We Can Keep A Secret… Pt. 1

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“It is so damn hot” I said as I opened the window in my bedroom.

Being that I was on the second floor of my house, I looked forward to a nice breeze to blow through my bedroom on that September evening.

I walked into my bathroom, turned the shower on and removed my clothes. I looked at myself in the mirror, turning around from left to right. The Zumba classes were paying off, along with the monthly membership to the tanning bed. I unclasped my bra, finally letting my 36Ds go free. I instinctively rubbed them, gently squeezing them. God, it felt good to be out of the bra. I wiggled out of the matching thong, throwing it in the pile of dirty clothes I had promised to wash that weekend. After the day I had, I wanted a hot shower, and to climb in my bed.

I had finished a day of jury deliberation followed by the gym. My body ached from all the workouts I was putting it through.

Stepping into the shower felt like heaven on my sweaty body. I stood there, letting the water run down my body. I dipped my head back, getting my blonde highlighted hair wet before shaking and squeezing the Pantene shampoo in my hand. As I washed my hair, I thought I heard a sound, pausing, I realized it was probably Chinco, my neighbor’s German Shephard barking.

I stepped out the shower, wrapping both my hair and body in towels, before returning to my bedroom.

“Ahhh yes” I said as the breeze blew in.

I had a ‘Bridges of Madison County’ moment when I took the towel off, stood there butt naked in front of the window, letting the breeze blow on me. I grabbed my oversized UGA t-shirt that belonged to my college boyfriend, Barry. His size 4x totally swamped my 5’6, 155 pound self. The shirt swallowed me which is what I loved about it. It was my favorite thing to sleep in. That shirt and nothing else. I loved sleeping in that shirt, no panties. I was a firm believer that a free-breathing pussy was a happy pussy. Barry loved that about me. He would come over, climb into my bed in the middle of the night and I would wake up to his fingers deep in my pussy, rubbing my clit or even better, his face in my pussy. I loved the way he would take my pussy, he never asked for me. whenever he wanted it, I gave it up freely to him. He and I may have broken up a few weeks earlier, but a few of his clothes remained with me, including his UGA boxer shorts that I wore whenever my monthly was here. I looked at my phone, debating if I should call him. I was in the mood for a cock in my mouth. I wanted to suck a big, thick country cock and who better than Barry. Instead, I called my mom back.

“Hey mom, sorry I missed your call, I was in the shower” I said as I lotioned my legs.
“How was work today?”
“I don’t even want to talk about it, it was THAT bad” I said.
“I’m sorry, I know it’s a stressful case.” She said sighing.
“Yeah and the defense attorney has something up his sleeve, I just don’t know what.”
“Is it more jury selection tomorrow?” she asked.
“Yeah, trial should start next week hopefully” I said as I rubbed lotion on my butt and back of my thighs.
“Ok, well, keep me posted….you’ll do great. You are your father’s daughter, you’re tough and I know you will handle this case brilliantly” she said.

I smiled to myself. My mom always knew how to encourage me.

“Thanks mom, let me get to bed, early and long day tomorrow”
“Oh by the way, have you spoken to Josh?” she asked.
“No, I called him earlier and we talked but he is working late tonight.” I said speaking of my brother.
“I texted him, but it was no response”
“You know how he is, I am sure he will get back to you tomorrow.” I said.
“Don’t forget about Sunday” she said reminding me about dinner for my dad’s birthday.
“I won’t mom.”
“Prosecutor or not…..your dad’s birthday is important young lady.”
“I will be there I’ve already moved all my plans, don’t worry.” I said laughing.
My mom always had a way of sliding in my job title in every conversation.
“Ok, goodnight, sleep tight, turn the alarm on,” she said.
“I will and I have.” I assured her before hanging up.

I put my cell phone on silent, set the alarm and finished lotioning up before climbing into bed. My hair would air dry and sleeping without panties would allow the rest of me to breathe too.

I smelled the cologne before anything. I didn’t hear a sound, only noticed the smell. I opened my eyes to turn over and as soon as I started to move, he was on me. He was on top of my comforter, yet he was straddling me. I could taste the leather from his gloves as I tried to open my mouth to scream. His hand was covering my mouth, holding it shut, clamped down…. tight. My eyes tried desperately to make out the figure, but I couldn’t see a thing, there was no light illuminating from anywhere. My eyes darted to the left towards my closest, I had a Louisville slugger bat in there. They darted to the right, my dresser had a Glock .45 in the top drawer that my brother bought me for my birthday. That wouldn’t do my any good, it was on the other side of the room. That’s when I felt it. The cold metal against my temple.

‘Oh my God, I am about to die’ I thought to myself.

“Make a sound and I will fucking kill you bitch.” He whispered in my ear.

He was so close to me that I could feel his breath on my ears.

“Do you understand” he asked.
I nodded my head, trying to figure out any details that I could. My mind was racing in a thousand directions.

“Good girl” he said gently smacking my cheek.

Every part of me was shaking.

“Do not make me hurt you Kristin” he said as he held the gun to my head.

His free hand ran down the front of my body, stopped just before the comforter that laid over me.

My breathing was so rapid.

He removed something from his pocket and reached over to cover my mouth. I knew immediately it was duct tape. It was uncomfortable on my skin. The adhesive got on my tongue a little and it was a disgusting taste.

‘Dear God please….’ I said to myself as tears started running down my face.

He grabbed first my right arm and then my left arm, crossing them over my head. I turned my head to see what he was doing, and that’s when I felt the fabric against my arm. He seemed to slowly drag what I thought was a scarf or shirt slowly over my arms. He tied my wrists around the rails of my headboard.

