Three’s Company

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It wasn’t hard to find the house. Jay had followed the instructions from Marie to the letter and found the red brick cottage with ease. It was exactly as she’d said. An old property secluded away at the bottom of a small lane. In a large busy town it was a hidden rarity or rural life.

Of course Marie was only house sitting while her friends were on holiday but she was making the most of her two weeks as a country lass. With hot weather and her best friend staying with her, Jay felt a tinge of jealousy that he was still working while the two office girls were relaxing in luxury. But then they had booked time off and he only had the evening after work to take up their invite.

Jane found him in the driveway almost as soon as he stepped from the car and let him through into the garden. It was an oasis of colour and tranquility that stretched back much farther than he’d expected. Flower beds and small trees weaved elegantly around a large lawn. Border fencing peaked occasionally from amongst climbers that bloomed in the summer sun.

But it was the sight of Marie lounging on a sunbed that took his attention. In just a small green bikini her long legs, slender arms and flat stomach glistened with a mixture of sun cream and sweat. Her light sprinkling of freckles darkening with the clear beginnings of a healthy tan. She dropped the book she’d been reading to her side and smiled brightly at him. Jay felt his animal instincts stirring and cursed the clothing that trapped a swelling cock he couldn’t rearrange without embarrassment.

“Look at you in your suit.” Marie laughed.

He didn’t really see her grin. Instead his eyes were quickly trying to take in more of her exposed body in that bikini without being too obvious. He’d always known that what hid beneath her work attire would be stunning and she didn’t disappoint. Wide hips and the legs of a woman. He wondered just how many lucky young men had been fortunate to have laid there. He was aware of only two past boyfriends. Neither he’d met but in this moment he hated them both. Her tits were small, much smaller than Janes, only just filling the cups of her top. But he still didn’t doubt that they would be things of beauty. Delicate soft pale mounds of flesh.

“Some of us had to work.” He said with a sudden lack of confidence.

She squinted in the bright sun, looking him up and down. A raised leg moved just enough to one side that she teased his eyes to flick across her groin. Not for the first time it occurred to him that Jane might be as acquainted with that area as any past boyfriend. No. That was silly he told himself.

“How was it?”

“Sorry?” He realised his mind had drifted, lost in thoughts of laying between her thighs.


“Oh yeah. Sorry. Well apart from the heat outside the offices, a good day. I stayed where the air conditioning was mostly.

Adam says hi by the way.”

“Ha. Adam would. He’s obsesses with me.”

Jay couldn’t blame his collegue for that.

“Well you’re not working now.


Jane was at his side holding out a cool drink. The summer dress she’d been wearing had gone and he almost dropped the glass at the sight of young bare tits that wobbled with the consistency of firm jelly against her rib cage.

Jay knew he’d gone red and he could see the amusement in her eyes at his discomfort. This hadn’t been what he’d expected when he’d said he would pop in on the way home.


He knew he had to say something to hide his shock.

“Wow. Looking good Jane.”

Both girls had held his attention many times, but here he was with Jane making no attempt to cover herself and Marie only slightly more covered.

“Too hot Jay.

And it’s only like being on the beach.”

She grinned and swayed her body just enough to make her mounds wobble.

“If it’s getting you excited there’s a fish pond at the bottom of the garden you can cool off in.” She giggled. Delighting in knowing she’d got his attention.

“I’ll cope.”

He’d sneaked nothing more of Janes tits than a glance down the occasional loose fitting top in the office, seeing only the first hits of rising flesh above the outline of a bra. Now here they were in full view. Firm, rounded and well formed mounds of soft flesh topped with dark circles and thick nipples.

He sipped his drink and averted his eyes before he felt too lecherous.

“Jay. Lose the jacket and sit down.”Marie urged.

“No one can see. Get the shirt and shoes off as well.” Jane added.

“It’s too hot for all that clobber.”

“Fair enough.

I’d have brought a costume if I’d known.”

Jay smirked and happily peeled off the jacket. Away from the air conditioning of the office and car he was feeling the heat and didn’t need much encouragement.

“We’re ordering a takeaway later, Pizza, so get some sun on you and relax before we lose it behind the trees.

