Trip to Village

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Amit was spending his holidays at his uncle’s house in the village. A city-bred boy, at 19 years, this was his first ever visit to a village. His parents were having a difficult time with their marriage and his father thought sending him away to the village for a month to his oldest brother’s house would be a good way to settle a number of issues with Amit’s mother in privacy.

Amit was a sensitive, shy boy, and it would be a good atmosphere for him in the village where Amit’s uncle had a large affectionate family of nearly 15 people living in the family’s palatial ancestral bungalow. They were primarily farmers and only Amit’s father, who was the youngest of four brothers, had set out to make a living in the city about 20 years ago.

As Amit got off the crowded passenger train at Rampur village station, he was greeted by his uncle and cousin who he had only seen a couple of times when they came to the city about a couple of years ao.

“Beta… hope you had a good trip…”

His uncle, Pratap chacha, hugged him affectionately. His cousin Vishal took Amit’s bag from him and patted his shoulder. His uncle looked a little disappointed at Amit.

“Beta you are so thin. Are you not eating well?”

Amit shyly shrugged and his uncle put his arm around him and they went to a parked ambassador car outside the station.

As the car drew into the palatial ancestral house, Amit was getting slightly nervous about meeting the large family. He did not know any of them too well, and had really only seen them just once or twice and had very little memories of them. And now he had to spend time in their midst for a month!

As soon as he got off the car, about 10 people descended on him, greeting him, hugging him, patting him etc. His father’s two other brothers, Ramu chacha and Sunil chacha, his cousin brothers whose names also he did not know, his grandfather etc were all over him as they escorted him into the house. That’s when Amit saw the ladies. His three aunts. Rani chachi, who was Pratap’s wife, Neha chachi who was Ramu’s wife and Deepa chachi who was Sunil’s wife. Both the other brothers of Amit’s father, Ramu and Sunil, did not live in this house but in their own houses in different parts of the village. They had all come here now to greet Amit and spend a day with him. The program was that Amit would spend a few days with each of them later at their houses before returning to the city.

But right now, Amit could not keep from staring at his three aunts who he was seeing for the first time since reaching adolescence. Rani chachi was 39 years old, fair and with the a stunning figure. She was beautiful in a rustic way. Her features were sharp and her smile was dazzling and affectionate. Even though she was wearing the traditional saree that completely clad her body, Amit could see the extreme voluptousness of her body as she came forward to pat him on his cheek and gave him a glass of lassi.

“Kaisa hai beta… kitne bade ho gaye ho…”

Amit blushed profusely and took the glass. As he was drinking, Neha chachi shook her head.

“Lekin kitna patla hai… yeh city ke bachche bahut bakwaas cheez khate hain… yahan ham isko achcha khana khilaayenge… kyon khaaoge na beta…”

Amit nodded and blushed again. Neha chachi was the tallest of the three aunts at about 5 feet 6 inches. Just an inch shorter than Amit. Her features were also the most delicate of the three aunts and her body was not as stacked as the other two aunts, but maintained very well at her age of 38.

As everyone was busy asking him about the city, his studies and parents etc, Amit cast a glance at Deepa chachi. She was 36 and was the only educated of the entire womenfolk in the family, having passed her tenth. She looked at Amit and seemed to understand his plight.

“Ghabrao nahi beta… do din mein tum sab ko jaan jaaoge… dekho kitna paseena chooth raha hai…”

And she used her pallu to mop his forehead. Amit got a glance of her milky white flesh of her ample navel for just a second before she walked away. And Amit had a tough time keeping his eyes of her swaying bouncy ass cheeks as she walked away.

The day passed with great difficulty for Amit as he went through it in a daze. There was endless chatting, eating, again chatting and by night, he was exhausted. By then all the realtives had left, and the only ones remaining in the house were Pratap chacha, Rani chachi, his cousin Vishal who was about 20 years old, and the servants who lived in the outhouse.

After dinner, Amit was taken to his room on the first floor of the house by Rani chachi. As he followed her up the stairs, Amit could not keep his eyes off the her awesome gaand. It was the most alluring and perfect piece of ass he had ever seen in his life. The saree clung to her fleshy ass like a skin and he found blood rushing into his cok and had to look away to control himself, feeling guilty in his young confused mind.

Unknown to the happening in his mind, Rani chachi cheerfully led him into his room. It was a medium sized one with a wooden kocaeli escort bayan cot and an almirah for his clothes. Irt was neatly done and there was window from which Amit could see the vast backyard of the house. Rani chachi smiled.

“Kyon beta… pasand aayi…”

“Haan… thanks…”

She laughed and patted his cheek.

