Ticket Home, Paid in Full

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Brian Carver was headed back home after a long week of face to face sales calls on customers in his area. Sometimes you just need to sit down and look at people eye to eye. Brian made this trip once or twice a year just to make sure his customer base stayed intact. He was on a stretch of highway that was two lane between two cities for about fifty miles. It was pouring down a cold early spring rain. The day was dark and cloudy, Brian was bored to tears. He almost didn’t see the dark lump sitting in the middle of the roadside picnic table.

He hit his brakes and the lump jumped from the table and started running toward his car. He rolled down the window a little but didn’t unlock the door just yet. He had one foot on the brake and one on the gas. A frozen face grinned out of a dark green hook. A young girl said thanks for stopping and grabbed the door handle. She only had a knapsack on her arm. She didn’t look like she could be much trouble. Brian unlocked the door apologizing as if he hadn’t known it was locked. She jumped in, the poor thing was shivering like a leaf on a windy tree.

She dropped the hood of her windbreaker, she was soaked to the bone. Her jeans were obviously old and faded but they were so wet they looked dark blue. Her sneakers squeaked as she set her feet into the floorboard. She put her knapsack between her knees and huddled up putting her hands to the heater. This poor little thing was almost frozen. Brian turned the heater to full blast.

“How long have you been sitting there?” Brian asked.

She held a shivering wrist up to look at her watch, she could barely speak. “About an hour.” She finally got out through shivering lips.

Brian could hear her teeth chattering uncontrollably. He thought of his sweats in his suitcase in the trunk. He stopped the car and popped the hood. He was back in a flash. He tossed the sweats into the backseat.

“Honey, you get back there and change into the dry things.” He told her.

She looked at him concerned. She looked into the backseat at the warm dry sweats, thinking how nice they would be. She looked back at him, he was back on the road and paying attention to the highway.

“I’ll be ok.” She finally said.

“What do you mean you will be ok? Young lady you get back there and get out of those wet clothes and I don’t mean tomorrow, right now.” He sounded like her father, and that was exactly the role he was taking at the moment.

“Mr., please…please don’t rape me.” She was obviously worried.

“Rape you, honey where did you get that idea?” Brian asked.

“You won’t wait until I get undressed and then stop and…?” She was scared.

“No honey, I would never do a thing like that. Now go get out of those wet clothes.” He ordered. “My name is Brian Carver, what’s yours?”

“Mindy.” She said, crawling into the backseat.

Mindy was a little heavy but nicely shaped. Round and curvy with large breasts. Brian heard the sound of her nylon jacket being pulled over her head. She had her back to the rearview mirror. He saw her wet t-shirt clinging to her wet body as she stripped it off over her head. He could see far enough down to tell she was bra-less. The sides of her ample titties showed as she pulled the dry top over her head. It stuck to her soaked skin, she pulled and tugged until it was on. He heard her zipper and saw her fiddling with her jeans. They were glued to her legs, she couldn’t get them off her thighs. She struggled and struggled but they wouldn’t come down.

“Brian? I can’t get my pants off, their so tight and so wet, they won’t come off.” Mindy said worriedly.

Brian pulled the car to the side of the road and stopped. He looked back to see her jeans undone and almost to her knees. She had her hands cupped over her vagina. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing panties. He pulled her feet over the seat and began to tug on the bottom of her jeans, they inched down a little but not much. He finally took them by the waistband and pulled them inside out down her chubby but cute thighs. The seems had cut into her skin and left red marks where they had drawn up on her body. Brian yanked on them so hard at one point that Mindy threw her hands to her sides to catch herself and keep herself from falling into the floor. Her pussy was exposed and Brian couldn’t help but see her nakedness. She grabbed the sweat pants and covered herself.

“Honey where are you panties?” He asked, looking back to the front.

“I don’t know, I mean I know but… I got a ride from this trucker. He seemed so nice. He bought me dinner at a truck stop and promised to get me all the way home. I thought he was really nice. I got sleepy and he told me to get in his sleeper, I did. He told me I would be more comfortable without my clothes on, it was dark in the sleeper so I took my clothes off. My jeans came off much easier when they were dry.” she said, laughing nervously, still dressing. “When I woke up my panties were off and there was a güvenilir bahis dim light on and he had turned up the heater and had taken the covers off me. He was looking at me in the mirror while he was driving.”

