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A shadow fell over Brooke’s eyes. They snapped up. “Hey! What the hell is the big idea? Get out of my light!” She growled. Her tan and lithe body lay spread on her bed; her head propped up by her hand. She had been reading a book until someone had interrupted her.

“Whoa!! A little bit early to be baring your claws, isn’t it Slut?” Ryla stood in front of Brooke with her hands on her hips. “Get off your ass and lets go for a swim.” She was clad in a simple black two piece which accentuated all her curves. She had a towel draped over her shoulder and her long auburn hair was tucked securely into a bun at the nape of her neck.

“Ugh, go away. Get out of my light!!!” Brooke sighed in exasperation, knowing full well that Ryla wouldn’t go away until she got her way. It was still worth a try though.

“HA! No way, now get off your ass or I’ll make you.” Ryla smirked. She didn’t look it but she was strong.

“If I go, will you finally let me read afterwards?” Brooke marked the page in her book. She was going to have to go, or else she would never get any peace around the house.

“No guarantees.” Ryla turned and flounced out of the room, her towel flying out behind her. “Meet you in the kitchen!” She called over her shoulder.

“Yeah yeah, stupid bitch.” Brooke muttered to herself. She stretched and get off the bed. She was still wearing her pajamas – a pair of silk shorts and a silk camisole. She reveled in the feel of the smooth silk against her skin. She opened her top dresser drawer and searched amongst the underwear for her bikini. After a few minutes of futile searching she realised that she didn’t have one anymore. She had thrown out her last one because holes had formed in places where there shouldn’t have been holes.

It was their final year of university. Thankfully, it was the summer right before so they could relax before going back to the grueling world of academics. They had been childhood friends so it had only been natural to become flat-mates when they rented a house. They had gotten it surprisingly cheaper than they would have thought, and it had a gorgeous backyard so they weren’t complaining.

Disgruntled, she headed out into the hall, stopping by the closet to pick up a fluffy towel. She would just have to swim in the nude. She was thankful that they were the only ones living in this house and that their backyard was enclosed by a tall wooden fence so no one could see in.

It wasn’t as if she wasn’t proud of her body – she had a pretty damn good one. But there were flaws that she wish she didn’t have…unlike perfect Ryla. Entering the kitchen, Brooke sneaked a glance at Ryla who was bent over in front of the fridge, no doubt rummaging for food. Ryla’s svelte body and long legs never ceased to grab the attention of men. Add to that a beautiful casino siteleri face and gorgeous eyes, it wasn’t much of a wonder that Ryla frequently got asked out.

Brooke eyed Ryla’s bottom, seeing as it was being presented to her shamelessly. “Hey Ryla, grab me some stuff to eat while you’re in there.” This gave her more time to check out Ryla’s awesome body. Her eyes kept sliding to her crotch and ass – they were perfect, better looking than her own at least. Brooke could feel her own snatch getting wet, looking at Ryla was making her so hot. But she wasn’t a lesbian! She couldn’t be! Nonetheless, no matter how much she tried to convince herself, looking at Ryla wriggle her ass around in that tiny bikini bottom was turning her on.

To shake herself out of it, Brooke turned away and went to the cupboard, to grab a cup. She heard Ryla shut the fridge and place a few things on the table.

“I’ve got some fruit for us, okay? There’s pineapple chunks and peach slices, plus some mango I think. I also got us some cranberry juice.”

Brooke quickly grabbed a tray and willed her body to stay calm. She turned around and grabbing another cup, placed them both on the tray and walked over to Ryla. She avoided her eyes and arranged everything onto the tray.

“Oh, I almost forgot to mention. I don’t have a swimsuit anymore because I had to throw it out. It got moth-eaten, so I’ll be swimming in the nude.” Brooke walked towards the open sliding glass doors and into the bright sunlight. Ryla followed.

“No problem. Should I go nude too?” Brooke was secretly cheering as she heard this, but managed to stifle her urges. “N-no. It’s okay. You can stay in your bikini.”

Ryla shrugged. “Okay, whatever.” She tossed her stuff onto the deck and jumped into the pool. Brooke set the tray down on a little table and tossed her towel onto the deck too. She also shimmied out of her camisole and her shorts, revealing her stunning body to Ryla who was watching her. She felt naked and self conscious. Ryla could see every little detail about her body, down to the soft fuzz she kept neatly trimmed above her cunt.

Ryla whistled. “Hot hot hot!!! Natural blonde eh?? I never knew! Come on and jump in, the water is F-I-N-E! Oh, and you’re not so bad yourself!” Ryla laughed.

Brooke mock glared at her and jumped into the pool, no longer shy about her body. The cool water caressed her skin as she dove into the pool, relaxing her.

Ryla swam circles around her, then started splashing her. Brooke grabbed her around the waist and tried to toss her to the side. Her bracelet got caught on Ryla’s bikini top and it tore, revealing one breast and half of the other. Brooke moaned softly to herself, looking at those soft mounds and hard nipples.

Ryla laughed. “Oops! Oh well, canlı casino better get rid of this!” She climbed out of the pool and tore off her bikini top, holding it in one hand. After what seemed like a moment’s thought, she tore off her bikini bottoms too. “Might as well get rid of this too, doesn’t match if I don’t have the top!”

