What a Ride Ch. 02

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Authors Note: I wanted to let everyone know that feedback/comments are always welcome and greatly appreciated! 🙂


“Where the hell have you been Bella? We’ve been trying to get a hold of you for forever.”

“I know, I know. Sorry for not responding earlier,” I replied back as I found my group of friends from High School waiting for me at the exit of the amusement park.

“What happened?” I heard Pam say in a voice mixed with both worry and curiosity.

I didn’t answer her at first because I was worried that I was an open book. Did my appearance scream that I just had passionate sex with an impossibly hot guy? Was she already asking if something happened with Alex? No, she wouldn’t ask me about that in front of everyone else. She just seemed genuinely curious about what happened to me.

“Oh, nothing too crazy or anything. You know how I was on The Dominator ride, right? Well, after I rode it that time, there wasn’t a line anymore, so they let me stay on if I wanted to keep riding it. I guess I kinda just lost track of time and forgot to check my phone,” I finally responded back, hoping my explanation sounded plausible.

“Ahh, alrighty then. You must have ridden it a lot though. Guess it had to be one really wild ride,” Pam replied as she walked over to stand by me, linked her arm with mine, and started walking me to the exit.

Oh Pam, you have no idea. I might have appeared cool on the outside, given I was actively trying to put on a front, but inside I still felt butterflies about what happened with Alex. I also worried that my heart would never slow down at this rate either.

It wasn’t long before our group found our cars, said our goodbyes, and started to head out. I carpooled with Pam and some of our other friends and as we were about to get into the backseat, I started to panic a little bit. Shit! I had to smell like sex after what happend with Alex. I wondered if my friends would immediately notice and start to grill me. Thankfully, my friends rolled down the car windows immediately after we got in, so I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

When we started to drive home, we chatted about coming back the next day to do the water park section of the amusement park. Since it was going to be just as hot tomorrow as it was today, everyone was really looking forward to cooling off in the water instead of melting waiting in lines. I was really only half paying attention to the conversation though, my mind was still on Alex. Would I have a chance to see him again tomorrow? Would he still want to see me again?

I decided to check my phone and I was surprised that I already saw a text from Alex asking when we would be able to see each other again. I smiled widely as I read the text and immediately responded back about our plans about going to the water park tomorrow. I also asked him if he happened to work over there too. I worried that I might have come off a little too clingy, but I wanted to see him again so badly.

I looked up from my phone and I realized that we were already back at my house. When I got out of the car, my friends reminded me that I would have to drive to the park myself tomorrow. One of our other friends needed a ride in the carpool and I was the only other one with a car. I also didn’t really live nearby anyone, so it was convenient if I just drove myself.

After we said our goodbyes, I entered my house and went straight to my room where I collapsed face first onto my bed. I didn’t realize it before, but after a long day of sweltering under the sun and my time with Alex, I was pretty exhausted. I soon heard a ping notification from my phone, checked it, and saw that Alex responded. He mentioned he was working tomorrow and that he sometimes worked at the water park. Most importantly, he mentioned he would try to see if he could get a shift over there instead. The butterflies in my stomach from earlier were still out in full force after I read his latest texts. I was super excited and relieved that he was interested in seeing me again.

The problem was how to respond. Should I tell him how excited I was? Or would he think I was being too clingy? He did respond back quickly though and did mention he would try to get a shift over there. So maybe I wasn’t the only one hoping for another encounter? I decided to send a simple reply that said I looked forward to hopefully seeing him tomorrow.

I turned off my phone and sprawled out on the bed again with a huge smile on my face. I laid there contemplating whether I should just go to sleep right now, but instead figured that I should shower given that I had to still reak of sex.

I peaked out of my room to make sure the coast was clear and to avoid any unwanted questions. I didn’t see anyone, so I quickly stepped into the bathroom. I stripped off my dirty clothes, turned on the hot water, and immediately jumped in. I relished the hot water as it poured onto my skin and I sighed deeply. After I reached for the soap and started to lather myself, demetevler escort I quickly realized just how turned on I still was.

