Turkish Delight

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Double Penetration

The air was fresh and cold as James and Jinni stepped from the water. A new moon shone between the cypress trees that ringed the house; night blooming shrubs illuminated the darkness with their perfume. Even after the evening’s exertions, the sleek spheres of Jinni’s pert derriere wriggling before his eyes as she climbed from the pool, caused his cock to twitch restlessly. She wrapped herself in a white towel held ready by one of the girls and strode silently into the darkness of the house. His eyes told him that her svelte shape vanished almost as soon as she passed through the doorway. Desire smoothed his unease and dismissed the thought as quickly as it occurred to him.

James stood motionless at the side of the pool as the two girls dried his lean muscular body with the softest of Egyptian cotton towels and then taking the thick fleecy robe offered by one of them, allowed himself to be placidly led into the interior. The lighting was low, but he could make out a profusion of colours and shapes crowding every inch of the sprawling mansion. Everywhere, low divans strewn with tasseled multi-coloured cushions, draped with embroidered silks. Flasks and bottles of cloisonne enameled glass and bronze, carved tables of dark wood inlaid with metals and mother-of-pearl. Beneath his bare feet, thick antique rugs blossomed and arabesqued with fantastic colours, formed a path leading him seductively onwards towards the woman of his dreams. Each of his hands held lightly by a pretty odalisque, lost in his voluptuous imaginings, he was drawn into a galleried hall, whose ornate curving staircase led steeply upward. A gentle breeze from the open door behind him wafted the scent of sandalwood and jasmine through the house as slowly he was shepherded up the stairs.

The heavy carved door of the first room was slightly ajar and soft yellow light spilled out into the otherwise darkened corridor. He was gently propelled inside. The bedroom was sumptuous, more lush, more colourful than his wildest, most sybaritic fantasies of Arabian nights. Perfumed candles burned in their dozens on every horizontal surface. The room was dominated by an elaborate carved and canopied four poster bed, it’s ruched and embroidered hangings stirring gently in the same draft that swayed the multitude of candle flames. He looked and yet could not see Jinni. The sea-green satin of the counterpane was undisturbed. His gaze roamed over lacquered Chinese cabinets and intricately inlaid Qur’an chests that made up the furnishings of her boudoir.

On the far side of the room, a painted and carved screen was casually arranged to conceal a wide shadowy arch. As he took a step toward it, he saw movement. The sleek Burmese Blue walked from behind the screen, its short dense fur glistening like pewter, and after scrutinising him with vivid green eyes, sat and began to wash its paws and ears with quick, deft strokes of its small pink tongue. The cat paused, its attention diverted and James, following its gaze, saw Jinni’s svelte form shimmy, or was it shimmer? into view, her skin gleaming, flickering pale gold in the candlelight. She was dressed in a translucent halter and harem pantaloons of white satin which seemed to have a pale mauve lustre. She held her arms low, but outstretched, the palms of her hands open in invitation. She smiled, her dark rouged lips glistening. His eyes met hers and were beguiled. To one side of her, the sheeny silk wall hangings rippled as though a breeze had passed over their bright silk blooms. The hair on the back of his neck stood up, prickling… a streamer of musky floral perfume drifted indolently past him. He drew in a deep breath, and was drawn towards her, forgetting his momentary unease, he began trying to memorise the exact scent of the flowers and spice and sensuality. He was almost unaware of his growing erection.

She stepped nimbly over gerçek porno the cat and into his arms. He caught a fleeting glimpse of her breasts, the nipples taut and dark through the iridescent satin, before she crushed them against his chest and began to pull his head down to her upturned face. They gazed into each other’s eyes, hers glistening, half closed, lowered lashes accented, extended with kohl and so dark that he could not distinguish the blackness of her pupils from the brown of her irises. His, she thought were unique, she could see in his irises, a soft accumulation of flecks of green, brown and amber, which together gave his eyes their particular shade of brown but not quite brown. They kissed, James’s tongue pushing smoothly between her lips and teeth to find her own pointed pink tongue oozing and flickering in search of his. He could feel the warmth of her from mouth to thigh and the mingled scents of her hair, skin, perfume and, as the kiss deepened, he thought he could feel and smell the moist heat of her pussy.

She snuggled against him, feeling his breath hot on her neck, his cheek rough against her temple. She savored the heat and thickness of his excitement, pressing against her belly as they kissed again. Desire racing like fire in her veins, she pushed him towards the bed. He sprawled backwards, eyes wide as he saw himself in the angled, tinted mirrors suspended inside the canopy. His erection enormous in her slender hand, she straddled him and let her slight weight settle on his upper thighs.

