Transforming Genevieve Ch. 22

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My final class on Friday is at three and since I had scheduled mid-term exams I had the entire hour to watch for cheaters and plan for what I hoped would be a very hot ménage a trios’ later that evening. I knew Marsha wouldn’t be arriving until after ten so I would have time alone with Bill before the main event.

I had planned on Bill and me watching the amateur video I’d shot giving Mr. Kozmerl an incredible blow job. That would take a half hour or so and since I wanted Bill to be at his best for Marsha and me I decided I’d entertain him with a live show while we waited for Marsha to arrive. I’ve always fantasized about using sex toys to masturbate while my lover watched and this was the perfect opportunity to fulfill that fantasy. The problem is I don’t own any sex toys. I thought about fruit or vegetables but the idea of using a banana or cucumber didn’t really appeal to me so I decided after my class to visit a porn shop to purchase a proper toy.

When the final student turned in his test I locked up and headed back across campus to my flat. What I’d forgot was that my Volvo was broken down and if I wanted to visit a porn shop I’d need to use public transportation or call a cab. I had time to take a bus but opted for a cab instead that way I could ask the cabbie to give me a half hour then come back for the return ride.

After calling for a cab I thought about being seen walking into or out of a porn shop and the consequences that could have with the university so I quickly changed into a pair of jeans and a nondescript top. Not much of a disguise I thought so I pulled my long hair into a pony tail and slipped it through the opening at the back of a ball cap. At least I could kind of hide my face with the visor if someone that knew me was in the vicinity.

The blare of a car horn outside alerted me to the arrival of my ride. As I approached the cab I thought that I really needed to have my Volvo looked at to see if the tired old girl could be revived or if I’d need to shop for her replacement.

Slipping into the back seat of the cab I was greeted by an older Pakistani man who asked “Where to?”

I really didn’t know where to so I just replied. “I’d like to visit an adult gift store.”

He turned a little then answered. “You want to go to a porn shop?”

I grinned half-heartedly being a little embarrassed and just shook my head.

As he pulled from the curb he remarked “My cousin Ackmed runs a porn shop across town.”

“That’ll be fine.” I replied as he spread around the corner.

The next fifteen minutes were almost like a thrill ride as he swerved in and out of traffic and seemed to blow through every yellow light as we made our way across town.

He turned sharply at one corner then came to a screeching stop in front of The Pleasure Chest.

“Here we are” He announced then added “That’ll be seventeen dollars.”

I handed him a twenty and asked “Can you come back in half an hour to pick me up.”

“I’ll do one better. I can visit with my cousin while you shop.” He suggested.

I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to call another cab so I would be embarrassed when I got picked up.

I checked the sidewalk for any familiar faces before I slipped out of the back seat and made a bee line for the entrance to The Pleasure Chest. The cabbie followed me through the door.

“Abdul!” The clerk behind the counter exclaimed as we entered then came out from behind to give his relative a manly hug.

Abdul explained his visit “This young lady wants to buy some porno so I thought we could visit while she shops.”

I corrected Abdul and said “Actually I am looking for toys.” Not wanting them to think I was in the market for triple X DVD.

Ackmed pointed toward a large wall rack that contained his impressive selection of sex toys “You should be able to find something that fits over there.”

Bill and me had visited a porn shop months ago and as I recall that place reeked of the smell of urine and sex having served as a meeting place for all kinds of perverts looking for a quick fuck or a blow job but Ackmen’s was clean and fresh smelling. There were the usual assortment of seedy looking characters browsing the shelves of triple X porno but I was surprised to find several couples also shopping in his establishment.

I walked over to the display of sex toys and started looking for the perfect one to use while I enticed Bill later that night. There were all shapes and sized of dildos hanging on the rack. One caught my attention because it must have been thirteen inches long. I smiled thinking that was a bit much unless you wanted to practice deep throating a cock and wanted something you’d most likely never encounter in real life. There were some that had two probes obviously for those who enjoy double penetration. Some were smooth and shiny and others more life-like with bulging veins on the shaft and a wide corona just like the real deal. I found one of medium length with an attached battery pack connected xnxx to the end that not only could be inserted but then set to vibrate also. I decided to buy that one because Bill could get close and control the vibrator part. I also chose an eight inch one that had a tiny tab near the base that was intended to massage your clit when it was inserted fully.