‘NOOOOOO’ I tried screaming but it was in vain. Only a sound came out. I cried harder, which didn’t help. I was breathing heavy and with the duct tape, could only breathe through my nose, which was now stopped up.

“Shhhhhh” he said like I was a child.

He tied the knot tight, I had no room to move or any hope of getting free.
Just when I thought he was done, he pulled another piece of fabric from his pocket, I could make out he was coming closer to me. I started moving my head around.

“Keep still.” He said.

I refused to listen and kept moving my head all around.

“Keep fucking still or I will hurt you.” He said with a more authoritative tone.
He blindfolded me, I couldn’t see a thing. The idea of not seeing combined with unable to move as too much for me.
He seemed to sit back, pausing, as if to admire his work.

Then it started…..

I heard what sounded like keys jiggling in his pants as he took them off. I could hear him open a container and drink something, just standing there, looking at me.

‘Breathe Kristin, breathe, focus’
I tried, in vain, to wiggle around to free myself.
They taught us in undergrad to take notice of details, smells, and the sound of his voice.

“Moving all around will only make it worse” he said.

He stood for a moment, watching me, before he pulled the comforter off and threw it on the floor. Once it was off, I was exposed. I tried to twist my body, cross my legs, but I was tied so tight, I couldn’t.

“God you’re beautiful” he said as he ran his hand up my right leg.

I tried screaming, only noise was coming out. No audio words.
He reached over me pushed my shirt up to my neck. I was completely naked.
His hands ran up and down my body, first on the sides, then he rubbed my stomach, as if to calm me down.

“I won’t hurt you” he said.

I was breathing heavy, trying to calm down. Tears streaming down my face.

“No no, I won’t hurt you” he said again, more to himself this time, rubbing my thigh, up the back of my ass.

His hands were rough; like he had callouses all over. But his touch……it was erotic.
His other hand rubbed my right breasts, the palm of his hand ran across the nipple, getting it hard.

“Niiiiccceeee” he said feeling it grow under his hand.

He bent down and licked the nipple. It caught me by surprise. His tongue was cold, wet and it felt….different on my skin. My body temperature clearly was up; my heart was racing. When he bought down, I got a whiff of his cologne. It was intoxicating.

He licked, he moved from one nipple to the next.

‘You have got to be fucking kidding me’ I thought to myself as I felt my pussy waking up.

He pushed my breasts together, flicking his tongue from one to the next before biting my left nipple. The way he bit it, sent a chill down my spine. And it felt so good.

‘I should not be enjoying this.’ I said to myself, trying to get angry and not enjoy the feeling of my nipples in this man’s mouth.

He kissed his way down, slowly, deliberately. My nipples were erect from the mixture of his saliva and the cool breeze that was now blowing.

‘Oh God’ I thought as he kissed down to my belly button. The tingling sensation came and it took me by surprised.

I was angry because what should have been terrifying was starting to feel inviting.

‘What the hell’ I said as I cried, more out of fear and frustration than anything else.

He paused before adjusting his body to cover me.
“Calm down” he said softly before pushing my legs apart.

“No!” I screamed through the duct tape, realizing finally that screaming was of no use.

I realized I wasn’t saying “no” because I didn’t want it, I was saying “no” because I was afraid I would enjoy it.

“Shh” he said getting in between my legs.
“Let me make you feel good” his voice slightly muffled from being in between my thighs.

He kissed along my bikini line, he moved his way down, down to my inner thigh. He was gentle, his kisses were……sensual.

Without even realizing it, I opened my legs further, hiked my knees up, which inevitably exposed my Brazilian waxed pussy to this perpetrator.

“Oooo, I love a shaven pussy” he said rubbing his hands all over it. He gently touched the folds, causing me to jump.

‘Motherfucker…..those hands’ I thought, trying to not cry.
“Well well well…..what do we have here?” he asked.

I knew what he was referring to. I was soaked. I was pissed that I was so wet. But the way he worked my nipples, licking them like lollipops, the way he kissed down my body like he was carefully unwrapping a present….was all too much.

‘What the hell is wrong with me’ I cursed myself for enjoying this shit.

His two fingers went inside the lips, grazing over my clit. I jumped, pushing my hips towards him.

‘Oh shit’

“Oh so you want me to take this pussy, huh?” he asked.

He blew gently on it, putting his two fingers inside me.
A moan escaped my mouth.

“Oh you like that?” he said easing his fingers in and out of my wetness.
I started breathing heavier.

He was teasing me, fingering my pussy, when what I wanted…..was his mouth on my pussy. He bent down, spread my lips apart, and flicked his tongue on my clit. I squirmed, I tossed wildly.

“Calm down” he said grabbing my legs and gripping them tight, putting them on his shoulders as he buried his head in pussy.

My eyes shot open under the blindfold.

His strong arms pushed my legs further apart, he literally buried his entire face in me. Using his forehead to rub my clit, even his nose. He ate my pussy like it was his last meal. He used his tongue to fuck my pussy hole, darting it in and out. I wanted to scream but the duct tape was in my way. I wanted to moan, I wanted my arms free to enjoy this. All I could do was keep my legs open, my knees bent and take it…..like a fucking slut.

His hands got under my ass, spreading my ass cheeks as he went lower and deeper with his tongue.

‘Oh shit’ I cried as a wave of orgasm crept in.
‘Fuck this feels good’ I said to myself.

He wiped his face with the back of his hand, before using his thumb escort bayan to rub my clit and finger fuck me.

‘Shit’ I was frustrated that I couldn’t make noise.

“Will you believe me now Kristin?” he asked.

‘Believe what? What the fuck am I supposed to believe?’ I thought to myself. I could not think straight.

“If I take the tape off, will you be a good girl?” he asked.

I nodded my head violently.