“Arre thanks ki kya baat hai. Tum to mera beta samaan hai. Jaise Vishal waise tu…”

He blushed and she found it very endearing.

“Aur tum apni mummy papa ke baarein mein zyada mat soch. Sab theek ho jayega… yahan kisi cheez ki zaroorat padi to mujhe zaroor bataana…”

“Jee chachi…”

As she turned around to leave, she is reminded of something.

“Beta ek attached bathroom hai dekho…”

She pointed to a small bathroom.

“Isme kundli nahin lagti hai… do din mein theek kara dungi… isliya zara sambhalke…”

He blushed for the nth time and heaved a huge sigh of relief as she left. He changed into his shorts and plonked down on the cot thinking of the days happenings. As he slowly drifted into a sleep he kept seeing images of his aunts, especially Rani chachi… her beauty, her body, her kindness… he felt so close to her already. And then he blanked into a deep slumber.

Rani chachi was busy making breakfast for the family the next morning. Her routine started at 5am and she took bath first thing everyday. Followed by puja at home and then cooking. It was already 7 am and she called out to Champa the maid.

“Are Champa… upar jaake dekho ki Amit jaaga ya nahin…”

Champa was cleaning the backyard. She was a young woman of 30 who lived with her husband Gopal in the outhouse along with another servant couple — Jhansi and her husband Manu. Both Manu and Gopal were the drivers for the family and often spent long weeks driving around the countryside buying and distributing farm products for the family. Champa was a dark complexioned earthy woman who was attractive in her own right. She was rather short — about 5 feet — and well rounded, but she made up for it with the way she carried herself. She was loyal to the family and thought the world of Rani chachi.

“Jee dekht I hoon…”

Champa went up the stairs and walked into Amit’s room. He seemed fast asleep and was sleeping on his side. She the window was open and some leaves had blown into the room. She quietly walked to clear the leaves and as she turned back, she glanced at the sleeping figure of the boy. He looked very angelic to her, with just the slightest hint of a moustache on him. It seemed wrong for her to wake him, he was sleeping so soundly. And as she was about to leave, something caught her eye.

There seemed to be a some lump in his shorts that protruded way more than normal. Now Champa was a happily married woman who knew all about men and how they are endowed. But it was striking to see that this young boy had such a massive lump that it could not be anything other than… As she was caught in her whirl of thoughts, Amit suddenly stirred out of his sleep.

Scared and shaken, Champa bluttered.

“Jee… aapko Rani ji ne nashte ke liye bulaya hai…”

Barely able to see her, and adjusting his eyes, he muttered.

“Aata hoon… nahake aata hoon…”

Without saying anything further, Champa left the room. There was strange sense of excitement in her that she had never known. Lost in this state she went down absentmindedly and saw Rani chachi serving the table.

“Kya hua Champa… Amit uth gaya?”


And Champa walked past Rani towards the backyard. Rani was surprised as Champa usually would have helped her at the table She turned and spoke.

“Are Rani… kya baat hai? Kis soch mein ho?”

Still in her slightly excited state, Champa shook her head.

“Jee kuch nahin…”

And Champa walked out into the backyard. Rani thought for a second that she was acting a little unusually but then continued setting the table.

In the backyard, Champa frantically looked around for Jhansi and found her at the well washing some clothes, where even Pratap and his son Vishal were bathing. Champa called out to Jhansi as carefully as she could.

“Are Jhansi… idhar aa ek minute ke liye… jaldi…”

Jhansi, also the same age as Champa at about 30 was actually the thinnest girl in the entire family. But she was also the most sexually adventurous, having slept with many of the village boys before she got married. The only reason she did not continue it after marriage was because her husband was a brute who would kill her if he found out.

But she would always keep telling Champa about her erotic adventures, and though the voluptuous Chapma had never slept with anyone other than her husband, she found all of Jhansi’s stories about big cocks and how they satisfy a woman wildly exciting, and would look forward to hearing all the endless titillating stories that Jhansi would dish out. As Jhansi neared her, Champa pulled her to a wall, and spoke quickly.

“Are… tu nahin maanegi… mujhe bhi vishwas kocaeli sınırsız escort nahin hota…”

“Baat kya hai jaldi bol… bahut kaam hai…”

“Teri pasand ki baat hai… jaldi karegi to nahin bolti ja…”

“Achcha meri maa… bol kya hai…”

At the same time, Rani had gone into the kitchen to heat something on the stove. She was distracted by whispers coming from near the closed window. She could make out that it was Champa’s voice. She was about to open the window and ask for something when she heard Champa saying this.

“Woh jo naya chokra hai na… shahar se aaya hai?”