I looked over at Ackmed and Abdul who were still catching up so I decided to browse some of the other offerings of the shop.

Beyond the toy rack there was a display of rather kinky lingerie, not the normal Victoria Secrets kind of sexy things but items intended for people with a specific fetish. There were whips and chains choker collars with large spikes and an assortment of gag balls none of which I had any interest in at least for now. I did find a very sexy pair of black crotch-less panties trimmed with red lace and something else I’d never worn before a pair of black fishnet stockings.

I carried my purchases to the counter where the relatives were still talking and spread them out for Ackmed to ring up. Beside the register there was a small display of tiny bottles labeled “RUSH” I picked up one bottle and read the label. It was labeled liquid incense which seemed strange to me as a point of sale impulse item. I held the bottle out toward Ackmed “What the heck is this?”

Ackmed explained that you inhale the fumes from the bottle while having sex to enhance the sensations. I’m for anything that will enhance sex so I purchased a bottle.

After paying for my items and waiting for the cousins to say their good-byes Abdul and I headed back to his cab.

During the thrill ride back across town Abdul warned me about that little bottle of RUSH. “Don’t go overboard with that stuff it’ll give you one hell of a head ache if you snort too much fumes.

As I handed him another twenty for the return trip I thanked him for the advice about the inhaler then slipped out of his cab and headed for my flat.

It was a little after six when I tossed my Pleasure Chest shopping bag on my bed. Bill told me earlier that he expected Tess to leave around five thirty and that he would be at my place around seven so I had less than an hour to prepare for him.

I thought about just keeping my jeans and shirt on until he got here but because I love to surprise him with something sexy I decided to answer the door wearing only my new crotch-less panties fishnet stockings and of course his favorite a pair of black stiletto heels.

Stripping out of my clothes I spent fifteen minutes brushing my long jet black hair so there were no signs of it being in a ponytail most of the day. I consider my hair as part of my wardrobe since I can let it loose and use its length to cover my tits, or put it in pigtails to invite its use as fuck handles or tie it up in a bun to expose my sexy neck. I opted for the loose style so I could let it cascade down over my naked tits.

The panties fit perfectly riding high on my hips and after smoothing the red lace on either side of my pussy lips they looked spectacular. Gathering the fishnet stockings in my hands I carefully stretched them up my legs. The strong elastic top hems held them firmly in place two thirds of the way up my sexy thighs.

Just before seven I slipped on my stilettos and walked over to the door unlocking the dead bolt and cracking the door open enough so when Bill knocked I could invite him in without the need to open the door.

I wanted to be standing across the living room when he first laid eyes on me tonight and took the chance that no one else would come knocking before him. Before he arrived I went back to the bed room and gathered up my toys placing them on the floor next to the sofa where I planned on enticing my lover in a few minutes.

Promptly at seven I heard a soft knock on my door. “It’s open come in.”

The door opened slowly and Bill stepped inside. He instantly began smiling ear to ear as he got a first look at how I’d decided to greet him.

Without looking back he pushed the door closed and somehow found the latch for the deadbolt. He was holding a brown paper bag which clearly contained a bottle since he had his hand wrapped around the neck.

“Wow” Bill exclaimed as he stepped toward me.

I grinned then pirouetted on the balls of my feet giving him an opportunity to view the entire seductive package I’d prepared for him.

“Am I overdressed?” He asked as I used both hands to flip my long hair behind my shoulders exposing my naked chest to him.

I giggled and replied “I’ll take care of that in a little while.”

He finished the short walk to where I was standing then wrapped his arms around me pulling my body against his. Our mouths met in a slow soft welcome kiss and he used his free hand to gently grasp my ass beneath my panties.

“You look awesome” He complimented.

I gave him a light kiss before thanking him “I thought you’d like this.”

“What’s in the bag?” I asked.

He held the bag bakire porno at the bottom while his other hand pulled to bottle out. “I picked up a bottle of your favorite wine but it needs to be chilled.”