More than anything, I wanted the tape off.
I SHOULD be screaming for help. I SHOULD be kicking him violently, defending myself. Instead, I laid back down, breathing heavy, as the orgasm that I was trying to avoid was overtaking me.

He went back down, using his fingers to play with my asshole.
I was moaning through the duct tape.

“Oh…..someone likes that.” He said putting his thumb in my tight asshole.

At first I flinched, the sensation of a foreign object in my ass was uncomfortable. But then he went back to licking my pussy, sucking, drinking up my pussy juice, all the while pushing his finger deeper and deeper in my ass. I erupted without any reservation and jerked wildly in the bed, moaning, making pure ecstasy noises.

“Damn this pussy tastes so good….” He said licking from top to bottom.
“You like that?”

I nodded and moaned to let him know I was enjoying it.

“Good.” He said gently turning me over onto my stomach.

He kissed just above my ass, down the right cheek, licking back up the left cheek.
The tickling feeling was driving me insane.

“Oh this is a nice ass” he said slapping it.

I couldn’t talk, I could only take what he was doing.

He spread my ass cheeks and started licking inside the crack of my ass.
I lost it. I fucking lost it.

I tried to pull myself up, towards the headboard. It was all in vain.

“Don’t run” he said wrapping his arms around my waist.

I was crying…..not from fear. I was crying in sheer pleasure.

He pulled me back, buried his head in my ass, his tongue darting in and out of my asshole and it was amazing. He shook his head, went out of my ass and went back in, spreading my ass for his enjoyment. I screamed in the duct tape, buried my head in the pillow, anything I could to keep from losing my mind while he spread my cheeks, using his finger to rub my wetness, lubing my ass up.

“I got big plans for this.” He said before going back to licking my asshole.

The more he rubbed, the more he licked my asshole, the closer I got to a second orgasm.
I came hard and loudly. I erupted in his mouth and on his hand.

“Oh shit!” he said with a smile in his voice.

I was out of breath. I couldn’t take it anymore.

He stopped, turning me back over, now I was on my back, legs open. I was his toy. I wasn’t a woman, or even a person to him. He was playing with me like I was a fuck toy only there to make him cum. He crawled up on me, took the tape off. I didn’t even notice how raw my mouth felt. I only noticed I could smell myself on his face and the breeze that was blowing over my face where perspiration had developed.
We were face to face, me and this stranger. I could smell him, I could smell me on him and it was intoxicating. Still tied up, I bucked up to kiss him. I slipped my tongue in his mouth, tasting myself on his tongue.

“Like that?” he asked backing away.
“Yeah” I said breathlessly.
“Want more?”

We kissed, this time, more intense. I was getting more wet tasting him on my tongue. I was getting excited, knowing that my pussy covered his entire face. I was excited to know that he drank me like I was an ice cold beer. I could feel his hardened dick against my leg. I wanted it, I was ready for it. In that moment, I craved him being inside me, fucking me like a slut.

“Damn I want you Kristin” he said.

He got on his knees between my legs.

“Oh shit” I whispered as he pushed my knees up.

He ran his dick up the front of my pussy, letting my wetness cover his tip.

“Put it in” I said out of breath.
“Oh you want this?” he asked.
I nodded.
“Tell me.” He said.
“I want it.”
“Louder.” He said, commanding me.
“I FUCKING WANT IT!!!” I screamed.

He eased his cock inside me…..teasing me. I was in no mood to be teased. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him in.

“You want to be fucked like a slut, don’t you?” he asked.
“Yeah” I said breathing heavy, feeling his balls slap up against my pussy.
“Oh fuck, this feels good.”

He stroked me at first, before picking up the pace.

“You like that?” he asked.
“Yeah, fuck me harder”
“FUCK…..damn this pussy is good.”
“God, your cock feels so good….. take this pussy baby!”
I tried jerking my body, desperately trying to break the fucking headboard.
The stranger slammed harder into me, I threw my hips back towards him with each thrust. The more he gave, the more I gave it back. He leaned down and clasped his hands around my neck, closing his grip tighter and tighter. I had no choice but to take it.

“Yeah, you like being choked, don’t you?” he asked.

I tried to answer him, but his grip was so tight.

“Awww fuck, yeah, I am fucking you hard, take this cock all up in you.” He said.

My eyes started watering from the air supply slowly being cut off.

“That’s a good bitch, take this cock……you fucking whore. I’ve been waiting a while to fuck your tight pussy.” He said in my ear.

He picked up pace, gripping my neck. I tried to move my head, I tried to regain some control. But he had all the control. He was fucking me, he was choking me. he had me on my back, legs open, taking his cock deep inside me. I was at his mercy and…..i loved it.
He let go of my neck, reached down and started rubbing my clit.

“No no no no” I said over and over again as another orgasm was coming up.
“I’m cumming!!”
“Yeah, cum on this cock….you like this cock all in you, don’t you bitch?”
“Ye….yea….i love that big cock all in me…….shit, make my pussy cum on you.”
“You like being called a dirty whore, don’t you bitch?” he asked.

No matter what he asked me, in that moment, I would have agreed to anything.

“Let me get that ass.” He said pulling out and still rubbing his cock.

I turned over, willingly giving him my ass, still tied to the bed, pulling myself up to my knees.

“Give me that ass bitch.” He said.

He got behind me, opened my ass, and spit right on the hole.

“Awww yeah”
“You like that bitch?” he asked.
I nodded.
“Tell me you like that.” He said.
“I like it….. I fucking like it.” I said getting excited about what was coming next.
He caressed my asshole with the tip of his cock…..before pushing it into me.
“Ahhhh” I screamed out.
“Shut up bitch…. take this cock in your ass.” He said.
God it felt so good.

He pushed deeper into me….. Until his balls were against my ass.