“Am I invited for that as well?” The shirt peeled away and he kicked his shoes off. Subconsciously he stood up straighter to flatten his stomach. Ankara Escort Bayan He was satisfied with his body but it could only help to ensure he displayed himself at his best.

“Of course.

It’s Friday. We can make a late night of it.”

With the socks gone he squelched his toes on the grass, delighting in the coolness of a gentle breeze than passed momentarily over him.

“So what do you think?” Marie gestured around them at the lush gardens.

“It’s Er… very nice.”

“So quiet here. You can’t hear the traffic and there’s no one peaking. You can do what you want here and no one would see you.”

Jay wondered if he might be lucky enough to actually do what right now was at the top of his want list. He avoided saying it out loud.

“Certainly private.”

“Joe and Mel have told me some stories.”

Marie sipped her drink as she teased him more with her stories of the houses owners.

“Apparently they’ve fucked in every part of this garden. Imagine that.

You ever fucked in your garden Jay?”

“No. My garden’s overlooked and it’d give my elderly neighbours a heart attack if I did.”

“Come on. Lose the rest.” Jane encouraged.

“I haven’t got trunks.” He protested.

“This is as far as I can go.”

“Trunks aren’t much different to underpants. The trousers can go.”

Jane stood like a Greek or Roman statue with a foot slightly forward to accentuate her smooth thigh. Her tumbler was held just in front of a mouth slightly upturned in a smirk, so that an arm framed her right tit. The mound of firm flesh nestled in the crank of her elbow slightly squeezing a deeply coloured nipple forward. Jay hardly bothered to hide where he looked now.

However, he couldn’t really argue with her logic and reluctantly he started to remove the trousers. It wasn’t the idea of being without them that bothered him. He was comfortable with his body. It was more that as the garment slid down his legs his hard-on was clearly visible, pushing against the last piece of material protecting his modesty.

To be honest he’d fantasied about both these girls, probably more than was healthy. There wasn’t a scenario he hadn’t imagined with one or the other of them. Even both. But he’d never once thought he would be this nervous when faced with the early stages of what might be a fantasy coming true.

But he was still slightly unsure of what was actually happening. The three of them had been friends for a few years through the office, even been on a few nights out together. But there’d never been any hint that they might actually let him fuck them. In fact there has been times when he’d been struck by the closeness that existed between them. Both had had boyfriends though, so that sort of put paid to that theory. And now there was a definite hint of interest in him. He felt as though he was being tested. But both of them? Maybe one, but both together seemed unlikely. That only happened in porn movies.

It had to be some sort of tease he decided as he straightened up again.

“My. What have you got hidden down there?”

Marie placed her feet on the grass and sat up as though fully noticing his body for the first time. Her eyes stared at his crotch unashamedly. She could see the distinct outline of his cock and her eyes feasted on it with a growing hunger. Jay just felt it growing harder and for a moment he feared it might push up above the waist band.

He couldn’t help but feel the excitement that came with their eyes on him. His manhood signalled his excitement and he no longer felt embarrassed by it. He was a man, he liked attractive girls. They could expect no less from him.

Jay dropped his trousers to one side with the rest of his clothes and stood upright in just his black underpants. If it was a tease then he would go along with it. If it was something more then his cock was aching with reassurance he could meet the challenge.

“I’ll keep going if you two want to join me.”

Marie raised her eyebrows.


She held his gaze, still with that slight smirk that could either be a challenge or an offer. He still wasn’t sure which.

“Brave enough.”

Behind him he heard the clink of Janes glass going down on the low patio wall, then her hand brushed over his shoulder as she came around and stood in front of him. She looked straight down at his only just concealed manhood. He took a deep breath. He’d only been here a very short while and he knew in that moment that something would happen.

“Take them off.”

It was a command. The sort of command a dominatrix might give. And for a moment sweet little Jane with her dark hair looked like she might play the part perfectly.

Jay’s mind was becoming lost in the moment. The thought that it might be an elaborate wind up was gone. Now only the need to satisfy the throb in his cock really concerned him. He hooked his fingers either side of the last remaining garment and pulled it lower until it fell away and he could step out of them.

He felt the summer air on his Escort Keçiören manhood, appreciating the coolness that came with letting his balls hang free. His cock jerked in the free air and the tingle engulfing his crown tortured him. He no longer cared and took it in his own hand. A gentle squeeze and rub helped alleviate the growing throb if only for a moment.

