Tricked with a Pill

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I was sitting at my apartment, feeling depressed. I’d just been dumped by my girlfriend, I’d had my work hours cut back so I barely had enough money for food, rent and utilities. Most of my so-called friends dropped me when my girl did. So I was sitting there, not even any money to buy beer. Drinking water and watching TV.

My roommate Nick asked me if I wanted to go out and have some fun. I told him I had no money to have any fun. He said we could have fun on someone else’s dime.

“How in hell are we going to do that?”

“I got ways — believe me.”

“Like what, for instance?”

“You ever wonder how the other half lives?”

“You got wealthy friends who’ll cover for us?”

“Not that other half — a different one.”

“So what do I gotta do for this?”

“Take a pill — that’s all.”

“Take a pill? Are you fucking serious? And what does this pill do?”

“It’s a surprise — but I’m taking one too. We’ll take them together. Fair enough?”

I feel pretty dubious that some pill can get me drinks and fun for free. But I guess if he’s taking one too, it can’t be too bad. Whatever happens to me happens to him too.”

“Fine, give me the fucking pill, but I want to see you take one too.”

“No problem, dude.”

Nick reaches in his pocket and pulls out a small bottle with four pills, two pink and two blue.

“We take the pink ones tonight. Hand me your bottle of water.”

I gave him my water, he puts a pink pill in his mouth and washes it down with water.

“Your turn now.”

He hands me the other pink pill and I swallow it.

“Takes about five minutes to work, let’s sit down.”

“So what does this pill do?”

“Who do people buy drinks and food for consistently?”



At that point, Nick takes a deep breath, sits back, and his hair begins to grow. His face shape changes and his Adam’s apple disappears. His tee shirt gets tighter as he begins to grow boobs, and he gets shorter. The bulge in his pants goes away. I sit there stunned, then realize the same damned thing is about to happen to me.

I can’t tell what is happening to me, but I feel all sorts of weird shit going through my body. From the corner of my eyes, I can see longer hair falling down, and can feel boobs growing. I grab my crotch and there’s no dick there. I can’t even speak as all this happens to me. As all the weird feelings pass, I get really pissed.

“You fucking turned us into chicks? Why the hell did you do that? How the hell did you do that? Why the fuck shouldn’t I kill you for doing that to me?”

My voice is much higher than normal, and I don’t even recognize the sound of my voice. Nick sits there with a smug look on his face — actually her face.

“You wouldn’t have done it if I told you what it was. Besides I did the same to me, and I have the pills that can change us back.”

“You can’t believe how much I fucking hate you.”

“I’ve done this before, and you’re about my size, so I’ve got nice clothes to fit us.”

“You want me to go out in public looking like this?”

“You just look like a cute girl. The guys will fall over each other trying to buy you drinks and shit.”

“Yeah. Because they want to fuck me.”

“That’s up to you. I’ve done it, it ain’t that bad, just don’t get pregnant, the other pill doesn’t work if you’re knocked up.”

“There is zero chance of me getting knocked up. Only fifty-fifty that I’ll even go out.”

“Come on, I got clothes for us — make you look really cute. Didn’t know I had a girl’s wardrobe did you?”

“You can’t be serious.”

Nick — or Nikki, I guess, gets up and starts to his — her bedroom. She waves for me to follow. I am still really pissed, but get up and follow her in there. Nikki is now about 5’4″ with shoulder length brown hair, c-cup boobs, a nice trim figure and a really shapely ass. I look in the mirror and I am about the same height and weight, blonde with small c-cup or large b-cup boobs, and a face to die for.

“Time to change clothes. Take ’em off, bitch.”

Nikki pulls her tee shirt over her head, to reveal her boobs. She unzips her jeans and pulls jeans and underwear off to display a nice bush.

“Okay, bitch — take it off. We need to get you dressed decently — or maybe even indecently.”

“Quit calling me bitch.”

“Then quit acting like one.”

I began taking off my tee shirt and jeans as Nikki opened a drawer and pulled out two bras. One was black and lacy and only looked like it would cover half our boobs. The other was pink and a bit more substantial. Nikki threw the pink one to me.

“Under the circumstances, you probably aren’t ready for the black one.”

Nikki put the black one on and it barely covered her nipples. I stood there thinking just how much I’d like to fuck that girl, then looked in the mirror. I looked just as cute and sexy. Shit, I was lusting after my own naked body. I put on the pink bra, and Nikki threw me a matching pair of pink panties, as she fulya escort put on a pair of black thong panties.

