What a Night

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My name is Steve and this is my story.

I was on assignment for two weeks in Springfield when I received a call from a colleague letting me know he and 3 other colleagues were stopping in Springfield for the night on their way back to our home office. The five of us were to have dinner and maybe play some poker afterwards.

We all went to a great local restaurant where we cooked our own steaks. While I was cooking mine, a very good looking leggy blonde asked me for help in determining whether her steak was cooked medium rare. I showed her a method I learned in a cooking class and we determined it was cooked to her liking. Becky introduced herself to me and her 4 friends that were there attending a training session and thanked me for the help. We talked some and then returned to our respective groups. As I was leaving I asked Becky if she and her friends would be interested in coming back to our hotel for drinks, snacks and that the fellows would be playing poker and she and her friends were invited to play. Becky said that they were staying in the same hotel and would call our room when they returned.

Our group left and started the poker game, when to our amazement all five ladies showed up at the door. Of course, we invited them in and gave them drinks. Some of the ladies wanted to join the poker game, but Becky just wanted to sit besides me and “learn the game”. After about 2 hours of playing, Becky and I decided we wanted to leave the group and go tecavüz porno for a walk in the park near the hotel.

Becky held my hand as soon as we left the room and got real close to me while we were walking. We found that we had a lot in common and were attracted to each other; I stopped, held her close and kissed her. As our mouths met, I found Becky’s open and her tongue looking for mine. Next her tongue was deep in my mouth probing and sucking my tongue back into hers. Wow, what a first kiss. We continued our walk and kissed even better many times before heading back to the hotel.

I asked her if she’d like to come to my room and we danced there together. Inside the room, she took off her jacket and shoes and sat down on the sofa. I poured her a glass of wine and we talked, kissed, and groped each other for a long time before I asked her to lie down with me on the bed. We continued the kissing and groping when I asked if I could make love to her. Becky said that she didn’t want to be a one night stand and if we had a date the next night she’d probably would want me inside her. We continued kissing and groping each other for about an hour when she started taking off her clothes. Becky said “were not a couple of high school kids”, let’s get out of these clothes and see each other’s bodies. In no time, we were both naked, kissing and groping each other.

I started to kiss the side of her neck, which she really liked, then travesti porno continued down to her pert breasts and made her nipples stand up like bullets, I love to leave hickeys on the bottom of a woman’s breast so I left several on both breasts which made Becky moan each time, I continued down her body to her belly and was about to start on her clit when she pulled me up and gave me the deepest kiss I’ve ever had. My cock, which was harder than it has ever been, went right into her very wet pussy without any resistance and was buried in her up to my balls. I then felt her orgasm start squeezing my manhood from the tip to the base with a force I’ve never felt in any other woman. I tried to pull back to start pumping her but the force of her orgasm held me there for what seemed to be an eternity (probably only ½ hour) before her pussy started pulling my cum from me. I had the longest cum and probably the most sperm shot out into a woman that I’ve ever encountered, all without one pump from me. After we both came, we held each other for a long time before talking again.

Becky got up to go to the bathroom and when she came back she asked if she could stay until the morning. Of course I said and ushered her back into the bed. We kissed and held each other until we fell asleep. About two hours later, she kissed me (as only she could do) got me hard as a rock and lowered her body onto my waiting cock. This time I fucked her in every xhamster porno position I knew. We started out with Becky on top pumping me wildly and me sucking her wonderful breasts; I rolled her over into the missionary position, pulled her legs over my shoulders and continued my assault on her tight, wonderful pussy when she screamed she was coming; I stopped for about 20 minutes to enjoy her orgasm before rolling her onto her side when I started pumping her again – Becky screamed that she never had it so deep and that she could feel me in places she never knew existed – then she screamed again that she was coming. I enjoyed this next orgasm for about 15 minutes before rolling her onto her stomach and entering her from behind, the friction of my cock on the front of her vagina was too much for her and Becky again screamed she was coming and that she would die if I didn’t stop. I told her that I would only stop if she asked me to come inside her and spray her insides full of my cum. Becky said yes, yes, yes but I told her she needed to say the words before I’d come – Becky said “fuck me and spray your cum all over my insides”, that was all it took for me to release my sperm inside her. Fortunately for me, my cock stayed hard so we rolled onto our sides, spoon style and fell asleep with me inside her.

When we awoke at 6 the next morning, I was still inside her and ready for more action but Becky said her pussy needed some healing before we could resume our love making. We showered together and it took a lot of restraint from both of us to not start fucking right then. We went to breakfast and made plans for a dinner and show that night followed by some more love making.

Look forward to the next posting, when I tell you how that night turned out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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