Bill followed me to the kitchen and I made sure he would enjoy the view as I walked.

“Do you want to put it on ice or just in the frig?” I asked.

He slipped by me and opened the refrigerator door. “This’ll do.”

I took his hand and lead him back into the living room. “Marsha won’t be here until about ten so I have something to keep you occupied till then.” I remarked as I pushed him onto the sofa at one end.

“Something besides this?” He asked waving both hands at my sexy body.

I giggled and sat down at the opposite end of the sofa so he couldn’t reach me from where he was seated.

His hands couldn’t touch but his eyes certainly told me he was already enjoying himself immensely.

“I thought we could watch a little TV while we wait” I remarked.

“TV!” He exclaimed “You want me to sit here and watch some silly sitcom while you’re sitting over there like that?”

I looked toward him and smiled as I pointed the remote toward the television and pressed play “This is no sitcom.”

The blank expression on his face matched the blank picture on the screen until the first images of my amateur porn movie began to play.

I had edited the tape so that it began where Steve was leaning against my desk and I began to unbutton his shirt.

Bill smiled widely before he exclaimed. “No shit you made the video tape?”

I just grinned back at him and said. “Watch closely.”

I sat back and watched both the tape and my lover’s expression for the next forty five minutes as I performed an incredible oral sex session on Kozmerl.

At the point in the tape where I moved around and lay on my desk hanging my head over the edge for Kozmerl to throat fuck me Bill remarked. “Oh shit I love that!”

I started watching Bill more than the tape and realized that he was becoming aroused. He would fidget slightly trying to make more room in his pants for his growing erection and occasionally move a hand to adjust his cock beneath his jeans.

“I see you’re enjoying the movie.” I remarked.

“Immensely!” He answered.

I made a mental note to be sure that later either Marsha or I would offer up our throats in just that way.

Bill was staring intently at the screen as Kozmerl began pumping my throat full of throbbing cock and as he began to flood my mouth with his thick sauce without moving his eyes from the screen said. “You’re such a cock slut.”

“I love being your cock slut” I replied.

I let the tape play until Kozmerl collapsed into the chair and the final image was of me staring at his spent cock my face smeared with his hot sauce. I had edited the remainder of what the camera had captured when Kozmerl had fucked me senseless for another hour and a half.

The screen went blank and I pressed the stop button on the remote.

Bill finally sat back his rock hard erection tenting the front of his pants. He turned to me and smiled “That was fucking incredible. Best oral sex I’ve ever seen on tape.”

I smiled in return and answered. “I want you to throat fuck me like that later.”

“For sure!” he replied.

“How about some wine?” I asked.

“After watching that I need a drink” Bill answered “Let me get it.”

He stood up and as he walked toward the kitchen I noticed him positioning his erection so it wasn’t too uncomfortable.

I wasn’t expecting Marsha for another couple hours and I wondered if Bill would be able to control his urges for that long. I really wanted him to be totally aroused for that so I decided to hold off on the masturbation show I had planned for an hour or so.

He returned with our drinks and handed one to me. I patted the sofa right next to me inviting him to sit closer.

I leaned against him and snuggled in as he moved one arm around my back.

“Can I ask you a question Gen?”

“Of course” I replied.

He hesitated for a moment before asking “You don’t really have any sexual inhibitions do you?”

I turned my head and looked up into his eyes “Are you asking if there’s anything that you could ask me to do that I wouldn’t want to do? Because if you are I’d have to answer no I would go anywhere you want sexually.”

He smiled than replied “That’s good to know but I was asking in general is there anything sexual that is totally taboo for you?”

I thought for a moment “I would have to say that bestiality and sex with anyone other than a consenting adult would be taboo for me.”

“What about BSDM?” He continued.

“That’s a very fine line. While I certainly enjoy the bondage aspect and the discipline that can go with it if taken to the extreme where severe mental or physical pain is inflicted I’d most likely shy away from that” I explained.

Before Bill could go on I added “I look at that kind of bedava porno sexual activity as part of a role play scenario between two lovers but not a life style.”

He pulled me tighter against his body “I agree with you completely.”