While my hands slowly passed over my tight stomach, I remembered how it felt to be covered in Alex’s hot cum, which caused a tingle to bolt up my spine. Soon, my soapy hands moved to my perky breasts and gently squeezed them. My hands caused a soft moan to escape my lips while I basked in the pleasure. With quick breaths, my hands lowered themselves until they gently rubbed my wet slit. I gasped the moment my fingers made contact as it was still incredibly sensitive from the pounding it received earlier from Alex.

I almost got completely lost in my own bliss before I suddenly snapped myself out of it. What was I doing? Was I really going to get myself off in the family shower? I couldn’t deny how good and naughty it felt, but I decided to stop before going too far and accidentally made more noise than I wanted to. I quickly finished cleaning myself, got out of the shower, and wrapped myself in a towel before I slinked back into my room.

I closed the door as silently as possible and immediately went to my closet. Originally, I had planned to wear my swimming one-piece to the water park tomorrow, but with Alex possibly being there, I didn’t want to look too plain or frumpy. I wanted to make sure that when he saw me, he couldn’t help but stare. I quickly sorted through my clothes and took out one of the bikinis that I owned. After I examined it, I sighed and put it back into my closet. It was sexy for sure, but maybe a little too sexy for a family water park.

I took out an older two-piece swimsuit I had and thought that maybe this could work. I walked over to my mirror, took off my towel, and got momentarily distracted as I looked back at my naked body. I had to say, I looked good. Damn good.

My body was in excellent shape from years of being on the swim team and my soft and smooth skin also had a light natural tan due to my mixed hispanic/white heritage. I turned slightly and tightened the lower half of my body. My legs were muscular, but not too bulky and I was proud of my incredibly firm and round ass. As for my upper body, I thought it was just as attractive as my lower body. I had a flat and tight stomach with perky breasts that rested high on my chest. They were only a C-cup, but on my petite frame they looked much larger in proportion to the rest of my body. If Alex saw what I saw, no wonder he couldn’t resist me.

I took my attention off the mirror, grabbed the two-piece I found earlier, and started to put it on. The bottom fit snugly and was modest compared to other swimsuits, but still nicely showcased my athletic ass. The top I put on also appeared to be more reserved than other swimsuits. It completely covered my chest from right below my boobs to my neck in a sort of triangle pattern.

When I finished tying the strings behind me, I realized that this suit was a bit older and maybe a bit too small. The top technically covered my chest, but my young and nubile breasts really pushed the tight material outward. I clearly saw the outline of my breasts in the material, but I hoped they were covered enough for a public water park. I did want Alex to stop and stare when he saw me though, so I hoped that this was just risque enough to grab his attention.

After I finally decided on what I was going to wear tomorrow, I peeled off the swim suit, tossed on some pajamas, and crawled into bed. I needed some much needed sleep if I was going to have enough energy for tomorrow.


“Bye Mom! I’ll be back later tonight!” I yelled as I rushed through the house heading for the garage.

“Have fun, and be careful driving young lady!” I heard my Mom yell back.

Once I got into the car, I checked my phone again to see if Alex texted me back to confirm if he was working at the water park today. Dammit, still nothing. Leave it to a guy to not communicate or text back. I sighed in frustration while I carefully reversed down my driveway and headed to the water park.

Even though it was still morning, the water park seemed absolutely packed. Hell, it was even hard to find parking. After I finally found a spot and entered the park, I made sure to stop by the lockers first so I could store my stuff. Before I put my phone away, I checked once again to see if Alex texted me back, but I was met with disappointment. However, I saw a group chat message from my friends that said where they set up camp inside the park.

I grabbed my towel and went to join my friends on some pool chairs near the wave pool. It was sorta like deja vu from yesterday where my friends were busy passing around the suntan lotion and Pam was on her phone looking at the different rides on the app. I stripped off my t-shirt and cotton shorts that were over my swim wear and noticed that Pam looked at me weirdly.

“So where are we going first Pam?” I said after I finished arranging my swimsuit dikmen escort to make sure it was on correctly.

“I was thinking of hitting up the lazy river before it gets too hot out,” Pam replied as she stood up and walked over so she was right next to me. She then softly said to me, “Isn’t that suit a bit revealing for your usual tastes?”