Jane continued to stare with the mesmerised look that could only come with the first view of new meat.

“It’s a pretty one.

I said it would be.”

He grinned, further excited that she was impressed.

“You’ve discussed what my prick looks like?”

“Of course. You think you guys talk about how big our tits are and we never think about your cocks?” Marie said.

“Well no, but…”

“We’re just as good at talking about a man’s cock.

How big and long it might be.

How long it can stay hard.

How it might… taste.”

Jay took a deep breath as her list came to a close. His excitement transferring to his cock as again it danced freely if it’s own accord.

“And how far you can shoot your load.”

“Oh my God. Keep talking like that and you’ll find out.”

Marie was done with teasing. Her own heat was rising and she wanted it satisfied. Her bikini top vanished in a moment and Jay saw her small tits for the first time. Rounded half cups that sat tightly against her chest while rosy pink nipples as hard as his own cock protruded from them.

“Wow.” Jay gasped.

“Jane might have the advantage in size but I’m still pleased with them.”

She looked down at herself and gave them a squeeze, letting out a sigh as the ache in her nipples delighted at her own touch.

“Uhh.” She gasped.

“They’re just as beautiful.”

He meant it. Jane’s were bigger and they’d bounce well if… no… when he fucked her. But Marie’s were just as sweet. Just as enticing. His mouth watered at the thought of encompassing as much of her soft flesh between his lips as possible. He wanted to suck on those nipples and flick them with his tongue.

A surge of adrenaline rushed through his bloodstream and he started forward to make it happen.

Marie stopped him in her tracks as her hand reached forward with an eagerness, fingers brushing against his shaft.


He twitched as his cock bounced violently with a renewed life of its own. It’s head burned with need as he willed her hands to stroke it.

Jane stepped closer to him, letting her own hand lay against his chest as she pushed up against him from behind. He felt every inch of contact between them. Bare flesh against bare flesh.

“You really have been hiding a little gem.

well, not so little.”

Marie’s smile grew even larger. Her eyes held his for a moment before her hand grasped his tool completely, pushing already taut flesh back down the shaft before coming forward to rub over the tender swollen purple head.

“Oh fuck.”

His knees trembled with a sudden weakness and he became acutely aware of Janes body pushed against his and her exploring hands One softly rubbed his chest while the other caressed his buttocks.

His knob was already leaking from her initial gentle wanking of him as Marie’s lips slid over his crown and drew him into the comfort of her warm wet mouth. Her tongue gently lapped around his head as she absorbed his aroma with growing pleasure. Warm flesh and that slightly saline viscous fluid that excited her taste buds. Marie savoured it, rolling her tongue over the bulbous head that now filled her mouth. She pushed her lips down towards the hilt of his shaft until she almost gagged then drew back up to a more comfortable position. She let her hand rub his exposed shaft while her lips concentrated around the head and rolled back foreskin.

His shudders and tiny groans told her she’d got it right and now she needed to ease her own ache. She slid a hand down the flat of her stomach until it reached under her bikini bottom and sought out it’s source. Fingers rubbed her warm pussy already wet from her own juices, circling, then gently parting her labia. Up and down to lubricate her digit, then higher, until there, tucked safely under a hood of soft flesh she found her hard pleasure button burning with desire.

Jay took a breath to steady himself and looked down. Marie’s head had begun a gentle bob back and forth following her hand along his shaft and he could see her blue eyes looking back up at him from beneath the soft curl of her blonde hair. And lower the points of her small breasts moving ever so slightly against her chest.

“Oh fuck. That’s… beautiful.”

He let his head fall back and he stared down the garden realising that this was the first time he’d ever fucked in the open air.

Jane pushed tighter against him letting the sweat of their bodies lubricate her movement against his body. A leg wrapped around his own and he felt the dampness of a hot pussy rubbing against his thigh. Her hand was lower now and he parted his legs slightly. To his delight Jane’s Çankaya Escort Bayan hand glided between his thighs and cupped his balls. He put a hand back and stroked her soft thigh, squeezing it gently as his other played with the soft strands of Marie’s hair.

