something that he said. “Is something wrong, mom? I’m not going to marry her right now, you know? I’ll propose when we graduate.”

She sighs, shaking her head at what he is telling her, before saying to the boy “That’s not what I’m bahis firmaları upset about, Eric.” The middle aged woman looks as if she isn’t sure if she should say what she is getting ready to say or not, before just choosing to screw it and go ahead. “You remember Anna, don’t you?” This takes Eric by surprise, leaving him puzzled, wondering why she brought her into the matter in the first place. After all, what they are discussing has nothing to do with her, right?

“Of course, mom. I mean, she’s my little sister’s best friend. Practically my little sis herself,” he answers, looking at her and hoping she would explain why she asked him that. “Why did you ask? Is there something wrong? Did something bad happen to her while I was away?” He cares about and is quite protective of her, still seeing her as a little girl despite her being grown up now. After all, they grew up together and he’s known her ever since he was eight years old. There is no way he wouldn’t be concerned for her when she is brought up all of a sudden.

“She has been madly in love with you ever since you lot were children,” his mother reveals, much to Eric’s shock. Really? Is Anna in love with him? Maybe a small crush when they were growing up, but now that she is extremely hot and way out of his league? She’s a solid 10/10 whereas he’s more like a 5. “You should dump whoever you’re seeing right now and go out with Anna instead. That girl has been waiting to go out with you for years.” His head is still whirling from the brand new piece of information as he struggles to comprehend what he is being told.

“Mom, there really must be some sort of a mistake,” he finally says to her. “I don’t think Anna really feels that way about me. She probably only thinks of me as an older brother too.” His mom drops the issue for now as she keeps on driving, while he is already thinking of making a phone call to Clara when he gets home. The boy has no idea at all that the girl he thinks of as a little sister is going to end up raping him that night.


It is in the morning when Anna Goldberg finds an object that she prizes dearly. The 18 years old star swimmer is fully naked, looking at a ring which the love of her life bought for her. She has been in love with Eric, her best friend Jenna’s brother, ever since they were kids. Eric bought the ring for her as a birthday gift a few years back and she wears it every time she masturbates. The girl now puts it on and uses that hand to first caress her large breasts, squeezing her mammary flesh and pinching the huge nipples. Anna massages her dark areola, making sure the cold, silver ring comes into full contact with her skin.

The blonde girl runs the hand all over her stomach, thinking of the cute, older boy who got it for her. How she wishes he is here right now, massaging her body after an exhausting workout session, helping her relax. The teen’s cunt spasms, heating up as she thinks about all his adorable expressions as she slides her hand down to cup her pussy. It gets very moist as she thinks about locking her perfect thighs around his head, trapping his face in her pussy with her muscular legs, forcing him to eat her out and make her cum.

Anna is now tracing lines up her slit with her finger, parting the swollen labia. Her clit has engorged with blood as she fantasises about the object of her desire, targeting it for more pleasure. The sexy athlete moans, exhaling in contentment as she slides her fingers into the warm tunnel, feeling the ring Eric gave her inside her vagina, using it to probe around as she masturbates. It makes her feel so horny to do this that her nectar keeps seeping out all over her strong hand. Her muscled thighs flex powerfully as her body convulse in pleasure.

Her secret love is returning home from college soon and she is so turned on thinking about seeing him again. Her vagina is now leaking a huge amount of clear liquid from arousal as she pumps her fingers in and out of the tight box, penetrating it with her own hand, thrusting it in repeatedly. She works herself into a frenzy, finger banging herself harder and faster as she can feel her orgasm starting to approach. Thinking about Eric never failed to stop her from becoming horny. Her beautiful face is flushed from lust as she carries on getting herself off.

After five minutes of playing with her cunt, the girl’s pussy throbs, making her scream as she squirts, releasing a fountain of pussy juice all over her hand and the bedsheets. She withdraws her hand from inside her vagina, noting happily that the ring is coated in her juices, fully drenched with the sticky fluid. Anna then goes to take a refreshing shower, feeling the need to wash the sweat off of her perfect body. She wants to smell fresh when Eric is back from college. It is going to be so much fun to fuck him tonight.