Of course Pam had to notice. She was my best friend after all and knew me almost as well as I knew myself. I did my best to play it off that it was nothing, “What? This? It’s just an old two-piece. C’mon…it isn’t even a bikini! It’s not like I’m showing anything off.”

Pam’s reaction was blank and emotionless as if she didn’t believe a word I said. Thankfully, she sighed, turned back to the group, and asked who wanted to head over to the lazy river. I sighed heavily too as we started walking over, and due to Pam’s commentary, crossed my arms over my chest self-consciously.

For the rest of that morning, my friends and I had an absolute blast in the water. We relaxed in the lazy river, then crested waves in the wave pool, and later went down one of those raft adventures. The only rides we hadn’t gone on were the water slides and everyone in the group had a different slide they wanted to go on. Soon enough, the group split up and everyone headed to the slide they wanted to go on most. Not surprisingly, Pam and I ended up being alone as a pair and we decided to go to The Waterfall.

The ride seemed to be pretty popular as there was a long line to get on that snaked up a dizzying amount of stairs to the top. After we queued up, one of the staff guys roped off the line right behind us. We asked him if the ride was still open and he told us yes, but they close the lines down periodically during the day to do a safety check. It seemed like we would be the last two to ride it for now.

By the time we neared the top, I really looked forward to riding the water slide. By this point my suit had completely dried out in the hot sun and I was starting to sweat a bit in the heat. While I moved some sweat drenched hair out of my face, I heard a deep voice that caused my heart to almost stop. Was that Alex?

We soon rounded a turn on the stairs and as I looked up at the last flight of stairs, I saw him. And I gulped. It was only just yesterday, but I seemed to have forgotten just how unbelievably hot he was. He wore a men’s tank that clung loosely to his body and completely showed off his huge muscular arms. Anytime he moved or if there was a slight breeze, you also saw his wide and powerful chest muscles barely hidden underneath. Most importantly, he had that completely unfair charming smile of his.

While I stood in awe gazing at him again, I couldn’t help but also be a little pissed at him. Here he was working one of the slides of the water park, and he couldn’t spare thirty seconds to text me?! It seemed like pure dumb luck that I saw him here and it was possible I could’ve missed him entirely! Damn that guy.

“Whoa…hey, isn’t that the guy from yesterday?” I heard Pam say in surprise.

I looked over at her and must have had something written all over my face, because after she looked at me she instantly said, “Yep, that’s definitely him alright. Remember, breathe Bella, breathe. It’s a normal function that you need to do in order to not pass out.”

I jokingly slapped Pam’s arm at her comment and before long, we were almost at the front of the line. My heart was doing jumping jacks and I wondered if Alex noticed me yet. Would he be happy to see me? Would he be impressed with my swimsuit? But… what if he ignores me? Was I just another dumb slut to be used and dropped?

“Hey Bella! Wow…it’s uhh…great to see you again! I’m guessing you saw my text about my shift being for this slide? And it’s Pam, right?” Alex said after someone just went down the slide, which left Pam and I the only two still in line.

I saw Pam nod and say hello and I just sort of stood there like a deer in headlights as I tried to figure out what to do or say. After an awkward moment of silence I saw Pam gingerly step forward and say that she would head down the slide first. As she sat down and readied herself on the slide, she turned her head to me and mouthed ‘go for it’ secretly. A moment later she was gone and her screams echoed back up the slide. I was once again left alone with Alex and just like yesterday, I was woefully unprepared about what to say or do.

I mustered up my courage and took the last remaining steps to head over to Alex. I saw him put his hands on his hips and with a smirk said, “Seems to me like you’re looking to get wet again. I think I can help out with that.”

Whether it was instinct or lust, I stepped right up into him, wrapped my arms around his neck, and kissed him passionately. My impulsiveness seemed to catch him off guard at first, but as he returned my kiss I felt him wrap his huge arms around my petite body and crushed me into his muscular frame. Just like ankara escort yesterday, he smelled incredible. Between this kiss and his intoxicating scent, I was practically lost within him.

