Up From the Depths

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Amateur Milf

You can cum in what seems like seconds and is in reality just a few minutes. You get so excited that you just HAVE TO. You can’t help yourself. You’re so vocal… and wet… and you normally cum more than once, sometimes more than twice. I don’t know a guy who wouldn’t happily trade his soul to the devil for a night with a woman as responsive as you. Your partners have certainly never complained.

There’s always this nagging feeling afterwards, as you lay on drenched sheets, that you must have it in you to have one HUGE cum rather than two or three or four… they’re certainly not little. Not by any stretch. But the possibilities… What if? What would happen if you could somehow channel all that energy and release it all at once? Would you black out? Would you die and go to heaven?

“Probably not the latter”, you chuckled as we sat in a dim corner of the bar getting to know each other. “Still, I’m not sure that I’d care if I did…”, as a wistful smile crept across your face and the blush across your chest darkened perceptibly.

“Let’s get out of here”, I winked. “I think I may be able to help.”

We exchanged pleasantries on the short walk to your place, just an ordinary couple out for a stroll as far as anyone else could tell, but tingling in anticipation of our first encounter.

You led me by the hand to your bedroom, dimmed the lights and turned to face me. We undressed each other and ourselves slowly, deliberately. We’re not teenagers any more even though this encounter – two married people each with someone else’s spouse – makes us feel much younger than our years. After all those months of searching Craigslist for someone to connect with, to create a spark with, to join with in going beyond our good but unexceptional sex lives, we finally met.

The search wasn’t easy for either of us. You, like all the women who post on Craigslist, were inundated with barely literate responses and cock photos. I, like all the men who post on Craigslist, got dozens of responses from hookers and hundreds from young girls trying to make a few bucks selling only the promise of sex sex izle through thinly-disguised credit card scams. You and I were both just desperate enough to keep searching despite the odds.

You turned, wrists crossed above your head, while I admired your body. Heavy breasts, wide hips, just the tiniest curve of a belly meeting your shaved pussy at the juncture of thick yet firm thighs. The picture you sent certainly doesn’t do you justice, I mused while watching you move.

I turned a silly and clumsy piroutte. You picked up on my feeble attempt at humor and giggled.

My cock was already rising to attention as you took two steps closer and put your hands on my shoulders. My hands traced the curves of your breasts, then down over your belly. You instinctively widened your stance as I slid a hand between your legs while the other hand caressed your hip. You were already wet and slippery between your delicate folds. I pulled you closer to squeeze your firm butt.

Your hand went to my cock as you started to drop to your knees. At any other time I would have been more than happy to let you continue. I love a blowjob, especially one given by a woman on her knees. But I still remembered what you had told me at the bar. I had formed a plan during the walk to your place and intended to follow through. If I was right about you, you’d be more than happy to return the favor after I had finished with what I had planned for you. I suspected that you might have to first recover for a while, though…

I guided you to the bed, laid you down, smiled a wicked smile, then started kissing and licking my way toward that spot we both knew I was going as soon as I knelt next to you. You gasped with the first connection and soon began to move your hips as I picked up on your responses.

Now we’re both in the moment. Mundane thoughts and niggling doubts are gone, replaced by the feeling of skin on skin and the sounds of gentle licking and sighing. The only thought in my head, if you can call it a thought, is to help you finally find that crashing tsunami of an orgasm that you know MUST be alt yazılı porno hiding deep within you.

I love to tease. Right up to the edge. And then…. and then…. a step back. Not yet. This was just the first of many. There’s another build-up to come. But not to cum… Not yet.

That feeling of wanting to take off and fly spreads from your pussy, through your torso, out to your limbs. You begin to feel weightless. You sense nothing but my tongue gently circling, erratically flicking so you’ll never know when the next wave will hit. Each wave rises higher than the last.

More and more you feel that you have to, need to, cum. Old habits kick in. You want my hard cock inside you. You want to control the ride. You want to be full and to grind against me, feeling the head of my cock slide past your g-spot over and over while you grind you clit against my pubic bone. That’s the way it has always been for you with everyone you’ve ever fucked. But I have other plans for you.

One finger slides just inside you, gently brushing your engorged g-spot and feeling for the telltale contractions of your pelvic floor that signal that you’re SO CLOSE! Over and over until you begin to wonder why I’m doing this to you. You’ve been to the edge so many times you can’t possibly keep count. What kind of bastard would NOT let you cum? You almost tell me to stop, but the start of the next climb quickly banishes that idea.

You want to cum NOW! Your world centers around that familiar tension and fullness in your pussy. Everything else has faded away. Your eyes close and you relax for a moment, finally content to enjoy the ride rather than trying to finish it now.

Someone’s moaning snaps you back to your senses. You realize that the moans are your own. Then you have an idea: you grab my hair and try to fuck my face, try to finish this. Yah, I know that move. I’ve been waiting for it. You can’t get the contact you need to push you over the edge, to fall screaming into the abyss. I’ve done this before.

Patience, patience. There’s already a pool of your juices altyazılı sex izle soaking the sheets even though the big one hasn’t hit you yet. Just a slow, steady trickle as as you shudder and gyrate. So close. I want to hear you beg. I want to hear you tell me what you’ll do with my hard cock if I’ll only let you cum NOW, if only I’ll pound you senseless RIGHT NOW! I hope you have a good vocabulary of dirty talk, because I may just hold out for a better offer. I love to hear a woman beg for her orgasm with my head between her thighs.

Then without warning, one, two, three solid flicks and some suction on your throbbing clit. Your back arches and you start to swear: “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Almost!” A brief pause, then one, two, three flicks and the suction: again. Your entire body is tingling. You can’t believe that you haven’t drenched my face. At any other time you would have been gushing by now.

Again: one, two, three, suck. You’re straining to cum. You’re trembling. You’re cursing. Every muscle is clenched. You’re right there… right there. This time I don’t pull you back from the edge. My tongue slides slowly side to side as I pull your clit between my lips. Your body goes rigid. Time stops. You know it’s here. The big one. The one you could never get to because you’d always been so hungry to cum RIGHT NOW.

There’s just that one tiny muscle that has to loosen, just a little, and this will all be finished. You feel it start as a wave rushes from your toes to the top of your head. The floodgates open, finally, as your scream yourself hoarse and soak my face with a jet of warm, clear cum. I hold my ground, gently nuzzling your pussy with my lips, knowing how sensitive you’ll be, waiting for either the sign that you still have one more, or that you have had all you can take for now.

Moments later you put a hand to the top of my head, gently pushing me away, afraid that any more attention to your pussy will be too much. I climb onto the bed beside you, laying on my side. I finally notice the perfume you dabbed behind your ear hours ago in anticipation of our encounter.

You grin. “I guess I’m not dead, then?”

“No, but I think you’ve been to the other side and back”, I chuckle.

“Thank you.” You sigh deeply and contentedly as your hand wraps tenderly around my cock. Neither one of us moves while you slowly return to earth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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