Weekend of Love Pt. 02

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Driving to the cottage, Lolita persisted in giving me directions when I didn’t need them. She realized I was getting ticked off, and smiled. I informed her we were almost there, and she leaned against the window, then looked back at me and blew me a kiss.

“Let’s go,” I said, pulling her in and kissing her deeply. She held my face as she sucked my tongue, and I stroked her hair. “Let’s go,” I repeated, and carried our stuff in. It was late at night, but the owners had left the key under the mat for us. As I entered, I thought I saw someone watch us from a window in the house opposite us.

I realized I was really tired, and quickly stripped down to underwear, brushed my teeth and got to bed. Lolita came dressed in a pink babydoll nightie, and slipped under the covers, into my arms. She had washed off her face, except for lipstick, and it was really just Leland I was holding.

For me, this “breaking of the illusion” was inconsequential — I knew who Lolita was, I knew who Leland was, and I knew they were the same person.

“I can’t believe I’m here! Three whole days with you!” I reached up and turned the light off, but a nightlight in the adjoining bathroom threw a soft red haze over us, suddenly highlighting his lips.

“Wait!,” I suddenly remembered, jumped out of bed, and retrieved a pearl necklace. I asked him to sit up and turn away, and placing it round his neck, fastened it shut.

“Thank you,” he blushed, “it fits perfectly!”

Leland leaned back into me, one arm reaching behind my neck, the other fingering his new necklace, and we slowly lay down together, back to front.

I placed my arm under his head, and snuggling in closer, placed small kisses along his neck. Both of us began to harden, but strangely, I felt no urgency at all this time. I let myself press into the small of his back, and let my hand make its way along his leg, stroking it as it went.

Finding the bulge in his panties, I laid my hand on it, not gripping, but heavily resting.

“Mine,” I whispered.

“Yours,” he confirmed.

He reached back to touch me but I swatted his hand away. “Tonight, just relax, okay?”

He nodded, and istanbul travesti I fished his cock out, rubbing my thumb across the slit, using the precum to slide down and slick it up. Slowly moving back and forth, hearing him sigh, I worked up a light froth. Then reaching up under the nightie, I tweaked a nipple, pinched it, pulled it, making him groan.

Reaching down, I slipped the panties down to his knees, and spread his legs, throwing one over mine, rolling him a bit more towards me.

I teased, tapping along his length with my finger. I slapped it, making him cry out. Finally, taking pity, I wrapped my hand around it and began the slow ride, slowly increasing pace, letting him occasionally thrust up.

“Hmph. Oh God!”

“Get it, baby, get it!” I moved faster now.

“Ghaa … Fuck!” He erupted, almost flying off the bed, then collapsing, continuing to twitch. I held him as he softened, and brought my hand up to his mouth, then joining him in licking off every finger.

He turned towards me and curled up, knees against my chest, and I put my arm around him, holding his ass, then drawing the covers closely around us, fell asleep.

I awoke to light streaming in through the open window, and Lolita sitting on a chair, still wearing the nightie, her feet on the bed, drying her polish, smiling at me.

I sat up on my elbows, and she slid forward, her hands holding her feet, interleaving ruby red fingers with ruby red toes.

“You like?”

“I do, they’re a lovely color, with the glitter too! Slept well?”

She crawled forward, and snuggled in next to me.

“I did, thanks to you.” We kissed softly, to the accompaniment of birdsong outside.

“Breakfast closes in an hour and half, do you want to come along?”

She shook her head. “I’m just not ready for something like that yet. You go ahead, get me something back. I’ll be here, waiting for you.” She gave that oh-so-naughty smile.

I reached under and stroked her ass, and found she had left off her panties. I made for my favorite spot, and circled it lazily, before letting my thumb press into it.

“Unh unh, not happening istanbul travestileri right now.”

I raised my eyebrow, “what’s up?”

“I haven’t cleaned myself yet, honey, and I know you don’t like to fuck stinky.” Then, seeing me pout, “hey, don’t worry — give me another thirty minutes when you gone, you can come back and bang me all day long.”

She reached down, and outlined my dick with her hands, then scooted down and kissed it through the cotton fabric, before slowly tugging them down.

“My best friends,” she cooed, holding my balls in each hand and reverently touching her forehead to the tip, closing her eyes, and bringing her nose close to it, and breathing deeply.

I quivered weakly under her focussed attention, and all I could do was to return her awe with my awe.

She brought her left nostril over the tip and pressed down as far as she could, then repeated the same for the right. All the while, she was gently rolling her fingers under my balls, nudging them as my dick grew harder.

Pausing at the top, she reached over to the drawer for her lipstick and applied a fresh coral coat, then plunged down to the base in one fell swoop, closing her lips right at the bottom, leaving a colored ring.

I gasped, missing a breath as I felt her slowly undulate her throat, then gently open her eyes again, looking up at me.

“Oh baby, you look so beautiful!” And it was true, her upturned face, joined to my groin, her deep black eyes staring into me, her hands stroking my thighs and stomach.

Some moments in life truly seem to compensate for all the rest. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Hamlet? For this? To be, my friends, to be!

We re-arranged ourselves, slowly and quietly. I sat up and moved backwards against a pillow, and she took care to hold me in her mouth throughout, resting her head against my leg to a side as we settled in.

I stroked her hair, her face, ran a line down the center, between her eyes, along her nose, along her lips. Saliva had begun to roll out of the sides of her mouth despite her best efforts, and istanbul travesti I urged her to take a break.

She sat up and spit out a huge gob into her hand, and slathered my cock in all of it. She brought her feet alongside my balls, propping them up with her toes as I fit between them, slightly beyond her heels, then lightly began running her nails along my length, driving me wild.

Seeing me shiver under her efforts, Lolita giggled and stopped. “I don’t want you to feel you didn’t get to fuck in the morning.” She walked over to her carryon, and brought out two of our fleshlights, both Tori Black models.

“So, big boy,” she said, plonking them down beside me, “where would you like to fuck her?” She picked up the “lotus” version, assuming I was going to go with the vaginal design, but I stopped her. “I want to fuck her like I fuck you.”

(The astute reader would have noticed the lack of the “swallow” version and might have guessed why I don’t really miss it)

She smiled and picked up the “forbidden” version instead, and poured some lube down it, then pushed my legs apart, held my cock, and slowly pushed it down on me.

“Fuck, yeah, oh, unh, hunh, yeah, slow, just like that.”

“You like that, baby? Is she better than me?” I snapped a look at her, and she resumed sliding it down, “I’m kidding baby. Enjoy it. She’s gonna fuck you too. Oh yeah, let her get used to you. Let her feel you inside first, all of you. There you go.”

The fleshlight was tight and hot, and resting against my balls. Lolita got up and squatted above me, slightly raising it. “Alright, baby, now fuck her.”

“Yeah,” she encouraged me as I slowly began to rock my hips up, “don’t hold back, baby, she’s ready for you.”

I held on to her hips and shoulders for support, and started moving faster, Lolita holding steady, and occasionally slowly twisting the channel around me.

“Pound her ass pussy, pound it like you mean it! Fucking own it, baby!”

We kissed deeply, hanging on for dear life as my movements grew frantic.

“I’m going to cum, baby”

“Do it, oh baby do it, fill her up … Cum for her, cum for me!”

She pushed down as I came, staying still as I emptied myself, then lazily lifted off me, leaving long connecting strands of cum dangling down, then slid it across my stomach, before bringing it to her mouth and licking up everything that flowed out.

“Hmm,” she sucked me in again, cleaning me up, “go on now. And don’t take too long!”

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