“Fuck me….please.” I begged.
“You want my cock to fuck you?”
“Yeah……oh shit, I want that cock to fuck me…..fuck me…. so hard.” I pleaded.

He eased out, then back in…..before he started picking up the pace.

“Oh shit, this asshole is nice and tight…..famous attorney likes getting fucked like a whore.” He said bending down and moving my hair out of my face, talking in my ear.

“You’re such a slut, you know that Kristin?” he asked.
“I know.” I said crying.
“You like being a slut?”
“I love being your slut.”
“You like me calling you a whore Kristin?” I nodded, crying.
“Yeah, you’re my bitch tonight…..my fucking whore.”
“Yeah…..I love getting fucked like a whore.” I said between gritted teeth.

He pumped in me faster, slamming his thick fat cock deep into my ass.

“Fuck!!!…..cum in my ass.”
“Oh, you want this nut in you?” he asked.
“YYYYYEEEEESSSSS” I said ready to feel his hot cum shooting deep inside my ass.

He pumped a few more strokes.

“No, I got something better for you.” He said before pulling out.

He quickly turned me over, climbed onto my chest and started jacking his cock over my face.

“Put them in your mouth bitch.” He said referring to his balls.
“Hmmm.” I said sticking my tongue out.

His balls were dripping a mixture of sweat and my pussy juice, a perfect combination. They were salty and had a musky smell, it drove me crazy.

“Yeah…..thats it, suck on my balls bitch.” He said.

I twirled my tongue all around, slurping up all the juices, the saliva running down my mouth.

“Oh shit your mouth feels good.”
“Mmmmm” I moaned.
Having his balls deep in my mouth as he jacked his cock off over me, it was turning me on more and more.

“Oh shit, I’m about to cum.”
“Cum for me……I want that cum all in my mouth.” I whined, practically begging him.

He moved down, pointing his cock directly at my face.

“Open your fucking mouth.” He commanded.

I did as I was told.

He jerked off harder.

“AHHHH FUCK…..I’M CUUUUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGGGG.” He said almost animalistic and barbaric in its tone.

As soon as I opened, his cock poured out over my face. It shot hot cum onto my lips, my chin, and my cheeks. I surrendered my face. I loved getting a cum-facial.
I laid there until the last drop came out, licking my lips, tasting his sweet cum.

“Good girl” he said out of breath while rubbing his cum into my face with his cock.

I smiled. I was utterly satisfied.

He climbed off of me, went into my bathroom and turned the faucet on. I was stuck, lying there, tied up, blindfolded.

He walked back in, got dressed.
He sat next to me.

“You were amazing.” He said as his cum dried up on my face.

I made a sound.

“Now, be a good girl and don’t make me hurt you…..the kind you don’t like” he said while untying me.

I nodded.

He grabbed his jacket, put his gloves back on and walked to the door. I removed the blindfold, letting my eyes adjust.

“Bye Kristin.” I heard him say as he closed my bedroom door.

I rubbed my wrists before replying.

“Bye Josh.” I said collapsing back on my bed.

To Be Continued…..

~Part 2~

“Hello Kristin” Abigail, the housekeeper said.

I walked into the mansion, handing her my coat.

“Hi Abby, everyone here?”
“Almost, we are waiting on Joshua to arrive, your parents are in the private living room.”

I smiled warmly and walked through the foyer up the grand staircase to the second floor.

“Hi Matt.” I said to one of the security staff.
“Hello ma’am, how are you?”
“I am good, how’s the family? Your wife doing better?”
“Yes, she had her last chemo treatment yesterday, so we are hopeful.”
I patted his shoulder.
“I am praying for her.” I said before I walked off.

I walked into the ornate living room. There was a grand piano in the corner, the one my grandmother left to my mother. The fireplace held our family portrait that was painted about two years ago. From the outside, we looked like the perfect family. My dad, seated, my mother, brother and I surrounding him and smiling perfectly. The fresh flowers that arrived every Wednesday were still fragrant.

“Hello mom”
“There you are!” She said.
I walked over and gave her a hug.
“Where’s daddy?” I asked.
“Here I am.”
“Hey daddy, Happy Birthday”
I hugged him and kissed his cheek.
“How is my baby-girl?”
“I am good, work is busy, but I am good. How are you?”
“Good, better now that you are here.”
I nodded and sat down on the couch.

“So, I saw the speech daddy…. It was good.”
“I have a trip to D.C next week, meeting with the president.”
“Big leagues….. meeting with the president. Are you excited?” I asked looking at my mom.
“Oh yes….. always nice to be invited to the White House.”
“I wish I could go.”
“You can, if you want, I’ll get Brandon to get you on the list.” He said referring to one of his aides.
“No, this isn’t the time for a vacation, work is crazy.”
“Speaking of work…. How is the trial?”
I shrugged.
“It’s coming, we have our jury and I am studying day and night to be prepared.”
“Well…. I am sure…..” he began as someone came in.
“Sorry to bother you, Governor Boyd, but we have an urgent phone call.”
My dad looked at me and sighed.
“I’ll be right back.” he assured us.
My mom let out a loud sigh.
“Governor business never stops…. Sometimes he doesn’t even go to bed until eleven at night.” She told me.
I nodded.
“Is he thinking of re-election?”
“We are talking about it. None escort bayanlar of us want to do another campaign.”
“Well….no, we don’t want to, but we would, he knows that.” I said.

My dad had been governor for about three years, going on four. When he was elected, it was the best and worst of times. My mom, Josh and I all went from stop to stop helping campaign for my dad. It was exhausting to say the least. The tricky part was Josh and I. We had to be very careful about what we did and where we did it. Sometimes we didn’t do anything for weeks or months at a time. But then, there were the moments where we couldn’t stop ourselves. While out campaigning we had to be extra careful. The last thing I wanted was anyone to find out our secret. I didn’t need it to be on the news or used as blackmail against my dad. That would crush me. My daddy was my world. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for him, nor him for me.