“Haan… to?”

“Mein abhi use uthane gayi… aur meine dekha…”

Rani’s interest was also now aroused and she wanted to hear what Champa had to say. Jhansi was getting impatient.

“Kya dekha.?”

“Sharam aati hai… woh uska…”


“Woh so raha tha… aur maine uska… dekha…”

“Uska lund?”

“The words hit Rani like bolts. She had never even uttered such words in her life. And she never even knew that women spoke like that. In a state of disbelief she continued hearing the conversation.

“Chee… aisa mat bol… mujhe sharam aati hai….”

Champa was strangely excited but was also feeling very shy. Jhansi shook her head.

“Are to kaun si nayi baat hai… is gaon mein sabhi marad dikhate phirte hain…”

“Nahin… woh baat nahin hai…”

“To phir kya hai?”

“Is ladke ka… bahut bada laga mujhe…”

“Are woh to sirf bachcha hai… kitna bada hoga?”

Champa got embarrassed, and blushed. Jhansi was surprised seeing this and chided her.

“Are tu to bahut sharma rahi hai… itna achcha laga kya us chokre ka lund?”

Rani was dumbly listening to everything, with bated breath. She never was prepared for anything like this she would hear in her whole life.

“Maine poora nahin dekha… sirf knicker ke upar se dekha… lekin itna bada tha…”

“Kitna bada tha? Haath se dikhake bol…”

“Uff baba naa… mein woh sab nahin kar sakti… mujhe bahut sharam aati hai…”

By now Jhansi was rather curious. She held Champa’s hand roughly.

“Agar tu nahin dikhaogi, to mein tumhe mere sale ki lund ke barein mein nahin bataaongi… kuch nahin bataaongi… ja…”

And as Jhansi was walking away, Champa called to her.

“Itna bada tha…”

And as Jhansi turned around, she was shocked speechless. Champa held out both her hands and was showing the size of the lump she saw inside Amit’s shorts. Unable to control her curiosity, Rani wanted to mindlessly open the window, when she heard Jhansi’s voice.

“Ladka hai ki gadha hai? Are mujhe isi waqt dekhna hi hai us chokre ka lund…”

With a bead of perspiration on her face, at that moment Rani opened the window and suddenly Champa and Jhansi whirled around at the noise. To Rani’s utter disappointment, she could not see anything. She acted a little angry.

“Yeh… yeh kya ho raha hai idhar?”

“Ji kuch nahin… bas aise hi…”

Rani took a moment to compose herself.

“Tum dono jao sabse keha do ki 15 minutes mein nashta tyaar rahega… jao…”

As both of them went away, Rani turned back and tried to collect her thoughts. She hardly believed all that she heard and it strangely excited her in a way she never felt before.

And she let out a sigh of relief when she started hearing whisperings again outside the kitchen window. Champa’s voice.

“Kya hua?”

“Baap re… baap re…”

“Bol kya hua?”

“Agar khud nahin dekhi hoti… to kabhi nahin maanti…”

Juices started flowing into Champa’s pussy. She always had this peculiar liking for hearing descriptions of other men’s cocks, though she had never seen anyone else’s except her husband’s. She whispered gruffly to Jhansi.

“Aage bol… kya dekha tune?”

“Us chokre ka lund to dheela tha… lekin maine zindagi mein itna bada…”

Jhansi stopped, trying to catch her breath. Rani’s heart was racing inside like crazy. Weird sensations were going on in her body and mind. Jhansi again spoke.

“Chaahe mera marad mujhe maar de, mujhe to us lund se chudwaana hi hai…”

“Chup Jhansi. Woh to sirf 15 saal ka ladka hai. Kuch aisa mat karo ki…”

“Arey vahi to saara mazaa hai. Aise kunwara aur gadhe jaisa lundwala ladke ko chodhne ke baarein mein sikhana har kisi aurat ki naseeb mein nahin hota…”

Champa was blushing and strangely excited. She mumbled.

“Itna achcha laga tumhe woh… uska…?”

Jhansi was not able to control her excitement herself. She hugged Champa.

“Haan meri jaan. Arey mujhe yeh dekhna hia ki jab tagda hota hai to uska lund kitna bada hota hai…”

“To kya tum suchmuch uske saat… karegi?”

“Haan meri jaan… lekin pehle usko dheere dheere lalchaana padega… pataa nahin woh auraton ke baarein mein abhi sochne laga ki nahin…”

Suddenly we hear her husband’s coarse voice.

“Aye Jhansi… idhar aa. Sahab bula rahein hain…”

Everyone izmit anal yapan escort is jolted out of the scene with that shout. Rani takes a deep breath to calm down her breathing, washes her face a little and walks out of the kitchen.

