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Abigaile Johnson


Untamed Summer
~ Lust in Times of Lockdown ~

    There was a young lad from Bombay,
Who wasn”t quite sure if he was gay,
Lost, confused and sad,        
He thought he”d go mad,        
But thanks to Nifty, he”s found his way! ©

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With the flurry of info (… myth and disinformation ) just a click, or tap away… where all questions, confusions and incertitudes were offered an instant answer, explanation and solution, Kaizaad”s generation — internet savvy, and smartphone addicted — fancied themselves to be an enlightened lot… and by fourteen, while his friends were drooling over tits and pussies, he was absolutely certain about what he wanted, eyeing ass instead – guy ass!

Those tantalisingly full bodied, well rounded and firm flesh globes… keenly observing that gentle sweep abruptly lifting away from the small of the back… filling the seat of the trouser or jeans to capacity, as if ready to burst forth — oh, he simply loved guy ass!

He never really cared much about age or build… colour, skin tone or facial features… only the ass mattered, and by fifteen — with all that hormone surging through his veins, flooding his rapidly growing teen body and setting off fireworks in his developing young brain still in the process of rewiring itself… forcing it to unleash a firestorm of dopamine and endorphin each time he spotted a well-endowed ass — Kaizaad could barely contain himself… desperate, dying to try out some, (if not all), of the stuff he”d heard and read about, had seen online…

A strapping young lad of fifteen, vivacious and virile, Kaizaad exuded an inescapable aura of unfathomable eroticism that was impossible to miss, or ignore… instantly drawing the attention of practically every casual observer (male and female), people in his close proximity… but busy with his ass-watching, poor Kaizaad missed out on the hungry gaze he was attracting… some even in his own neighbourhood — unaware of the lusty looks, blissfully ignorant of the animal passion he was able to arouse!

He was done with jerking off… ready to plunge in and plough the barren male furrow, fill it with his ever bubbling boy seed… breed a guy, any guy!

But alas, being fifteen isn”t exactly easy — neither here, nor there — and despite all the cockiness, the bluster and the bravado, there still was a marked lack of confidence that usually comes later in life, with maturity… exposer and experience.

Yes, there were those sites, and there were those apps… and of course, he was aware… had, in fact, even tried a couple of the more popular ones, before abandoning the endeavour, utterly disappointed… the space crawling with splenetically stupid boys his age, or silly old creepy farts… as for the guys in between – mostly egotistical pricks, tediously tiring in their toxic machismo… or pathetically needy!

And Kaizaad wasn”t even remotely keen on what they had to offer.

Then, one sun drenched, sultry Saturday morning in mid August, 2019, exactly three weeks before his sixteenth birthday, things changed… forever!

Now, Kaizaad was a good boy, regularly running errands for his three grand-aunts: aunt Dinaz, aunt Gulchehr and aunt Gulrukh — the latter two his dad”s widowed aunts, and the first his mother”s, a spinster — who lived in the same building, his parents their sole surviving family in town… and he was at Pallonji Euphemism for a man fiddling with his genitals]

“Dirty old man…” hissed back the other in disgust, “naakh noh nuttho!” [Literally: Without nose; Euphemism for: Shameless]

Curious, Kaizaad followed their eyes… spotting old man Pheroze seated at his usual spot near the french-window… and he saw the hand between his parted thighs, clearly fondling his genitals!

And as he slowly lifted his gaze, he found the old man looking at him, direct… giving him a smile as their eyes locked, the tongue tip flicking out to run over the old, thin lips.

He knew Pheroze, had known him all his life — the man lived in the same neighbourhood, and could be found at Pallonji”s practically every single day…

The rumour was that old man Pheroze hatay escort was rich… VERY rich, and had never worked a single day in his entire life. No one knew what he did, but all knew that both sides of his family had been one of the richest, and he had inherited it all — the money, the properties… had a very substantial earning from the judicious investments that his parents and grandparents had made.

A very handsome and charming young lad, Pheroze, a dapper and a bon vivant, had left the country after highschool, travelling the world over and only returned on the fervent pleas of his old, dying parents — a man in his mid fifties — still charming, still a dapper… but the looks jaded, almost gaunt… the jet-black curly locks all gone!

He had never married and lived in his lavish family home, all alone — spending his mornings at the store of his childhood friend Farrokh, and then going over to Fort, to the Club for his lunch, spending the rest of his day there.

But there were other scandalous rumours too… recounted in hushed tones that Kaizaad was too young and innocent to hear, be privy to… malicious gossips about Pheroze bringing home youthful men late in the evenings, sometimes more than just one… no one seeing them leave… the men getting progressively younger with each passing year… sometimes merely teens – highschool and college boys!

As Kaizaad collected the package and turned to leave, through the corner of his eyes he saw Pheroze rise…

“Aren”t you Zubin”s boy?” the old man asked catching up with him outside the store.

Kaisad paused and turned to look at him, nodding.

The man smiled, “Look at you, all grown up… practically a man!”

