Two Lovers Meet on a Mountain Drive

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It was a sunny day in summer as I drove my new VW Scirocco south from Anchorage toward the Kenai.

I stopped for a cup of coffee about an hour into a three hour drive. Pulling up in front of a small shopping mall, I stayed in my car for just a few minutes waiting for a look at the lady customer at the counter. She had a delicate slender figure and was dressed in a light pastel yellow dress. Her beautiful strawberry blond hair was the perfect addition to her soft manner. As she came out to her car, I could see she was very pretty and I saw a hint of a smile. Obviously, she had seen me watching her. She didn’t start her car right away too. She seemed to wait for me to come out. Again I saw a hint of a smile as she started her car and left the parking lot. She pulled out to the stop sign and then headed her car south, the same direction I was going. I followed but since she was driving her Lincoln, she soon passed the car ahead of her. I passed it also not to be following her but the car was going too slow.

Soon after, she passed another car and I did too. Then we both headed up the mountain highway and the many curves that lay ahead. Both cars were just going a little over the speed limit and it seemed to me that we were the only cars on the highway. When she drove around a curve, I noticed a smile on her face as she must have notice that we seemed to be driving together also.

After the long drive, she stopped for gas and I did as well. I rolled down my window to say hi and she rolled down hers. I wanted to say something but it came out stupid. I said, “I like the way you drive. You drive just like me.” Wow, how stupid! She giggled and I found out she was in the area for a funeral later in the day. We talked a bit and I invited her for lunch at a nice restaurant in the small town.

At lunch, I found out her name was Lyndi – beautiful name for a pretty lady. canlı bahis Lyndi commented on how she liked the salad dressing and asked if I knew what type it was. She dipped her finger in her salad dressing and offered for me to taste it. I tasted it and when her finger remained a second longer, I leaned closer and kissed her fingertip. She didn’t expect this and then she also kissed her fingertip ever so gently, almost like an erotic gesture. Our eyes locked together and our talk turned more intimate.

I found out she was married but was unhappy and separating. I had been divorced for a couple years at this point so we chatted quietly for a while before she had to go. I gave her my phone number on a napkin just in case, still thinking she would probably just drive back home and not call.

She called!

She caught me off guard and all I could think about was that I didn’t want to let this pretty lady drive out of my life. We agreed to meet at my house and I would fix a small dinner. I had soft music playing as I fixed dinner. We talked more over dinner.

Afterward I asked if she would like to dance. Slow music was playing so our dance was a romantic hug, standing in one place yet swaying to the soft music. We were both going with the romantic connection and our bodies took over. She looked up into my eyes and the kiss was a warm, inviting kiss, communicating what we both wanted badly. That kiss seemed to warm the whole room. We stood there swaying slightly to the music and kissed for a long time. Our feelings of need gripped both of us as we rubbed together. Her eyes were smiling. I could see the lustful need in her eyes and I know she could feel the hard bulge in my slacks. I pulled her closer. Her hug got tighter. We were grinding out sexes together as we kissed again.

I took her hand and lead her to my bedroom. There was no need for talk now, we both bahis siteleri knew what we wanted. I turned on the small bedside lamp so I could see my beautiful new friend. We undressed each other slowly, ever so slowly, almost like we wanted to savor the experience and excitement as each new body part was exposed.

Her body was just as beautiful as the lady herself, perfectly sculpted like an artist had done a masterful work of art. Her breasts were firm yet delightfully soft and feminine. Her nipples were already standing tall, awaiting my touch. Her waist was slim, almost girlishly slender, a nice match with her smaller, well-toned rear end. Long legs for a small lady, beautifully toned and sexy. I smiled my appreciation of her gorgeous nakedness. Her smile was a shy smile as she accepted my admiration. Her eyes told the sexy message of her desire.

She raised her face to kiss me, a long, deep, passionate kiss that foretold her need. We locked in a tight hug. Then I lifted her and lowered her to my bed. Her legs spread to allow for her open acceptance of my hard manhood. We kissed more, kisses of hot emotion that neither of us had felt for a long time. Penetration would come but we both wanted to savor every second of our ecstasy.

My hands felt her tender breasts, feeling the moistness of her nipples against my palms. Her eyes closed and her back arched from the bed in her reaction to my touch. Her waist and lower tummy, sights of desire, led to her beautiful sex.

I inched lower on her body to kiss the insides of her thighs, wet kisses that lead to her feminine treasure. I watched as her sex seemed to smile at me. I wanted to taste her pleasure, kissing softly both sides of her sex and dipping my tongue between. Gently licking her sex and tantalizing her clit made her squirm with desire as she felt that hot spark deep inside. With one finger, I felt for bahis şirketleri her readiness as my finger slipped between her sex lips. She was dripping with desire now. My finger went inside to find her gspot as I licked her hot pussy. Like a slithering snake, her body was moving uncontrollably.

She reached her limit of control and let loose her climax on my face, splashing me with her juices. I withdrew my finger and licked more slowly as she shuddered in her climax until she could finally relax.

The satiated smile on her beautiful face told of her pleasure but there was to be more. After a few moments of hugging and more kissing, she rolled on top of me. She wanted my hard pleasure rod inside of her. Positioning herself over me, she lowered her sex onto my hard cock. Just taking the head at first, she wanted to feel her insides stretch to accept the bulk of my hardness. She started slowly slipping my cock deeper inside of her and slowly out again. She was wet and slippery inside and very hot. She was getting in a rhythm and the feeling was divine for both of us. I reached for her bouncing breasts and she clenched her eyes shut with the sexual feeling. I could sense her second climax was nearing as she pounded up and down on my hard cock, taking it deeper each time. My fire inside was rising quickly too and as I heard her breaths quicken, I felt her explosion and her release on my cock. My explosive release immediately fired deep inside her as her body kept convulsing, milking every bit of my sex juices. We held each other tightly, not wanting that feeling to ever end.

Relaxing in afterglow in each other’s arms, we talked softly, new friends, new lovers but she would have to go home to her husband the next day.

We showered together, touching and kissing and just holding and enjoying each other. She spent the night but neither of us could sleep. We made love over and over until she finally had to leave the next day.

Lyndi came to visit me a few times, driving through the mountains as we had done when we met. We shared a wonderful romance and memories to last forever.

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