Turning Poing Ch. # 9

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Turning Point Ch. # 9

Robert is about to reach another turning point in his life and he has no idea that it is about to happen.

I woke up early Thursday with a raging hard on. I was up and out taking card of my chores. When I finished I went back to the house for a shower. I was in no big hurry this morning, I knew Mary was not home and I would go to the lake later. When I got to he bathroom I really had to piss but I held it until I got the water adjusted in the shower. I stripped, stepped in the shower and pointed my cock toward my mouth and let go with a strong stream of piss. I swallowed part of it and just let part of it just run back out of my mouth. It run down and dripped off my tingling balls. As soon as I finished pissing I soaped up my ass and cock. I started slowly pumping my cock and pushed two fingers up my ass. My mind started running thoughts like a porn movie. I was thinking about the things I had experienced with Mary. I also thought about kissing Aunt Shelby and what it would be like to get her naked and have sex with her. Then I thought about when I saw Kay’s reflection in her mirror and how great it would be to have her in the shower with me right now.

I felt a little pain in my ass and realized while my mind was running wild I had pushed four fingers to the hilt in my ass. My cock started shooting line after line of cum. I pointed my cock and shot the last couple of shots on my stomach. I licked my hand and clean then scooped the cum off my stomach and licked it off my fingers. I thought, you are becoming such an kinky pervert, then I smiled and said Oh yes, and I’m loving it. I finished my shower and stepped into my bedroom, dressed and was on my way out of the house. As I stepped into the hall Kay was coming out of her room. I was expecting the usual cold shoulder and smart ass remark. There was no smile, just her usual unhappy look on her face but she did say, “ don’t forget I’ll drive you to the DMV office tomorrow if you like. Hearing this from her was such a surprise that I just stood and looked at her for a second. I told her that would be great and thanks.

When I got my fishing gear together I put some tools and a can of oil in a bag and put it in my fish bucket. When I got to Mary’s walk I checked to be sure no one was around and I ducked in and walked around the house to the gate at the back of the fence. The latch and hinges was rusted a little but I oiled them and had the gate opening like new. I was looking forward to using it Thursday night.

I walked on to the lake and got my lines set up, put my blankets on the ground under the shelter and starched out and relaxed a few minutes. It was not long before the fish started biting and I was having fun catching the fish. It seem like ages since I had been to the lake and in some ways I had missed my time there. When I had my live well full I picked out four nice ones, turned the others loose then cleaned the keepers. I lay back down under the shelter for a little while. I rubbed my cock until it got hard and I started to jack off again but decided I would keep it to share with Mary when she returned home.

I headed back to the house and was thankful when I heard Mom moving around doing something in her bedroom. I put the fish in a plate and went outside. I went to my truck and started to really check it out. I cranked it and just listen to it run. I had been driving around community since I was about twelve and no one had ever bothered me. I really wanted to take the truck for a spin but I decided I wouldn’t take a chance no. It would be a bitch to get caught one day before getting my license. I spent the rest of the day buffing up my truck and working around the barn. I saw Kay when she come out to feed the chickens and gather the eggs but she didn’t see me and I didn’t say anything to her. I did get a hard on watching her bending over while gathering the eggs.

I went to bed early a little bored with nothing to do and no one to do it with. My cock and ass was crying out for attention but I wouldn’t give in. I was determined to save it so I would have a really nice load for Mary. I woke up early Wednesday morning but I just stayed in bed until I heard Kay go to the bathroom. I got up, laid my cloths out and waited by the door until I heard Kay coming out of the bathroom. I open my door as she was waking by with the big towel wrapped around her. She looked a little startled when I open the door but she just look at me and didn’t say a word. I told her I would be ready to go as soon as I got a shower and dressed. She just nodded and went to her room. Seeing her with just a towel wrapped around it looked like her tits had gotten bigger since I had seen her in the mirror. It was all I could do to just take a shower and not play but I forced myself.

Kay drove my truck and we were at the DMV office before the examiner arrived. I had to take the written and road test and passed both with ease. I paid the fee and had my licenses in hand and Kay and I were out of the office in just a short time. I drove this time and on the way back home I thanked Kay and ask I if she would like to take a ride with me. She had been very quite all morning but that was not too unusual for her. She surprised me when she took a minute to thank over my offer. She told me not this time I have a lot to do at home and I wanted to go riding on my car.

I dropped Kay off, took care of all my chores then jumped in my truck and headed out. When I got to the road I turn right and headed toward the town of Maywood. It was about an hour away and I had not be there but once when I was about six years old. I stopped on the way, got gas, a burger and coke. escort It felt so good to be on the open road. When I got to Maywood I just drove around looking. I passed a hospital and thought that must be where they took Uncle David. Later I passed a funeral home and recognized the Hurst in the drive as the one that had picked up Mr. Boggs. I just kept driving and looking for over an hour then I headed back home.

