Trip To the Shops

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Trip To The Shops

Tracy had just gone to the local shops to get a few odd items, and was standing there, trying to decide what to choose, when she became aware of the guy standing rather too close to her in the baker’s shop. He was looking, no, he was studying her intently. As she placed her order, and chatted with the shop assistant she kept a close watch on him from the corner of her eye.

Damn, he was still looking at her, which made her feel a little uncomfortable. She had to admit he wasn’t bad looking; not handsome, but attractive in a rugged sort of way. She collected her order, paid for it and left the shop. She had a few other things to get in the mini-mart and forgot about him until she came out of the shop and there he was leaning against the wall. ‘On no,’ she thought, ‘Just what I need, a fucking stalker.’ She walked a little faster, but he was behind her and getting closer, and then he surprised her.

‘Tracy?’ he said. She stopped and turned to face him.

‘Do I know you?’ she asked with a slightly aggressive tone.

‘Well, maybe you don’t remember me,’ he admitted, ‘but I was a year below you at school. I’m Jim Sullivan; you used to be friends with my sister.’ She tried to remember him, but no, it didn’t ring a bell. She remembered his sister of course, but she couldn’t tell him that was because his sister had felt her pussy in the showers at gym, or indeed all the other things that Rebecca Sullivan had done with her. Even the thought of Rebecca still made her feel excited years afterwards. It had been her first sexual experience; how could she forget?

‘No, I’m sorry Jim, I remember Rebecca of course, but I’m afraid I don’t remember you. How is Rebecca these days – is she still in Aberdeen?’ she asked politely, not really that fussed to know.

‘Naw! She worked in an oil company and married another oil worker. They got transferred to Houston, and she’s been out there for a couple of years now. Doing well by all accounts and she has a couple of kids too.’ Typical bloody Rebecca, she always was the, “fell in shite and came out smelling of roses,” type. ‘She’s coming home soon for a holiday; I’ll tell her that I’ve seen you.’

‘Aye it would be nice to catch up,’ she said, but not really sure if it would. She thought for a moment, ‘Is she on, “Facebook,” or anything?’

‘Aye, she is, and so am I. Actually, I’m one of your, “Facebook friends,’ he announced. ‘I saw you on there about six months ago and asked for an add. I was surprised when you added me, but I’ve never actually spoken to you on there. Imagine my surprise when I saw you at the shops just now. I just had to speak to you.’ She said nothing, but raised her eyebrows, almost a question. He looked a bit shamefaced. ‘Since you don’t remember me, you won’t know that I always had a big crush on you. You were the first girl that I really noticed as a kid, I thought the moon and stars shone out… well you know what I mean?’ he trailed off. She laughed out loud.

‘Oh Jim, that’s so sweet. Thank you, you’ve made my day,’ she laughed again, and he laughed too. ‘Well, it’s been nice meeting you Jim, but I live up this way,’ she said, pointing vaguely up the road a bit.

‘Really? We’re practically neighbours then,’ and he told her where he stayed, which was just a couple of streets away from her. ‘By the way, I like your profile photo on Facebook,’ he went on, and she realised he was trying to prolong the conversation.

‘Oh yeah? Which one?’ she asked, knowing exactly what he was going to say. Once again he had the good grace to look a little shamefaced.

‘The one with you sitting the wrong way round on that chair,’ he kinda mumbled.

‘You mean the one where I’m showing my knickers, you dirty little devil?’ she teased. ‘And why would you like that one in particular?’ He looked her straight in the eye, and boldly said.

‘Cos I can’t think of anything I want to do more than take them off you.’ Mildly shocked, Tracy was speechless for a moment or two.

‘I’m a married woman,’ was the first thing she could think of to say, ‘and I bet you’re married too,’ she went on. Underneath her protest she was mildly flattered that he still thought her attractive enough to want her. He admitted he was married too, and grinned. ‘So, what would your wife think of you saying things like that to me?’ she challenged. He laughed at that, and his reply was even more surprising.

‘She wants you too,’ was all he said. If Tracy had been rendered speechless before, this completely bowled her over. Her mouth opened and closed, but she could think of no reply. Finally, she managed to say, ‘Really, your wife wants to take my panties off too?’ He nodded.

‘Oh yes, you’d better believe it. She thinks you’re lovely, and of course she knows I had a crush on you for years, so she’d like to help me fulfil my fantasy.’ Still barely able to comprehend what she was hearing Tracy protested again.

