Weekend Getaway Pt. 01

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Preface: This is the first in a continuing series relating to Christina and Doc. Early in their relationship, Doc was able to sense some repressed feelings in Christina that prevented her from allowing her to let go and enjoy all the erotic pleasures life could present them. He realized it had been the negative impact of her strict Catholic upbringing. Her mother had drummed into her that sex was nasty and a woman only had to do it to keep her man happy. But a woman was not to enjoy it or she was being sinful. As such, Doc devised a way to help Christina open up, address her inner pent up feelings and desires, and rid herself of those negative inhibitions once and for all. Doc wanted to see that lust filled inner Christina finally be able to come out to play. As the first part of his plan, Doc and Christina acquired two large apothecary jars, the type with the locking lids. Then after a bottle of wine one evening, they each took a small stack of 4 X 6 index cards.

The instructions were simple, think of the top 5 most erotic fantasies or desires each one had, writing one down per card, fold the card and then place it in their respective jar. There were no rules and nothing was out of bounds. Christina reluctantly agreed that no matter what was on the card, they would each make it happen … no jealousy, no anger, no reservations. They each would draw one card from the other’s jar every Sunday evening, not letting the other know what they had drawn. They each had the entire week to plan and execute the fantasy or desire on the other’s card. It might be simple gaziantep escort enough to happen that very night, or it might require some planning. Or being as devious as Doc was, he would enjoy making it drag out, teasing her all week, dropping hints just to make her anticipation (and her lust) build. Then surprising her when she least expected it. As well, the only true rule was as the cards got down to one per jar, they each had to add five more new ones. Knowing her past, he intentionally kept his first five “fantasy” cards rather mundane. But he knew, over time, both his and hers would become more and more intense. This story relates to the first card Doc drew from Christina’s jar.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Part 1 – Preparation is Everything

The July 4th was fast approaching and Doc’s thoughts were of spending some quality time with Christina – some very erotic and pleasurable quality time. The two had mentioned a road trip briefly in passing, but neither had brought up the subject again. That is until now. Doc’s erotic mind began to ponder the possibilities of a surprise trip for Christina. And of course, he was determined to incorporate as many mutually erotic pleasures into the trip as his wicked little mind could think of.

Doc picked up the phone and called around various rental services. The holiday period prices being quoted were astronomical. His heart (and hard cock) began to sink as one call was followed by another, then another, and then another. All calls were almost identical. “How much? I just want to rent the place for the weekend, not make a down payment to purchase the place.” With his ego, and his cock, almost completely deflated, he remembered a cousin that lived in the area. She and her significant other had mentioned a place they always went that belonged to their family. “Hmmmmm I wonder.”

Dialing her number, his hopes were again beginning to rise (as well as another anatomical appendage).

“Hey Cuz – how you doing? Was calling in hopes you might be able to lend me some advice since I’m still fairly new to the area.”

“Sure Doc, if I can. What do you need?”

“I’m trying to find a nice, out of the way place for a weekend getaway for the long July 4th time frame. I’m really hoping to find someplace on the coast, but have not been having much luck letting my finger do the walking. I remembered you and Ray mentioning a place you liked to go for some quality private R it was almost like sucking a miniature cock. Damn he wanted her cum. He wanted her nectar as bad as she wanted to release it. His tongue would press flat and broad, pushing down on her clit as he slid over the hot nubbin. That was followed by repeated butterfly licks to the tip of her clit. Then he would suckle it into his mouth for more tonguing. Over and over, Doc varied his techniques driving Christina closer and closer. God she taste so damn good. He could do this for hours.

Christina was getting closer. Doc took his fingers and began to get them really wet with her juices. As he continued to eat her clit, he slipped his thumb into her pussy and began a fucking motion into her. At the same time, he slipped one, then two and finally three fingers into her ass. He was surprised at how quickly she had been able to accept all three fingers. Now he began to simultaneously finger fuck her pussy and ass while his tongue and lips concentrated on her clit. Christina allowed herself to let go and just enjoy. A soon as her mind was convinced to just let go, her passion went into over drive.

“Oh baby. Eat me. Fuck me with those fingers. Damn I’m so close. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my ass. Eat me. Oh right there lover. Right there. I’m …. I’m … uhhhhhhh ….”

That electric knot wrapped around Christina’s spine, tighter and tighter. And finally it exploded. Millions of electric sparks were shooting up and down her spine and then directly to her clit, pussy and ass. Her pussy began to convulse and flood Doc’s face. The muscles in her pussy and ass clamped down hard on Doc’s fingers. Doc suckled her clit as far into his lips as he could while Christina used her hand to grind his head down even tighter against her pussy. Her legs were quivering as Doc slowly removed his head from between her thighs. Doc could see her pussy still in the spasms of her orgasm. That was the invitation he was hoping to see. He could also see her ass lewdly winking at him.

Now Doc was possessed. He had to feel his cock deep in Christina. He worked up onto the bed between her thighs. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut as Christina was still rocking from her orgasm. Her eyes suddenly opened wide as se felt the head of Doc’s cock work into her pussy. He saw that lust filled longing in her eyes. She wanted to feel his cock inside her as much as Doc did.

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