“Almost !” Kaizaad thought silently, his heart beat slowly picking up…

Yes, he had seen the look back at the store, had noted that smile when their eyes met — seeming to convey a subtle message, an unspoken signal — almost electrifying… his teen heart instantly sensing a weird frisson of excitement.

In fact, Kaizaad had noticed that unmistakably lubricious gaze earlier too, and that smile… but being busy with thoughts of bubble butts on his mind, and his wishful eyes forever seeking, he had never really bothered to pay much attention to the old man.

“Is that for Dinaz?” Pheroze asked, smiling sweetly.

“Yes…” Kaizaad answered.

“Ah, Dinaz…” the man mused aloud, a far-away look in his eyes, “she always loved the malido! And how”s she?”

“She”s good…” Kaizaad responded, wondering, his heart slamming with an unknown thrill… suddenly curious to find out what might be…

“Khurshed and Dinaz, we were very close friends…” the man stated, pausing for a moment, before asking, “you know Khurshed, right, remember him?”

“Yes, aunt Dinaz”s younger brother,” replied Kaizaad, “he visited us a few times…”

“Yes, you must have been a little boy then,” Pheroze said giving Kaizaad a slow once over, the eyes almost caressing every inch of the teen as they slowly weaved their way along the cluttered sidewalk.

“We were classmates, you know, Khurshed and Rusi, your dad”s uncle,” Pheroze continued, “though after school we all left, it was 1951… Rusi for Oxford, Khurshed to New York, while I went to Paris, La Sorbonne… gradually losing touch over the years.”

“You travelled all over, right?” Kaizaad asked innocently, suddenly certain what the old man wanted… perfectly okay with the idea.

“Well, yes,” Pheroze replied, “while Rusi returned home after his studies, Khurshed decided to settle in the US… I travelled, first across mostly western Europe, and then left for the Americas in 1961, as the Berlin Wall was being built…

“Spent a couple months in the US, and then went south, first Mexico, then Guyana, Brazil and Peru, spending years in each country…

“It was the fifties, and Europe was still recovering and rebuilding, while the Americas of the 60s were slipping into rebellion and revolution… socialism, civil rights, cold war, and coups… weed, music and mayhem, ah, those were the days!”

They had turned the corner, Kaizaad”s building just a couple yards further when Pheroze suggested, “Say, why don”t you just drop that off and come over, you know, I could show you pictures I took during my travels, tons of photographs… amazing sights, incredible events, interesting people…”

“Sure, would love hurma escort to see what you”ve got to show!” Kaizaad suddenly smiled, his eyes twinkling as he looked at the old man, almost giving him a wink but deciding to desist.

“You know my place, eh?” Pheroze asked, his old eyes literally glowing.

Kaizaad curled his lips as he nodded, bounding up the stairs.

Exactly eight minutes later Kaizaad was knocking on Pheroze”s door…

“Come in my boy,” Pheroze greeted with a welcome smile, letting him in before shutting and bolting the door, asking as he led Kaizaad down the hallway, “What would you like?”

“Let”s cut the chase, what”re you offering?” Kaizaad responded looking him in his eyes, lips curled in a mischievous smile.

Pheroze ushered Kaizaad to a cozy den at the back of the ground floor, sombre in the dim daylight filtering in through the partly drawn drapes, the spacious room cluttered with elaborately ornate couches and divans, intricately carved sideboards and desks… the floor littered with priceless rugs… walls lined with framed, sepia-toned portraits, and paintings… marble busts and exquisite bronze statuettes perched on every available surface… the whiff of centuries hanging heavy in the still air.

Closing the door Pheroze turned to look at Kaizaad, taking a moment before smiling, “Quick… I like it! Well, I offer something even your girlfriend can”t beat!”

“Not into girls,” Kaizaad grinned instantly in response giving a nonchalant shrug, taking off his t-shirt and throwing it over a nearby couch, “don”t have one!”

The old man almost gasped, literally drooling as he stared at Kaizaad”s bared torso, his breath harsh and laboured as he took in the smooth teen frame… the skin soft and taut, almost translucent, seeming to glow in the subdued light.

“Lie down,” Pheroze whispered tilting his head towards the pashmina throw-rug draped divan.

Kaizaad undid his jeans button and lay down, knees off the edge, feet on the ground — yes, super excited, acting brave, yet terribly nervous, his heart slamming erratically… sensing his pubescent teen cock hardening rapidly in his boxers with anticipation.

Pheroze hovered there, by the divan”s side, looking down at the boy… his eyes roving up and down, caressing the supple form with his hungry gaze, and then dropping down on his knees by the edge slowly reached out, the fingertips gently fluttering across the boy”s naked flesh…

Pheroze was almost panting as his hand, the fingertips, caressed Kaizaad chest and abdomen… twirling around the engorged nipples… down the sides… and up again… fondling and titillating… the hand incredibly soft — like a child”s, or a woman”s — the touch gentle, making every follicle of Kaizaad”s hairless torso bristle with arousal.

“Lift your arms…” the man murmured.

Dutifully Kaizaad raised both his arms high above his head, displaying his adolescent pits with its strands of sparse silken hair to the mesmerised gaze of the old man.

