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Author Note: Thank you to all who read my first entry on the site. There were some harsh critics but the reviews were mostly positive. I have taken the criticism to heart and done my best to fix the grammar. However, grammar programs are no substitute for a human proofreader so bare with me. Once again I thank you for reading my stories. Enjoy.

“Thanks again,” Sarah said to the Uber driver. Most times you were lucky if you got a bearable driver. Most were mediocre; who were doing it because they needed the money, but then there where the few that were actual human beings. She had gotten an older gent this time, who even took the time to help her load and unload her bag. She made sure to leave him a generous tip and this time she could afford too seeing as she had, had a good weekend.

Sarah unlocked the front door of her house as quietly as possibly. She wanted to surprise Bas. She had managed to catch an earlier flight and she got lucky because they also upgraded her to first class. So she managed to get some sleep on the flight home. Luckily the lights from the living room and the main hallway were on so she wouldn’t have to navigate her way in the dark. She shut the door and left her bag by the door and caught herself in the mirror by the door.

Now she was glad she visited the beauty salon before her flight. Her long golden blond hair had that wild and feathery look that Farrah Fawcett sported back in the day. The girls at the saloon had shadowed her eyes so that her brown looked smoky and exotic. Her lips painted strawberry red, which made them look more kissable. She turned to her side so she could look at the rest of herself. Her business suit emphasized all of her curves her skirt made her bottom more pronounce and her chest…she opened two more buttons on her blouse so that edge of her lacy powder blue bra was visible. Not that she really needed to tease this way, generally her C cups were enough to grab any mans attention, but she wanted to make her man wild.

She quickly took off her heels as she made her way silently down the hall and peeked into the living room. What she saw made her run back to the front door as quietly as she could to get her Camera out of her purse. She walked back quietly into the room once again. She took a moment to get the right angle and snapped the picture. She couldn’t wait to print the picture and frame it.

She looked at Bas who was sleeping in the hammock they had set up in their living room some time ago. One of his legs hung over the edge and rested against a chair. His arms lay limply on pillows set on either side of him. On his chest laid their daughter Ali her curly blonde head resting against his naked chest, her little knees tucked beneath her so that her little bum stuck straight up into the air.

If Sarah wasn’t already turned on, this would have definitely started her engines. As carefully as she could she scooped her daughter of her husband’s chest. She fussed a bit and for a moment she thought Ali might wake up but as she snuggled her daughter close to her chest. Ali sighed and fell right back to sleep. She managed to get up stairs and settle her daughter into her bed and tuck her in and kiss her goodnight.

As she gently left the door of her daughter’s room slightly open; a wicked idea struck her suddenly. She managed to retrieve her bag, without waking up her husband and hid her stuff away in their room and prepared a few more items before she called her husband.

Sebastian woke with a start at the sound of “Naught, Sexy, Bitchy Me” By Tata Yong it was the ring tone he had designated for his wife. He turned over to where he heard it and picked it up and managed to pick up the call, even though his eye lids were still glued together.

“Hey Baby.” At the mention of the word Sebastian sat up so quickly that he fell out of the hammock.

“Hey honey, what was that?”Sara whispered over the phone.

“Oh nothing just stubbed my toe with that stupid chair,” he stated as he wildly looked around the room for his: one year, three-month, and nine-day old child. He wondered if she had somehow managed to crawl off somewhere and was already rushing into the kitchen when he asked his wife why she was whispering.

“I’m sitting next to a family and their kids are asleep.”

“Ah I see,” he replied as he checked the laundry room.

“Is everything okay, you sound a little distracted?”

“I’m fine, everything is fine,” He rushed into the bathroom saw that it was clear and rushed out again.

“Okay, hey baby can you put Ali on the phone.”

“No, I can’t…” He said a little more sharply than he had intended and stopped in mid sentence before he could even figure out what to say. This was exactly like the time his mother had caught him smoking marijuana.

“Why not, what’s going on?” His wife sternness travelled through the phone line easily enough.

