Waiting for You

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I have been waiting for hours… I thought you would have been here by now… I start to dose off, I’m lying face down on the bed, naked with my legs parted just enough for you to see my wetness as you enter the room.

Mmmmm you groan knowing that the few pills that you took on the highway had already started to work. You have been rock hard thinking about what you were going to do to your horny slutty wife waiting in a motel room for you in the middle of the outback, a rough dead end town that we chose as a meeting spot. You had made me check-in to the motel wearing no panties or bra. Just a very short skirt and singlet (which caused a bit of a stir when I dropped my keys after getting down from the ute and immediately bending down to get them, the two fellas in the front bar got an eyeful).

Here I am. Lying naked waiting for you. The door is unlocked, anyone could walk in. My twat is twitching, waiting for your touch. Luckily for me no one entered the room while I was waiting for you, although the thought of two rednecks fucking me did have some merit.

I knew it was you when you grabbed me. Walking straight over to the side of the bed, I feel your rough, big hand grabbing my wet (YOUR wet) cunt in ownership. Mmmm fuck yes I have missed that. You have told me not to speak, just obey what you direct me to do. So when I feel your rock hard cock shoved in my face, I start to suck you eagerly. Getting up on all fours, arse stuck in the air with you grabbing my hair and slamming your cock in my mouth. You pull out and tell me to stay where I am. I feel you tie a scarf over my eyes and arap escort then I can’t see. Then one at a time you grab my wrists and roughly tie them to the top of the bed above my head. Then I feel cold steel on my ankles and I know it’s the spreader bar to keep me from closing my legs. Mmm I can’t wait for you to start.

No words have been spoken, just groans now for something nice. You get your crop and I feel the sting of it hitting my pussy lips. Wack! FUCK! What was that for? You laugh and say, “You know why?” Little did I know that when you got here, you went straight to the bar and asked the only two guys in there if they had seen a woman in a ute. They both chuckled at each other and then said, “Yeah, room 9”. How do you know? “Well, she dropped her keys and bent over right in front of us to pick them up and she wasn’t even wearing any undies or bra! Just a short skirt and singlet, we could see what she had for breakfast. When she went off to her room, I followed her and looked in the window. After about a minute, she was on the bed, naked and fucking playing with herself. She was spread out wide and her hand was going a hundred miles an hour. I nearly cum in my pants just from watching her. It was a nice sight..” Yeah, you say, that’s her. I’m meeting her for a fucking good time if you know what I mean. They reckon good on ya mate, if ya get bored or tired give us a yell.. They laugh, NEVER expecting what will happen later…

So I have no idea you know about that or that he watched me through the window OR that I was masturbating while I waited for you. I know you told me not to, but I was just so fucking escort arap horny, driving all that way. So how did you know I needed a few wacks to pull me back into line.. Then another wack! I have to ask… Why are you hitting me? You laugh and again say, “You know very well why. You played with MY cunt while you waited and you showed it to two perfect strangers at the bar!” WACK … ouch then I feel your fingers sliding down in between my cunt lips, its soaking wet, dripping even. You get me so fucking wet. Then you slide your thumb in my cunt, you remove it and then push it straight into my arse. God yes that’s awesome… then your cock in my mouth again until this time you cum down my throat, in my mouth and all over my face.. I can’t wipe it off and as you pull your thumb out of my arse, you walk away telling me to stay exactly like that. I hear you leave. Soon I hear the door open again, but you say nothing. I hear a few sets of feet on the floor then I hear two zips being undone and pants falling on the floor.. I am a bit worried! Who the fuck have you got to watch us or is it one of your other slave/subs that you have ordered to play with me? Mmm I wonder.

You have given these two guys their orders outside. They couldn’t believe their luck. This guy wants them to fuck her, while he watches and takes photos… I have no idea what was about to start.. I hear whispering. Suddenly I feel someone down in between my legs, starting to lick my pussy. It’s a man, he has a beard as I can feel it scratching against my freshly shaved pussy. But, mmm, it feels great. Then I am yanked up on my knees again and I feel another set of arap escort bayan men’s hands on me, all over my tits, pussy and arse. Rubbing, poking. mmmm YES TWO guys, Two hard cocks. I imagine you watching them use my body, probably taking photos, but also watching out for my safety. I smile that you are my master and I am your willing slut wife. Then I feel it, this huge cock slamming into my wet cunt, slurping and sliding in and all the way out. Fuck! This guy must be 10 inches and so fucking fat. mmm

Then as soon as he starts, I feel him blow (in a condom) then pull out.. noooo I wanted to be fucked, really fucked by this cock. Then another cock pushes in my wet cunt. Only a few quick thrusts and then its pushing into my arse. Thank God it’s only about HALF the size of the first one, and then still another cock is pushing against my lips. I open my mouth. I can taste myself, so I know it’s your cock. I love it, your cock sliding into my mouth, some guys cock in my arse, someone else watching and maybe still more cocks waiting in line, I wonder? FUCK The cock in my arse pulls out, I hear the slap of a condom being removed and then feel his cum on my arse. You continue to fuck my mouth as I hear you tell them, “Thanks guys, she loved that, now get out. I want to really fuck my wife”.. I feel a little sad that there are no more fresh cocks and then I wonder what you mean by saying that you are really going to fuck my wife?

You pull your cock out of my mouth then say, “I’m going to eat you for a while and you can’t come”. You want to taste the other guys on me, the taste and smell of them. You also tell me that after that, you will be fucking me in my cunt and arse. I am a dirty little slut, I am yours completely, my mouth, my pussy, my arse. In fact my body is yours. I love you. I know that you will make me cum before I am allowed too. I look forward to that, what punishment will occur?

Have you organised others to come fuck me?

I hope so…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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