Suddenly, stumbling forward, Pheroze buried his face in Kaizaad”s left pit, faintly moist with a slight hint of perspiration… inhaling the heady boy scent before parting his lips and licking the underarm… making a queer purring sound in his throat as he lapped at the boy”s armpit.

Closing his eyes Kaizaad let out a moan, a shudder shooting up his spine… feeling his painfully taut cock throb hotly in his jeans.

Pheroze swirled his tongue amongst the silken strands getting the pit sopping wet, and then licked his way down to the boy nipples, sucking on the pair – left and right – before flicking his tongue down… past the deep indentation of the navel… right to the pelvis, rubbing his face over the bulging jeans covered crotch, soaking the fabric as he moved his open mouth along the clearly delineated, denim encased phallus, biting down on the adolescent shaft…

Driven out of his youthful mind, Kaizaad could just groan in response, gently swaying his hips, his chest heaving as his stomach flexed.

Lifting his face off the crotch Pheroze quickly moved in between the spread thighs and undoing the fly pulled down Kaizaad”s jeans along with his boxers, setting the trapped cock free… the spring-loaded appendage swinging up high before falling back with a loud smack on the belly, twitching and flexing like crazy with lust filled anticipation…

ığdır escort Pheroze let out a loud gasp, staring at the marvel he had just unveiled… reaching for it and wrapping his long, slender fingers around the visibly throbbing shaft, lifting it up and holding it straight, feeling it pulse in his grip… slowly, sensuously stroking the teen cock.

Kaizaad could only whimper in response… his hips strutting high as a continuous series of guttural moans emanated from his parted lips, his fingers gripping the throw above his head, eyes shut tight… oh, another man”s soft, warm hand holding his cock, that gentle, soothing touch felt amazing… the hot breath washing over his partly exposed glans simply awesome!

“Boy, you”re beautiful… and hung just like Rusi!” Pheroze finally groaned in wonderous disbelief, and joy, pulling down the foreskin completely and kissing the taut, bulbuous cock head, murmuring, “Must run in the family!”

Lurching forward Pheroze buried his face in Kaizaad”s crotch, breathing in deep… intent on catching every single whiff of the pubescent aroma of boyhood… drink in the intoxicating scent of fresh, teen genitals… rubbing his face, and nose, over and along the steamy, sudoriferous groin… amongst the dark satiny pubes… licking along the thick, pulsating length of the hairless shaft… higher… tickling the frenulum and titillating the sulcal ridge… flicking his way down the raphe, right under the heavy scotum… hefting the markedly large balls with his tongue before licking his way back to the groin…

Hovering dangerously close to orgasmic precipice, and unable to bear any longer, Kaizaad, desperate to finally experience what he”d been yearning for such a long time — a real blow-job — opened his eyes, commanding in a hoarse whisper, “Suck!”

Pheroze lifted his face off the boy”s crotch and looked at him across the heaving chest, the tiny boy tits engorged… noting the glazed eyes, the flaired nostrils, and smiled, suddenly releasing Kaizaad”s penis and standing up…

Confused and dismayed Kaizaad looked up at the man, watching him walk over to the nearby sideboard… and then saw him do the most weirdly incredible thing… take off his dentures and place them in a glass bowl… before returning to the divan, back between his thighs!

Kaizaad groaned as Pheroze”s lips wrapped around his cock…

Oh, his young life”s first blow job… Kaizaad just closed his eyes and thrust his pelvis high, losing himself to the mindblowing experience… surrendering himself to the pleasures of those pliant lips, that warm, moist toothless cavity… that magical swirling tongue… and that incredible suction…

Barely five minutes and Kaizaad was thrusting up furiously, his whole body buzzing… tugging at the throw-rug as he thrashed his head around, the moans loud… and then he saw the stars… billions of brilliantly flashing stars, fulgent… before they burst in kaleidoscopic extravagence… everything melting into nothingness…

“That was a huge load…” he heard the gentle voice float in from a great distance, and finally opening his eyes saw the grinning face of Pheroze between his parted thighs, looking at him, licking his lips.

Utterly drained, totally dazed, Kaizaad just lay there, languid… his entire body numb and insensate… his heart still thumping wildly, the blood audibly pumping through his veins.

“Let”s clean you up,” Pheroze stated, and instantly Kaizaad felt the man”s tongue once more lapping at his privates… licking up every drop of spilt and overflown milt from his groin, his still twitching shaft, and his pubic arch — the tongue riffling through his pubes… moving down to the tightly knotted, hairless scrotum… down the satiny perineum, and then his thighs… around the hip… and back to his cock!

“Think you can manage another boner, boy?” Pheroze asked with a slight smile, his fingers already caressing the still semi firm penis.

Kaizaad could simply grunt, feeling his cock begin to tingle at the renewed stimulation… and the thought of another mind-numbing blowjob!

Well, teens, (and their dick), neither need much prodding, nor long cooling off period, and within minutes Kaizaad”s cock filled out and stretched forth, lifting off his abdomen as it pulsed in all its engorged glory!

to be continued…       

Copyright © Author, 2021

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