“Nothing, nothing,” He said stalling trying to stall his wife, before he had to tell her, he had lost their daughter canlı bahis after he had fallen asleep. The light bulb that went off had his mouth working again. “It’s that I just finally got her to sleep.”

“Ah, really, then take a picture and send it to me, you know how much I love watching her sleep in her crib with her blanket and that fuzzy wolf of hers.”

Sebastian would have slapped his own forehead but settled for imaging himself taking the action.

“Sure babe, just give me a second to get upstairs.”

Sebastian ran up the flight of stairs before he slowed his pace and reached his daughter’s room, the door was ajar which unusual, especially in the summer months but he ignored that thought and as quietly as he possibly could he opened the door. It creaked once or twice reminding him that he needed to get some more W-D40. He looked over to the crib and saw the small form of his baby girl. He approached the crib with exaggerated slowness because he knew he had a heavy step.

He looked down on his daughter who slept like the dead, so much so that he pulled down the pocket mirror from the shelf nearby and he placed it near her face. He exhaled in relief when he saw the mirror fog. He pulled the mirror away and quickly took a picture and sent it to his wife before he did his best to kiss his sleeping daughter without waking her.

He managed it and managed to make his way out of the room without disturbing her, and even moved the door back into place before he spoke to his wife.

“Did you get it?”

“I got it, she looks like an angel.”

“When, she’s sleeping at least.”

“She gave you that much of a hard time.”

Ali was still being breast feed and preferred the real thing over formula. However, she had to settle for it since her mother wasn’t home. Yet that only made her fussier and harder to put down to sleep. Most of the time Sebastian would have to strap her into her car seat and drive until she fell asleep but the moment he parked and open the door she would wake. So Sebastian had resorted to sleeping in the car after she had; though his sleep wasn’t as rejuvenating as his daughters.

This is why he had resorted to the hammock he had been so tired that he wasn’t sure he could even drive in a straight line let alone around the block. He hopped the motions of the hammock would soothe her, and it had. He promised himself that when he was absolutely sure she wouldn’t wake. He would take her to her bed, but he couldn’t remember doing that. He felt as though he had fallen into a deep sleep, because he felt a lot better. But even so he searched his memory for taking his daughter to her room and just couldn’t find it. Remembering that his wife was still on the line he quickly replied.

“No more than usual, I just can’t wait until she starts teething.”

This elicited a laugh from his wife.

“Well I hope you won’t be too tired baby because I need you to do me a favor.”

Sebastian wanted to groan all he wanted to do was catch a few more zzzs’ before he had to strap his daughter into her car seat and deal with the ridiculous circus people called airport traffic. Instead he replied.

“Sure honey what do you need?”

“Can you light some candles, and get my lingerie out, the blue one that you like so much.”

Sebastian had to shake his head because he thought, he misheard for a moment but then he asked.

“Is somebody feeling frisky tonight?”

“Yes, yes I am. Oh shoot I gotta go honey their calling us to board I’ll see you later handsome love you.”

“Love you.” He replied before he hung up.

Well at least it was an easy task he thought, as he began to calculate how much sleep he would be able to get before he had to pick her up from the airport. His mind was so busy with the calculations that it took him a moment to notice the gentle lights filling his room when he opened the door.


“Hello Lover.”

Sebastian focus was pulled to his bed, and any tiredness he felt was pushed to the back of his mind as another part of him took control of him. Sarah sat on a throne of pillows at the head of their bed her makeup done up because he lips looked redder and fuller and there was something about her eyes that made his made his manhood twitched as she looked at him like a cat waiting for its meal. He noted in passing that she had done something to her hair because it looked more voluminous, but he really couldn’t care at the moment at the moment his attention, was fixated on the rest of her.

She was dressed in metallic light blue three-inch high heel sandals. The heels were designed with a ribbon that wrapped itself around her leg and stop midway up her calf. One leg folded and resting on the bed, the other had its heel pressed into the mattress, while her foot tapped away gently in the air as though following the rhythm to some music he couldn’t hear. She wore the heels and the sheer powder blue panties he was going to find, that was the entirety of her ensemble. She hadn’t even bothered bahis siteleri with the bra, not that she needed to her breasts sat perky and succulent at her chest.