She went on to tell Brian that the driver had pulled over soon after that, when he found a suitable place and started to get undressed. She fought with him, he wasn’t very big. She got her jeans and t-shirt on and grabbed the rest of her things but she didn’t see her panties. When she refused to have sex with him he slapped her and tried to rape her. She fought harder and finally got out of the truck. Rain was pouring down. He sat in the truck and watched her for several minutes. Mindy figured he was waiting for her to change her mind, she didn’t. It was a roadside picnic area and she climbed onto one of the tables, under the canopy and just sat there. The blowing rain soaked her. If he opened his door she would run. He finally left, he was waving her panties out the window as he drove off. And then Brian showed up. She climbed back into the front seat, her poor nipples were so swollen and cold, they were large knobs under the sweat shirt.

“What are you doing out on the road and taking rides from truckers anyway?” He asked his next question.

Mindy had run away from home about a year ago. Her step father had tried to rape her and her mother wouldn’t believe it. She had to get out of a bad situation. Her step father was a respected and looked up to man in the community. No one believed her. She had only been fifteen when he married her mom. She stuck it out until she was seventeen. She had just turned eighteen about two months ago. She got home sick for her mother and had called her. Her mother broke down on the phone and begged her to come home. Her step father had left her and now Mindy was welcome to come home, there was no one there to hurt her. Her mom begged her so hard so she was on her way home.

Mindy laid her head against the car door, the boring hum of the engine put her to sleep quickly. Brian studied the poor little girl. She looked so tired, so scared, he felt sorry for her but at the same time glad to know she was going home.

Brian touched Mindy’s arm, she jumped and pressed herself against the car door, she had been asleep almost an hour.

“Oh, sorry honey, didn’t mean to scare you. We’re coming up on a town. Would you like something to eat, I’m hungry myself.” Brian asked.

“Oh, yeah I’m starving. I haven’t eaten since that truck stop early this morning.” She answered. Brian pulled into a greasy spoon diner and they went in. Mindy went to the ladies room, Brian got them a table and sat down. She came out looking much better than she did when Brian had picked her up. They ate and talked. She lived in the same city as Brian. She would definitely get her ride home this time. She had been working in fast food restaurants most of the past year. She had graduated high school but hadn’t tried to go any further. She thought after she got home she might go to the community college. Brian talked about his business, and said if she wanted he would try to get her a job with his company. She thought that sounded great. She could work there and go to school part time.

They were back on the road and Mindy returned to her corner against the car door. It was getting late and the door was getting colder. She scrunched down in the seat and laid her head on the head rest. The longer she slept the more she leaned toward Brian. She caught herself falling over on him and startled awake.

“Oh sorry Brian.” She said taking a deep breath and stretching.

She straightened up in the seat and closed her eyes again. A few minutes later she was slumping back toward him. He put his arm around her and she laid over putting her head in his lap. Her body was rising and falling under his arm. Her top rode up off her waist just a little, her skin was so soft and smooth. Brian grazed his fingers across her naked side but quickly pulled his hand away when she stirred.

Mindy woke up as Brian pulled into a motel. She looked up at him through sleepy eyes, rubbing them with her fists. She took a deep breath and asked what they were doing?

“Honey, I have to stop for the night, I thought I could get home but I’m just too beat. I would suggest you drive, but it’s a company car and I can’t take the chance, sorry.” Brian told her.

“Oh that’s ok. I don’t want to drive anyway, a bed sounds nice.” Mindy answered.

“Well, Mindy there is a problem there too. I only have a company credit card and I can’t possibly get two rooms. I am at the end of my trip and my cash is short, unless of course you have the money to rent your own room. The only other way we can do this is to get one room with two beds. Do you trust me enough to do that?” He asked.

“No Brian, I don’t have enough money, I trust you. It’s ok, get one room.” She told him.

Brian got their room and pulled around to the back türkçe bahis of the motel. He requested a room off the highway to cut down on road noise. She grabbed her knapsack and followed him into the room. Mindy plopped down on the bed nearest the door. Her knapsack hit the floor. Brian had gotten her clothes from the back seat and put them on the heater and turned it up.

