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I did not know that my first john would set the stage for any other lover I took in life my very first night out. It had been hot; the stifling sour air was so thick it seemed to weigh on my shoulders making every step I took in my sleaziest five inch heels torture to take.

The stench of urine and random funk from what I imagined had been a thousand vagrants wafted on the air served to remind me that I was not out on a late night stroll. He had pulled up beside me as I stopped to adjust my impossibly short mini dress.

“What’s on the menu tonight doll?” He asked through a choking plume of cigarette smoke. As I came in closer to the car leaning my head into the window with all the seductive charm I could muster, Candi’s first lesson hit me hard.

“No matter what Baby J, smile, be nice, and most of all, be into your John. He’s your bread and butter. Remember that…” She’d said while smoothing my hair behind my ears.

As my only friend, and mentor in the art of prostitution’s words reverberated in my head I suppressed the urge to gag as beneath the stench of one cigarette smoked after another, I caught a whiff of what had to be the nastiest gut rot ever created permeating through the man’s pores. So I forced myself to smile harder, and leaned in closer still. He needed me, and I needed his money.

“The menu?” I questioned fidgeting with the top of my dress.

“Looks like I got me a newbie huh?” He chuckled leering at my tits while his slimy tongue coated his thinnish pink lips with slaver. “What are you offering, and how much do you want Doll?” he slurred lighting another cigarette never taking his eyes off of my chest while he waited for me to answer.

“Common Gal, I ain’t got all night here, I got cash.” He said pulling the biggest roll of money I had ever seen from his coat pocket.

“U-Uhm … yeah, it’s fifty for head and a hundred if you wanna get laid.” I muttered while trying not to cringe as he licked his lips again. “And I don’t kiss on the mouth!” I sputtered in my one moment of clarity.

John number one sat back in his seat taking a long drag on his cigarette while he scrutinized my every curve. With no warning he undid his pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock and began stroking it to life right in front of me. I had not known I had averted my eyes in shock at his brazen action until I found myself staring at a wad of grayish chewing gum clinging to the street.

Needing to be anywhere but on that curb negotiating the sale of the one thing that ever truly belonged to me I tried desperately to focus on the person who had dropped the once sugary confection. I pondered where they had been, and where they had gone since. I wondered if they had discarded the gum because it had become nothing more than a tasteless mass of rubber, or if they had to spit it out for the sake of courtesy. No one wants to carry on a conversation with someone chewing gum like a cow chewing its cud after all.

“And you’re shy too. I like that. $150 huh?” his words seemed to drip with the same goo he continuously coated his barely their lips with. “Hop in Baby.” He half growled pushing a wad of cash at me. I hesitated only a second before snatching the money from his hand as I climbed into the seat beside him. Flicking his lit cigarette into the night air he peeled off from the curb before I even had my seat belt on.

“I want my blow job before we get to the motel.” He bit out grabbing me by the hair and forcing my mouth towards his musty crotch.

“Hey … W-wait!” I cried as I tried to pull myself free of his hold.

“Shut up! I ain’t payin’ you to talk bitch.” He snarled as he forced himself into my mouth making me gag. “No teeth Girl …” He breathed as with reluctance I went to work. I wondered if he felt my tears fall onto his thighs.

I wondered if he cared at all. I did not have long to find out whether or not he cared however. As the car slowed to a illegal bahis stop in front of what I assumed was where he was staying his grabby hands twisted and snaked themselves into my hair with more tenderness than I thought the horrid man capable of. His touch, right then was more like the touch of a lover than that of a sleazy deviant. He stroked and petted my hair as he cooed and moaned his pleasure into the pungent air of the cramped vehicle.

“I-I … O-oo god, y-yeah baby, I’m gonna come!” he stuttered. When I made to remove myself from his member not wanting him to finish in my mouth his hand closed into a tight fist tangling itself in the tendrils of my hair with cruel intent and he shoved his crotch up at me driving his cock into my throat.

“Uhh uh Darlin’, y-you started this and you are gonna finish!” his words sounded like those of a strangling man as his breath came quick and shallow in his sinful ecstasy. I had not realized until it was too late that like air feeds a flame my struggles only stoked his arousal. He did not let go of my hair until he began to soften in my mouth. And as soon as I was free of him it was all I could do to get the car door open before the vilest foulest vomit flew from my mouth splashing onto the pavement.

