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Don and Julia were into drain sloshing. They had mapped out their city’s drains and could travel downtown from their suburb through the storm system. They did this on Friday nights. They’d get all decked out: Don in ninja black and Julia in her pink rubber boots, fishnets and a hoodie to keep the spiders out of her hair. Don always sloshed first looking out for dangers and alerting Julia to the whereabouts of big spiders.

The uniqueness of each drain is fascinating. Some common ones are covered with graffiti, some have steps made of concrete to maneuver around waterfalls and some even have widened rooms. It was in one of these rooms, on a hot summer day, that Julia got a very exciting idea. She asked Don to stop. When he turned around to see why and aimed his spotlight at her, she lifted her short pleated skirt, pulled her fishnets down below her waist and leaned into the wall with her hands above her feeling the cool, dewy concrete. Don caressed Julia’s body with his flashlight beam. Her newly shaved, self lubricated pussy glistened as the beam of light passed by it. At the sight of such a welcoming shimmer, Don moved in.

Normally escorts in london he would have spent some time preparing Julie for their act of love, but this time she was clearly raring to go. He turned off his flashlight, put it in his backpack, crouched down, moved between her spread legs, and gave her a quick, loving, sensual kiss on her pierced upper labia. Then he stood behind her holding her hips firmly in his strong hands. He rubbed his cock between her pulsing lips. The lips hugged around him, warm and wet. Julia loved it when he did this. He was such a tease. He would slide up, his head rubbing against her clit, and then slide back pausing at her opening and making her crave his thrust inside. He continued this routine until Julia’s whimpers begged him to a point that he couldn’t resist.

He thrust into her now sopping cunt. Julia arched her back and moaned with satisfaction. She reached back and pulled him in tight, encouraging him to thrust far into her depths. Their rhythmic slapping sound echoed through the damp darkness.

With the plan to take things up a notch, Don stepped back and escorts in london pulled up his combat pants. He lifted Julia like a potato sack over his shoulder and sloshed down the drain towards one of the manhole exits. With her bare bum facing forward, she was excited by the cool breeze kissing her skin as they moved through the tunnel. As they traveled, Don caressed Julia’s exposed skin and delved in and around her drenched, bald slit occasionally thrilling her with a soft pass over her anus. As they came upon the manhole, Don gave Julia’s bum a hearty slap. He lifted her off his shoulder and onto the metal ladder. She gripped on to the rails and put her cute little girl rubber boots onto a rung so that she was positioned tightly scrunched with her round bum sticking out at Don’s waist level. He drove upward into her. This was a new angle that they had not yet been able to achieve in the comfort of their home. It animated them both. Julia began bouncing up and down on Don’s rod. Don polished Julia’s firm, round cheek with one hand and with the other he thumbed her ring from above.

It was only when things were wild escort service that Julia longed for his cock in her tight ass. This was one of those times. She lifted off, repositioned him and guided him through her backdoor slow and steady. She lowered all the way down until he was deep inside her. Her ring clung to him. She moved up and down nice and slow for some time until it felt comfortable. Her pussy dripped out of longing, it ached for him…a feeling that she adored. The juices dribbled onto Don’s cock every time he was out of the safety of her ass. This allowed for a sleek slide back in. With the addition of lube, Julia found it easy to bop up and down at a faster pace.

Don spread Julia’s cheeks apart as she rode up and down faster and faster. She would ride up to the tip of his head and slam down until she felt the smack of her ass tight against his pubis. Over and over. Don was losing control. He couldn’t hold off much longer. He reached around to get Julia to the same point, but found her hand was already quickly working her swollen soaked clit. He could tell she was close by the speed and veracity of her handiwork. He returned his hands to spreading her ass so that her hole was strained and taut. The stretched feeling drove her over the edge. She screamed out, her clit, pussy, and ass pulsed in unison. Don thrust deep inside and held there as her ass milked his cock dry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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