The whole thing was just blowing my fucking mind. Nikki pulled a modest top from the closet and handed it to me, as she then grabbed a low cut top and put it on. She grabbed two skirts from the closet, giving me one that almost reached my knees, as she put on a much shorter one. I looked at myself in the mirror again and was in love, which made zero sense, but I felt that way anyhow.

Nikki got a pair of mid level heels and gave them to me, but got some high heels and put them on herself. Once we were dressed, she dragged me over to the mirror and sat me down in front of it. I watched as she put makeup on me, and was shocked at how elaborate it could be. None of the girls I’d ever been with put on makeup around me. She finished me off with some bright pink lipstick.

I was shocked by how the makeup had transformed me, and watched as she put makeup on herself. Her lipstick was redder and her eyeliner darker than what she’d put on me. I looked darling, but she looked sexy as shit.

“Obviously I’ve done this before. If you do this much, you’ll learn how to do your own makeup.”

“I don’t think I want another go at this — tonight should be more than enough. Where the hell did you get those pills anyhow?”

“I have a friend who works at a company doing some leading edge pharma research. He steals some of these for me occasionally. He can’t get a lot, but gets what he can. I pay him back for the pills by fucking him when I’m a girl.”

“Are you fucking shitting me? You fuck the guy?”

“As long as I’m sexy, have boobs and a cunt, he’s happy to fuck me. I didn’t care much for it the first time, but kind of like it now.”

“I’m not fucking any guy — I don’t fucking care.”

“Your choice. We’ll go out, let the guys buy us a few drinks, dance with them. If you go home alone, it’s no biggie to me. By the way, Andy — you’re now Andi with an ‘I’ not a ‘Y’. Tomorrow you can get your second pill and change back.”

“I don’t know if I want to do this. I’d rather take the second pill now.”

“Can’t take it for at least twelve hours, otherwise it might fuck you up good. Tomorrow morning is okay , not tonight.”

Nikki drove us in her car to a super hot club – the kind that would not let me in as a guy, even if I had some money. Nikki sashayed to the door, and I followed. There was a huge bouncer at the door. He looked at us, smiled, and waved us in, as lots of other folks stood there hoping for a chance to enter.

I followed Nikki to the bar and we no sooner got there than there were two guys beside us, offering to buy us drinks. After what I’d been through, I needed a drink and a strong one. Nikki leaned over and whispered to me.

“You don’t have your regular body and won’t have your normal alcohol tolerance. Don’t go crazy on the drinks.”

Instead of a shot, I ordered Jack and Coke. The two guys spent some time chatting us up, and I swear to God, I wish I was half as smooth as these two guys. Bill is the guy working on me, and Mike is hot for Nikki. Bill is about 6′ 180 pounds and athletic, with a nice face and a great smile. Mike is 6’1″ about the same weight and looks like a Matt Damon clone. Mike clearly wants to fuck Nikki and she acts like she just might.

After I finish my third drink, Bill asks me to dance. It feels a little weird, but I’m starting to get into this thing and it’s a fast dance, so we go out and dance. After two fast dances, a slow number comes on. Bill just wraps his arms around me and we begin to dance. As we dance, his hand slips down and he has it on my ass. I kind of giggle and squirm, and he pulls me very tight. When the song ends he gives me a long kiss. I return the kiss without thinking, and realize Nikki was right and the alcohol really has affected me.

Bill walks me back to the bar and orders me another drink. I’m thinking I don’t know if I should be drinking any more though. Nikki gives me a sly smile and leans over and whispers to me.

“It ain’t so bad once you get into it is it, girlfriend?”

“I … don’t know about this.”

“Mike and I are going back to his place. You’re too drunk to drive, so you need to get a ride from Bill.”

She’s right. I am too damned drunk to drive, but I’m uneasy about getting a ride from Bill. Before I know it, my fourth drink is done and there’s a fifth drink in front of me. I turn to Bill.

“I’m already pretty drunk. I don’t know if I should drink any more.”

“Finish that one and I’ll give you a lift.”

We finish our drinks and leave the bar. Bill looks in good shape, but I’m staggering. Bill’s hand is all over my ass. We walk to a bright red BMW convertible, which Bill unlocks. Bill grabs me and gives me another kiss, even longer than the one inside. As he does his one hand is all over my ass, while the other one has found one of my boobs. I gasp, from the shock as well as from the jolt of pleasure. Before bebek escort I can tell him to stop, he pauses and looks me in the eyes.

“You are truly beautiful, and one of the most desirable women I’ve met.”