Each wretch that ripped through my body punctuated the fact that in that very moment I was no longer sweet little, all American, 4.0 GPA, graduated at the top of her class, Jasmyn Lynn Trapper. No standing on wobbly legs beside his rusty Cracker Jack box of a car, in front of some shit hole motel puking my guts out, I was Baby J, hooker extraordinaire. And looking down on me with apathy, a cigarette dangling from between his lips, stood a partially satisfied stranger, my very first trick.

“You didn’t have to do that to me you bastard…” I coughed out.

“Let’s see, I gave you $150.” He said ignoring my rebuke.” Seems like I still have some service due me baby girl …” He said with a sinister grimace. Shocked into silence that he expected more I found the cash he had given me. With trembling hands I separated a smooth one hundred dollar bill from the fifty and shoved it into his face.

“Here, take it, I’m done …” I croaked out.

“I didn’t ask for a refund Hun …” he objected grabbing my wrist in a crushing grip pulling me to the graffiti splattered door of his room.

I’ve come a long way since that first night. He taught me a lot about myself. That john, he wasn’t all bad though. But you’d never believe it if you knew what had happened after he got me into that room that very first time. Hell, I had thought he was Satan brought to life. But after the third time I took his cash to allow him to brutalize me he did something odd; he treated me like a human being.

“Can I get one of those?” I demanded pointing to his cigarette case.

“You smoke baby doll?” he said with a snicker.

“Can I have one or not?”

“Sure, I just thought, well you cough up a lung every time you get into my car s’all …” He said chuckling as he offered me a lit cigarette.

He watched me as I took a long drag off of the slender stick. As I did new tears fell retracing the routes of the tears I had cried while he forced himself into my ass, ignoring my insistent pleads for him to stop which only served to fuel his desire. I flinched drawing my knees up to my chest when without warning his warm fingers swept over the wet trails streaming down my cheeks.

“Shhh, don’t be scared …” he cooed as if he had not just sodomized me five minutes before. “Why do you let me do this to you baby …?” he asked.

I did not know what to make of the tenderness in his voice. I mean, every time I got into his car, knowing full well that he was going to hurt me, I asked myself the exact same question finding no viable answer. So now, instead of answering him, I took another hard drag on my cigarette while focusing on a rusty coffee colored stain illegal bahis siteleri on the carpet.

“I know you hate it. I know you hate me. I see it in your eyes every single time I come to you, so why?” he insisted.

“If you know I hate you why do you come to me?” I spat avoiding his question. I had no idea why when I went out, I chose him every time, not any I was willing to admit to myself anyways. “Out of all the girls walking that strip, you make it a point to find me, why do you do it you sick fuck?” I half yelled in a fury I knew had been in me, but had been checked up till then.

“I come to you Darlin’, because you are not them, you are not like them …” He breathed climbing onto the bed behind me. As he settled behind my stiffening frame I felt his hand snake around my slender throat. “You’re sweet, tender.There’s innocence about you I hunger for. You are nothing like those two bit whores Jasmyn. I come to you because you don’t want this.” He whispered into my ear as his hand tightened on my throat. And as I began to tremble in his hold he released me smoothing my hair down my back.

“I have a family, a wife who loves me, a couple of kids, and a dog. I am a good man baby girl. It’s just sometimes; I don’t want to be so good you know?” He said shrugging. “Sometimes I need to know that darker side of myself. I need to know myself as the sadistic deviant who lies just beneath the surface.” He whispered coming around to face me.

“H-how do you know my name?” I demanded ignoring his fantasy about his being a ‘good man’. “I-I never told you that …” I murmured as I tried to get off of the bed and away from him, but he was quicker as he grabbed me forcing me down onto the stained sheets beneath him.

“Get off me!” I growled. “You got your money’s worth we’re finished!” I screamed putting up a futile fight.

“S-shhh, Baby girl” He cooed almost lovingly into my ear. “I know … everything, Jasmyn. I know all about you, what you want … I know what you need.” He tormented as his hands roamed my body, one squeezing my breast. “Abandoned at thirteen … sleeping on anyone’s floor that would have you, well anyone who could keep their hands off of you …” He drawled gripping my thigh as his hand traveled back upwards.

“Your friends talk a lot …” he whispered before nipping my ear.

“N-no, no more … please don’t … not again …” I begged as his hand tightened around my thigh again this time higher than before, insistent, before slipping slowly between them discovering its hot, wet destination.