The girl is in peak physical condition, having been able to set a new school record for the 200m at 1:58. Her legs are muscular kaçak bahis siteleri and her stomach flat, with no excess weight. Anna’s buttocks are also very tight and round, a result of countless hours spent working out in the swimming pool and the fitness room. She is very proud of her body and knows it will greatly help her in seducing Eric. Oh she is so going to rob him of his virginity tonight. There is no other alternative. That boy has been pussyteasing her for way too long, always prancing around looking so ridiculously cute.

Once she’s done showering, the girl then leaves the shower stall and begins to brush her teeth in the golden tiled bathroom suite. Anna has been raised very comfortably, with extremely rich parents. Her mother, Emilia Goldberg, is a billionaire executive in the hotel chain owned by their family. She never wanted for anything and has always tried to spoil Eric, who comes from a lower middle class family, but he never let money define their friendship. It annoys her at times like when she really wanted to take him to Paris on his birthday and he was nervous about it, saying she doesn’t have to spend so much money on a gift.

She really loves him a lot. How could she not, when he is the sweetest boy there is, always kind and patient with her whenever she was a tantrum throwing brat, which was honestly often back when they were little. The girl still remembers how warm she feels in his embrace when he hugs her much stronger frame. He is so adorable and she just wants to cuddle with him all day. Actually, no. Now she wants to fuck Eric too, instead of just cuddling. Anna’s thoughts about him has gotten progressively dirtier ever since reaching puberty.

The swimmer then slips into her white thong and grey booty shorts, putting on her crop top. She ties her long blonde hair into a ponytail and glances at the mirror. Satisfied with her extreme good looks, she winks at her own reflection and leaves the bathroom. If everything goes according to plan, she’d be deflowering Eric and getting rid of her own V-card today. By the end of the day, he’d be screaming her name the way her dad screamed her mom’s last night. Anna shudders for a moment as she is reminded of that before pushing the thought aside, feeling hungry. Her father is cooking right now and she can smell the food from all the way down at the kitchen. The scent’s got her stomach rumbling now.

As soon as she’s finished, the girl goes down to the kitchen to see her parents. Her brother Eric is probably sleeping at some girl’s house right now. She finds her mom doing what she usually does, cupping her father’s balls as he is trying to cook. The teen girl snickers, making the two adults pause and turn to look at her, red-faced at being caught in the act. Her father appears to be the more embarrassed one though, while her mom just shrugs, continuing to grope him.

“You should let dad recover after whatever you did to him last night,” Anna says, grabbing a banana from the counter and immediately peeling it. “Kept me up for hours with his screaming.” It amuses her to see her father blush. Mark Goldberg nee Harrison have always been easy to embarrass. Especially when his wife is holding his balls and fondling them in front of other people, such as their own daughter. Fortunately she stops now, rolling her eyes dramatically as he smooths his T-shirt and straightens his pants. The woman just looks at the tent smugly, enjoying her ability to make him hard whenever she wants.

“See? Our daughter thinks you should let me rest too,” he mutters under his breath, returning his attention to the scrambled eggs with mushrooms, adding some salt and pepper to it before turning off the heat on the stove. “You should give me just one day to recuperate first.” He brings the plates over to the table where they all sit down, returning to the kitchen to get forks for them along with some bread and jam. The man returns his apron to where he keeps it and then joins his wife and daughter at the table.

“That’s not what you were saying last night when I was sucking….” Emilia is interrupted by her daughter’s coughing. “Sorry, dear. How’s it going with Eric anyways?” Now it’s Anna turn to blush as her mother grin teasingly. The older woman knows her daughter is madly in love with that boy and always enjoy teasing her about it. She makes sure to never go too far though. It’s been fun betting with her friends on how long it will take before Anna manages to get him to go out with her. Emilia believes she will manage it during the break when he’s home.

The girl seems to consider the question for a moment, trying to come up with an appropriate answer. “Well, I suppose I’ll be fucking him later today, when I go over to his place,” she answers. Her father shakes his head with a sigh. It’s not that he disproves. The man just doesn’t need to hear that. Emilia though, squeals excitedly. She knows Eric will be the perfect son in law and can take good care of her precious daughter, and is fully supportive of her endeavours. It pleases her to see that her daughter has never been vain and shallow like she was before meeting her husband, and has always been able to see people’s goodness on the inside.

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