“I am doubly in your debt now James.” She said, feeling his cock throbbing under her fingertips. “So much so, that I will grant you your heart’s desire tonight. Is there some special thing I could do for you, my love?

He looked up at her, seeing the ripe curves of her breasts, the tumescence of her nipples outlined in the sheer satin of her transparent top a few inches away from his face, and even more shockingly sensuous, the reflection of her opulent rear and the gorgeous curves of her thighs, so pale against his muscular brown thighs. He knew then, what he wanted and just the thought of it almost caused him to come.

Jinni stretched out and squirmed her way up his body, her tongue and hands tracing small circles over his flat belly and muscular chest. Her fingers toyed with his nipples before she lowered her mouth to enclose one of them. He shuddered involuntarily, at the voluptuous sensations caused by her teeth. She looked into his half closed eyes and whispere;

“I could call Nadia, the elder girl…You have only to ask.”

He protested but she silenced him with a kiss. Her palms on his face, she rolled her tongue over his and squatted astride him squirming with her own pleasure. She knew, or thought she knew what his most cherished erotic fantasy might be. Slowly, languidly, she began to grind her moist pussy against his belly, rotating her hips in the style of her Danse du ventre. His hands grasped at her, first her upper arms and then sliding down her back, past her waist, and around the outside of her hips as she drew herself ever up his naked body. His strong fingers gripped her, lifting her gently as she traversed the final gap between his upper chest and face. A long sigh escaped her lips as the plump bulging heat of her puki brushed his mouth. His hot breath on her thighs and mound promised ecstasy. She felt his teeth grip the flimsy crotch of her pantaloons and squirmed, pulling sharply backwards to help him tear the damp gossamer fabric.

She whimpered as she felt his tongue caress the indecently taut nub of her pearl. He nudged her slick and thickened lips apart, nibbling, caressing her with long strokes of his tongue… He thrust his tongue into her loose heat, drowning himself in sweet sensual pungency. She rose and fell on his mouth, her thighs quivering. gay porno Waves of shimmering heat and oozing sensation converged in her womb. Shaking with bliss and ecstasy, she was unsurprised to feel his finger exploring the dusky rosebud of her anus. She writhed against its gentle probing, her back arching in anticipation of fullness and friction a single finger only intimated. Each separate cell of her had taken on a throbbing, fainting life of its own as she contemplated the nature of his desire and the size of his cock, melded into an image of such achingly indecent fullness that she squirmed, impaled on his tongue and came smoothly, tumultuously.

Jinni’s hand gripped his throbbing cock, her nails digging uncomfortably into its turgid shaft. Using it as an axis, she pirouetted down his sweat slickened torso until her face was level with his, her breasts, now hanging free of their flimsy covering, brushed his arm and chest with an exquisite weightlessness. The tip of her tongue extended pink and wanton, to lap her juices from his face. She smiled knowingly and using her free hand to wipe the last of her wetness from his cheek, whispered,

“Since you don’t appear to have a special wish, my dear, I will make my own for you. Fuck me hard and deep in my hot little rear. I’d enjoy that.”

She smiled at the mixture of lust and embarrassment in his facial expression. Knowing her guess had been correct, she silently detached herself from him and knelt meekly at his feet.

He pushed himself up onto his elbows. She was kneeling, thighs the colour of old ivory, drawn up under herself, spread wantonly wide. The tangled remnants of her pantaloons around one ankle but he scarcely noticed them as his eyes were drawn to the smooth fluid movements of the hand between her thighs. Jinnee’s fingers plunged and rotated relentlessly, several deep graceful thrusts and then a rapid flourish of her fingertips over the whorl of wet tumid folds that hid her clitoris. As he slid down the bed, her other hand snaked over the dazzlingly beautiful arc of her back, the middle finger extended and glistening in the candlelight, to plunge lasciviously into her upturned anus.

Kneeling behind her, the inside of his muscular thighs brushing the outside of her silken soft ones, his eyes on the serene profile of her face, eyes closed, lips apart, breathing raggedly, her cheek pressed hard against the cool satin sheet. He felt her oily fingers grasping his throbbing erection and the warmth of her cloven rear. He felt her pull her thighs together, even as he began to push into her inviting heat. She screamed into the counterpane and he was enveloped in her squirming tightness.

