Walking the Dog – Double Trouble Ch. 01

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The best part of walking your dog in this neighborhood is that you meet other people out doing the same thing. Almost everyone is friendly and we all stop to chat, but two stand out. Leslie is a tall, thin blonde with a crazy white boxer dog, and Karen has an enormous malamute. They stand out because they don’t just stand and chat-they flirt. In fact, I had fooled around with at different points in the past year, which made the flirting even more fun. On this day, however…


My family went on vacation last month. They left Wednesday and took the car over to Montauk, making the long drive from here in 5 hours. I had to finish the work-week, so I planned to take the train to New London and then the ferry across Long Island Sound to join them late Friday night. Wednesday went as planned-work, eat dinner, and watch Netflix until I fell asleep. Thursday started out the same. It was strange waking up in a quiet house, though. My wife is usually up before me, but there was no early-morning chat over coffee, and the background noise of the kid and the dog were missing as well. The only benefit was that I didn’t have to walk the dog.

I did, however, have to bring in the mail and get ready to leave on Friday. Thursday, I worked hard to clear my desk for the coming week. I got home just after six and had a sandwich, trying to empty the fridge before vacation. That’s when I remembered the mail. I had cruised right by the line of mailboxes, wrapped up in singing “Drift Away” as I got home. With a sigh, I set out down the long private road to collect it. With no dog to keep me company, the evening was quiet and I enjoyed the green, cool light as I walked. The weather was cool and dry for once after a month of sweltering days or torrential rain.

Up ahead, though, I heard voices. Rounding a curve, I felt my heart skip a beat-clearly the sign of a guilty conscience. Well, not really, but momentary panic…you’ll see in a minute!

Just around the curve, two neighbors were walking their dogs after dinner. Actually, they were standing there talking while the dogs sniffed each other, but you know what I mean. People walking their dogs is a pretty normal sight in the suburbs, but this pair of women was problematic for me. In the last year, I had hooked up with each one. Seeing them together talking and laughing had my mind racing. Still, they had been discreet since then, and aside from a twinkle in their eyes occasionally, had given no hint to anyone of what had gone on between us. They acted normal around my wife, which I appreciated, and continued to be their usual good-natured selves.

“Hey there!” said Leslie as I came into sight. “No dog today?”

“She’s on vacation already,” I explained.

“Oh, that’s right! I heard you’ve been abandoned.”

Karen jumped in at that point: “Yeah, we told your wife we’d keep an eye on you!”

Her eyes sparkled when she said that. Leslie was watching the dogs and hadn’t noticed, but jumped right on that bandwagon as well.

“Yeah-we have to protect you from all the bad women in the neighborhood,” Leslie chimed in.

There were no bad women in the neighborhood, but last summer, Leslie gave me an amazing blowjob in her garage. She was blunt and horny all the time, and knew how to get what she wanted. That day, apparently, she wanted me. Karen, on the other hand, was quiet and shy. Back in the fall, however, she invited me in when her husband and kids were out at the Science Center for the afternoon. We spent a few hours in her bed making each other happy, and I treasure the memory of her holding me tightly while I ejaculated inside her-the first man other than her husband to do so.

“We can protect you at my house,” Leslie said with an innocent grin. “I’ve got pizza and wine and beer, and Ned took the kids to the concert on the downtown, so Karen can stay and guard you, too!”

The idea of spending time with both of them sounded good, even if I was a little worried about keeping two secrets at the same time. Pizza sounded good as well.

“Let’s go,” I said. With that, the three of us turned up Leslie’s driveway and let their dogs run free in the backyard. We went in through the sliding glass doors on the deck and made our way to the kitchen. Leslie flicked on the lights, then poured three glasses of red wine. The pizza was warming in the oven, so we stood around sipping our drinks and talking about neighbor stuff.

“It’s going to be about five more minutes,” Leslie informed us after checking the pizza. “Let’s go outside and watch the sunset.”

That sounded fine, so we trailed outside and settled into her deep-cushioned deck chairs. Karen sat next to me, and Leslie faced us across the table.

“Thanks for protecting me,” I said to both of them, raising my glass in a toast. We all clinked and took another sip before sinking back again.

“Well, we can’t have you sitting around the house all alone, can we? You’d probably be on Tinder all night trying to get a horny 18-year old in a cheerleader outfit to come over and help you pack or something!” canlı bahis said Leslie with a wicked grin.

Karen smiled nervously, unaccustomed to Leslie’s blunt way of speaking.

