Training My Wife’s Ass

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Looking back on my relationship with Ann, the girl to whom I have been happily married for almost three years, I can recall the first instance that could have clued me in just a little bit as to how adventurous she was willing to be sexually. To date, we have now had a couple experiences and even more conversations that have blown the lid of that secret. However, I recall when we were dating and only talking about having sex at that point, Ann made the suggestion that maybe someday when we were looking to spice up our intimate time, she would consider anal sex.

Personally, anal had never been very appealing to me. A woman has a perfectly suitable fuck hole right next to her ass, and the intended design seems to be in everyone’s best interest anyway, as far as mutual pleasure, hygiene and comfort go. That said, when the girl you’re going to marry is opening the door to possibly fuck her sexy ass someday, it changes your perspective a little.

Ann does have a great ass, by the way. It is something that total strangers check out to the point that even Ann notices it, and she is usually oblivious to the male attention she receives. Her ass isn’t all she brings to the table, of course. Her perky breasts; tan Italian skin; long, straight, dark brown hair; brown eyes and pretty mouth were enough to get my attention from the start. Better than all of her physical features was her fun, friendly personality, and her high sex drive didn’t hurt either.

After just a couple references to anal sex during our dating period, though, Ann made no mention of it again. I didn’t think much of it. Like I said, I was more than happy to have all her other parts to put my cock in or between, including her pussy, mouth, hands, tits, and even her ass cheeks and feet a few times.

While we have been very happily married all this time, our relationship took a significant step in the past year whereby we became even more honest and vulnerable about our desires and fantasies. The full extent of those details may be for another story at a later time, but suffice it to say that they resulted in an agreement to break in Ann’s ass once and for all. We didn’t set a specific date to make it happen, since it was a pretty sensitive matter. Instead, we figured once the mood and timing were right, we would go for it.

That opportunity came just about two weeks ago. We knew it was the perfect chance because neither one of us had been too stressed out by work or anything else, and we had nowhere we needed to be that night. We were even able to get started before 9 pm, which essentially meant that I lay naked in the bed for 40 minutes while my wife showered and got herself ready in the bathroom.

Finally, Ann entered the room wearing nothing but a towel that she was holding over her chest with one hand. I pulled the covers off me to show her how hard she was making me already, and she smiled excitedly and dropped the towel before joining me in the bed. After a minute or so of making out, I rolled onto my back, and Ann crawled in between my legs and took my cock in her hand, her pretty eyes looking up at me as her long, dark hair fell forward in her face. I moaned quietly as her soft hand started to pump up and down my completely rigid shaft while her other hand pushed the hair out of her way.

Ann lowered her head, opened her mouth and took my cock in. It wasn’t very often that my wife gave me head – we usually just made out a little and got right to sex. We tend to save oral sex for special occasions, and tonight was certainly one of those times. Ann started slowly, her head bobbing gently up and down as my shaft went past her lips over and over again. A few times she kept just the head in, licking and sucking just the tip as her hand jerked off the rest of my cock.

Eventually she picked up her pace, sliding her head faster and faster, sucking my prick like she could do so well. Her hair shook wildly as she really Etiler escort got going, and before long she was making a loud slurping noise that sounded really sexy. All I could manage in response was to moan and to grab her shoulders, squeezing them tightly as she expertly blew my manhood.

Had I not told Ann to slow down, I would have shot my wad right into her throat. While she was no stranger to swallowing my cum, that seed was being reserved for a special spot tonight. Ann obediently calmed herself, coming to an eventual stop and finishing the blowjob by wriggling her tongue against the tip of my cock, her beautiful eyes looking straight at me in an incredibly sexy expression.

I had one more thing to do before the main event, and that was to return the oral favor. We switched spots, my wife on her back and I between her legs. Before spreading those lovely thighs though, I reached up to squeeze Ann’s boobs, making her moan as I leaned in to give her nipples a taste. Ann writhed beneath me as I alternated between her two tits, throwing in a fair share of squeezes too. Then I made my way down, kissing her stomach before arriving at her vagina.

I spread Ann’s legs nice and wide, and my wife responded by lifting them high above my head while keeping them spread wide. Holding onto both of Ann’s thighs, I pressed my mouth against her pussy and licked her slit up and down before pushing my tongue inside. As soon my tongue penetrated her, Ann cried out and wrapped her legs around my head. Soon after, her hands sank into my hair, and she continued to cry out as I pleasured her with my mouth.