I’m in shock at the comment, as he pulls me close again, kisses me and really gives my boob a working over.

“We need to go. I need to get home, Bill.”

“Sure thing, Andi.”

Bill opens the car door for me, and helps me sit down, which I really need, because I’m so drunk. Once I’m seated, he leans over and gives me another kiss as his hand wanders down between my legs.

“Oh my God.”

Bill stops, smiles at me and closes the car door. I am wondering what the fuck I’ve gotten myself into. Actually, I know that unless I’m lucky fucking is exactly what I’ve gotten myself into. Bill gets in the car and starts the engine. He appears pretty sober, as he drives out of the parking lot.

I lean back in my seat and close my eyes. I mumble my address to Bill as he drives. We stop in a parking garage. And I wonder what we’re doing.

“I need something from my apartment, and it isn’t safe to leave you alone in the car.”

Bill opens the car door for me and helps me out. Alarm bells are going off, but I’m so drunk, I can’t do much but mumble a mild objection. He walks with his arm around me, leading me to an elevator. He uses a key to open it, and pushes the button for the floor. As the elevator rises, he swings me around in front of him and kisses and fondles me again. One part of my mind is yelling, no, but my body and the rest of my mind seem pretty happy with this.

We get to the floor and the door opens, he walks me to a door, which he opens to reveal and very nice apartment.

“I … can’t really stay. I have to get home.”

Bill smiles again, kisses me and begins unbuttoning my top.

“No. We … we shouldn’t … “

Bill sits me down on a leather sofa, kisses me again, and in spite of myself, I continue to kiss him back, even as he slides his hand inside my top and begins stroking my boob through my bra.

“Oh, my God.”

Bill pauses, and finishes unbuttoning my top, which is not tucked in my skirt. I lean forward, as takes my top off and unsnaps my bra. I can’t believe I’m cooperating with him as he takes off my bra and puts it and the top on the sofa near us. He turns back to me and strokes and caresses my boobs, while kissing me. I try to protest, but can’t.

Bill leans me back and puts his lips on my right breast. He kisses it and mildly sucks on it, pulling away until the nipple pops from his lips. I gasp from the shock and pleasure. I’ve never felt anything like this before. He spends time sucking, kissing and caressing my boobs, until this feeling begins rising throughout my whole body, and waves of pleasure wash over me. I realize I’ve had my first female orgasm and the pleasure mixes with mild humiliation at it all.

Bill stands and draws me to my feet. I’m naked from the waist up already, but he unbuttons the top button on my skirt, then unzips it and eases it down my body to the floor. He than picks me up and carries me to the bedroom and sets me on the bed. He slightly lifts up on my hips and I lift them and he pulls my panties off. He kisses me again, as he runs his hand over my cunt, down the slit and between the lips, dipping slightly in then back up to the clit which he gently massages. I move my hips as he does, and he pauses to take off his shirt, pants and boxer briefs, and lie down beside me on the bed. I realize he’s going to fuck me, and remember that I don’t dare get pregnant.

“I … I can’t. I’m not … on the pill.”

“Don’t worry Andi. We’ll take care of it, I won’t get you pregnant.”

He kisses me again before dropping down to suck my nipple — moving from one boob to the other, as his hands massage my clit and my cunt. I have another earth shattering orgasm, and as it eases up I realize he’s on top of me and sliding his dick in my pussy. I can feel it part the lips and ease slowly in. I’m amazed at how it feels, so much that he is all the way in me before my mind kicks in again.

“Please don’t … don’t come in me.”

Bill kisses me again.

“Don’t worry, Andi dear. I told you I won’t get you pregnant. I’ve got some Plan B here. Take that and there’s no problem.”

With that he begins moving his dick in and out of me — at first slowly and easily, then steadily increasing in speed and force, until the whole bed is shaking from his fucking. No kissing now, his whole focus and mine are on his dick fucking me. I’ve never felt anything like what his dick feels going in and out of me, and I have a third orgasm as he comes in my twat. As I realize he’s come in me, I cry a little, and as he recovers from his orgasm, he kisses me sweetly. He keeps his slowly softening dick in me as he rolls his weight onto his left arm and uses his right hand to caress my left boob.

After a bit his dick slips out of me and he rolls completely off but continues florya escort to kiss and stroke me. I can barely keep up as his hands wander from my boobs to my cunt and back again. I can’t believe how good that all felt, and as much as I’m repelled at the thought of a guy fucking me, I am also awash in the glow of my orgasms. In a bit his dick is hard again and he pulls me on top of him. I ease my hips back and can’t believe it as I grab his dick and guide it into my pussy.