“I would never go after an 18-year old,” I said with a straight face. “I’m holding out for a desperate 80-year old woman with a heart condition!”

That broke the tension, and Karen laughed in a relieved way.

“Besides-you’re the Tinder expert, right?” I asked Leslie. She was the only single one there, after all. “That’s got to be a huge hassle!”

“It is,” she replied without a hint of embarrassment. “I spend all day swiping right just to see who’s out there, and then all night deleting the stupid messages I get!”

“So no luck lately?” I asked her.

“Nada. If I wanted to be someone’s MILF dream, I’m sure I could have three guys over here right now, or three women even, but then I’d definitely have to order some more pizza! I’m much happier sitting here with you guys. Besides,” she said in a serious tone, catching Karen’s eye, “we have a sacred duty to protect Steve from all the immoral women in the neighborhood, remember? We can’t have women sneaking over all night to take advantage of him just because his wife is away!”

With that, she got up to check the pizza.

Karen, predictably, was stunned by Leslie’s revelations. She had led a sheltered life, clearly, and hearing about Leslie’s bisexual dating habits and all the teasing about protecting me from loose women was making her blush. In an effort to recover, she asked me shyly what Tinder was.

“It’s a dating app for your phone,” I told her. “You put up your profile, and you check out other people’s pictures and stuff. If you like what you see, you swipe right. If you don’t, you swipe left. Swiping right kinda means you’re interested in hooking up, though, so you have to be selective.”

“Unlike Leslie,” she said somewhat disapprovingly.

“Leslie is selective,” I told her. “She just like to throw herself out there to get a response!”

I knew Karen was thinking about our afternoon together, and she confirmed it by whispering “I could never…” and then catching herself. She didn’t use Tinder, but she did invite me in that day. She stumbled on: “I mean I could never swipe on a stranger’s picture and tell them I want to…”

“I know…me neither!” I reassured her.

She looked relieved, and leaned toward me. Her eyes darted toward the patio doors. No sign of Leslie, so she whispered softly to me: “I think about that afternoon…” she began. Her eyes looked at mine imploringly, but she was unsure how to finish the thought.

I let my hand rest on top of hers on the arm of the chair. I said in a low voice, “I think about it, too, Karen…it was great.”

At that moment, Leslie came out with three plates and a pizza box. As she stood in the doorway, she took in the intimate tableau in front of her. I could see the wheels turning in her mind. With a brisk step, she dropped the pizza on the table and gave us each a plate. She looked from my eyes to Karen, who dropped her gaze and blushed quite needlessly, confirming Leslie’s suspicions.

“So…” said Leslie in the awkward silence that followed. “Who are we protecting Steve from?”

I think we could have gotten out of there unscathed, but Karen was not up for the challenge. Her eyes welled up with tears, and she covered her face, giving in to quiet sobs. A muffled, “Oh, my God…” emerged behind her hands.

While I glared helplessly at her, Leslie responded like a true friend. She knelt beside Karen and put her arms around her, whispering into the crook of her neck. The only words I caught were “it’s OK” and “shh” for a long while. When Karen’s sobbing slowed, Leslie caught her by the hand and led her inside without a word to me. I sat outside, ignoring the wine and the pizza and the dogs and the sunset, wondering what confidences were spilling out right at that moment.

After fifteen minutes of uncomfortable thoughts, the sliding glass doors opened. Leslie stepped out but did not sit back down. I stood up, uncertain what to do or say.

“Sounds like you two had a good time, there, Steve!” said Leslie with a conspiratorial grin. “Karen just told me what an awesome afternoon you guys had. I’m kinda jealous!”

Again, I stood there speechless, wondering what would come next.

“I think I got her past the guilty phase-she was wanting to confess to Ned, so I made her confess to me instead!”

“Thank God for that,” I said earnestly. “And thank you!”

“So come inside and tell her it’s OK with me. She needs to hear that she isn’t a Tinder slut or something like that. I guess I kinda freaked her out with that stuff.”

“Yeah-she’s not used to the horny dating talk, is she?”

“Not even a little,” she replied, pulling me back inside.

Karen was curled on Leslie’s couch, wrapped in a blanket. “Steve’s here,” said Leslie softly, sitting down beside her. I knelt in front of the two of them, searching for something helpful to say.

“Karen,” I began hesitantly. She looked up bahis siteleri with red-rimmed eyes. “Karen, you have nothing to feel badly about,” I told her in a level voice. “We had a wonderful few hours together, right?”