“There you are!” my mom said as Josh waked in fifteen minutes later.
“Hey mom, sorry I am late.”
“It’s ok, your father had an emergency phone call, so we are waiting on that to wrap up anyway.” She told him.
“Oh ok, well, that gives me some time to burn then.”
Josh looked down at this watch.
“Let me go and check on dinner…. It’s good to see you sweetheart.” She said kissing his cheek before exiting the living room.
“So dad is on the phone upstairs and mom is in the kitchen.” Josh said looking at me.
The more he looked at me, the wetter my cunt got.
“We agreed this place was off limits.” I whispered.
He walked up to me, close enough for me to smell his cologne, but not touching me.
“Are you sure you want to abide by that?”
I looked down shyly.
“Or would you like to go upstairs with me and let me fuck your wet cunt with my cock?”
“So vulgar.” I said.
“Well last time I checked dear little sister…. You like me vulgar.”
“Josh….” I whined.
He gave me that same devilish smile as he backed away from, leaving the living room.
I stood there for a few moments, debating in my head what to do.

I walked downstairs, to the main level. The first level was always used for official state business. Even though it was Sunday, it was still busy. The phone was ringing, aides were running around, and I could hear Marianne, my dad’s secretary yelling at an intern.
“What is going on?” I asked Brandon.
“Bad accident down south, six students were killed…. Seventeen people injured. Traffic is at a standstill. Tanker blew.” He said.
I shook my head.
‘When did this happen?”
“This morning.”
“Is that why everyone is here on a Sunday?” I asked.
He nodded.
I peeked in my dad’s office, where he was sitting behind his massive Oak desk.
“Honey, this is taking a little longer than expected, let your mother know for me, ok? As soon as I am done, we can eat.” he asked covering the phone with his hand.
I nodded and smiled.
“Sure daddy.”

I made my way up from the first floor, to the second floor and walked into the kitchen.
“Mom, daddy said he will be a little bit longer.”
“Oh Lord…. That man can’t seem to leave the state alone for just a moment to eat with his family” She said throwing her hands up.
“Bad accident down south, apparently there are about six fatalities.” I told her while breaking off a small piece of the roasted chicken.
She smacked my hand.
“Leave that alone Kristin.”
“So I guess just hold dinner until he is done.”
‘We can put it in the oven on ‘warm’ until the governor is ready.” Abby said.
My mom had her hand on her hips and shook her head.
“I guess that will have to do.”
“I’ll go let Josh know.” I volunteered before turning to leave.

I went down the hall and peeked in my bedroom, he wasn’t there. I peeked into my brother’s room and again, it was empty. Finally, I went into my parent’s bedroom and I could hear the toilet flush in the bathroom. Walking in the door, I found Josh washing his hands.
“There you are.”
“Were you looking for me?”
“Yeah, dinner is delayed until daddy gets off the phone.” I said.
He nodded.
“Fine with me.” he said.
He walked out the bathroom, into the master bedroom, locking the main door.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
He took his shirt off. Seeing his bare chest made my stomach fall.
“What does it look like I am doing.”
He unzipped his jeans, letting them fall to the floor.
“Josh…. We can’t….” I whispered.
“Our parents’ bedroom? The fucking governor’s mansion.”
He wasn’t listening. He took his boxers off and out sprang his beautiful cock.
“Oh shit.”
I looked around the room, quickly debating on what I should or shouldn’t do.

I took my dress off, unclasped my bra and let it fall to the floor. The taboo of the whole situation made my pussy wet with excitement. Here I was, naked, with my brother, in our parents’ bedroom, which happened to be inside the governor’s mansion. I was dripping wet.

“Put it in your mouth.” Josh ordered.
I squatted down in front of him, taking his cock in my mouth and started sucking it. I looked him in his eyes as I gave him oral pleasure.
“Shit….. suck that cock.” He whispered moving my hair out my face.
“You want this cock? You miss this cock, don’t you?”
I nodded as I kissed the shaft and started jerking him off with my hands. My beautiful French manicure was highlighted even more with my hand wrapped around his cock.
“Kiss it.”
I started planting kisses all over it. Kissing the tip, kissing the left side. Running my tongue down the right side. I lifted the cock up and kissed underneath it.
“Put it back in your mouth.”
I took it all in my mouth, until it hit my throat.
‘There you go, just like I taught you…… oh fuck, you learn so fast.” He said. His head thrown back in enjoyment.
I sucked and kept the pace up, jerking him as I sucked him off.
“Stand up and get on the bed.”
I laid on the bed, while he took my panties off.
“Oh yeah, fuck my pussy baby.” I said.
He eased his cock into me, causing my back to buck up.
“Shhhh, take this nice and quiet.” He said.
He spread my legs, holding them in the air as he rammed his fat cock into my wet cunt.
“Fuck me, I need to fuck me harder.” I said, trying to not be loud.
“You want it harder? You want your brother to fuck your cunt?” he asked, gritting his teeth.
“Yes…. I love when my brother fucks me.” I said grabbing my breasts and squeezing them together.
“Ohhhh shit.” He said fucking me harder.
“Rub your clit.”
I licked my fingers and started rubbing my clit while he fucked my cunt faster and harder.
“I want it in my ass too.”
“Oh you do?”
I nodded.
“Turn over bitch.”
I quickly turned over, hiking my ass up.
“Ooooo God, that feels so good.”
Josh entered my ass and it felt so amazing.
“God I love when you fuck my ass baby.”
“Yeah? You like having this cock in you?”
“I….. love it…… give me more…..fuck me harder…… fuck me as hard as you can.”
“Shit…. Oh shit…..”
He fucked my ass with such force, I had to grab one of the pillows and bite down into it.
“Damn.” He said grabbing my hair.
“I’m about to cum….”
“Cum in my ass…… please cum in my ass.” I said.
Finally, I heard the low grunt escape Josh and felt the warm, thick nut ooze into my ass.
“Yes…. Oh yes….” I said out of breath and into the pillow.
“I love fucking you.” He said stepping back and pulling his dick out.