‘Well, I’m very flattered, it’s always nice to be wanted, but look, I’ve told you, I’m married. I can’t just hop into bed with almanbahis any Tom, Dick, or Harry. No, no, sorry, it’s not gonna happen,’ and with that she turned and walked away quickly, leaving him standing on the street corner.

After lunchtime when she had a moment or two to herself she began to think about it. After a moment or two she realised she wasn’t just thinking about it, she was fantasizing about it. She imagined what it might be like, what his wife might look like, and knew she was getting wet. ‘Fuck it,’ she thought, and decided to go and have a look at his Facebook page. No doubt his wife would be one of his friends, and she could check her out, so she started up the computer and within minutes had found his profile and through it the profile of his wife.

She found herself staring at the photo of a very attractive brunette, and when she clicked on the, ‘Photos’ link there were plenty more photos of Ally, as she called herself. She’d done a bit of modelling at some point, and there was a gallery of pics dedicated to her modelling work. Tracy revised her opinion, she wasn’t just attractive; she was beautiful, and in some of the photos she was wearing lingerie, showing off her figure. She had a great body, no doubt about that, and to think she only lived two streets away. That gave her some food for thought right enough, and just as she was about to close down the computer she noticed the little red, “message” indicator in the top right-hand corner of her screen. She opened the message and discovered it was from Ally herself. Hands trembling, she opened up the message to read, ‘Hi, Jim’s wife Ally here. Thought I’d better get in touch and say, everything he said was true. I’d love to meet you – please think about it. Ally xxx.’ Tracy read it again, then again. ‘Bloody hell,’ she thought and then, ‘No, no, don’t even go there,’ but she couldn’t get it out of her mind, and it went round and round making her feel hornier and hornier.

Shutting down the computer and making sure the front door was locked, she stripped off her jeans and lay down on top of the bed. She went straight for it, parting her pussy lips with her finger. She was soaking wet already, so she spread the juice up over her clitoris, sliding her fingers round and round her little pleasure button. That lovely old familiar feeling spread up through her stomach, the quivering, fluttering excitement. She told herself this had to be quick; the kids would be home from school soon, and as much as she would have liked to savour the feeling she had to get a move on.

Within minutes she had brought herself to the boil, her fingers rubbing her clitoris and slipping inside, stretching her pussy, thinking of the lovely Ally doing this to her and Rebecca and Jim, all in one big horny jumble that sent her over the edge. Her lovely arse lifted off the bed as she forced three fingers inside her pussy. She moaned and gasped for breath, the waves of pleasure sweeping over her, one after the other, leaving her happy, but vaguely unsatisfied. She wanted more, but now wasn’t, couldn’t be the time – she had things to do, and so she reluctantly got up and dressed.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon and early evening, thoughts of Ally and Jim, and occasionally Rebecca crept into her head. She was in an almost constant state of arousal. Afterwards, when she had fed the kids, cleaned and washed up and her husband had fallen asleep in front of the telly, she fired up the computer again. She went to Ally’s page again, and sent her a friend request. The reply was almost instantaneous. ‘Hi, Ally here – can we dare to hope that this means you’re interested? Please say it does, please. xxx’ With her heart thumping, hardly able to breathe with excitement she typed her one word reply.

‘Yes.’ This was the start of a flurry of messages back and forth, and they finally arranged to meet next morning about 10am at Jim and Ally’s house. She didn’t want it happening here; she had too many friends and relatives who might pop in past and interrupt the fun.

Next morning, after the kids were off to school she quickly showered and did her hair, and carefully applied her make-up. The butterflies in her tummy were more like bloody great birds of prey circling and swooping. She was excited, not just, ‘excited,’ but really, really excited. She didn’t put on her panties as she made herself ready, she was far too wet; and getting wetter by the minute. ‘Oh god,’ she thought, ‘calm down, I’m going to have a heart attack if my heart doesn’t stop thumping like this.’

Finally, she was ready and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked bloody good though she did say so herself. Nice lingerie, stockings, the works. She took a tissue and dabbed at her pussy, to soak up the juice, but knew it was a losing battle. By the time she got to their house her panties would be slippery with her juices again, but if they didn’t like it, they could lick it. She pulled the matching panties up snugly, delighted with how tiny and feminine they looked, and then slipped on a loose almanbahis yeni giriş T-shirt and knee-length skirt – nothing too dressy because she didn’t want to call attention to herself as she walked round the road. Finally, she checked everything again, and left the house, making sure she locked the door behind her.