Kay and I were up early Thursday. We both got right to our chores and then got ready to go to school to register for our classes and see which teachers we had. Kay was a senior and I was a junior. Kay was two years older than me but she had to repeat the second grade. She missed a lot of school that year due to sickness so they held her back a year. We both make very good grades which was unusual for kids in our community. We both drove, I guess maybe to show off our new riders. We were there a little early, we were both a little curious about our classes and teachers. Our old principle had retired and we all knew who the new principle would be but we wanted to see who the new teacher would be and who would be in there class.

As I walked through the front door of the school I saw four teachers walking down the hall toward me. I knew three of them right off. The fourth teacher was the one that stood out. The other three were typical, plain dresses, no make, hair pulled back in a bun. The other one was warning a lovely medium colored lavender skirt come just above the knees showing off a fine set of legs in hi-heels and a light lavender blouse that was not too tight but showed off a nice set if tits. She had flaming red hair and very fair complication. Damn she was hot.

She was smiling and speaking to the students as she passed them in the hall. I thought she was probably scaring the hell out of most of them, they were not used to teachers speaking to then outside the classroom and they were surely not used to teachers smiling. As the four passed me the new teacher smiled and said good morning Robert. I smiled back and said and a good morning to you. I was looking over my shoulder as she passed and I saw her look back and smile. Then I thought, she called me by my name, how the hell did she know my name.

I checked the list of my classes and it was the same old teachers except for study hall. That was F.A. McPhee, that had to be the new teacher. I checked Kay’s list and she had her for two classes. She was a fucking senior teacher but at least I had her for study hall. I finished with everything I had to do at school then decided I would take a ride out by the river. It was on the other side of town from where we lived and run by the plant where Dad worked. As I drove by the plant I wondered if that was going to be where I ended up. I promised myself no way, if I could not afford collage I would join the military, maybe the Navy like my cousin Dave.

When I got home I made sure all my work was done so Mom or Dad would have nothing to bitch about. Later I went in the house just before Dad come home from work. Mom was in the kitchen getting supper ready. I told her hello and she turned and looked at me but she didn’t speak. I had to go take a piss and when I got back to the kitchen Dad was there setting at the table. I spoke and he just looked at me like I has spit in his face but never spoke. I thought fuck this and went to the little pasture where our beef cattle were and make some repairs on the fence until I saw Kay’s car pull in the drive. I went back to the house, eat supper in silence then went to my room. I heard Kay go to her room shortly after. I listened until I heard Mom and Dad go the their room. I waited about twenty minutes and didn’t hear a sound. I went to my window, eased it up and removed the screen. I listen again then spilled out the window. I jogged across the yard then turned behind the hedges that run behind our house and headed for May’s back gate.

As I walked through the back gate I could see the lights on in the kitchen. My heart was already beating faster with excitement. I was across the yard, through the basement and up the stairs in seconds. I opened the kitchen door slowly and stepped inside. My heart jumped when I saw Mary setting at the table wearing nothing but a smile. She stood up giving me a good view of her full woman’s body. She said,” get your ass in here, get out of your fucking cloths and let me get a look at the big cock. No sooner said than done. I kicked of my shoes, pulled my shirt over my head and jerked my pants off. Mary walked over, wrapped her hand around my hard cock and said come with me hot cock as she started down the hall to the bathroom. Mary told me she had missed me and she was looking forward to what little time we had together. I told her the same was true for me also.

When we got to the bathroom she had everything already laid out and ready. She ask if I would do her ass first and let her try to take a full bag at one time. She said she wanted to feel all the fluid squirting out of her ass. It took a little time but I got the whole bag of warm water and cleaner up her ass and into her bowel. It was making me hot as hell and had Mary moaning as the bag empted into her. I pulled the tube out and started filling the bag again. Mary told me she was so full she couldn’t hold it very long. I told her when she got on the commode to spread her legs wide so I could watch her shit it our. She smiled and said Robert, you are so nasty and kinky. She turned and set on the commode and spread her legs as wide as she could get them. I dropped to my knees so I could get a better look just as the slightly brownish/yellow liquid squirted escort bayan out of her ass. It make me so hot my cock was twitching and I was afraid I was going to cum. I told her I would get her ready for the next bag. I got some tissue and dried her ass then took her by the arms and helped her off the commode and she was back on her knees. I ask her if she wanted the full bag this time. Fuck yes baby, give me all of it. That’s making me hot as hell. I feed in the second bag and repeated the same as we did with the first one. I wiped her ass again and she was smiling while she filed my bag as I kneeled on the floor and waited. She ask if I wanted to try the full bag. Fuck yes, if I don’t bust go for it. Oh goody Mary said, sounding like an excited little girl. She pushed the tube up my ass and let the fluid flowing into my ass and bowel. Just when I felt like I couldn’t hold any more Mary stopped to flow for a few seconds. Everything settled in a little and she started the flow again. We kept this going until I had the whole bag up my ass. Mary pulled the tube out and I held it as long as I could then set on the commode with my legs spread wide. Mary reached and lifted my balls so she could see better. I let go and all the fluid come squirting out. Mary laughed and said Robert, you have gotten so full of shit while I was gone. I could feel myself blushing and Mary just laughed harder. We repeated the same with me as we had with Mary.