Sebastian couldn’t help but swallow it was his natural instinct especially when his wife managed to rouse bouts of lust within him like this. This had to be the second horniest moment in his life, the first being, the first time they had slept together. She had teased him mercilessly with a striptease act.

“What are you thinking?”

“I’m trying to decide whether I should make love the beautiful woman on my bed before my wife gets home.”

That made her quirk an eyebrow even as she smirked.

“So what’s stopping you?”

“It depends on your answer.”

“What’s the question?”

“Did you remove my baby girl from me and make me think that I misplaced her?”

Now Sarah couldn’t help but smile her killer smile that brightened her whole face.

“That was just cruel woman.” He said even as he smirked at her as she laughed.

“Well now that you know how much of a bad girl I’ve been, why don’t you come over here and punish me.” She said as she raised her arms above her head, forcing his eyes to focus on her chest.

“No I don’t think I will.” Sebastian said as he crossed his arms over his chest. The subtle change in her face allowed her quirked eyebrow to announce her confusion. “Something tells me you will like this punishment too much, I think the real way to punish is to not give what you want.”

At this she did a little pout that was just sexy as all hell.

“Pout all you like, it’s not going to change my mind.”

At this she put her arms down, “You are so mean.”

Sebastian’s only response to this was quirking his eyebrow.

“Fine then, as they say “If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.”” With a quick shove she raised herself to on her feet but the combination of heals and soft mattress had he falling forward before she could properly gain the upright position she was aiming for. She was falling, Sebastian moved with the instincts honed from his constant vigilance over his daughter and caught his wife in his arms and swung her around so that she could plant her feet on the firm hard wood floor.

“You okay?” Sebastian asked trying his best to ignore his wife naked body and search for a possible injury.

“Gotcha,” She said with a smile before she wrapped one of her legs around his and pushed him back. The move had been so unexpected that he didn’t even have a chance to catch his balance. He simply fell with his wife on top of him.

Before he could even reproach her he felt her nuzzling his neck at the sensation sent shivers down his spine and into his manhood which was poking her belly doing its best to garner her attention. She left a trail of kisses across his naked chest before she settled to flicking her tongue over his nipples he was now kind of glad that he had decided to spend the afternoon without his shirt.

Sarah toyed with one nipple than the other before making her way down his stomach until he felt her hot breath penetrate through the rough cloth of his jeans making him groan. He lifted his head of the bed as he watched her as she removed his jeans, the moment she had moved his boxers down his hips his manhood sprang up to greet her. She returned the greeting by nuzzling her face against him and giving a quick kiss at his tip.

He sat up and grabbed a hold of his pants after yanked them off and throwing them aside like they were one fire. He then grabbed the back of Sarah’s head and brought her up to him and kissed her with all of the hunger that was boiling through his blood and beating against the cage of his ribs. She opened her mouth and accepted him tangling her tongue with his as they tried to gather the others flavor. He groaned into her mouth and then tried to suck the breath from her lungs when she wrapped her hand around him and began to gently stroke him.

He broke the kiss because he was starting to get light-headed and he needed everything he had to control himself because the simple truth was that he was putty in her hands. He looked into her glazed eyes and gave him a wicked smile before she took him into her mouth.

“Gee..suss” He growled as he felt her tongue slide around his shaft while her warmth surrounded him. He couldn’t help but brush her hair out of the way so he could watch her as she pleasured him; just watching her do that made him quickly start doing multiplication tables in his head. Her face flushed and her eyes glazed with lust as she suckled him taking him all the way into her mouth than focusing on the tip them gently stroking him while she kissed and nibbled on the family jewels.

Sebastian knew that she knew that he really enjoyed it when she placed special attention to his family Jewels he couldn’t help the little whimpers of pleasures that escaped from him. All of the attention she was lavishing on him was too much he was squeezing his PC muscles bahis şirketleri hoping to regain some control. He dug his hand into her hair gripping the hair closest to the skull before he pulled her away from him with an audible pop. He claimed her mouth like he was a conqueror, before he pulled her to her feet and shoved her on to the bed.