To any nosy neighbour it just looked if she was popping out to the shops. On trembling legs, she made her way to the end of her street, then a couple of hundred yards more before turning into the street where Jim and Ally lived. She thought of not going, turning back, but her pussy won that battle hands down. It was desperate to go visiting and be fucked, so she followed it helplessly to their front door.

‘Tracy,’ said Ally as she opened the door, welcoming her in. ‘Oh god, I’m so glad you came. ‘I’m so excited I can hardly stand it,’ and she took Tracy in her arms and gave her a big hug, which developed into a hot and passionate kiss right there in the hallway. After a while the girls broke apart, breathless, and Ally ushered her into the lounge. It was beautifully and tastefully decorated and as Tracy sat down on the couch, Ally asked if she would like something to drink. There was a selection of drinks on the table and Tracy chose a glass of white wine. She wanted all her senses about her to savour every last minute of what was going to happen here today.

She watched Ally as she poured the wine. The long dark hair fell around her shoulders, and over the white, almost see through blouse. She could just see that Ally wore no bra under the blouse, the dark areola of her nipples easily noticeable through the flimsy material. Her stomach lurched with excitement as Ally turned towards her, both breasts showing clearly.

‘Tracy, you’re looking at my titties, and it’s making me so fucking horny,’ she said as she laid down the wine on the glass topped coffee table, and sat beside Tracy on the couch. ‘I’m so fucking excited she said, taking both of Tracy’s hands in hers and leaning over to kiss her again. Taking Tracy’s hands, she placed them on her breasts – they felt as good as they looked. Medium sized, not as big as Tracy’s but good handfuls. She felt the nipples, giving them a gently squeeze – they were as hard as pebbles, and Tracy gave them another good squeeze. Ally closed her eyes and moaned with delight, and Tracy slowly unbuttoned the blouse, savouring every second as Ally’s cleavage was exposed, then the blouse fully open, she pushed it back over Ally’s shoulders totally exposing the wonderful breasts.

‘Oh god, you’re so beautiful,’ she whispered to Ally before kissing each rosy, pink nipple tenderly. Ally’s only reply was another moan of pleasure as she lay back on the sofa letting Tracy have fun with her tits. Her legs had parted as she lay back, so Tracy slipped a hand up under her skirt just to add to the excitement. ‘Mmm…’ said Tracy through a mouthful of beautiful breast. ‘No panties, you dirty bitch.’ Ally giggled, but her giggle was cut off by a gasp of pleasure as Tracy slipped first two fingers into her wet cunt. Her bottom arched up off the couch as she tried to get even more contact with Tracy’s hand. Tracy stroked and caressed the wet pussy, then stopped for a moment. Ally opened her eyes.

‘What’s wrong?’ she said anxiously. Tracy laughed as she stood up.

‘Nothing sweetheart, but I need to get some clothes off too,’ she explained and pulled her T-shirt over her head, unzipping the skirt and letting it fall to the floor. As she undressed, Jim walked into the room looking absolutely delighted. ‘We started without you, so sit down, shut up and you can join in later,’ Tracy said. Jim just sat down in the armchair opposite, and let the two girls carry on. As she stood there, Ally slipped her hand up the inside of her thigh rubbing Tracy through her panties. Tracy moaned, her legs nearly buckling with excitement.

‘Oh, fuck Tracy, you’re so wet you’re coming through your panties,’ she exclaimed with delight, and reaching up she pulled the tiny panties down, and there was Tracy, exposed in all her wet, dribbling glory. Ally leaned forward to get a better look, and Tracy instinctively opened her legs wider to display her shaven pussy. Ally went straight for it, rubbing the wet pussy gently, and letting her fingers slip inside. Tracy moaned with delight, pushing her pelvis forward hard onto Ally’s fingers.

‘Oh god, I need to sit down, my legs feel so wobbly,’ Tracy gasped, so Ally, with her fingers still embedded deep in Tracy’s cunt pulled her towards the sofa. Tracy, guided by the fingers in her hole, obediently followed and sat down beside Ally. The two girls embraced, both frantically touching, kissing and caressing. Legs were spread blatantly, knowing that Jim was watching, but then they became so engrossed with each other that Jim was practically forgotten, and it was all down to breasts, nipples, the soft skin of bottoms and thighs, whispered endearments, the touch and taste of each other’s bodies, and the sheer sensations of pleasure almanbahis giriş they were giving and taking.