In the next half an hour, there are a lot of changes in the house. At the breakfast table, Pratap Singh told everyone that there are some lands for sale in a village about 100kms from Rampur. He must to go there and spend a few days to check things out for himself, and make other inspections. He decided to take Vishal with him. Manu will be the driver and Jhansi will accompany them to take care of cooking needs, as they will be staying in a small house in the middle of the fields.

Once Pratap Singh decides, there is no question of anyone disagreeing. In 15 minutes, everyone packs up and are ready to leave. At the last minute, Pratap Singh turns to Amit.

“Beta… tum bhi chalo hamaare saath. Yahan tum bilkul bore ho jaaoge.”

Jhansi who is unable to control her excitement, looked at Champa and winked naughtily. Champa blushed and looked down. But unknown to both, Rani has noticed this and speaks up to Pratap.

“Ji… Amit ko yaheen rehne deejiye. Ghar mein koi to ladka hone chahiye. Aur waise bhi uska khana peena yahan achcha hoga…”

Pratap looks at Amit, and hugs him.

“Sahi hai. To hum 5-6 din mein vaapas aajayenge beta…”

Even Amit heaved a sigh of relief at Rani chachi’s suggestion, because he wanted to stay back. While the comfort of the house was better compared to leaving in the middle of a field, something was drawing him towards Rani chachi.

From the time he came down for breakfast, he could just not keep his eyes off his aunt. She was wearing a green color chiffon saree and blouse, and her figure was so spectacularly showcased in that dress that he was scared he would get an erection in front of everyone. While not an ounce of flesh was revealed other than necessary, the way her massive breasts heaved when she moved, the way her round huge butt swayed as she walked and the extraordinary beauty in her face were the stuff of dreams. The smell of sandal and milk, probably because of the paste she used to bathe with, was so intoxicating every time she came near him. And she gave him so much attention and affection that he was bowled over completely. And also had a frustrating time controlling his erection.

So as soon as breakfast was over and Pratap Singh left with the others, Amit wanted to slink away into the privacy of his room, where he would probably not get any guilty thoughts about his chachi. As he started climbing the stairs, he heard Rani chachi’s voice.

“Beta… kahan jaa rahe ho?”

“Ji chachi… mein to… uh… upar kamre mein jaa raha tha. Aise hi…”

Rani smiled at the shyness and nervousness of the boy. She thought it would e a good idea to give him some work around the house so that he slowly starts getting used to the people and atmosphere, without getting bored.

“Mere liye ek kaam karoge?”

“Ji zaroor…”

“To idhar aao… aangan mein…”

She took him to the vast backyard of the house and showed him some 50 coconuts on a wooden cot.

“Kyat um inko tod sakte ho?”

Amit looked at the stack of brown coconuts and wondered how he could break them open. Rani chachi understood his confusion.

“Aao mein bataati hoon…”

She led him to the cot and called out.

“Arey Champa… idhar aao…”

Champa came out from a shed further in the backyard, her hands dirty with some mud. She stood respectfully before Rani who spoke to her.

“Haat dhoke aao aur Amit ko bataao kaise naariyal phodna hai…”


Champa scampered to a nearby tap and hurriedly started washing her hands and feet. Rani chachi now turned to Amit.

“Beta achchi tarah dekh lo… kaafi aasan hai…”

“Ji chachi… mein kar loonga…”

He smiled at her shyly and nervously. She patted his cheek affectionately.

“Agar bahut takleef hua to mat karna… mein baad mein karwa loongi…”

He nodded and went over to the cot. Rani also walked away and in a few seconds Champa came over to the cot. Without a word, she picked up a sickle lying under the cot and sat on the edge of the cot. She waited for a second to make sure Amit was watching. Then she picked up a coconut, placed its head carefully on the edge of the cot which had a metal coating, and then with a swift stroke of the sickle, broke it open. And with great expertise, she immediately pointed the open mouth of the coconut to a metal container by the side and the coconut water went into it, without a drop being spilled.

She looked up at Amit, as though to ask if he understood. Amit shrugged.

“Phir se kijiye…”

She found his expression cute. No one had ever spoken to her with such respect in the village. Stifling a smile, she picked up another coconut and did the same. And then looked at him again. He nodded slowly.

“Theek hai… agar nahin kar paya to mein aapse phir poochoonga…”

She got up and spoke softly.

“Hum yaheen honge…”

Then she quickly walked away and picked a broom and started to sweep the backyard. Diffidently, Amit sat and started slowly figuring out how Chmapa placed the coconut on the metal surface and how she held the sickle etc.

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