Sarah laughed as she bounced on the bed, before she bounced a second time she began to crawl back toward her throne of pillows. Before she could get to far from him he grabbed a hold of her panties and let her crawl out of them. He threw them over his shoulder not really caring where the hell they landed. He prowled toward her his intent clearly etched on his face. But before he could get any closer she placed one of her heels on his shoulder stopping his progress.

Temporarily of course because he started to kiss down the side of her heel her ankle before he started nibbling, licking, and kissing down the inside of her leg while his hands stroked and caressed her skin. He paid particular attention the back of her knee before making his way down all the way to her folds, where her scent filled the air. He kissed and nibbled at the flesh around her folds but never really making contact with them. He heard her growl in frustration when he began to kiss his way up her belly. He couldn’t help but chuckle before he liked a ring around her navel before making his way back down.

He heard the sharp inhalation of breath when he buried his face into her folds driving his tongue as far as he could within her. He pulled back and focused his attention on her folds nibbling, licking, suckling before he before he buried his tongue within her again. Then he began to shift his focus after paying attention to her folds, he focused on clit gently suckling on it before flicking and circling his tongue around it. Then he switched again, he did this a few more times before he felt her grab a hold of the back of his head.

He took this as his signal to begin his final assault he focus all of his attention on her clitoris, sucking and flicking it, while he shoved to fingers into her passage. He could hear the sharp intake of breath at the sudden intrusion. He crooked his finger and slowly began to pull them back out, the tips of his fingers dragging against the top of her passage, until he felt what he was looking for, the spongy ridge within her passage. He pressed it and the reaction was immediate as her hips buck off of the bed and her grip threatened to leave some bald spots on the back of his head. Along with a string of words that was difficult for him to hear with her thighs covering his ears but they sounded like.

“Oh god…yes…right there…yes…yes, yes.”

He feels the spasm that rocks her body before his face is flooded with her nectar. He does what he can to drink it up, lapping at her feverously until she pushes he head away and tries to crawl away mumbling.

“Too much… too much.”

He let her get away for him for a moment, while he wiped the rest of her juices from his chin. He couldn’t help the hint of male pride as he watched her trying to catch her breath as she stared blankly at the ceiling. He grabbed one of the smaller pillows and placed it on the bed before he grabbed a hold of her hips and dragged her back towards him; she gave a little yip of surprise. He quickly flipped her onto her belly before she could really get her bearings. As he kissed each cheek of her bum he stealthily checked to make sure the pillow he grabbed earlier was under her hips. With that in place, he began to blaze a trail of kisses up her back. He kissed her across her shoulders, before he brushed aside her hair and kissed her and nuzzled her neck before he began to nibble at her jaw, as he slowly pushed himself inside of her.

His sudden intrusion made her gasp before she threw her hands behind her head and gripped his hair again before she claimed his mouth in a very aggressive kiss, that only became more intense as he slowly began to thrust within her. Even before they break the kiss he rests his forearms on the bed and slides his hands beneath her finding her breasts and kneading them gently before he tweaked and pinched her nipples. The headboard taps the wall even at the gentle rhythm they are maintaining. Reminding Sebastian he has to secure the damned thing; also praying that the noise won’t wake up their daughter but he is too hot to stop. He is doing his best just to remain in control to make sure that Sarah is enjoying it. He just didn’t now for how much longer.

From the soft sighs and moans coming from her mouth she was enjoying it, he remembered to use the changing shallow thrust to deep thrust ratio even as he picked up the tempo. He knew that she was close when he saw her pull the body pillow toward her to muffle the sounds escaping from her. Before he could pick up the pace and cut loose and follow her into the abyss of pleasure. She began the slap at his shoulder, at first he didn’t understand what she was trying to tell him but when she pushed back he immediately understood that she wanted to get up. Sebastian really didn’t want to, but he did his best to reign in his frustrated need, and pulled out of her and let her get up.

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