She nodded, but didn’t say anything.

“No one got hurt, and no one knows anything except Leslie, right? It wasn’t a Tinder date with some random guy-we just happened to connect while Ned and the kids were away. I wouldn’t change that for the world, would you?”

“No,” she said in a quiet voice. “I just don’t think of myself…” She couldn’t finish the sentence.

“As someone who gets to have fun?” Leslie interrupted. “That’s kind of the problem! You’re too used to being a good little wife instead of living your life!”

I glanced sharply at her, thinking that this conversational turn wasn’t helping at all. I should have known better. As blunt as she was, Leslie usually had a good handle on things.

“I like my life!” said Karen hotly, sitting up straighter. “I like my life, and I like my family, and I don’t want to screw that up because I get horny sometimes!”

“Karen,” said Leslie in a softer voice, “we all get horny sometimes.”

“It’s true,” I said in a quiet voice. “Even people who love their husbands or their wives get horny. You were just so open and beautiful and horny that afternoon that I couldn’t help myself!”

Karen looked down shyly. “You were pretty great to me,” she said quietly. Then she looked up, straight into my eyes. “You made me feel so good, and I liked it!”

“Atta girl!” said Leslie. “I’m not saying you have to make a habit out of it, but every once in a while, you have to do something for yourself!”

“I guess so…” said Karen uncertainly.

I nodded and smiled at her.

“I know so!” said Leslie. “Now kiss her, you idiot, and tell her it will be OK!”

Again, I glanced sharply at Leslie. She was out of her mind! She just jerked her head at me to get on with it, smiling a wicked smile.

“Karen,” I said again, smoothing her hair. “You’re allowed to have fun. You’re allowed to feel good. You’re allowed to do what you want to sometimes, OK?”

With that, I leaned down and kissed her lips gently, then drew back. Tears filled her eyes again, and then with a sudden lunge, she grabbed my shoulders and kissed me passionately, opening her lips against mine and darting her tongue along them.

“Yes, I am!” she said, pulling back slightly with a smile that outshone the haze of tears.

“And so am I!” said Leslie firmly, wrapping an arm around each of us. Her slender body filled the space between Karen on the couch and me kneeling in front of it. “I get to have some fun sometimes, too!”

Turning a little more toward me, Leslie kissed me softly on the mouth. Karen watched uncertainly. Then Leslie turned to her and said quietly, “With whoever I want” and kissed her as well. Karen’s eyes went wide. Clearly, this was all new territory for her! The whole neighborhood knew that Leslie was bisexual, but I don’t think Karen had every imagined herself in that context. After all, she had only ever been with Ned sexually before our tryst. With her conservative background, it was hard to imagine she had ever considered kissing another woman-bad enough that she was just kissing the man she had cheated with in her marriage bed!

Karen clearly didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, though. She looked at me for support, then turned to Leslie again. She began quietly by saying “Leslie…I’ve never…”

“I know Karen…but you were never with anyone but Ned before until you and Steve made love, and that felt good, right?”

I was glad she hadn’t used some tawdry phrase like “hooked up” or “fooled around”-either one would have made Karen feel badly about the memory. Then again, Leslie knew what she was doing, so I shut up and let it happen.

“It was good…but I can’t…” Karen murmured.

Leslie stopped her protest with another soft kiss, longer this time, and then looked her straight in the eyes. “You can do whatever you want, Karen. You can do whatever feels good.”

Then she slipped her hand behind Karen’s head, twining her fingers into Karen’s brunette curls. Their lips came together again, and I could see Karen relax into the kiss. The moment when her lips parted gave me an incredible thrill-I could imagine the sensual darting of Leslie’s tongue, having enjoyed it myself, and I knew that when Karen kissed her back, the crisis had passed.

Wanting to be some help in the situation, I decided that Karen was in good hands already. Standing up quietly, I moved behind Leslie, then reached around her and unzipped her hoodie. She kept her lips locked with Karen’s, but freed one arm and then the other to let me slide it all the way off. Underneath she wore a white cap-sleeved T-shirt and no bra-I stroked her back to maintain contact, then slipped my hands around her again and cupped her small, firm breasts. Her nipples were taut against the fabric, and I gave each one a pinch as I kissed the back of her neck. Her back arched with pleasure. After bahis şirketleri that, I sat down on the couch beside Karen.

Leslie, meanwhile, continued her seduction. “Karen,” she whispered during a pause in their kiss, “is this feeling OK?”

