Val and Beau – The First Time

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“Tonight is the night.” Valentina sighed to herself. Her ears were still ringing from the thumping dance music from the prom. Her hair was still crusted with hair spray and her makeup was still perfect. She doffed her pajama bottoms and t-shirt and meticulously slipped into the satin turquoise and black lace teddy, complete with black stockings. She had slyly purchased this the same day she bought her prom dress. She intentionally chose a color similar to her dress.

Val stared at her 18 year old, 5′ 6″ frame in her full-length mirror. It was mid-May but her skin was a deep copper, thanks to 15 minutes in a tanning booth and her half Mediterranean, half Venezuelan genes. Her 34D breasts were barely contained by the satin cups and were pushed up to create beautiful orbs. She gave her shoulder-length bob-cut black hair a toss and smiled. Her teeth glowed in the low light of her bedside light.

“This is it Val.” She shrugged off any inhibitions and pulled on her bathrobe, taking time to make sure no evidence of her lingerie was evident and pulled on a pair of long socks to hide the stockings.

She crept out of her room and down the long hallway to the main staircase. Her parents were probably already asleep. Content in knowing that their daughter was in her room while her longtime boyfriend was sleeping in the basement apartment.

Val and Beau have been dating for about year, Beau was actually almost 20 and a virgin too, but they never went further than the occasional blowjob and pussy fingering. Both of their families were devout Catholics and this was the first real relationship for both of them. Lately, things had started to escalate. Nancy, Valentine’s younger sister, had admitted to being sexually active with her boyfriend. Val and Nancy’s mother, a doctor, immediately put her on birth control. What was more shocking to Val was that she seemed canlı bahis okay with it, as long as Nancy didn’t get pregnant, their parents didn’t seem to care. It was at this time that Val started to talk to Beau about having sex. He was still hesitant. “But not tonight Beau. Tonight, you’re going to fuck me into womanhood.”

Val continued creeping through the dark house. In the back room, a door connected the main house to the lower level, a basement apartment, solely occupied by the sleeping Beau. As her fingers grasped the knob, she slowly turned it. It made a slight squeak, barely audible over the roaring sound of Valentine’s quickly beating heart.

Valentine crept through the door, took two steps down and closed the door behind her. She continued down the steps, and as she descended, her heart started beating faster and faster.

At the bottom of the steps, she pulled off her socks, and hung her bathrobe on the bannister.

She could hear Beau’s slow breathing from inside the bedroom. She was sure in his wildest dreams, he’d never imagine what was waiting for him not ten feet away.

Val entered the bedroom, crossed the room and stood at the bottom of the bed.

“Beau” she cooed.

“Hmm?” Beau stirred, slowly sat up in bed, not entirely sure, but he thought someone or something was at the bottom of his bed. “Val?”

“Yes my love.” She purred.

“What’s the matter hon?”

“Beau, I have a surprise for you”

“What is it?”

Valentine crawled onto the king-sized bed and kneeled next to her love. She drew out his right hand from under the covers and pressed his fingers onto her satin-covered waist, up her stomach and to her breasts, she took the other hand and put it around to her thong-covered ass.

“What’s this, Val?”

“This? This is for you and this…” Valentine reached down into the covers and grabbed bahis siteleri the shaft of Beau’s rising cock, “…this is for me.”

Val threw the covers off the bed revealing Beau wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and threw her leg over Beau’s torso, straddling his waist. She leaned down and started kissing him deeply and passionately.

“I want you to fuck me Beau, right now!”


“No but’s.” she cut him off. “I’m ready, I want you inside me, I want you to make me a woman, right now.”

Valentine stood up, jumped to the foot of the bed and pulled Beau’s boxers off in one motion. His rigid cock sprang as the elastic slipped past.

Val knee-crawled back on top of Beau, who was still in shock, just moving his mouth open and closed, half protesting, half in shocked awe.

Val pressed down on Beau’s shoulders and inched herself down until she could feel the head of Beau’s cock right on the other side of her satin panties.

“This is it, no turning back now.” she thought.

Valentine lifted herself up, pulled away the wet satin, and eased Beau’s cock head into her aching wet, waiting, wanting pussy. She ground herself down, down, pushed past her maidenhead (which didn’t hurt as much as she feared) until she knew he was all the way in, filling her. She felt her womanly parts start to gush with lubrication.

“Ahhhhh” she sighed.

“Hmmmmm!” Beau’s guttural response.

Val leaned down, kissed Beau deeply, her black hair covering his face. She wasn’t sure what she should do next, but her instincts took over. Millions of years of evolution came natural to her as she started to grind and bounce on her boyfriend’s beautiful dick.

Even in the low light, Beau marveled at the stunning display of this beautiful brown-skinned goddess of a girlfriend was fucking him. His dick disappeared into the, perfect pink bahis şirketleri folds of her pussy and reappeared, soaked in pussy juices that faintly glistened in the low light. It was awe-inspiring.

Valentine could tell that what she was doing was changing something inside of her. She felt a growing warmth start to build and build. Her bouncing and grinding became faster and deeper. Val couldn’t help it, but she started to moan, she didn’t care if her parents heard now, she threw her head and hair back until she was looking at the ceiling and then her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

“Oh oh ohhhhh ffffuuuucccckkkk!” she groaned deep and the warmth growing inside of her pussy exploded into intense fireworks throughout her body. She shook and convulsed as her first ever vaginal orgasm took over her body.

Beau watched in fascination as his girlfriend orgasmed but never slowed her grinding. He stared until he felt the walls of her pussy start to clamp down on the shaft of his dick. It was as if her pussy was jerking him off from the inside. It was too much to bear, he was losing it…

“Ohhh God, I’m gonna cum.” He groaned and squeezed her satin-covered breasts.

“Give me your cum baby, cum deep inside me.” Val leaned back forward and ground hard on his dick, she felt his dick start to twitch, injecting warm blasts of sticky semen into her womb, and another orgasm started to wrack her body.

“Ohh yesssss!” She hissed as she ground into his pelvis shaking with ecstasy.

Exhausted, with both of them covered in sweat, Valentine collapsed onto Beau’s chest, his dick still inside her pussy. They both panted and breathed heavy. Her satin outfit clinging to his wet chest, not sure of what they had done, not caring.

Slowly, Beau’s cock went flaccid and slipped out of Val’s wet pussy. Cum dripped out, landed on Beau’s thigh and slipped onto the bed sheets.

“Oh! That’s weird!” exclaimed Val, smiling deeply. “We’ll have to watch for that next time, get a towel or something.”

“Yep, next time,” Beau cradled his girlfriend and kissed her deeply.

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