Mary got her douche bag and started filling it. She told me she wanted lots of warm water and the two finger treatment. I told her I would be right back, I hurried the kitchen, grabbed the treat glass then return to the bathroom. Mary was already setting on the edge of the tub with her legs spread wide. She smiled when she saw the glass. I stepped into the tub and started filling her pussy with the warm fluid. I pushed two fingers up her pussy and started massage her G-spot. She grabbed my wrist and pushed my fingers deeper into her pussy. The fluid was gushing out of her pussy and she was moaning and growing while pushing her pussy into my hand. I looked up at her face and was surprised to see that Mary was so hot that she was literally drooling. I moved closer to her and licked the spit from her mouth and chin. When I did she said, “ Oh fuck, I’m cumming, fuck shit, OH,OH AAAAHHhhhh. I had to catch her to keep her from slipping off the edge of the tub. The bag was empty and I pulled the tube out and helped her slide down to the bottom to the tub. I got between her legs and covered her hot dripping pussy with my mouth. I sucked and licked her woman’s juice and the last of the water out of her then spit it in the glass.

We showered then moved to the play bedroom and wasted no time getting into a 69 position and was passionately licking and sucking each other Mary seemed hotter that usual and of course I was burning up. I pulled my mouth of her pussy just long enough to spit a big glob on her ass and started massaging her little rosebud. Not to be outdone Mary was doing the same to me. I slipped two fingers into her asshole and again she followed with the same. We were both bucking, licking and sucking as hard as we could go.

Mary was on top when she stopped sucking my cock and pulled her fingers out of my ass. She moved over beside me and told me, “ get back there and fuck me hard and deep”. I didn’t have to be told twice. Mary was so wet that I jammed my cock in her hot pussy and slammed it all the way until I felt my balls hitting against the top of her pussy. I got up off my knees and was squatting behind her pulling my cock to the very edge then slamming it back in to the hilt. Mary started taking dirty to me. Fuck me you piss drinking, ass licking pervert, fuck me harder you fucking cum eater. I was banging her pussy hard and fast when she shouted, stop, stop fucking you pussy you nasty boy you. I was a little confused until she said, “get that dick out of my pussy and put in my ass. I smiled and ask her for the lube. She growled fuck my damn ass, no lube. I spit on the head of my cock and knowing Mary wanted it hard and rough I put the head to her asshole and shoved hard. OOOOooooo Yyyyyeeessss, fuck my ass baby, I need it so bad. I was on my feet squatting behind her pounding her ass hard and she was shoving back meeting my with every thrust.

I could feel the cum building and knew it wouldn’t be long until I let go all the cum I had been saving. Mary was finger fucking herself while I was banging her ass. She had two earth shattering orgasms and was still humping. I had held off about as long as I could and I could feel the cum building and I was moaning and grunting every time I shammed into her ass. Mary must have know I was close. She told me pull out, don’t you cum in my ass. Give it to me her in my mouth. I just pulled out of her ass and she turn around and took my cock in her mouth and down her throat. She let her throat do it’s magic for a few seconds then moved back to the head and started licking and sucking.

Now it was my turn for the dirty talk. I knew it turned both of us on so I didn’t hold back. Suck my nasty cock that just come out of your fresh fucked ass. Suck the cum out of my cock and hold it in your filthy mouth you ass licking slut. Mary was sucking and licking me like never before and making aaaahhhhh, uuummmm noises then let a loud grown as I let the first shot of cum go into her hot mouth. Her mouth was all over the head of my cock and she was pumping the shaft. All the cum I had stored up was now filling her mouth. I put my hand on the back of her head and tried to push in deeper but she was holding my escort bayan gaziantep shaft and wouldn’t let me go deep. She kept sucking and jacking until my cock was drained but it was still about half hard.

