Wakey Wakey

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I’m soundly asleep as the morning sun shines through the window, the comforter concealing my body from the waist down, hiding the most private areas of my naked frame. The fan blows cool air on me, my skimpy underwear lying in a heap on the floor. If one were to pick it up and take a sniff, the undeniable smell of arousal and cum would be evident.

The cum I’d plastered onto my chest the night before has long since dried away, but it’s evident I still remember our wild encounter from the night before, as my dick hardens and tents the comforter draped over me. You turn the knob slowly, sneaking into my room as I lay on my back, my bare chest and hard nipples in plain view.

My eyes drift open just in time to see you removing your blouse and skirt, crawling onto the bed in your black lace bra and panties before pulling the comforter back. I suppress a laugh when you gasp at the sight of my cock, already hard and throbbing. I feign sleep as you wrap your warm hand around the base, running your palm up and down the full eight inches in a slow pace. My thighs instantly tense, and I can no longer fake unconsciousness; with a moan, I sit up and prop myself on my elbows, grinning at you with dark, lustful eyes fixated on you jacking me off.

“Good morning,” you whisper softly before leaning down to lick the head of my dick. I tense again as you taste my swollen, purple head, watching my precum dribble from your tongue as you begin pumping your hand over my tool again. Your lips open into an “o,” sliding over my head and deliberately taking more and more of my shaft into your mouth. Your mouth is so warm and wet, your saliva running down my length as your tongue lightly tickles the underside, your free hand massaging and cupping my balls as I spread my legs to give you more room.

I groan low in my mobilbahis güvenilir mi throat, reaching out to run my fingers through your hair as your head begins bobbing up and down over my dick. You swallow my dick in erotic rhythm, my toes curling with each moan and sigh. I sit up and reach behind you to unhook your bra, removing it and tossing it to the floor with my underwear, reaching for and squeezing your firm tits. You squeal when I pinch your nipples, giving me stronger, faster strokes as you suck.

I grit my teeth and suck in a ragged breath, my cock harder than it’s been in recent memory. You release my shaft with an audible pop, grinning and leaning up to kiss me. My lips tangle with yours, our tongues searching each other. I taste my precum on your lips, the musky sensuality driving me crazy. My hands slide down your hips, grabbing your panties and pushing them down your smooth thighs.

Crawling out of your panties, I can smell your arousal. I lick my lips at the sight of your hairless mound as you climb over me, sitting in my lap. You rest your soft hands on my shoulders and again our mouths meet in a sweet, passionate kiss. Tongues dance, breathing becomes heavier. You leak onto my throbbing shaft and within moments, I’m grabbing the base and sliding all eight inches into your hot, waiting pussy.

We moan in unison as my length parts your tight walls, your ass resting nicely in my lap once I fill you to the hilt. I swallow back a scream, my hands roaming over your ass cheeks while you start rocking back and forth, sitting on my dick and riding me. I sit up and suck your left nipple into my mouth, tickling the hard nub with the tip of my tongue and chewing on it between my teeth. I can feel your warm juice trickling down my shaft and over my balls, the feel mobilbahis of it dripping over my asshole sending shivers through my entire body.

You giggle at my reaction, my mouth instantly switching over to your right nipple, my hands squeezing your breasts together as my hips begin rocking opposite of yours. You rock back, I rock forward; you rock forward, I rock back. The tip of my dick hits your g-spot with each slow thrust, eliciting the cutest of groans from your lips. Sweat forms on our foreheads, the valley between your breasts glistening in its own salty coat. I lick that valley clean, squeezing your left ass cheek as my other hand rubs your clit against my lap.

I pinch your clit, and you grab my face, growling in the back of your throat as you stop rocking and start bouncing. Your hair flies everywhere as you drive yourself down on my eight-inch member again and again, so tight and warm, our bodies slapping together. “Mmmm, fuck yes,” you whisper harshly. “You love when I fucking ride this dick, huh?”

I nod, slapping your ass with both hands, growling in my own darkly sexual way. “Not nearly as much as you love me shoving this thick cock in your tight hole…”

I feel your pussy tighten up even more, watching your thighs tense and your eyes grow wide as you grab firm hold of my shoulders. I know that look and grin, sensing exactly what’s about to come. With a scream, your thighs relax, your entire body shaking as your pussy pushes my cock out, slapping it against my tummy. You scream and convulse as your orgasm takes over, your pussy squirting hot juice on my shaft, over my balls and on my lap. I feel it puddle between my ass cheeks on the bed, relishing the way your firm breasts shake when you ride out your orgasm.

You sit on my thighs as you ride out your mobilbahis giriş orgasm, your heavy breathing causing your breasts to heave up and down while you lightly wrap your hand around my slick cock and stroke it. You lick your lips and give me a devilish glare, biting on your lower lip.

“Stand up.”

I gladly do as asked, leaving a large puddle on the bed once I get to my feet. You sit on the edge of the bed, pumping my cock in your fist. It feels so good, your palm pressed firmly against my pulsating shaft, your wrist massaging the sensitive skin back and forth. I groan low in my throat again, watching intently as you masturbate me, your breasts jiggling as you do.

You glance up at me and suck on your lower lip, giving my balls a good, tight squeeze. “You wanna cum, don’t you?”

Again I nod, grabbing your right shoulder to brace myself once that familiar tingle deep in my balls begins to form. My thighs tremble softly and tense, my breathing getting heavier and starting to catch in my throat. You point the head of my dick to your breasts, telling me all I need to know. I groan loudly, almost screaming as the pressure builds in my shaft, the length expanding as much as it can until I release it in one gigantic explosion.

My body shakes and I squeeze your shoulder for support, watching and gasping and screaming as I shoot load after thick, creamy load onto your chest. Five streaming shots of cum hit your right breast, some of it rolling down the swell and over the nipple, the rest merely puddling near the cleavage. Your left breast is assaulted by another four shots of cum, again running like a waterfall down your breast and over your tummy. A few drops land on your thigh as I ride out my orgasm, catching my breath as you stroke my now-softening dick.

I kneel down, grabbing your breasts and squeezing them together, licking off some of my release. I swallow a bit before letting more pool in my mouth, kising you firmly and sharing my release with you. We groan into the kiss, my hands massaging and wiping your tits, your hands lightly rubbing my spent cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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