Not long after we kissed, I felt a familiar sensation by my midsection. His huge cock was rock hard and pressed against me through his swim shorts. I continued to kiss him as my hands slowly trailed down from his neck, over his chest, and down to his cock that was tenting his swimming shorts. I must have fallen victim to some sort of lust spell or something, because before I knew it, I had my hands wrapped around his dick. Damn, I almost forgot just how large and thick this thing was. My fingers were barely able to wrap around it and guessed that it definitely had to be at least eight or nine inches long.

“God I missed you,” I said after I broke our kiss and bit my lip as my hands started to squeeze and pump his cock.

From the look in his eyes, it seemed like Alex was going to take me right then and there, but soon our attention was broken by a crackling walkie talkie nearby, “Hey Alex, we good? Everyone down the slide? Remember, it’s time for your 15 min break.”

In my haze of lust, I completely forgot that we weren’t anywhere private and that they were trying to close the slide down. I saw Alex reach over for the walkie talkie and replied that there was a small problem but the last person was just getting on the slide now.

He slammed the walkie talkie down and suddenly grabbed the back of my head to pull me in for another deep kiss. I felt his lips leave mine and he whispered to me, “Meet me by the edge of the pool after you get off the slide. I’m not done with you yet.”

A jolt of energy went up and down my spine from his words and I nodded slowly at him. I was about to turn away from him to sit down on the slide before I heard him say ‘wait’. I felt his free hand move and brush up against my stomach as it soon found its way under my swim bottoms. His quick movement surprised me as my hand reflexively went to rest on top of his. I felt his fingers slide up and down my slit and I let out a whimpering moan. We’ve been barely together again for just a few minutes and now he knew that I was already super aroused and wet.

“Seems like you aren’t done with me either. See you soon,” I heard him say with his bright eyes and charming smile as he removed his hand.

I was completely dazed by the sudden series of events and I stumbled over and sat down on the slide. With a small nudge, he pushed me down the slide and soon I was lost in a tube of twists and turns. After what seemed like forever, I finally popped out of the slide and crashed into the water below. I immediately surfaced, moved my wet hair out of my face, and looked around for Alex. At first I didn’t see him, but then I spotted him right where he said he would be and I swam over to the edge of the pool.

I laid my hands on the edge to pull myself out, but I soon felt Alex’s hands on my arms to help me. After he assisted in pulling me out of the pool, he kept his hand locked onto mine and started to lead me away. I couldn’t help but shyly smile while I looked at his large hand clasping mine. Part of me didn’t quite understand what was so special about Alex, but every time I was around him, I melted.

We quickly walked out of the pool area and it seemed like he was once again taking me to some private staff buildings. Pretty soon we passed by a fence that said ‘Employees Only’ and arrived at a large building. Just like the day before, Alex quickly punched in a keycode on the door and we immediately entered. I tried to figure out where we were going and saw the words “locker room” as we passed through the door.

Was this the men’s staff locker room? Was he crazy?! He must have sensed my hesitation and I heard him say, “Don’t worry, this place is a complete ghost town unless there is a shift change. And there isn’t going to be a shift change for hours.”

We passed by the lockers and benches, and soon arrived in the shower area. For locker room showers, it seemed pretty nice as there was a long row of individual showers with walls all the way to the ceiling. Alex quickly led me into one of the shower stalls, guided me to the far wall, and turned around to close the curtain which provided some extra privacy.

For a moment, we both just stood there and stared at each other while we both breathed heavily. Eventually, he reached out to the shower handle and turned it causing hot water to pour out and drench us. I’m not sure if he turned the water on to drown out noise or to make himself look even hotter. Maybe it was a little bit of both? His now soaked tank stuck to his muscular body like a second skin. His huge and well defined muscles were clearly visible through the tank and his rigid cock looked menacing through his swim shorts.

He took a step towards me and with one hand, he pulled his tank off his body and tossed it to the side. As I saw this chiseled God approach me, my body felt weak and I felt my heart pumped like a jackhammer. I was going to let it happen again wasn’t I? I was going to completely give into my lust and let him do whatever he wanted with me. I was going to become a willing slut for him, and I was going to enjoy every minute of it.

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