I turned over, on my back, Josh standing in front of me.
“Look at that…… beautiful cunt.” He said rubbing his fingers over my clit.
I moaned, rubbing my nipples.
“Eat it.” I said.
He flicked his tongue over my clit and devoured my pussy. I put the pillow over my face to keep quiet as he tongued me down. He inserted two fingers into me, pumping them in and out. I gyrated my hips from the pleasure of his fingers inside me.
“You like that?”
He went back to licking my pussy juices up, gliding his tongue up and down.
“I wanna cum on you.” I said removing the pillow and looking down at him.

He stood, laid down on the bed next to me.
“You’re on daddy’s side.” I laughed as I sat up.
I straddled his face.
“I’ve been wanting to ride your face for a while.” I announced.
“Bring it here.” He instructed me as I slowly eased down on his face.
I spread my pussy lips open as he stuck his tongue out and began eating my cunt.
“Oooo yeah.” I said moving my hips back and forth.
He gripped my thighs, holding me down. I leaned forward up against the headboard. I closed my eyes and let my head lean back as my brother ate my pussy. I rode his face; it felt like it was the most powerful position i had felt in a long time. He moved his hand and put his finger in my asshole, causing me to scream.
“Yeah….. right there….. right there….. oh shit…..” I said.
He shook his head in my pussy, and at that moment, I exploded.
“I’m cumming….” I moaned.
My whole body jerked and twitched from the orgasm that overtook me before I finally collapsed forward. I lay there out of breath, my body on my parents’ pillows. Josh was still underneath me, my cunt covering his face, out of breath as well.
“JOSH? KRISTIN?” I could hear my mom calling us.
“Did you lock the door?” I whispered.
“JOSH?!?!? KRISTIN??? DINNER’S READY!” she yelled again.
I couldn’t move. I was frozen. Dinner would have to wait for a moment.

~Part 3~

It had been six weeks since daddy’s birthday dinner. Six weeks since I was last with Josh. I was feining. I felt like some of those crackheads I would see in lockup. I would call him; he was always working or out with someone. Yes, he was my brother, but we really lived two separate lives. I was playing with my cunt nightly, just trying to get over the need for him inside me. I was getting desperate. I thought about driving by his house, but…. That would make me a stalker. I was not willing to start stalking my brother. I was getting to a point where I wasn’t focused at work. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that we fucked in our parents’ bedroom. Who does that shit? And that sad thing is, I wanted to do it again. What I did know was that I needed to be fucked, plain and simple.


“Hey Logan, how was your weekend?” I asked my co-worker.
I stood in his doorway, watching him take his suit jacket off.
“It was pretty good, I painted the house.”
“Ooo, sounds like fun.”
“Tons.” He said sarcastically.
“You working late tonight?”
He looked up at me. I cocked my head to the side. I folded my arms and smiled.
“I wasn’t planning to, but I suppose, I can. I haven’t worked late in a long time.” He said.
“I know, tonight should be good to stay late.”
“I will see what I can do.”
“Let me know.” I said hitting the doorway and walking out.

I spent the day working on briefs, emails and going in and out of judges’ chambers. It was getting tedious. I just needed a release. Six weeks of pent up aggression meant that I was not a nice woman.
“Judge Salloway, I need you to sign this warrant so my detectives can do a search.” I said.
“Ms. Boyd, another warrant?”
“Yes sir. We have reason to believe the murder weapon is in this storage locker and we need to get in there sir.”
He looked at me.
“Where is the warrant?”
“Right here.”
I stood and watched as he signed the warrant, handing it back to me.
“Give my regards to your father, he owes me a game of golf.” He smiled.
“I will sir, thank you.”


“Goodnight.” I said to one of my co-workers as I stood by the water cooler.
“Goodnight Kristin.” Someone said.
I waved and headed to my office, walking past Logan’s office.
He was still at his desk.

“Ms. Boyd, will you be needing anything else tonight?” my assistant asked.
“No, go on home, goodnight.” I said.
She smiled.
‘Logan is here late as well if you need anything.”
“No problem, I won’t be here too late.”
She nodded and walked out.
“Night Logan.” I heard her say.

I went and gently knocked on Logan’s door.

“Hey.” I said.
“Well hello.”
“Working late, huh?”
He sighed, leaned back in his chair.
“Yeah….. crime never stops.”
I walked in, closed the door behind me, locking it, without turning around.
“Will the Mrs be upset?”
“I explained that this brief needs to be done tonight. I haven’t worked late in so long, she didn’t care.” He explained.
“And why is that?”
I walked over to his windows and closed the blinds.
“Why is what?”
“Why haven’t you worked late?”
He looked at me up and down.
“No real reason to work late. bayan escort No requests came in that had to be handled immediately.”
I smiled.
He got up and walked over to his couch.
“Why haven’t you been working late?”
“I have been; this trial is killing me.” I said unbuttoning my ruffled blouse and taking my blonde hair out of its bun, shaking it loose.
He sat down on the brown microfiber couch.

I stood in front of Logan, hiking my skirt up and removing my black lace thong before throwing it on his lap. I walked up to him and kicked his legs apart.
“Miss me?” I asked.
He cracked a smile.
“Question is, have you missed me?”

