What a Night

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Big Tits

Round 1

I spent all day preparing for our evening together. When it was time for us to meet, I dressed in the red lace bra and thong I bought with you in mind. You suggested I come in only that but instead I slipped on a blue dress that buttoned all the way up the front. Instead of buttoning all the buttons, I buttoned from right between my tits to the button right at the top of my thighs.

When the breeze blew softly, causing my dress fly open, I feel exposed, and I like the way it makes me feel. I pull up at our meeting place and you are waiting for me. You slide into the passenger’s seat and pull my head toward you for a hard deep kiss. I feel you hands sliding over the bare skin of my thighs, moving surely up to my pussy.

You pull your head away slightly and look me over approvingly. You kiss me again, nipping at my lips and tongue teasingly as I gently suck your tongue into my mouth. I feel the night air on my skin as you unbutton the few buttons I bother to fasten and pull open my dress, exposing my body to your hands first, then your eyes. Your fingers gently tug on the red, satin ribbons at the sides of my thong, teasingly as you grin at me. You ask me if we are going to sit in the parking lot all night or am I going to take you to my place. I reach to button my dress up before driving on but you push my hand away. “I want to look at you some more” you say, and although I feel a little self conscious about this, it excites me to know you enjoy looking at me this way.

As I drive though the night your hands roam all over my body as we talk. A few times I playfully push them away when you start distracting me too much but the whole ride I keep on hand in your lap, stroking your erection. I don’t remember much of the drive back to the house, just bits and pieces here and there, like the time you slipped your fingers under the lace and rubbed them over my clit lightly. It was almost enough to make me cum right there, onwingiris.biz the combination of everything. As soon as we rushed into the house you slid my dress to the floor, backed me up against the bed as we kissed and push me backwards on to it. As my body hit the mattress I felt you kneeling, your hand roughly pulling my thong to one side, and your breath brushing over my wet skin. I love the enthusiasm you show as you bury your face in my pussy, flicking your tongue up and down my wet slit, sucking on my clit and making me gasp with pleasure. As I dig my fingers into the bedspread, a moan builds in my throat, and I feel as much as hear you growl against my cunt and attack it like a starving man at a free buffet.

My head tosses from side to side as I feel my orgasm building. You must sense it building too because you slam two fingers into my pussy, sending my over the edge, screaming your name as my pussy juice floods over your face. Once my body stops trembling, you grin up at me from between my thighs and say Did I mention you look good enough to eat?

As you join me on the bed I notice while I’m down to just my bra and thong, you are still fully dressed, so as you lie beside me on your back, I move to my knees and push your shirt up over your head. I begin to lick your nipples lightly, teasing them with my tongue, nipping at them with my teeth while my hand slips inside your pants to stroke your raging hard on. You prop a pillow under your head so you can watch me as I lick and nibble my way over your chest and down your stomach, pausing to circle your belly button a few times with my warm, wet tongue. When I make it to the waistband of your pants, I trace your cock through the material with my mouth, lightly dragging my teeth over it, breathing hot, moist air over it, glancing up from time to time to see if you are still watching and to enjoy the expressions on your face. I stand up briefly, you lift your hips and I slide the remained of your clothing off into the floor.

Your dick is hard, lying against your stomach, and I kneel on the bed between your legs. While looking right into your eyes, I run the tip of my pointed tongue from the base of your balls to the head of your dick. I love the sound you make when I do that, the way your hands dig into my hair, and your eyes blissfully close. I hold your cock in one hand as I lick the shaft, my other hand gently caressing your balls. You look down at me and say “I love watching you suck my dick”. I feel my pussy get even wetter when I hear that. I love “performing” for you, in person or on the web cam while we are apart. This makes me feel more sexy than you can imagine and I begin to really put on a show for you, swirling my tongue around the head of your cock and looking in you eyes while I slide my mouth down, farther and farther until the head of your dick is in my throat and my mouth is against your body. I slowly slide up until only the head is in my mouth, my hand following my mouth up every inch, then they both slide back down again. I repeat this again and again allowing the pressure of your hands on my head to set the pace.

When I pull my mouth off you, I rock back slightly, with you watching me intently, I slowly untie the red satin ribbon between my tits and enjoying the feel of my hands and your gaze on my skin I caress each breast, tweaking the nipple as I push the material aside, letting my tits spill over the red lace and satin. My head tilts back, my hair brushing my ass as I pinch and roll my nipples in my fingers, my eyes closed for a moment, lost in the feeling. I open them again and while looking into yours I lick my index finger, sucking it seductively, and the running it over my hard nipples making you groan and rub your cock lightly. One hand on my tits, the other slides slowly down my body and under the lace of my thong to find my wet, swollen clit, I make light small circles that make me tremble while you watch intently. As I lie down, my toes toward your head, and spread my legs, you sit up a little more to watch me. I spread open my shaved pussy lips to reveal how wet sucking your dick and teasing you has made me.

Again you tell me how you love to watch me, how fucking hard you get when I do this on camera for you when we are apart, the whole time you are slowly stroking your dick, watching. I reach into my bag of tricks beside the bed and pull out my silver bullet vibrator and a dildo. As soon as the vibrator buzzes my clit I begin moaning, my other hand grabbing and pulling at my tits. I love watching you watch me, stroking your dick as my orgasm builds, whispering encouragement to me, telling me how hot it makes you when I cum for you. You move to kneel near my head, one hand fondling my tits while the other rubs your hard dick over my face, across my lips, my tongue flickering out at it. This makes me cum hard and loud, screaming and shuddering, but I’m still not satisfied. I keep the vibrator on my clit while I suck your cock into my mouth; I know another orgasm is very close.

You pick up my dildo, running the head up and down my slit, using it to part my pussy lips before sliding it firmly all the way into me, making me gasp around your cock. As you fuck my pussy with my dildo, my mouth with your cock, and my vibrator buzzes away at my clit, I’m lost in the waves of sensations rocking my body. I cum over and over with your words pushing me over the edge, telling me how hot it is watching the dildo slide in and out of me, to see my hands on my tits, my mouth on your dick, calling me your good little slut. I feel your balls tightening and I know you will cum soon so I suck you deeper, faster. You suddenly pull out of my mouth and while I cum watching you stroke your dick, you shoot blast after blast of cum over my tits and face, covering me with it.

You leave the bed and bring back a warm washcloth, gently cleaning my skin, preparing for the next round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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