Jinni knelt trembling with irresistible longing at his feet, she felt the warmth of his thighs against hers and reached between them to guide his hot, hard cock into her anus. She wanted it there… she knew that he was tired and only the novelty of this new and more exotic act would rouse him to the sort of passion which she needed to slake her own desire. She placed its bulbous, silky knob against her slippery anus and squirmed. Gentle pressure became an indecently exciting throb as he pushed into her oily tightness. She felt his strong hands on her waist, felt the strength of them draw her closer as she pushed backwards, outwards, welcoming the lewd sensations as the head of his phallus lodged in the oily heat of her. Stretched just tight enough for jagged incipient pain to blend with the rhythm of her fingertips into a sublime longing. The oozing pressure of his cock suddenly slithered deeper. She screamed as the flange of his knob passed through the tightness of her rectum and up into the hot welcoming smoothness of her bowels. He paused frozen, thinking that he had hurt her. The Jinni clenched her anus smoothly on his thickness feeling the first poignant evli porno wisp of pleasure as the shaft of his cock began to slip into her on its own.

“Go on…” she purred, “…Fuck me.” She snuggled lower pressing herself against the bed, moving her upturned rear in small undulating circles.

She felt the hugeness of his rampant cock seeping obscenely into her and bit her knuckles to keep herself from crying out. He filled her until her whole body was vibrating with the anthem of her desire. She felt his belly pressing against her upturned haunches, the thick hot length of him stretching her obscenely, deliciously. She wished he would reach under her and cup her breasts. She would’ve done it herself but she couldn’t reach them in this position. She sighed and shuddering uncontrollably, began to recite the simple litany of her desire.

“Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me”.

He withdrew a little and pushed back into Jinni’s tightness. She squirmed against him and deep inside her silk tore and aching spikes melted into warm waves. Each smooth undulating thrust filled her with a greater ache than the last. He fucked her hard now, pumping solidly up her, encouraged by her lewd murmurings.

“Fuck me in the ass… Darling, fuck me hard…”

Wantonly, she surrendered completely to the motion of his thrusting cock, her outre pleasure boiling up, over and over, around it’s thick solid heat, then bubbling into the trembling waves of orgasmic delight, with which her anal sphincter convulsed on his hardness. He came in her, groaning and ramming himself up her harder, a dozen final times as he shot bolts of hot pearlescent jism into her with shocking intensity. He relaxed, spent. She felt the weight of him press down on her sweat sheened back and wriggled her legs under him, enjoying the heavy closeness of their drowsy embrace.

They lay still and silent for an eternity. She listened to the ragged rhythm of his breath and felt it gusting against her hair and neck. She felt her bruised anus begin to sting and ache, his cock still semi-erect inside her. She smiled softly to herself and thought wistfully of a summer evening in the hills. She’d been fourteen and in love. The boy, beautiful as a movie star, just seventeen.

He awoke early and found her gone. Khedija, the younger of the girls, brought him breakfast in bed. After he had showered and dressed, Nadia and Khedija lead him into the cobbled courtyard where the blue Lincoln stood, its engine already running. He sprawled on the shark-grey leather seat, still tired from his night with the Jinnee. He paid little attention to the drive as the limousine descended into the suburbs, if he had, he might have noticed the speed with which it sped down the twisting mountain roads and through the already bustling streets. He was only mildly surprised when the car halted so soon outside his guesthouse and the driver, a svelte Malay woman, her flawless complexion the shade of ripe wheat, opened the door for him. She wore a plain black business suit with a masculine cut and smiled ingenuously at him as he got out of the limousine. He thought he saw a glimmer of amusement in her lynx eyes as she handed him the envelope and bowing, wished him a good day. Bemused, he tore the envelope open as the Lincoln sped away at high speed. As he stared after it, it vanished into the traffic.

Inside he found a single Polaroid photo. It was a clear image of himself poised over the prostrate Jinni, an adoring look on her upturned face. Beautiful together, his mocha skin against her pale gold, his thick, dark veined cock poised, mid stroke, in her upturned rear. It was signed across one corner. “With Love – Your Jinni.” He smiled, glad of the souvenir, then turning it over, his aching cock leapt as he read…

“Dear James,

We watched your entire performance last night and were as impressed with the way you performed as Jinni was. Khedija would be delighted to be deflowered by the man who gave so much pleasure to her mistress. This is not your third wish, it is ours. You will be contacted as before when the time is right.


Nadia and Khedija”

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