Vanity Hair Ch. 1

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I was the Chief Photographer of Vanity Fair, the glossy monthly which had a worldwide circulation, which was the envy of our competitors. I was attached with the glamorous Marianne Webster the celebrity news features editor. The editorial team had decided to do a special issue on “Body Hair” as several letters had been received and Marianne was entrusted in getting the public’s point of view. I was to accompany and interview 5 women who were in favor of hirsuteness.

Marianne (known as Ann) to me had not removed her underarm hair for the past several weeks and the day we were to meet Erica the first on our list she was in a sleeveless dress. I was shocked to see the rich harvest of hair in her unshaven pits. I laughingly told her “Ann you sure have lots of hair in your underarms it looks very sexy” Indeed I was turned on by her “hairy look” and I added “I love a curly thick pubic bush are you still trimming your pubic hair and shaving your bikini line” This was throwback to our early days together when she was a new reporter and I was the veteran lensman and we had a few cozy sessions. The more she had worked up the ladder the less I saw of her and she had a string of boyfriends. She had moved on.

She gave me a sharp look and then her looks softened as she saw me grinning harmlessly “you don’t get to see my pussy on duty but you can sure see my bushy armpits. Isn’t it strange that I have so much tufty hair in my unshaven pits” She raised her arms and pulled at the long hair in her furry armpits. I smiled back and then she asked me if I had all my equipment ready. I could not resist but look down at my crotch and tell her “You know I am always ready and my equipment is as big as it was and maybe getting bigger seeing all that body hair”.

We drove off and I felt that I was in for some good time. Erica had written in to the magazine saying that she was of German descent and that she was wondering why all women in brazzers our magazine featured only women who were completely shaven. She was surprised to see Marianne who was well known in the media and we settled in to her living room. Anne had her recorder on and asked her a few questions. I was getting bored but I listened on as she said that she had never shaved either her underarms or her pubic hair but she never wore any sleeveless or revealing dresses. But when she went to Germany or Europe she would sometimes reveal at least her bushy underarms.

Ann then asked if she did not mind getting photographed to be featured in the magazine. Erica replied “No I don’t want to be photographed in the nude” Ann then explained “we don’t feature any nudity in our magazine but we could picture your unshaven underarms”. She agreed and went into her room and returned in her bra. I was shocked at her “hairy look”. Her underarms were filled with long strands of jet-black hair. She had more hair in her underarms than Anne had on her head. Even Ann was not prepared for the immense and excessive growth of bushy hair in her untrimmed armpits.

I had a huge erection in seeing the extremely bushy armpits and Erica and even Ann could see the effect it had on me. I was extremely aroused as I adjusted the equipment (obviously my erect cock) as I put on the lights and fixed the tripod. Erica said how should I stand and I went to her and made her look sideways from the camera and I lifted her arms a little. My fingers touched the bushy hair as I felt my engorged prick move perceptibly in my trousers. The hair felt very coarse and hot on my fingers but I bent her arms a little and the hair seemed to fall out from her armpits. I clicked a few photos and the results were very erotic. Hair seemed to be showing and I wanted to take a black and white reel of her unshaven underarms. I then made her stand with her arms locked behind her head and the cuckold porno hair seemed to pour of her underarms it all directions. It was a real jungle of jet-black hair in her unshaven pits. I wanted one erotic series for my personal portfolio and the moment Ann went out to attend to a call on her mobile I asked her to pull at the strands of her armpit hair which I clicked away. Since Ann had not returned I asked her if she did not mind striping to her panties and I could click her in her panties. The moment she took off her skirt I saw the shaggy hair on her pubes covered by her panty. The hair grew all over pubic mound and most of the hair was hanging out of the panty. She could see I was really aroused and I could not resist myself as I bent down and kissed her unshaven underarms.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh” I moaned “So much hair in your underarms” I said as my lips brushed the thick thatch of curly coarse hair n her unshaven pits She grabbed my shirtfront and pulled me towards her and covered my mouth with her lips. “Fuck me.” she growled, tugging my belt loose, undoing the button and she lowered the zipper. She thrust her hands into the opening and grabbed my growing shaft. Then she knelt in front of me and freed my cock from its confines.

I said nothing more as she swallowed my cock head, taking me deep while I was still growing. I gasped loudly and she began sucking my cock. Ann came into room and started saying, “Lick it baby keeping sucking his huge prick he loves hairy women”. I could see her unshaven armpits and her nipple poked through the fabric of my bra.

I felt her lips go around its tip and start to slide down. She took my nine inches fully, right to the base. She sucked hard and began a rhythm. She kissed back up my stomach and took her time over the thick mane of hair on my chest. “You’re a huge man,” she said with a satisfied little laugh. She got on the floor and she czech porno lay on her back her arms tucked behind her head. Ann was watching while I removed her panties and saw the thick brush of hair on her mons veneris growing at the juncture of her thighs and I got up and went above her. Taking my cock in her hands she guided me toward her opening. She was wet, tight, and waiting for me. Slowly I entered and she wrapped her legs and her arms around my back.

I thrust forward got just a little bit deeper inside her. She was beginning to moan as I kissed her slick hairy underarms. Slowly I increased the speed of my rhythm. She was moaning loudly now and starting to scream when I would thrust forward bringing the hilt of my cock straight to her vaginal lips, my balls slapping against her buttocks. Her legs were moving up and down on my back. Her vaginal walls contracted around me and unleashed a torrent of juices and I could see she had her eyes shut tight as she experienced the intensity of her orgasm.

I pounded into her with all of my strength and I could feel my balls beginning to tighten. Ann had moved closer and was staring intently as her hands starting tugging at the immense growth in her armpit jungle. Ann’s eyes were glazed as she unzipped her skirt and started rubbing herself threw her panties. I looked at her and aw that she had not trimmed her blonde pubic mound. The thick mass of blonde pubic hair was peeking from the top of her panties as she rubbed herself. I knew that this sight was too erotic fucking this fecund woman coupled with Ann fingering herself. Then I let loose and I began to feel the semen pouring out of my penis. Jet after jet flew out of my engorged prick deep into her as I kept up my thrusting into her.

Ann too started moaning and I knew she was in the throes of an orgasm and she started cumming too. Erica too had cum and I was losing my hardness. I had a feeling I was going to enjoy this assignment as our next stop was a hairy couple but I had lost some of my energy and I told Ann that we would go only the next day. Ann gave me an understanding look and we trooped back to the office. The issue I thought should be named “Vanity Hair”.

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