Ann’s hold on my head, with all four of her limbs fastened around it, made it impossible for me to break away – not that I wanted to. I continued to eat out my wife feverishly as the cage of her limbs grew tighter and tighter around me, my wife’s moans getting louder and louder. Soon I could feel Ann’s body tensing, an unmistakable sign of an impending orgasm. It encouraged me only to lick her twat as hard and fast as I could with the goal of making love cum.

At last, Ann tensed hard and cried out even harder as jolts of pleasure were now undoubtedly shooting through her sexy, delicious body. I continued undeterred to tongue-fuck my wife, her body shuddering each time my tongue poked into her pussy. Ann held me in place for at least another minute before her orgasm subsided just enough for her to relax and release my head.

I then got up to my knees while Ann lay on her back and caught her breath. She was very relaxed, which was good because we didn’t want her to be tense for this next part. “You ready?” I said. She nodded without a word, too calm to speak, and pointed to the nightstand. Inside the drawer was a box of condoms and a bottle of lubrication that we had picked up just for this occasion.

I took the tube out, and Ann beckoned for it, so I gave it to her. She then squeezed some out, while I put on a condom, just as a precaution, and then she applied the lubricant on the totality of my penis, which was still rock hard. Then she handed the bottle back to me and rolled over onto her stomach, pulled her knees and spread her thighs. Next, she looked over her shoulder with her head against the pillow, reached back with both hands and spread her ass wide for me.

It was here that my heart really began to pound from a mix of excitement and nerves. I was excited because I was about to fuck a girl’s ass for the first time – and not just any girl, but my hot, awesome wife. I was nervous though because I had never done this before. What if it hurts her too much? What if I can’t get it in? I simply had to block out those thoughts so I didn’t lose my stamina and instead focus on lubing up my wife’s asshole.

Once I finished dousing Ann’s butt with an ungodly amount of lube at her direction, I put the bottle back on the nightstand and took my dick in hand, slipping a bit Etiler escort bayan because of all the jelly. Then I leaned in, pressed the head of cock against Ann’s dark hole and slowly pushed the head in, careful to not slide against all the lube.

Both of us held our breath as I wedged the head of my cock into Ann’s ass. Once I felt I was stable enough in there, I put both of my hands on my wife’s hips, took a breath and very, very slowly thrust forward. Ann immediately gripped the pillow her head was resting on and pursed her lips, making no sound, however. Silent as well, I slid my boner one inch at a time into Ann’s backdoor, entering as gently as I could until, at last, I was balls-deep inside her butt.

In the process of penetrating Ann, I had been so overwhelmed that I didn’t really perceive the other sensations right away. Once I was all the way in, I realized quickly what the big deal was with anal sex. My wife already had a tight pussy, but it was nothing compared to her ass! If not for the lube, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to move around in there, assuming I could have gotten in anyway.

My first instinct was to just go to town, but my concern for my lovely bride overrode my lust. I asked her how she was doing, and she insisted it wasn’t all as bad as she had feared. “Fuck my ass, honey,” she said, and oh so sexily at that. I literally felt a chill.

Holding tightly to my wife’s hips, I began to slowly pull back and then thrust forward, just a little at a time and gradually working my way up to bigger strokes as I observed Ann’s growing more and more comfortable with the intrusion in her anus. I wished it felt as incredible for her as it did for me, her tight anal walls closed in on my engorged prick as I slowly but now steadily shoved it in and out of her. Before long I was fucking her ass hard enough to cause a steady smacking noise against her butt cheeks, and my balls were swinging hard against her taint. The whole time, Ann kept her hands and head on the pillow, but each time I looked up at her face, she was smiling.

As I increased my pace, I reminded Ann to let me know if she needed me to slow down or stop. She assured me that she was enjoying it and sincerely wanted me to keep going, so I did. I chose not to go as fast as I could have, since I knew Ann may have been just bearing it so as to not spoil my fun. Besides, the rate I was going at was blissful enough anyway.

Toward the end, Ann slightly rocked her body back into my thrusts, making full sure that my whole shaft was getting sheathed in her ass. We continued pushing into each other for a couple minutes before I reached my limit. As we had discussed, I pumped hard and deliberately into my wife’s shitter until I came hard inside her ass, filling that condom with my fluid. It was actually the first time I had blown my load inside a condom because I had never used one with my wife, and with the one girl I had used one I had pulled it off at the last second.

