Warming Up the Tropics Ch. 06

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Note: In the first chapters, I introduced Sarah and her niece Jennifer, who are on vacation in a warm, open minded tropical place, where Jennifer is being treated to the resort time by her aunt as a “turning 18” gift. Meanwhile, Sarah is being treated to the opportunity to let her naughty inside spot show at will, and to the delightful gift of discovering just how much her lovely niece already is capable of. You may want to read those first, as this is a continuation, and though many of these thoughts have entered my mind as a transfer from my real life, *sigh* none of them have actually happened. Yet.

Sarah opened the door to their room at the tropical resort where she had taken her niece Jennifer on a “just turned 18” holiday, and watched as Jennifer glided into the room, letting her thin white resort robe drop to the floor, and shedding the two little scraps of cloth that passed for a bikini at this permissive and openly erotic place. The air was moist and warm, and their bodies were flushed with the excitement of what they had just done with Sarah’s submissive intern Brooke, in front of nearly a dozen onlookers in a sheltered corner by the resort pool.

Jennifer turned on the shower and felt the warm water cascade over her hands. She smiled inwardly, and wondered at how it had all come to pass. She felt years older in so many ways, and yet, though they had certainly shared some of the most intimate moments, Jennifer and Sarah had not yet taken the step that they clearly both longed for, just with each other. She stepped into the shower and closed the glass door, then glanced over to the bathroom door and saw her lovely aunt leaning against the frame, just watching.

Sarah leaned there, excited but patient, and undid the tie of her robe, letting it slide from her shoulders. Flashes of memory shot through her mind as she watched her beautiful young niece rub the water over her fair skin. Images of Jennifer over recent years came into her mind…..the times they spent together at Sarah’s summer house, laughing and teasing, talking and growing, sharing the most amazingly intimate conversations with each other. Sarah felt the familiar buzz welling up in her….the buzz that she had felt with so many of their intimate talks ever since Jennifer became a teenager, full of curiosities about her growing body, about the boys that pursued her, about the bras that Sarah wore, and whether she should wear something that hid her long and always firm nipples, or not, about her female school friends who discussed “experimenting” with other girls, and even about masturbating and the many growing erotic feelings that she had.

It had been a tumultuous journey for Sarah, resisting her attraction to her young niece, and at the same time being open and honest about all the things they discussed, sexual or otherwise. And they had sunbathed topless together on many occasions, developing a sense of openness and normalcy about their nearly naked bodies without it being overtly sexual. With each passing year, Sarah had grown more and more attracted to Jennifer, not just physically, but to the amazing way she seemed comfortable with her own body, her own sense of confidence and sensuality. And the intimacy with which they had shared all this had continued to sharpen Sarah’s attraction. They had even flirted a little, it seemed, with hugs that lingered, eye contact that suggested, and comments that inquired. It was all that which Sarah had taken into account when she invited Jennifer to join her at this resort as she turned 18, and now Jennifer had clearly blossomed into the supersensual erotic being that it all portended.

In the shower, Jennifer’s firm cone shaped “b cup” breasts seemed to rise and jut out even more sensuously as she raised her hands high, running fingers through her wet hair. Those lovely young breasts, with nipples that were thinner than Sarah’s, but longer, darkish pink and pointy, angled a little bit outward and stood alert as the spray hit them. Sarah felt a tingle stir in her belly, and dropped her own small bikini to the floor. She watched Jennifer turn in a circle and reach for the soap, her tight, muscled swimmer’s bottom and long legs curved just right, so attractive to her 38 year old aunt.

Jennifer smiled through the droplet covered glass door and beckoned to her aunt. Sarah quickly responded, opening the door and stepping into the warm environment, and took the soap from Jennifer. “Shall we get rid of the perspiration we worked up out by the pool, sweetheart?” Sarah inquired.

“I want to be fresh and clean for you…. All over, for you,” Jennifer answered with a coy wink, and looked down as Sarah’s hands slid over her shoulders, high on her chest, down to her sides, and back up, under her armpits. Jennifer lifted her arms to give access, and found the showerhead, grasping it to keep her steady. Sarah’s slippery soapy hands worked back to center, in circles around Jennifer’s breasts, sliding around and around, then across them, feeling how hard the nubs of her nipples had become.

“mmmmmmm, are you trying to make them sahabet güvenilirmi longer, Aunt Sarah? Do you think they will grow, even now?” Jennifer cooed.

