Tonight’s Date is Different

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He seemed different. He seemed . . .darker. She had seen his moods change before. When they first met he was a whirlwind. It was like his moods were a ship on a restless ocean, bobbing up and down on the waves. Tonight, as she watched him, he seemed like the sides of that ship were beginning to overflow.

He started normally, with his usual casual demeanor. When he picked her up, he was dressed immaculately. His black suit was professionally pressed, with a matching vest and a high spread collared white shirt and baby blue tie. His movements were smooth, almost practiced as he opened the car door, maneuvered it across town to the restaurant. His conversations began casual, but increased in intensity. As they sat at the table, one across from the other, he would ask pointed questions, each one leading to the next.

It wasn’t until he was paying the check that she noticed the look that had taken over his face. It started with his eyes, growing a little darker and beginning to cloud over. The darkness began to spread away from his eyes, moving over his face and covering his entire being. She was admittedly worried that his mood was going to get dangerous. She felt the innate urge to run. The instinctual response to danger, to flee and preserve life was something so deep within her psyche that she almost didn’t realize what it was until she felt it rise up within her.

There, however was an unexplainable, albeit undeniable hesitance in her that she couldn’t overcome. Along with the sense of danger that was welling up within her, his darkening demeanor was also sending a surge of excitement through her. She had porno never seen this side of him. And as she climbed into the car, she caught a glimpse of his eyes, deep wells that seemed to peer directly into her soul. It was then that she realized. It had just started.

When the car pulled up to his home, where she had never been, she made note of the fact that he obviously had more means than he had let on. The home was expansive, every room seemed to go one for longer than it rightfully should. He sat her on a stool and navigated his way around the bar, shedding the jacket, vest, and tie along the way.

As he stood behind the bar, he began pouring two shots of expensive whiskey. She hated whiskey, but for some reason she wanted it more than anything. His shirt sleeves were pulled up, revealing a tattoo on his forearm that she had never noticed. His top buttons were unbuttoned, giving way to a muscled chest and tanned skin. She was deeply aroused at the transformation from chivalrous courter to mysterious bartender. She felt the electricity shoot through her as she downed the drink. Just as she put the glass to the bar, she watched in slow motion as he leaped over the bar.

He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up unto the bar. His lips found hers with a need and intensity that she had never felt before. She let the feeling claw its way through her as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She started to grab for his shirt but he stopped her. He slid the hem of her dress up to her stomach, revealing her flat stomach and the red lace of her panties.

He slid them down past her knees and off of her ankles. anime porno She wasn’t sure why, but her body was doing more than usual. She felt the moisture not just build, but it began to drip down her leg. She could feel his breath as he hovered above her waiting clitoris. Just when she didn’t think she could wait any longer, he dropped his mouth into her.

She arched her back as his tongue probed around her clit. He started with slow circles around her, then probed in and out of her pussy, reaching farther than she thought possible. She ran her fingers through his hair as he slid one finger into her, and played his tongue across her clit again. Then two fingers. Three. Inside, out. He sped up, flicking his tongue and fucking her with his fingers. She could feel it welling up inside her as he kept going faster, finally, she exploded.

She relaxed on the bar, thinking he had just done more for her than he had in him, when he lifted her off the bar. He held her in his arms and carried her up the stairs. The bedroom was even larger, but somehow she felt closer, closer to him than usual.

He dropped her to the bed and when she looked up at him, his expression was blank, almost cold. She reached for his belt but he slapped them away. He stepped back and began undoing his shirt, letting it fall to the floor, followed by his pants. Before she knew it, he stood in front of him, completely naked and glistening in the moonlight spilling in through his window. She could see every muscle in his chest and arms, his wide shoulders bulging against the light. She let her eyes fall over his body arap porno until they found his penis. It was growing with anticipation as it started to call to her.

She reached out for it and he stepped closer, bringing it to within inches of her face. She paused only for a second, not with hesitation, only with admiration. She loved the look of it, the feel of it. And most of all, the taste of it. She took the whole thing into her mouth all at once. She began sucking gently, from the tip all the way to the base of his shaft. She felt his hard cock growing even harder inside her mouth.

He finally grabbed her and spun her on the bed, pinning her on her stomach and wrapping a hand in her hair. She fought, but only for a brief moment until she felt the entirety of his throbbing cock inside her pussy. He started slowly, pushing deep into her and pulling out almost completely. When only the tip remained inside her, he pushed in again, thrusting all the way into her again.

He began to speed up, she moaned softly with pleasure every time the tip of his penis struck her g-spot. It was an intense feeling she didn’t want to stop. She tried pushing back into him, begging for more as he continued his pace. He started to speed up even faster, his cock throbbing as it built with in him as well. Before she knew it, she was bouncing off of him as he slammed his dick deeply into her. She tried not to for as long as possible until his name escaped her lips, with more volume than she planned. He screamed her name also and they both climaxed together. He ejaculated hard as he filled her pussy with his hot cum.

She collapsed onto the bed and spun to face him. He stood in front of her, staring back down. She looked down and saw him growing once more. For the second time that evening, she had the realization that, to her delight, this was just the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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