Ryla bent over to pick up her bikini bottoms from the floor. Brooke stealthily climbed out of the pool and came up slowly behind her. Ryla stood back up. Brooke wrapped her arms around her. Ryla jumped slightly. “Brooke! What are you doing?” She laughed nervously.

“Shhh, you’ll see. Don’t worry, you’ll like it.” Brooke had pinned Ryla’s arms against her sides. Using one hand to hold both arms down, she used her other hand to slowly fondle Ryla’s smooth mound. Only a light bit of fuzz was there and Brooke marveled at how soft it was. Ryla squealed in surprise.

“Brooke, stop! This is weird.” Brooke ignored her and continued down to her snatch. She tightened her grip on Ryla, just in case she squirmed. She then began to tease apart Ryla’s cunt lips, testing her wetness. She dipped a finger between the pouting lips and tested for Ryla’s wetness – she was very wet, and it wasn’t from the water.

“Brooke, stop it! This isn’t right!” Ryla began to struggle to get out of Brooke’s grasp. Brooke held on even tighter, making sure Ryla couldn’t escape. She then rubbed her clit with her thumb and slid one finger into Ryla’s hot pussy. Juices spilled over her hand. Ryla moaned softly, even while futilely trying to peel Brooke’s hands off of her body.

“Oh, I know you like this, you dirty slut.” Brooke whispered into Ryla’s ear. “I know you want me to do this to you.” Ryla just moaned.

Brooke rubbed her clit harder and slid another finger into her tight cunt. She slowly fucked her with her fingers, making sure that she hit Ryla’s g-spot. Ryla continued to moan, no longer trying to get away.

Suddenly, Brooke withdrew her fingers and dragged Ryla into the kitchen. There she threw her to the floor where she lay splay-legged, tweaking her nipples and thrusting her hips off the floor, as if welcoming an invisible invader into her hot sopping pussy.

Brooke quickly strode over to a cupboard and rummaged around in it, withdrawing a large strap-on dildo that looked to be at least 3” thick and 9” long. Brooke had no idea if Ryla could handle a cock this big, but she didn’t really care. This was no ordinary strap-on though. This was a double dildo. On the other side, there was a rubber cock intended for the pleasure of the one using the strap-on. It could vibrate and there was an elastic mechanism that allowed the whole thing to slide 2” in either direction.

Brooke quickly strapped it on and savoured the sensation of something kaçak casino so big inside her tight hot cunt. She enjoyed having her pussy stuffed so full. She knew Ryla would enjoy it too.

Watching Ryla on the floor, playing with her nipples, Brooke shafted herself with the strap-on. She pulled it out as far as it could go then slammed it into her body, moaning with pleasure. Ryla had one finger stuffed into her cunt now, and she seemed to be enjoying it.

Brooke couldn’t take it anymore, she had to fuck Ryla. She roughly pulled Ryla’s hand out of the way and knelt between her quivering legs. Ryla’s eyes widened in shock at the side of the dildo that was about to penetrate her delicate pussy. “No!!! NO BROOKE! I can’t handle something so big!!!” Her voice was husky.

Brooke paid no heed to her and positioned the large cock in front of Ryla’s entrance. Ryla tried to clamp her legs together to prevent Brooke from entering her, but she couldn’t. Brooke reached over and lightly stroked Ryla’s clit, relaxing her a bit, then as she gave it a hard pinch, she rammed the cock into Ryla’s steaming cunt. Ryla’s cry reverberated throughout the entire house.

Brooke began to fuck her, slowly, while playing with her clit. As Brooke pulled out of Ryla, the dildo would pull out of her own pussy slightly, then when she rammed back into Ryla, it went back into her pussy, causing her to shiver in pleasure.

Soon Ryla’s grunts of pain became moans of pleasure. Both of their bodies were covered in sweat. Ryla’s hands worked her clit and nipples and her hips bucked, thrusting onto the cock. Watching Ryla play with herself was too much for Brooke, and despite her intentions to make this as gentle for Ryla was possible, she HAD to fuck her.

All her inhibitions forgotten, Brooke began to ram Ryla in earnest. She fucked her with hard long strokes, pulling out until just the tip was inside Ryla then quickly driving the dildo deep into her tight dripping honeypot. Brooke could feel her own orgasm building. She fucked Ryla harder and harder, leaning over Ryla and placing a hand on either side of her head. She rammed in so hard and deeply that Ryla’s body bounced upwards.

Brooke could feel her pussy twitching and as she rapidly slammed into Ryla’s abused cunt, she finally felt her orgasm explode within her. As she orgasmed, she thrust wildly into Ryla. This caused Ryla to orgasm as well, and both their bodies thrashed on the kitchen floor as the last of their orgasm ebbed away. They could hear their juices dripping onto the tiled floor.

Brooke eased out of Ryla and rolled onto the floor beside her, breathing heavily. Both their faces were flushed.

Brooke reached over and gently caressed Ryla’s hot and painfully sore cunt. “I knew you would like it, you slut!” Ryla just shot her a feeble smile and closed her eyes. Brooke mustered all her strength and crawled between Ryla’s legs, and began to lick their mixed juices off of her swollen pussy. Ryla moaned softly as she could feel the beginnings of another orgasm…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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