“You want me to get hot too, so maybe I’ll take my clothes off and you can watch me too?” She asked but smiled. “Just kidding. The heater will get my clothes dry, thank you.”

She turned on the TV. It was late and Brian truly needed to get some sleep. He brushed his teeth and came out of the bathroom in his pajamas. He crawled into his bed and cuddled up to get warm. Mindy was sitting in the middle of her bed watching intently. She had gotten some sleep and wasn’t all that tired any more. Brian nodded off to sleep. The changing of the channels would rouse him from his sleep but he would drift off again in no time.

Brian woke about three in the morning. The sound on the TV was heavy sexy breathing. He glanced at Mindy under her covers, her hand busy at work beneath the covers between her thighs. He looked at the TV. She was watching a porno movie!

“Mindy, what are watching girl?” He asked, startling her.

She jerked her hand from under the covers. “Nothing!” She said sounding like a little girl who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, what a cookie jar.

“It doesn’t look like nothing to me.” He said.

The guy on the screen had his female co-star on all fours and driving his cock into her like the porn star that he was. The camera would zoom in close and the picture of his huge cock sliding easily in and out of her wet glistening pussy was a wonder to behold, and Mindy was beholding it all. She turned it off.

“That movie is going to show up on the bill you know.” He told her.

“I know, I didn’t think you would find out for a long time and maybe…oh, Brian I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have put it on. Sorry, I’ll pay you back promise.” She said.

“For a girl that is afraid of being raped that surprises me. You watching a movie like that, I mean.” He told her as the room went dark except for the light coming in around the curtains.

“Well, being raped and screwing someone you like are two different things aren’t they?” She asked.

“Yes, I suppose they are.” Brian closed his eyes, the vision of the movie playing in his head.

He heard Mindy shuffle in her bed but then he felt the covers lift from his bed and her warm body slid in against him. He didn’t move away. He laid there and asked her what she was doing? She began to nibble on his ear. Her body heat was enormous between her thighs.

“Thanks for saving me today.” She whispered softly.

“You’re welcome, but I wouldn’t say saved.” He answered.

“You weren’t the one sitting in the freezing rain about to die or you would say saved.” She responded.

She slid her hand under his pajama tops and began to rub his belly gently. She laid there petting him, neither one saying a word. He put his arm around her neck and enjoyed her touch. They kissed shyly as if they didn’t know exactly how to treat each other. She unbuttoned his top and played with the hair on his chest. She slowly rubbed her way back down to the snaps of his bottoms. She popped them one by one until his cock stood out of the fly. She took it in her hand began to gradually beat him off.

“Ewwww, Mr. Carver has a big dick.” She said playfully.

“The better to fuck you with my dear.” He answered her.

“Oh, Brian, don’t talk like that!” She said and slapped his belly but returned to her hand to playing with his cock quickly.

“Sorry Mindy, what would you like to call it.” He asked.

“Making love?” She answered.

“But I don’t love you and you don’t love me, we just met.” He came back at her.

“Well, I love your peter, it’s so nice and long.” She said.

“Yes but how do you like the taste?” He played with her.

“OH, YOU NASTY! That’s not a nice thing to say Brian.” She answered but kept stroking his cock.

Mindy sat up in bed pulling the covers off of him. She leaned to the side of the bed and turned on the lamp. She looked at his nude penis and studied it as she continued to play with it. Then she stopped and peeled her top off. Brian loved her huge tits. They were very round and her areolas were large and pink. Her nipples sat like two cylindrical buttons atop the beautiful mountains of flesh. She was already aroused from her movie time. She looked into his eyes as she lowered her mouth to his swollen tool. She licked the head getting it good and wet. Then she stuck the first three inches in her mouth.

“Ummm, I know a boy who needs a bath.” She said but kept on sucking him.

“Sorry Mindy, you want me to go wash.” He asked.