Somehow Tracy found herself, kneeling on the floor, with Ally on the sofa, wide legged, whimpering and moaning with pleasure as Tracy finger fucked and licked the gloriously wet pussy. Knowing Jim was watching her especially, she wickedly spread her legs wider to let him have a good look at her pussy while she fucked his wife. She had a good idea that he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer, so she quickly looked round to see what he was doing. He was sitting there with a glazed look in his eyes and a rather substantial looking hard cock in his hand, which he was stroking slowly.

She indicated with a movement of her head that he should join in, and he was immediately kneeling on the floor behind her. Tracy turned her attention back to Ally’s pussy, knowing Jim would do what she wanted him to do anyway. She delighted in the feel of Jim’s hands stroking her back and skin, and then kneading the soft flesh of her big tits. She could feel his hard cock, brushing against her thighs, and put a hand through between her legs and grabbed hold of him.

He groaned with delight as she stroked his length, feeling his balls, then guiding his prick where she wanted it. She rubbed his big knob up and down the lips of her pussy, covering him with her wetness, and then guided him into her depths. Within two or three strokes he was deep inside her hole, making her shudder and moan with pleasure. Meanwhile, she continued to bring Ally closer to an orgasm with her mouth and fingers. She giggled uncontrollably, for a few seconds as a daft thought ran through her head; ‘Thank god for multi-tasking,’ but a series of really powerful thrusts from Jim, stretching and filling her, delving into the deepest recesses of her pussy drove all thoughts except those of pleasure from her mind.

Ally was close to orgasm as Tracy expertly manipulated her pussy. Her hips were moving uncontrollably in that old familiar fucking motion as Tracy’s fingers moved in and out rapidly. First two fingers, then three were stretching her cunt in the most delightful way, the soft tongue licking and caressing her clitoris. She was literally trembling all over, feeling her orgasm build. Distant at first, the pleasure at her core spreading throughout her body, and then suddenly it was, ‘Oh god, fuck, oh yes,’ and then thoughts were no longer needed. It was all about sensations as her orgasm was upon her like a dam bursting, radiating in searing waves of pleasure. She moaned a whimpered helplessly, the sensations almost on the edge of pain, so intense that she was utterly incapable of thinking anything at all. Slowly, slowly, she came down from her almost indescribable state of euphoria.

She opened her eyes, and saw Jim, kneeling behind Tracy, obviously giving her a real good seeing to, and although she couldn’t see from this angle, she knew his cock was slicing into the cunt he had dreamed about for so long.

She felt no jealousy; how could she, when this lovely woman had just given her one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced. She looked at the pretty face in her lap and could see her own wetness on her mouth and chin. Tracy’s eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open as she gasped with the pleasure of Jim’s cock thrusting and sliding in and out. Tracy’s, eyes flicked open and saw Ally smiling at her, she smiled weakly back, then she too succumbed to pleasure, and she said, ‘oh baby, I’m coming, I’m coming.’ Tracy’s orgasm burned and tingled, each thrust from Jim’s cock, bringing new delights as he powered into her welcoming cunt. Always a responsive lover, and always helpless to deny her needs Tracy pushed back hard against the invading cock.

‘Oh yes, that’s it, fuck me hard,’ she begged, but Jim needed no encouragement. He’d wanted this woman since schooldays, and now here she was in all her wanton glory. Dirtier and hornier than he could ever have hoped for, her tight, wet cunt wrapped round his cock, sucking and pulling on him as if her life depended on it. On the receiving end of his prick, just the way he always dreamed of and telling him to fuck her hard. If ever encouragement wasn’t needed, this was it.

He could tell by the feel of her body and her gasps and moans that she was close now, and to tell the truth he was too. He had to hold back he told himself, just had to. The thought of coming too quickly when he was deep inside the divine cunt of Tracy, his ultimate fantasy woman, wasn’t something he could bear thinking about, but damn, she felt so good. She pushed back hard against him, really hard, then went rigid, and he knew she was coming as she cried out uncontrollably in her pleasure.

He relaxed now as he slid in and out, then felt the tell-tale tickle along the length of his shaft, and then he was pumping, pumping, the sensations peaking as his spunk flowed the length his cock and into the hot darkness of her cunt. He added his groans to the sounds of orgasm already filling the room, and gradually the sounds of pleasure abated and there was no sound but the laboured breathing of all three. They lay there for a while, slowly savouring the first encounter, knowing that this was only the beginning. The days, and weeks ahead promised much more to come.

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