“You have never really seen love, not with an open heart … have you Jasmyn? He asked before taking my breast in his mouth. He suckled at my nipple for what seemed like an eternity before releasing it with an almost obscene ‘pop’. “You are bored with your life … your still wet behind the ears fiancée does nothing for you in the bedroom does he?” he sneered.

“You hate yourself because you can’t love him …you think you deserve this disgusting rat hole because you cannot feel anything for the only man who has ever really seen who you are, and loved you for it all… a man who would give you the moon if he could.”

“No …” my voice quivered.

“You want to be punished because you can’t love sniveling whipped little boys …”

“Y-You don’t know me … P-please stop this …” I whimpered half-heartedly not at all sure if stopping was in fact what I wanted him to do.

“It’s alright sweetness … no more pain Jasmyn … not tonight …” he exhaled locking gazes with me. Time seemed to stop in the putrid room, and the world melted away as his finger delved into my depths with slow exploration.

“W-what are you … I mean, no … this was not a part of the d-eal ..” I stuttered. Lost in a haze of confusion, apprehension, and pleasure as I tried to wriggle out from under him, but he was insistent. His free hand locked down possessively canlı bahis siteleri onto my hip threatening me not to move.

“Don’t fight me Jasmyn … I am not a monster, not really …” he said bringing his head down to brush his lips upon mine.

“No!” I cried sharply jerking my head away from his. “I don’t kiss!!” I demanded. And before I knew it, without missing a beat he had my chin locked firmly in his grip.

“You will kiss me, tonight …” he stated. And with that his lips crushed mine. I grunted a couple of times, and tried to shake him off until I felt the keen sting of his bite. And when I opened my mouth to protest the nip, his tongue stroked over my own in victory. It had been what seemed like an eternity since my body had known real delight, and never had I experienced anything close to pleasure with him, but as much as I hated it, as much as my psyche railed against him so completely, my body was on fire for him.

“Jasmyn, when I am with you I am a man, not a henpecked husband or exhausted father. You fill a primal need in me baby girl, a need neither my wife nor any ‘hooker’ has ever filled before. He whispered breathless, his lips just barely touching mine.

“But-I-am-a …” I tried to interrupt until he gave my bottom lip a slight lick eliciting silence.

“No you’re not … not really, are you?” he asked; only the question in his voice seemed to have already been satisfied.

“W-what are you talking about …” I began …

“You never look up from your desk Jasmyn … always studying your spread sheets … my prim and proper worker bee by day …” he murmured whilst massaging my clit languidly. Right then his words mattered, but his attentions to my body mattered more, but still I tried to fight through the haze.

“No … you are something baby girl, but a hooker, you are not … not really” He chuckled.

“I was outside the supply room while your little friend whispered to you how much money you could make out here the last time I was in town.” He hummed against my neck. “You caught my eye the very first time I watched you fail to covertly play a game on your phone during my last town hall meeting.” He said forcing two fingers inside of me to his knuckles. “Have you not noticed that I am in the office more often these days Sweetness?”

For a second I really had no idea what he was talking about, but suddenly the haze of passion began to clear and my hooded eyes became wide in comprehension and looked into his, really looked for the first time and in that moment, I realized that I knew him.

“O-oh my god!” I said coming fully to myself. “Hunter Drake .. I-I mean Mr. Drake! No-no … we can’t …” I screeched trying in vain to buck him off of me. In my head I went through the odds of having the CEO of my company as a john, as my John … my only ever! I had not really seen him at the office, only glimpses, except for the one meeting he had hosted, and even then, I only stole glances here and there. He was an intimidating man even by day.

“Oh, but baby girl, we are … we have …” he said firmly gripping my hip again forcing stillness. “And we will again …” he all but growled.

“The day I overheard you I decided then and there that I would be your one and only … I made sure that I was, and Jasmyn, I always will be!” he assured.

“W-ait … how did you know?” I breathed still trying in vain to squirm away from him. But he did not have to answer … subconsciously I just knew he was near me always … From that first awful night we shared, it was like I could feel him hovering even during the day.

“Being with you sates the beast within Jasmyn. My wife would never understand him, those other girls are too far gone to respond to him … It’s just that sometimes he needs to be tricked back into the recesses of my soul …” he said forcing my legs apart … a low euphoric groan passed his lips as he entered me for the second time that night. Only this time being with him was not rushed and agonizing. Instead of feeling like a working girl, there on that nasty motel room bed, for once, as we came together, I knew real untainted passion. That night my john tricked me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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