I pump away on him, loving and hating the feel of his dick inside me. With me on top, his hands caress my ass and my boobs, back and forth. I pump away, just lost in the feeling, when he grabs my ass and pulls me tightly to him, and I realize he’s coming in me again. I weep a little again, and we get up.

“You were great. I want to see you again, but I promised you some Plan B so you won’t get pregnant.”

He gets out of bed and goes into the bathroom, as I follow. He open a cabinet and pulls out a packet with two pills. He fills a glass with water, and I take the first pill, and read that I’m to take the next one in twelve hours. Shit, I guess I have to wait twelve more hours before I can take Nikki’s pill to turn back into a guy.

At this point I’m still too drunk to go home, and he doesn’t seem inclined to drive me there. Besides, he’s fucked me twice already. What can he do that he hasn’t already done. We lie down and he spoons up behind me. I can feel his semi-soft dick against my ass, as he puts one hand on my boob. I’m mentally and physically exhausted, beyond being drunk, and fall asleep that way.

I wake up in the morning to a hand caressing my boob and nipple. I gasp and it takes me a minute to realize that I’m a girl and that I just spent the night with a guy who fucked me twice. I moan and Bill rolls me onto my back and begins kissing me and running his hands all over my cunt.

“We … we shouldn’t.”

“We shouldn’t what? Do the same thing this morning we did last night.”

My pussy is already wet, as he kisses me and touches my boobs and pussy. After A bit he gets on me and I feel his dick slip into my pussy. Memories of last night come back and I rock my hips back and forth as he fucks me long, deep and hard. He comes in me as I have an orgasm. He kisses me and rolls off.

We shower and dress, fucking again in the shower. Bill takes me to breakfast before dropping me at my apartment. Nikki/Nick is not there but I can’t take his pill yet anyhow, so I go in his room and get a clean bra & panties, slip on my jeans which don’t fit so well and a tee shirt. I have to put on a belt, though the hips fit decently, then roll up the ends of the legs so they don’t drag. I sit down and read.

Early afternoon, I take the second pill from the Plan B, and make something for lunch. Right after I eat lunch, Nick returns, as a guy, obviously he’s already taken his pill to change back.

“Well you must have had quite a night. Out all night, then not back till after 9 AM when I left.”

“Bill took me to his place. I was too drunk to do anything about it.”

“He was really feeling you up on the dance floor. I’ll bet he did a shitload more than that when he got you to his place.”

“Fucked me twice last night, and twice more this morning.”

“So what happened to Miss I-don’t-want-to-let-a guy-touch-me?”

“Very funny.”

“Better time than I had. Mike and I came back here, he fucked me once and left. Had to get home to his wife. Asshole.”

“I wish I’d had Mike and you’d had Bill.”

“Good initiation for you into this life.”

“That makes it sound like you think I’ll do this again. Think on asshole. Now give me that pill so I can change back.”

“What’s the hurry? I kind of like seeing you as a girl. Hell, I’d like to fuck you myself.”

“No chance bitch. Just give me the fucking pill.”

“Ooh. Testy. Is it your time of the month already?”

“You really are an obnoxious shit, aren’t you?”

“I’m the one who has to fuck Rob, just to get the damned pills. Maybe I should have you fuck him for your pill to change back.”

“You choose to do this shit, and tricked me onto doing it.”

“Okay, okay. Here’s your fucking pill.”

Nick reached into his pocket, and pulled out the bottle, which had only one blue pill in it. He handed it to me, I opened it and took out the pill, put it in my mouth and washed it down with some soda. I sat there waiting for the change back. Nick sat down in a chair nearby. After a couple of minutes, I realized nothing seemed to be happening. I wasn’t changing back.

“What is this shit? Why am I not changing back?”

“Damned if I know.”

Nick pulls out his phone and dials and puts it on speaker phone.

“Rob, Nick here. My friend Andi took a pink last night, but when she took the blue this morning nothing happened.”

“Bitch didn’t get knocked up, did she?”

“No, I didn’t. I took Plan B so I wouldn’t get pregnant.”

“You stupid fucker. Nick, I told you, Plan B interferes with the pill, just like being pregnant.”

“Shit, I forgot to tell Andi.”

“What … what does that mean? When can I change back? Shit, I can’t stay a woman.”

“Fuck, I don’t know. It’s Sunday. When I go into work tomorrow, I’ll see what I can find out and try to steal you another blue.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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