I dropped to my knees, unzipping his pants and taking his big black bock out,
holding it in my hand.

“You know what to do.” He said.

I loved it when he dominated me.

I looked Logan in his eyes as I took him in my mouth. His head fell back, his arms out-stretched and his eyes rolling back as I began sucking and tonguing his massive cock. One thing about Logan, his cock was huge. It was like a third leg and I loved every inch of it. It wasn’t often that I got a chance to be with it, but when I did…. Look out.
While he was still in my mouth, he lifted his hips, so I could pull his pants down. I sucked harder and faster, I spit on his cock, sucking it back up. Within moments, his pre-cum was dripping down. I slurped it up, making loud noises as I sucked.
“Oooo shit……fuck.” Logan moaned.
I jacked his dick with my right hand and rubbed his balls with my left. I rubbed his dick all over my face, pre-cum and all. He loved it when I did that. Gave myself a ‘dick facial’ as he called it.
“Damn…..” he moaned watching me rub his big, sweaty dick all over my pretty face.

When he was nice and hard, I stood up and straddled him, taking his cock in my hand and inserting it inside.
“Ohhhhh fuck.” I moaned shuttered from the shock of this massive dick invading my tight pussy.

I had forgotten how big Logan was.

I took his hands and placed them on my ass as I bounced up and down on his cock. It had been so long since Logan was in me, I had forgotten how great he felt.
“Oh damn baby.” I said pulling my bra down and exposing my breasts

Logan was insatiable. He started bouncing me harder on his cock, taking my breasts in his mouth.
“Oh shit, bite it.” I said.
He gently bit it, causing me to buck from the excitement.
“Damn…. Your pussy is so wet.” He said.
I bounced harder, slamming down on his dick. I could feel it deep in my stomach.
“Fuck me….. fuck this pussy.” I moaned.
“You miss this dick?” he asked.
“Yes…. I….. I miss this dick…..i missed this dick so much.” I cried.
“You want this dick to cum in you?
I got excited hearing that.
“Ooooo fuck….. cum all in me baby.” I begged.
The more I begged, the harder he pounded my cunt.

Logan picked me up, his cock still inside me. He placed me on the table, me on my back, my legs wrapped around his waist and fucked him like a dog. He rammed his thick, black cock in me, no mercy. I wanted to scream, but for fear of being heard, I didn’t. Only thing I could do, was to take it.
“Take this big dick…….. give me that pussy.” He said, sweat dripping off his forehead.
“Keep fucking me…… harder…… fuck this pussy harder.” I said,
He eased it out, before slamming it back in me.
“Like that?” he asked.
“Yeah…… just like that….fuck me Logan.” I said grabbing my breasts.
“Say it again….. say my name.” he said.
“Lo….Lo…..Logan.” I stuttered.
He wiped the sweat off his forehead before wiping my pussy.
“Damn….” He said slowing his pace down.
“You’re not done are you?” I asked out of breath.
He laughed, still breathing heavy.
“Clean my dick off.”
I jumped up from the table and dropped to my knees, taking his dick and sucking my pussy juices off.
“There you go.” He said patting the top of my head.

I shoved his dick all in my mouth, as much as I could take. He pushed my head on it, grabbing my hair and directing my motions. I loved tasting him.
“Good girl.” He said smiling.
I stood up and kissed his neck, as I rubbed his balls.
“You like that?”
“You know I do….”
“You like how I let you fuck me however you want?”
He moaned.
“Yeah…… I like it.”
“Sharon doesn’t do that, does she?” I whispered in his ear.
He was breathing heavy again.
“Does she?” I repeated.
“No…. she doesn’t.” he confessed.
“I fuck you better than your wife does, don’t I?” I asked.
His eyes opened.
“Say it Logan.”
I had his dick in my hand and I was stroking it, nice and fast.

He didn’t say anything. He pushed me up against the wall. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he plunged inside of me.
“There you go….” I said.
“This is what you want? To get fucked like a bitch?”
“Yeah…. Fuck me…. like a bitch.” I said.
I dug my nails in his back as he pumped in me harder. I couldn’t get enough. My pussy was coating his dick. He fucked me so hard, so raw.
“Oh shit, I am about to cum.” He announced.
“Cum in me.”
“You want this nut in you?”
“Hell yeah….. fuck me better than your wife…..”
“Ahhh shit!” he said burying his head in my chest.
“You like this pussy don’t you?”
“Shit yea….. you fuck better than my wife…..”
“Yeah……This pussy is better than your wife’s?”
“It’s better….. ahhh shit, it’s better baby….. Goddamn, IT’S BETTER.” He said.
“You wanna cum in me…… cum in me Logan.”

He did three more quick pumps and I felt the hot nut.
“Ahhhhhh….. that’s it.” I said, still holding on to him.

We must’ve held each other, unable to move for about five minutes.
“Goddamn!” he yelled pulling out of me.
I held on to the wall, balancing and trying to steady myself. I was out of breath; my hair was all over my head.
“You ok?” he asked.
I nodded my head, holding on to my knees.

I put my breasts back in my bra, buttoned my top up and straightened my skirt.
I poured some water, drank it down. Meanwhile, Logan put his pants back on, grabbed the furniture polish he kept in his desk and wiped the table down. He sprayed the couch with Febreze that he kept in his closet and put everything back in its place. I watched him adjust himself, button his shirt back up and fix his tie. He popped a Listerine dissolved mint onto his tongue before spraying himself with cologne. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself a little.
“You all done?” he asked.
“All done.”
He smiled.
I walked to him, kissed his cheek and walked to the door.
“Thanks for…. Helping me with those briefs.” I said.

And I walked out.