She didn’t say anything she just sucked the rest of him into her mouth and began working him over güvenilir bahis siteleri like crazy. It had been a long day and Brian had decided to take a shower in the morning before they left, he didn’t expect this. Soon he was breathing hard and hunching against her mouth as she went down on him. He began to massage her back and play with her hair, pushing her head down on him further. He ran his hand down the length of her back and slipped it inside her sweats. He felt her sweat as his fingers slipped between her cheeks where her crack started. He reached further down. Her pussy was wet from her masturbating. She began to suck him harder and breath heavy as he inserted one then another and finally three fingers into her juicy cunt.

She got to her knees, bent over sucking him and slid her sweats off her nice big butt. She laid back down facing him and put his hand back on her pussy. She never took his cock from her mouth. Brian was getting excited thinking that this hot little slightly chubby honey was going to be living in the same city. Her head was bobbing up and down on him fast and furious, his fingers were again kneading her muffin like bread dough.

“Mindy, don’t you think I should be eating your little twat while you suck me?” He asked with labored breath.

“Oh Mr. C you are ever so nasty.” She exclaimed as she straddled his head with her knees.

He pulled her butt down to his mouth. He began to lick the sides of her pussy lips. She was already wet.

“I think I know a young lady who needs a bath.” He said.

“Oh Brian, maybe we should go shower.” She answered, it had been a long day for her also.

He pulled her down hard on his mouth and kept licking and kissing and chewing her lips and clit gently.

When she couldn’t stand any more she laid down beside him and pulled his head over on top of her. He didn’t need any coaxing, he was on top of her in a heartbeat. Her thighs spread and she took his cock placing the head at the hot wet entrance of her pussy. She kept her hand there until all his inches were inside her. Then she took his balls in her hand and began to squeeze them gently. Brian was coming unglued at the seems. As he would pull his cock out and thrust it back in she would squeeze him. Soon he was fucking her hard and fast and she was almost smashing his nuts she was squeezing so fast.

Brian kissed Mindy and their juice mingled on each others lips. Her mouth was moist and warm where his cock had just been. He fondled her awesome big tits as he continued to pump her pussy mercilessly. She pulled her knees to her breasts to allow him total access, he drove his cock as deep as he could. He was rising off her and slamming back into her fast and frantically. Mindy let out a scream when she began shooting her hot cream, bathing Brian’s cock in its warm shower. His cock exploded inside her returning shot for shot of hot sticky cum.

He fell exhausted on top of her. You wouldn’t call Mindy fat, she was just very nice and full all over. Brian rested in her arms, her heart beating like a drum. They kissed and caressed each other gently. He rolled off of her in his sleep and she tucked herself under his arm and joined him in the sweet release of slumber.

Brian woke the next morning to see Mindy’s head bobbing up and down on him again. She had him so hard so fast it almost hurt. After she sucked him for several minutes he pulled her head to him and placed her on top of him. She straddled him and eased herself down on his long thick tool.

“Oh nice peter Mr. C. You feel so good inside me, I love your cock.” She said.

“Cock? You nasty mouthed little slut bunny.” He answered.

“Ohhhh, I’m not a slut I just like your peter.” She said smiling.

She fucked him for several minutes. She was heaving and breathing heavily. Her juice was running down her thighs and soaking him. She laid her head on his chest and dug her fingernails into his shoulders.

“Ok, I am a slut, fuck me Mr. C, fuck me hard please.” She begged.

Brian rolled her over bouncing her on the bed, his cock never left her pussy. He stabbed hard into her and she let out a little moan of pain. He kissed her mouth and said he was sorry. She said she loved it and could he do that again. He drove into her pussy like a hammer driving a nail. She writhed beneath him hotly, soaking up every sweet sensitive moment. He came harder into her than he could ever remember coming. She was soon joining him, their hot fluids flowing together once more.

They took a shower together. Mindy sucked his cock after she had washed it, and told him it tasted better that way. She bathed her vagina and he got to his knees and enjoyed her taste again. He told her that she too tasted much nicer clean. They laughed at each other and made love or had sex or fucked each others brains out or however you want to put it one more time before they packed up and hit the road.

Brain left Mindy his card as he let her out at her house. She ducked into the window and blew him a kiss. He saw Mindy and her mother embrace in the front yard as he drove away. He would see her again and enjoy her company again he thought to himself. And fuck her again one day soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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