Karen looked at her uncertainly, but then bit her lip and nodded. “I just…” she began.

“I know,” said Leslie quietly. “It’s a lot to take in. Let’s see what Steve thinks”

They both turned to look at me-talk about being on the spot!

Fortunately, inspiration struck at the right moment: “I’ve never seen anything sexier or more beautiful than you two right now,” I said softly.

Thinking that Karen needed to be on slightly more familiar territory, I leaned across and gave Leslie a brief peck, then turned my attention to our much more sheltered friend. I kissed her lips softly, then her nose to lighten the mood a bit.

“I was getting jealous watching you two, actually!” I told her with a smile. It was also making me incredibly horny, but I left that part out. Instead, I kissed her more passionately. I drew her closer to me, and she leaned forward, one hand resting on my thigh. The other remained on Leslie’s.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Leslie stroke her arm. Placing one hand over Karen’s, she slid it down to her own knee, then back up again. Then Leslie removed her guiding hand, and Karen kept the motion up on her own. Leslie winked at me over Karen’s shoulder, smiling.

After a minute, Leslie moved things along again. “Let’s get that jacket off,” she said, matching her words with actions. Karen’s lips stayed on mine, and when Leslie tugged on the sleeves, she obligingly let her arms be drawn back and down to peel off her denim coat. Leslie tossed it aside, then snuggled close to Karen’s back.

When Leslie’s hand stroked its way up Karen’s thigh, the response was a gasp of surprise and pleasure. To keep things moving along, I did the same on the leg closest to me. We both slipped an arm around Karen as if we’d rehearsed it, mine around her waist and Leslie’s across her shoulders. Our hands continued their caressing, meanwhile, and Karen’s legs slowly relaxed, her knees parting unconsciously.

“Oh, my God,” Karen murmured, “what are you guys doing to me?”

“We’re loving you,” said Leslie in her ear. “You’re beautiful and sexy and you can do whatever you want just like anybody else. Just like Steve. Just like me.”

Karen didn’t respond, but when Leslie leaned down and kissed the side of her neck, her eyes closed blissfully. I held back then to enjoy the spectacle, and Leslie did not disappoint. Her soft kisses traveled down to Karen’s neckline, and I could see her tongue dancing along the soft skin she found there. Cocking her head to the side, she moved closer, kissing Karen’s throat before moving back to the side of her neck again. When she reached the ear, I saw her suck gently on Karen’s earlobe before slipping the tip of her tongue inside. Karen’s breathing sped up then, and she gripped both of our thighs.

“Mmm,” she groaned, “that feels soooo good!”

I saw Leslie smile at that. Then I saw her hand leave Karen’s thigh and move to her stomach, stroking lightly back and forth. I know what a powerful erogenous zone that is for me, and I could only imagine what she was feeling right then. When Leslie’s lips left her ear and sought her lips, she responded hungrily, shifting her body toward the slender blonde who was giving her so much pleasure. That changed the angle of Leslie’s caress, and instead of going back and forth, she slid her palm across the waistband of Karen’s sweats almost down to her mound, and then up again to stop between her breasts.

Meanwhile, I was still working on Karen’s thigh, letting my fingers brush the inner side more and more. With each upward stroke, I began to bump against her crotch, and I could feel the heat emanating from her. The hand that had been around her waist was not idle, either. Rubbing her there as well, I dipped it down below the hemline of her shirt and then up against the warm flesh beneath, stroking her firmly as I nuzzled her soft hair.

When my hand traveled far enough around Karen’s body, it bumped Leslie’s on its up-and-down journey between mound and breasts. Leslie read my intent clearly, and in a moment, her hand joined mine on Karen’s bare skin as well. Together, we caressed her midsection and lifted her shirt higher and higher. When it was bunched against her breasts, Leslie too the usual direct route.

“Let’s get this off-you have the most beautiful body!” she said decisively. She grabbed the hem with both hands and lifted it off over Karen’s head before returning to their kiss.

I could feel Karen stiffen up a little at the sudden change of pace, so I just kept doing what I was doing, albeit against bare skin instead of fabric.

Leslie knew that Karen was tense as well, and also knew what to do to make it OK. With a quick shrug and a lift, she whipped off her own T-shirt and twitched her head at me to do the same. When her arms came back down, she put her hands back on Karen, but this time one hand rested firmly against her bra-covered breast. Looking down at herself ruefully, she looked Karen in the eyes and said, “I’ve always had little boobs-I wish I was as big and firm as you are!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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