“How many times have you dreamt of this?” Jane asked. His only reply was a tiny grunt of approval.

“Tonight your dreams come true.” She whispered.

With one last moment of concern he glanced about, reassuring himself that this garden was as secluded as it was supposed to be. No houses overlooking. No windows that could hide prying eyes. Despite being set in the depths of the town it managed to hide away in an alternative universe shutting out the world.

“I never thought…”

“Well sometimes things just have to be done.” Jane whispered close to his ear.

Jay looked back at Marie as she increased her work on his tool, concentrating her mouth around its head while a hand worked his shaft. Back and forth with a twisting motion that drove him ever closer to ecstasy.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck.

So good.”

He wanted to come right there. To fill her mouth with his juice. But he held back.

“Shush. Just relax and enjoy.

But save some for me.”

“Oh fuck.”

His happiness exploded. She’d just confirmed he would fuck her as well. All he had to do was hold back from coming long enough.

His head swooned. Two girls was a dream for most men but here he was, embarking on an experience most would never know beyond fantasy with the two prettiest girls in the company. Jay was in heaven, being driven ever higher in his rapture.

Soft full lips caressed his neck. His balls rolled in the palm of Janes hand and his knees weakened as his cock, now like a rod of iron threatened to explode.

He could take no more. With a sharp push he pulled his cock from Marie’s mouth, desperate not to spill his seed so quickly.

Marie sat back on the grass, and lifted her legs, pulling her bikini bottoms away.

“I need fucking Jay.”

Her legs opened wide and she threw her head back as her fingers again parted her flower. She tensed, arching her back and Jay watched as two fingers glided inside her snatch. Soft, pliable, slightly darker flesh flexed around her hand and tiny droplets of her juices shimmered in the slowly sinking sun.


He wanted her. He wanted his cock buried deep as he held her smooth thighs. He wanted to pound her into the ground until his cock exploded and she screamed for mercy.

He went to oblige her demands but Jane stepped in front of him and his attention went to her as she pulled down her bikini bottoms without a hint of embarrassment. Jay now looked to her pussy, instantly absorbed by the sight of her tight slit sitting perfectly on her soft full vulva. His mouth dropped open and he stepped forward ready to kiss her and take her in his arms.

Jane was a little younger and more petite than Marie. But she was much more dominant. Without a thought she pushed Jay firmly to the ground as soon as he was in reach and stood over him like an Amazonian warrior confident in her victory. He stared up the length of her body realising just how youthful and perfect it was. Again all he could think about was fucking her until he was spent.

“Now let’s see how good you are.”

She lowered herself, straddling his midriff and he lay his head back. Then slowly she rubbed her pussy to and fro along his shaft. It burned and hardened to iron almost to the point it hurt. But it’s firmness found its target, pushing into the fluffy flesh of her vulva finding her slit, parting soft petals as it sought that warm tight entrance to her tunnel. She was wet, dripping in fact. He knew her need burned as much as his own.

Jane lifted slightly, leaning forward onto his chest and she felt his hot meat slide deep inside.


“Is it good?” Marie asked.

“Fuck me yeah.

So hard.”

She began a slow rhythmic ride as Marie moved forward until her knees were either side of Jays head. He stared up at her smooth flower glistening with its leaking nectar. His hands raised up onto Janes tits as he breathed in Marie’s scent. His fingers kneaded her flesh, squeezing her nipples between his digits as he concentrated on the tight muscles that gripped his shaft.

Moments later his face was smothered by Marie’s writhing crotch as she sat on his face. He opened his mouth eager to taste her, parting delicate petals to find her warm sweet juices running copiously onto his lips. Jay was in heaven.

Above him the two girls embraced, their lips closing together. The movement of their bodies synchronised and hands began exploring each other.

Jane moved her face lower. Twisting her body to reach Marie’s tit with her mouth, eager to feel the small rubbery protrusion between her lips and teeth. And below her Jay began to use the strength of his legs to pummel into her as she held still to accept it.


Marie rolled her pussy back and forth over Jays face as her tit was caressed and she stared unseeing up to the sky.

“Oh yes.”

Only that tiny primal part of her brain was active now. Intent on heightening her senses, on giving in to the sensuous tease on a thousand nerve endings that resided in her tiny pink pleasure button.

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