To Be Continued…..

~Part 3~


There was a knock on my office door, I looked up to see Logan standing there.
“Good morning.” He said.
“How are you?”
I nodded.
“I am good, you?”
“Well…..” he began.

He walked in and closed the office door.

“Whats going on Logan?”
“I can’t stop thinking about the other night.” He said.
I looked at him, leaned back in my office chair.
“I know, I know….. we had a deal, but damn Kristin.” He said running his hand over his goatee.
“It was…. Pretty crazy.” I smiled.
“You have never been like that before? What is going on with you?”

I stood up and walked over to him.

“I knew you needed it, and I needed it.” I explained.
“Logan, what is our deal?” I asked.
He took a deep breath.
“What is our dreal?”
“We fuck; we fuck when it is an emergency situation. I am married, I have a wife, and you will not interfere in my marriage in any way, shape or form. When you need it, I will do my best to arrange my schedule and give it to you.” He said.
I smiled.
“Logan, that was our agreement ever since the Christmas party two years ago.” I said.
“I know….. I know what we agreed to.”

I walked past him, locking my office door.

“Yes Miss Boyd?” my assistant said when I paged her.
“Mr. Reynolds and I have a conference call, hold all my calls and no visitors.” I said.
“Yes ma’am, will do.” She said cheerfully.
I hung up, looking at Logan.

“What? What are you doing?”
I walked up to him, pulled my dress over my head.
“Oh damn…… you have the purple set on.” He said.
“Yeah….. remember when you bought this for me?” I said whispering in his ear as I unzipped his pants.
“Uhhh…… oh shit.” He moaned as I took his dick in my hands.
I stepped back, removing my thong on.
“What if someone sees us?” he asked.
“We are on the tenth floor…..” I said unbuttoning his shirt.

Logan removed his shirt and tie, dropping his pants to the ground. I led him over to my desk, closed my laptop and moved it to the side. I pushed my name plate and folders out the way.
“Fuck me right here.” I ordered.

I sat on the edge of my desk, my body facing the window, Logan’s back to the window. I spread my legs, laid back on the desk. Logan ran his fingers over my clit.
“Spit on it.” I said.
He smiled, rubbing my clit before bending down and spitting on it. He rubbed his spit in, giving me lubrication.

“Put it in.” I said getting excited.

Logan eased his dick in and started stroking me with long, deep strokes. He started picking up the pace. He slammed his dick in me. I grabbed a handful of napkins and shoved them in my mouth, biting down to keep the sound muffled.
“Oh shit baby….” He said lowly.
I began rubbing my clit as he gave me his thick dick.

The fact that he was fucking me on my desk was already exciting. The fact that he was fucking me during the workday, with people milling around, was exhilarating.
“You like this dick?” he asked, his eyes closed.
“Mmmmhmmmm” I moaned, napkins still in my mouth.
He was stroking me so good, I pulled my bra down, to expose my breasts.
“Oh damn….. I love those things…… oooo shit…….where you want this nut at?”
I pulled the napkins out.
“In me….. cum in me….. I want to feel that nut in me Logan.” I said gritting my teeth as he started pounding.
“Ahhh fuck…. I’m about to cum…… oooo shit…..”

Then his cum shot deep inside me, filling me up.

We froze, both out of breath. Finally, Logan got up, pulled out of me and wiped his dick off with the napkins that were in my mouth.
“That was amazing.” I said wiping my pussy with a feminine wipe I kept in my purse.
“I needed that.”
“You were just greedy.” I laughed putting my thong back on.

I got dressed, sprayed air freshener in my office and lit a candle. Logan checked himself in the mirror while I put my desk back together. I smoothed my dress out, checked my hair and makeup in my compact.

“Okay, have a good day Mr. Reynolds.” I said opening my office door.
“Thanks again for helping me with that case.” He said.
“No problem.” I smiled going back to work.

“Hey Josh.” I said answering my phone later that day.
“Hello there little sister.”
“Where have you been?”
“Busy…. Working, I just got back from Portland and I have been handling things.” He said.
“I kept calling you, texting you, what gives?”
He laughed.
“Miss me?”
I played with the blue ink pen in my hand.
“Hmmmm…. what do you miss about me?”
“I miss my brother.” I said softly.
“Well…. I miss you too.”
When he said that…. my pussy tightened.
“Have you had lunch today?”
“Yeah, I grabbed something from around the corner, are you in town?”
“Yeah, maybe I will swing by later on, I have a flight to catch first thing in the morning.”
“Where are you going to this time?”
“New York, I am shooting a wedding this weekend.”
“Oh the life of a photographer, where in New York?”
“Wedding is at the Waldorf, million-dollar wedding.”

“Nice, have you talked to mom or dad?” I asked.
“No, why?”
“Mom was telling me there was a weird stain on her sheets that she couldn’t figure out where it came from.”
I could hear Josh spit his drink out.
“Yeah, thought maybe dad peed in the bed, I told her it was probably just a spill. She said she smelled it, but it didn’t smell like urine.”
Josh was cracking up.
“Tell me you are lying.”
“No, she called me and told me.”
“God I wish I would have seen her face…. I can just imagine her bending down, in her pearl necklace and Chanel suit, smelling the stain. She probably licked her fingers to see if she could remove it.”
It was my turn to laugh.
“She probably did.”
“You should have told her what it was.” He said.
“No, i don’t want mom to die.”
“Oh, she wouldn’t die. Trust me.”
I paused for a moment.
“Our mother would freak the hell out if she knew it was your cum that was on her five hundred dollar sheets.”
“No she wouldn’t, I know that for a fact.”
“And how do you know that for sure?”
He laughed.
“Oh little sister…. there is so much about mom you don’t know.”

To Be Continued…..

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