Mary let my cock slice out of her mouth and I knew she was hold a mouth full of cum. She set up and smiled at me. I could see that I had given her more than a mouth full. She had cum running down her chin and dropping on her soft full tits. I smiled back, bent down and licked the cum off her tits then sucked it off her chin. I spit it in the glass then turn back to Mary and kissed her full on the lips knowing the reward that was waiting for me. I was not disappointed , she filled my mouth with my own cum. She broke the cum soaked kiss and moved back looking at me and smiled. She held the glass up to my lips and ask could I save a little for us to share now. I nodded while spitting about half of the cum in the glass then kissed her again sharing the remainder of the cum with her.

Mary broke the kiss and said she had to piss. I pushed her back on the bed, pulled her pussy lips apart until I could see her piss hole. Then she let go with a hard stream of her golden fluid and I caught the first shot in my mouth. It was like a dam had broke and piss was filling my mouth. I was swallowing as fast as I could but part of it was still running out of my mouth all the way down and dripping off my balls. Mary handed me the treat glass and I held to my chin to catch part of what I couldn’t swallow. Mary had her hands up under her ass cheeks pushing her pussy closer to my mouth. Drink it baby, drink my fucking piss you nasty little ass licker.

As soon as Mary stopped pissing I moved up and put my cock in her mouth. I told her,” my turn now so get ready to drink your fill. I let go and the piss started filling her mouth. She was trying to drink it all but she was not able to swallow fast enough either. When my bladder was about empty she held all she could in her mouth. She took the glass to spit the piss in it but I stopped her. I told her to let me have it and I would put it in the glass. As she smiled a small amount of piss trickled out the side of her mouth. I licked it up then covered her mouth as she spit my own piss in my mouth. I swished it around and gargled like it was mouth wash. I spit it in the glass then stuck my tongue out and titled the glass until the liquid touched the end of my tongue. Mary shook her head and smiled. She said Robert you are a natural, a real sex loving pervert. I laughed and told her she was probably right and I loved every second of it.

Mary and I walked naked to the kitchen. Mary had our treat glass with her shaking it around, mixing it up as we walked down the hall. We both knew I had to leave soon and sharing the treat would be the last thing we would do together that evening.

When we got to the kitchen Mary ask me if I would be able to make it over the next day. I told I was planning to if I made it back to my room safely tonight and if she wanted me to. Mary said you silly boy, I want you to come any time you can. I was asking because I kind of have a surprise for you if you can make it. I ask what the surprise was. She though for a couple of seconds then said “ I guess I should tell you now so you will know what to expect. She took a swallow of the treat swished it around in her mouth the lean toward me. I met her and sucked the treat from her mouth and swallowed it then licked my lips.

Mary told me her sister Alma and her husband Don would be there for the weekend and would be arriving about the middle of the morning Friday (the next day) and would be there until about the middle of the afternoon Sunday. So I don’t need to come over while they are here I said. She said NO Silly, they know all about you and want to meet you. I just need to tell you a little about them. I was very surprised but also very excited. Mary told me Alma and Don was young than she was, they were both probably about my Mom and Dad’s age and ask if I thought that would bother me. I told her Hell No, I didn’t have any hang-up about age. She said good, now here is the rest of the story. They are both Bi-sexual and Don likes it in the ass and will do you if you agree. He loves sucking cock, eating pussy and all the things that we like. One other you need to know about Don, he loves wet tongue swapping kissing with both male and female. If you are not at as ease with it he will not bother you. Now for Alma, she loves everything but scat play. She loves cum, piss, spit, fucking in the pussy, ass, mouth and all at the same time when she can. She also loves a little more pain than I do so feel free to pinch and bit her tits and spank her ass hard but if you are interested in meeting and playing with them you will find out all our about her. They are fun people and different from anyone you have ever meet before.

I was so turned on listened to Mary my cock was hard and throbbing. I told Mary I would have to take some fish home with me that evening so I would take care of that first then come over if that was okay. She said great then told me to stand up and bring my hard cock to her that she was not going to let me go home in that condition. I did as she ask and she took my hard cock all the way into her throat and started her throat magic. It didn’t take long and I was shooting my cum down her throat. When she had drained my cock and it was getting soft she let it slip out of her mouth. I picked the glass up from the table and shook it a little to mix it up good then downed about half of the delicious liquid then handed the glass to Mary and watched as she finished off the remainder of the glass. One last kiss and I was out the door and on my way back across our yards to my room.

This ends Chapter nine.

As you can tell Robert is possibly on the verge of another turning point full of new adventures and experiences.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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