I sat up and turned more toward him then lifted one fishnet covered leg and draped it across his lap. “Take the video tape we just watched. Wouldn’t you agree that the act of watching it qualifies as a type of voyeurism and the fact that I loved making it with the express purpose of you watching as exhibitionism?”

“Yes I suppose it does” He answered.

“But wouldn’t you also agree that either of those are a life style for either of us?” I asked.

“Absolutely” Bill replied then added “while I loved watching your movie and as you saw I became completely aroused the idea of you and I having that kind of sex is an even bigger turn on for me.”

I continued “I love being watched in fact I went shopping this afternoon specifically for something that I want you to watch tonight.”

“You did” Bill answered with a broad smile on his lips.

I grinned at him “Would you like to see what I shopped for?”

Bill laughed out loud “Is that a trick question?”

I giggled knowing that if he had said no he didn’t want to see what I’d bought I would still show him.

“Slide down that way and sit facing me.” I suggested as I reached around the side of the couch and grabbed my Pleasure Chest shopping bag.

Bill slid down and turned sideways pulling one leg up on the couch while the other hung over the side.

“The Pleasure Chest!” he exclaimed as I held the bag up in front of me.

“I thought we could explore a little exhibitionism on my part and some voyeurism on your part while we wait for Marsha to arrive.” I commented as I lifted my other leg up then drew my knees up.

I first pulled out the dildo with the clitoris tab and placed it on the back of the couch.

Bill smiled widely “And what else did you buy?”

I lifted the battery operated vibrator from the bag and laid it on the cushion beside my shoe.

“That’s cool was there anything else?” He questioned.

I took the tiny bottle of RUSH from the bag and tossed it to him.

“Amyl Nitrate” He instantly exclaimed “this stuff will do just what it says give you one hell of a rush.”

I giggled realizing he knew about the inhaler. “You’ve tried it before?”

“Back in the day I loved snorting a snout full of this stuff while getting my cock sucked. It makes you feel like your heads about to explode but intensifies the sensation of sex ten-fold.” He remarked.

“The effect only lasts thirty seconds or so but if you inhale these fumes just as your climaxing you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.” Bill added.

I smiled broadly then remarked. “Sounds like I should have bought two bottles.”

“It looks like I’m going to really enjoy letting my voyeuristic fetish come forward.” He said with a grin on his lips.

“Yes and I’ll enjoy playing the exhibitionist for you.” I answered.

I pulled my hair to one side so it draped down my side and over the edge of the couch then moved my hands to my knees which up until now were tightly together.

“I bought one other thing I suspect you’re really gonna love.” I commented as I slowly pushed my knees apart revealing my sexy crotch-less panties.

Bill smiled from ear to ear as his eyes fixed on the red lace outlining my glistening pussy lips.

“Those are so fucking sexy” He said then added “you’re absolutely right I love them.”

“I especially like the way they frame my pussy with red lace.” I commented as I slowly moved my hand down over my belly toward the opening in my sexy new panties.

Bill watched my fingers intently as they reached their goal.

“I can’t wait to lick between the lace” Bill commented as his eyes followed my every movement.

My fingers slipped along the lace on either side of the moist lips exposed between. “I feel so sexy wearing these for you.”

I drew my middle finger up and between spreading my lips open for his viewing pleasure.

Bill reached between his thighs and adjusted his growing erection.

“Look how wet I am for you.”

His eyes focused on the moist pink flesh below my fingertip.

My finger circled the erect nub of my clitoris exposing it from under the fleshy hood.

“I get so fucking turned on having you watch me touch myself.”

Bill smiled. “And I get turned on watching you.”

I dipped one finger inside and swirled it around. As sensuous moan escaped my throat as my finger probed deeper.

He fidgeted again his hand moving to adjust his hard cock.

“You can take it out if you like.”

I slipped my finger outside and again played with my hard clit and moist lips.

“Use the dildo” Bill suggested.

I reached for the toy and brought it to my mouth first.

My tongue flicked at the life like head then licked around the corona.

I smiled “I prefer the real thing. This doesn’t throb and surge like your cock.”

Bill was unzipping his pants as I slowly slid the toy down between my tits and toward my wet pussy.

“Yes that’s it get your cock out and stroke it real slow for me.”

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