Time Together for Love and Sex

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I had dozed off, the passion draining my energy and sending me into blissful sleep. I could sense her lying prone next to me, and so I concentrated on every place our bodies were touching. My arm was still tightly wrapped around her, my hand resting upon her soft, supple breast. Her breathing, slow and steady, belied the fact that she was awake. As my finger slowing teased her swollen and sensitive nipple I felt her stir, reacting to the fire I was igniting inside her. “Darling, can I ask you something?” she murmured, her cheek resting on my hairy chest, her breath teasing my sensitive nipple, her fingers softly stroking my cum covered cock-head.

“Sweetheart,” I said, shifting to my side so I can look into her eyes, “Whatever you would like to know, just ask me, ok?” She smiles, reaching up to kiss me, her lips pressing fully upon mine, the scent of our juices combined and now dried around her lips still fresh from our lovemaking. Taking my hand in hers, she presses my palm against her breasts, her legs parting to accept my now swelling member back between her smooth legs, her wet slit coating me anew.

Eyes anxious for my response she bites her lip and then asks, “Darling, is it only about the sex? I mean it is great.” Making her point she presses her hips forward, sliding me back inside. “I just want to know that there is more.” Rolling on top of my love, my chest pressing against her breasts, I allow myself the pleasure of that first deep stroke inside of her heated tunnel. With a smile she closes her eyes, preparing for the pleasure that comes from two people fitting so well together, sex izle their bodies keenly attuned to each other’s rising passion and needs. But, this time I resist the urge to begin the deep thrusts that drive her to the brink. Wanting me she presses her pelvis forward, making contact with the end of my root, teasing her nub, now exposed from the folds of wanting lips. Lifting up on my hands I look down into her bright brown eyes, almost copper in the sunlight.

“Get up sweetheart. I want to show you what is in my heart each day that I think of you.” As I quickly withdraw my now swollen manhood I can feel the tightening of her cunny as she adjusts to my girth once again.

Sensing my complete exit, she tries to capture me within her strong smooth legs, “Not now, you can’t mean NOW!”

Laughing, I jump off the bed, pulling my khaki shorts up over my cock, knowing that my pre-cum will soon be evident though the soft material and the smell of her juices will follow me all day. “Get dressed pretty lady, I have something to show you. Now hurry and be sexy.”

Rolling onto her side, her face and breasts flush with the passion so quickly ignited; she looks at me like a man gone mad. “Darling, a simple ‘no’ would have been ok.” Then smiling she lifts her legs, again revealing the soft smooth pussy that I had just exited. The smell of her sex made me began to swell even more. How could I resist pressing my hungry and probing tongue against those swollen nether lips, ready to be licked, sucked and teased all over again? Running her fingers down over her sex she gives me her most come hither alt yazılı porno look. “Are you sure you have something better, you really want to go look at?”

“Come on,” I laughed at her ignoring my now swollen cock-head, “You will want to see this.” “OK,” she says, shaking her head in wonder. “We only have two days and you want to go, where? OK, we will go, but don’t complain.” Bending over at the waist, teasing me with her fantastic bum, she grabs her halter top and short skirt, leaving the panties and bra where they fell during last night’s passion. Pulling the skirt high, she knows it will just barley cover her now swollen lips. Sliding her tiny feet, with toes painted a come-fuck-me red, into her platform sandals, she quickly combs her hair and smiles. “OK, let’s go.”

Running down the three flights of stairs we exit upon a well-traveled street, one of my favorites in Frisco. As I urge her forward to catch the oncoming trolley she looks at me with questions in her eyes. “I thought we agreed NO sightseeing?” We quickly climb aboard while I hold her hand tightly in mine.

“Sweetheart” I then reply, pulling her against me out of the way of the trolley about to pass us and firmly against my member, still swollen within my shorts, “I’m going to show you something of me. I guess you could call it my soul.”

“This had better be good,” she teases, rubbing her buns up against me, feeling the heat of me through the silk of her thin skirt. I love the rush of riding the trolley and I love even more the looks as passersby see the beauty in my arms, our affection altyazılı sex izle and connection clearly evident. Braking, the trolley presses all of us forward, my cock now so firm against her ass, her skirt riding up so that I could easily have slipped inside.

“Hyde Street, end of the line!” calls the conductor, smiling at my lady as she steps down, thanking him for the pleasurable end.

Taking her hand I turn her towards Ghirardelli Square, the location of the radio station KFRC where I worked as a DJ many years ago. Standing behind her, hugging her close, I draw her attention to the corner booth where I spent many days looking out into the harbor. “Sweetheart, do you see that room up there?”

“Yes,” she replies, snuggling closer to me as the cooler evening winds begin to pick up, coming off the harbor.

“Now look this way,” and I turn my love back towards the bay, the sun setting across the harbor, framing the former island prison Alcatraz. “Before I met you,” I breathed, hugging her close, my nose nuzzling her soft neck just behind and below her right ear, “I felt that was where my heart was, trapped away in a place where escape was impossible. Each day I would put on a happy face, but inside feeling I had no one that would ever capture my heart. But now,” turning her towards me I bend down to close the gap between our lips, “I’m free. I’m free to enjoy each day filled with your love, free to enjoy each time we make love and free to finally care so deeply and not worry if my love was in vain. So no, my sweet, sweet lady, it is not only about the sex.” With that I draw her fully against me, her warm breasts pressing against my chest, her smooth sexy legs touching mine, her pussy pressing for contact with my swollen member trapped firmly between us. “I love you,” I whisper, and I kiss her, deeply, again for the very first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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