Without responding in words, Sarah smiled and let her soapy hands slide downward, across Jennifer’s flat belly, lingering in her navel barely a second, and then down to her hip bones, and to the sides, rubbing soapy circles on her flanks. Their eyes met, and Sarah leaned in for a kiss. It was a kiss that lingered, as if they had never done it before. They nibbled each other’s lips, felt the texture of each other’s tongues, opened their mouths to mew little kitten sounds into each other. Sarah put one hand behind the small of Jennifer’s back, and let the other hand, filled with soap, move down again, across her belly, tracing each side of the Vee that led to her mostly shaved smooth mons. They both trimmed their pubic hair into a small vertical strip, not very tall, so as not to show above their low-rise bikini swimwear, unless they wanted it to, and now Sarah scrubbed her niece’s closely trimmed hair in a lazy circle. Then she palmed the soap, and let her fingers move lower again, sliding across Jennifer’s full puffy labia, and easily slipped into the groove between them.

Jennifer moaned into Sarah’s mouth, and quickly spread her legs wider, encouraging her aunt to explore, to feel her young vulva, to wash it, tease it, prepare it. She swayed, eyes closed now, concentrating on the feelings her young body was generating, responding to her aunt’s probing fingers. Sarah continued to kiss her, and moved her other hand down as well, cupping Jennifer’s firm bottom, and then letting her soapy hand slide between Jennifer’s cheeks, caressing, cleaning, stimulating her all the more.

Jennifer’s head swam with growing passion. This was amazing, and she stood, feet spread apart, hands high and breasts thrust out, giving herself to all the beautiful touches her aunt was providing. Sarah’s fingers ran up and down Jennifer’s backside, between those lovely ass cheeks, and lingered, curling a little to caress her puckered anus. She felt Jennifer shudder at the touch, and try to lift one leg, spreading wider.

“There’s some new territory once again,” thought Sarah, and ran her tongue around Jennifer’s smooth young mouth, cheeks, chin and nose. They giggled at each other, and Sarah stepped back a little, turning Jennifer under the spray, washing the soap away.

“Do you want me to do that to you, too, Aunt Sarah?” Jennifer asked, batting her eyelashes in an overdone flirty way.”

“Just rinse me off for now, my sweet,” answered Sarah, stepping under the warm water. Jennifer’s hands ran quickly over her aunt’s skin, gliding and cleaning her over every inch, and in every corner of her body. Finally they stepped out and rubbed each other briskly with fresh clean towels, with the excitement of anticipation growing inside them.

They made their way back to the main room of their resort suite, where the luxurious king size bed awaited. Sarah pulled back the cover and Jennifer jumped onto the satin sheets. Sarah strolled to the double sliding glass door that led to the balcony where they had eaten breakfast earlier, and pulled back the curtain, letting the warm sun fill the room with light. She opened the shades on the other windows as well, and the room seemed to be exposed. Being on the third floor, there were rooms across the pool at that height and higher that had an open view. Sarah sat on the foot of the bed and looked out.

“Do you suppose anyone over there is paying any attention? I can see people moving around on their balconies. But I can’t imagine they would notice us, even through the large windows, can you?”

Jennifer joined her, sitting on the bottom of the bed, and answered, “Oh, Aunt Sarah, you have taught me that it doesn’t really matter….In fact, you have taught me that it is exciting to be seen!” She turned and captured Sarah’s ear in her teeth. “Make me your naughty girl!”

“I think you already are my naughty girl, aren’t you?” Sarah’s whispered response resulted in a nod, and she turned to face her, moving her hand to cup Jennifer’s sharply pointed breast. “See how your nipples give you away?” Sarah rubbed her palm in a circle, as if her niece’s long nipple was the arrow, centering on its target. Then she did the same with her other hand.

“Do it to me too, Jen, just like that. Make me your naughty aunt.”

Jennifer mimicked her aunt’s movements, just the palms of their hands touching just the tips of each other’s nipples. They looked at each other’s eyes, then watched the movements of their hands, then looked at each other again. Sarah licked her palms, then returned them to their targets, and Jennifer did the same, bringing a further shot of electricity to Sarah’s tits. Her nipples hardened, and she felt the surge begin to grow inside her.

It was playful, gentle, experimenting, almost as if they hadn’t ever touched each other, or seen all the things that had gone before them the past few days. Sarah scooted up to the head of sahabet yeni giriş the bed and propped up a pillow to lean against. She pulled Jennifer to her, so that the younger girl lay sideways, with her head in Sarah’s lap. Sarah raised her legs a little, lifting Jennifer closer, and leaned down to kiss her beautiful niece. Their mouths came together, almost trembling, tracing the shape and texture of each other’s lips with their tongues. Sarah’s hand lay idly on Jennifer’s warm naked stomach, and they concentrated on the tastes and sensuality of each other’s mouths.