As I finished up inside my wife’s butt, I saw a trickle of my juice come out of the rubber and down her ass cheek. I was moaning pretty loudly too and needed to get a grip as I recovered from one of the best orgasms I had experienced in a while. I finally pulled slowly out of Ann, breathing heavily in an effort to compose myself.

The next morning Ann complained that she was pretty sore back there, which I imagined would be the case. She asked me how I liked it, and I couldn’t lie to her. I told her it felt incredible but that I understood if she didn’t want to do it again. She seemed surprised by what I said and assured me that she had enjoyed it, soreness aside, and that she had no question that we would do it again.

A couple days later, Ann told me that she had done a little more research into some more daring sexual acts and had another shocker in store for me when she told me she had gone ahead and ordered escort etiler a butt plug for herself. She wanted to try having something in her ass while I penetrated her pussy this time. She had read that it would make her pussy even tighter, causing the sex to be even more enjoyable for both of us. I had no objections.

The plug came just last Saturday, and we made plans to use it right away that night. We didn’t get to bed until almost 11, and by then the two of us were amped up and ready to go, especially since we hadn’t had sex in almost a week. Ann wasn’t feeling any soreness anymore at this point, so she had no real qualms about sticking something back in her anus. Beside, this plug was significantly smaller than my cock.

As she normally does before sex, Ann took a shower and met me in the bedroom. She was, of course, already naked, and I quickly removed what clothing I had been wearing. We made out on the bed for a few minutes, throughout which Ann jerked me off while I squeezed her boobs. We were hot and bothered enough that those few minutes were enough for us to be ready to go in just about no time.

I grabbed the lube, and Ann pulled the plug out of the night stand. She had made sure the thing was clean and sterile, since that’s the Ann thing to do, not that I blamed her in this context. I helped her put some of the jelly on the plug and then around her asshole. Ann put the bottle down on the nightstand and then put both hands under her thighs, spreading her legs as she stretched open her ass like she had the previous week. Once Ann said she was ready, I slowly inserted the plug into her ass, a little at a time. Ann grunted slightly just once but otherwise seemed pretty comfortable. Before long, the object was all the way in.

Next I lay down on top of Ann, and she used one hand to spread her pussy and the other to grab my cock and guide it into her twat. As soon as my tip pushed into my wife, I noticed the difference the plug in her ass caused. It took a little more effort to slide in, as she was definitely tighter. The grin on Ann’s face told me that she liked what she was feeling.

Once I got all the way inside, it took me a second to adjust to the tightness, so I simply grinded on her for a couple seconds. Ann smiled wide and moaned, her eyes closed and her head pushed back into the pillow. I put one hand on Ann’s right shoulder and my other hand on her left breast, squeezing hard as I pumped slowly in and out of her incredibly tight pussy. The plug had more of an effect than either of us expected. It felt incredible.

Still holding tightly to my wife’s shoulder and boob, I pumped harder and faster into Ann’s tight, wet pussy, making her moan as my flesh slapped against hers. Ann put her hands on my waist and cried out even louder, lifting her legs up high and spreading them wide. I could tell she was building up even faster than usual, her breath quickly getting more ragged and her body tensing up. I kept rocking her body, fucking her hard until, sooner than usual, my wife reached a screaming climax.

Still pounding Ann’s pussy, I pushed myself up and put her legs in front of my chest, resting her ankles on my shoulders as Ann moaned throughout the remainder of her orgasm. As hers subsided, I was drawing closer to my own, her especially tight cunt certainly helping me to that end. I think I could even feel the hard surface of the butt plug on the other side of the membrane that separated me from her asshole.

“Cum on me, baby,” Ann said as I held her legs over my shoulder and slammed in and out of her. “Cum all over me.” Obediently, I punished her pussy as hard and fast as I could until I felt my dick ready to explode. Then I held out as long as I could before quickly letting go of Ann’s legs, pulling my prick out of her and jerking off as I aimed for her lovely tits. Moaning loudly, I finally reached my climax, and my cock erupted, spraying streak after streak of jizz all over my wife’s boobs and stomach.

It wasn’t our longest session, but it was certainly intense. As I helped clean Ann up, she took the plug out of her butt, and I asked her how it went for her. “Couldn’t you tell?” she asked. “We’ll be using that again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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