Some wetness slipped downward from Sarah’s tongue, and Jennifer sucked it clean.

“More?” Jennifer murmured. “I liked that. Give me more?”

Sarah let more of her juicy saliva slip from her mouth, and Jennifer lay back as it flowed into her. She swallowed it and opened her mouth for more. Sarah marveled at the easy and natural way that her niece exposed new intimacies, as if she wanted to experience everything her aunt had to offer.

“Give it back to me, my darling girl?” Sarah whispered, and lowered her mouth to Jennifer. Jen opened her lips as they kissed, and Sarah felt the growing mixture of wetness shoot back into her own mouth. The depth of the intimacy thrilled her, and she slid her hand upward, caressing Jennifer’s firm tits as they continued to play, tongues thrusting, saliva flowing between them, even dripping down Jennifer’s cheek, neck, and to her shoulder a little. Sarah gathered it on her fingers, and slid her fingers around those fantastic long nipples, using the slippery fluids to coat them.

Their heartbeats raged, and finally they broke for a breath, holding each other silently. Sarah tugged one long nipple even further out, pulling on it just a little. “Is it OK,?” she asked softly. “Is it too much?”

“Oh, oh Aunt Sarah, it is beautiful. It is what I have thought about for so long, ever since I got my first bra, and we started comparing, as I grew. Yes, I’ve wanted it so.”

Sarah lowered Jennifer back down into her lap and leaned forward, letting her larger breasts hang a little. She cradled Jennifer and with one hand guided herself to Jen’s mouth.

“Suckle me a little? Will you?”

Jennifer smiled, opening her mouth to feel the texture of the older woman’s nipple, pulling it in, bathing it with her tongue, rolling it inside her mouth. Their eyes locked on each other, and then Jennifer began to suckle, lightly, pulling it further in. Sarah’s eyes closed and her breath became ragged as she held her niece’s head close to her.

Jennifer worked Sarah’s nipple for a few moments, and then shifted to the other one, pleasuring her aunt, bringing her higher and higher. Sarah’s hand moved downward, and Jennifer opened her thighs, inviting the exploring fingers between them. Again they looked at each other, watching, sensing, feeling each growing shot of electricity. Sarah tugged a little at the small patch of hair above Jennifer’s groove, and then let two fingers slide along the sides of her pussy lips, pinching them together, and then one finger in between them. The arousal was intense, and all the play had made Jennifer begin to flow.

“You feel so wet from inside, my little minx,” Sarah cooed, and she dipped two fingers into Jen’s pussy. Jennifer opened her legs wider, and lifted her hips to her aunt’s caresses.

Sarah curled her fingers, gathering all she could, and brought them to her mouth, licking, tasting, cleaning them.

“Me too, give me too?” Jen cried.

She did it again, caressing her beautiful niece, cupping her mound, feeling the warmth of her pussy, and then slid two fingers inside, gathering the nectar and bringing it to her tit, coating her nipple with the wetness. Jennifer smiled and began to lick it, tasting her own taste on her aunt’s nipple, sucking it and cleaning it.

“I want to taste you too, I need to, I need to….” Jennifer pleaded, writhing in her growing heat. She slid downward and moved parallel to her aunt as Sarah opened her legs wide. Her pussy glistened with the juices that ran from inside her, and the insides of her thighs were already coated with it. Jennifer patiently licked Sarah’s legs, tasting her skin, moving upwards as she lay between her open thighs. She moved from side to side, and Sarah combed her fingers through Jennifer’s hair, urging her upwards.

“Jen…. Sweet Jen… that is soooo good,” Sarah murmured as Jennifer’s tongue finally bathed across her aunt’s pussy lips, then circled around the outside of them, licking the valley between her labia and her thigh. Jennifer’s forearms pressed outwards against those thighs, spreading her aunt wider, and she closed her mouth over the tendon that stretched tight between Sarah’s pubic bone and her thigh, making a tender sensitive hollow spot just below it. Jennifer wiggled her tongue into the spot…then moved to the other side and did the same.

“Ohhhh, lover girl, where….. did you learn….. that?… I thought…. This isn’t….. new to you,….. is it!!??” Sarah’s words came in little gasps, and she sahabet giriş surrendered herself to the light probing touches.

Jennifer’s light summery voice answered, “Aunt Sarah, I’m just doing what you had Brooke do to me, do you remember??” She licked a moment more, tugging on Sarah’s skin with her closed lips, and finally moving directly to center, sliding her slippery tongue upward, parting Sarah’s labia with one stroke. “Am I doing it the way you like it?”

“Purrrrfect, baby lover, purrrrrfect”, Sarah moaned, caressing Jennifer’s cheeks, ears, hair with both hands, and then moving her fingers to her own center, feeling where Jennifer’s lips moved up and down around her labia, keeping them open. Sarah pulled herself wider open, spreading her pussy lips apart and tipping her hips upwards, and looked down to see how her hood had pulled tight, exposing the tip of her clit. Jennifer’s tongue slid upwards to it, and flicked, just once.

Sarah jumped, “Ohh Godddd,” and rolled a little to one side…. “Do it again!!!”

Jennifer locked her mouth over the top of Sarah’s vulva, sucking lightly, pulling Sarah’s clit outward further, and tongue lashing it, up and down, sideways, suckling it like a little nipple. Then she pause, dipping lower and lapping at the sweet juicy spend that flowed faster from Sarah’s wide open channel. Jennifer loved how it tasted, different from her own, but not entirely, and the taste made her feel more aroused herself. She knew she would love doing this…. Somehow she had known that the tastes and scents would be attractive, not repulsive in the slightest, and the fact that she was pleasuring her beloved Aunt Sarah made it all the more explosive.

It only took a few moments… all the anticipation, all the teasing, and the many times Sarah had masturbated thinking about just this moment let her give way to the feeling, and she let go with a breathless cry. Energy surged from deep in her belly, and almost paralyzed her as it centered in her oversensitive clit. It throbbed, and Jennifer could feel it.

“Just press it, baby, please… just press it hard and hold…..” Sarah pleaded, her hands firmly on her niece’s head.

Jennifer responded by quieting her tongue, pushing it firmly against her Sarah’s clit, flat, strong, holding it there, and feeling her aunt’s hard nub spasm, throb, over and again, and then less, and then Sarah’s hips settled back, and with a huge sigh she sank into the bed, little sounds of laughter, or was it crying, coming from somewhere in her throat.

Jennifer crawled upwards until she lay hip to hip with Sarah, resting her head on Sarah’s chest, listening to the rapid heartbeat, feeling the softness of the older woman’s breasts, the warmth of her body. She lay with her legs spread over Sarah’s left thigh, her own thigh nestled firmly against Sarah’s warm pussy.

“Whew,” Sarah finally managed. “You are going to be a treasure for all the girls that come into your life, my darling niece! I haven’t felt so high, so consumed, in a loooooong time!”

Jennifer giggled…. “We will be a treasure for each other, then, won’t we! Because you are the one who taught me, you know….taught me how to be good, and how to be bad at the same time, and I love it!”

Sarah scooted down a little so her head was propped on the pillow, but lying more flat, and began pulling Jennifer upwards. She lifted her thigh against Jennifer’s mons, then paused, letting the lithe young explorer rub herself against it, sideways, back and forth, stimulating herself against her aunt. The moist air of the tropical resort surrounded them, and a light sheen coated their bodies. Jennifer’s slick pussy slid up and down against the very top of Sarah’s thigh, and she leaned forward, bracing herself on her extended hands, leaning down to offer Sarah her mouth and tongue.

They kissed, deep, long, back and forth. Sarah bathed Jennifer’s face, licking her own juices from Jennifer’s cheeks and nose, pulled on Jennifer’s lips with her own. They tasted and licked each other’s lips and tongues for several minutes, and then Jennifer leaned higher, letting her beautiful firm cone tits with the overly long nipples, now a darker shade of pink, hover over Sarah’s mouth. She moved herself left and right, teasing, looking down to see Sarah’s tongue lift up, aiming for a nipple, and then moving it away.

They giggled, teased, and played coy. “Let me taste them!” Sarah pleaded.

“Which one do you want, Aunt Sarah?” Jennifer replied, “This one…… or this one??

One at at time she lowered her tits to Sarah’s lips, then moved sideways to change to the other one, just as Sarah began to close her lips around her turgid nipple. They were coated with Sarah’s saliva, wet, shining, and becoming more needy for the delightful attention they were being given. Jennifer lowered her left nipple into Sarah’s mouth and left it, not pressing it fully against her face, just left it available. Sarah captured it in her lips, pulling it in, lifting her face just a little to feed on the entire tip of Jen’s breast, sucking lightly, rolling her nipple with her tongue, pressing her lips harder around all of it. As Jennifer lifted up, slowly, Sarah hung on, and finally released it with a “pop”. Jennifer immediately shifted, and lowered her right breast to Sarah, who repeated the loving foreplay.

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