What Happens in Cabo

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We were so excited, alone for 3 days in Cabo! Before we were able to check in we left our bags at the desk and explored the resort. It sat on a gorgeous beach, with clear blue water, and soft white sand, lined with palm trees, lounge chairs, and private cabanas. Just above the beach was a beautiful blue tiled infinity pool, with a swim up bar. We were beyond happy with our choice so far, and we hoped the room was equally as impressive.

Our hopes were realized the moment we walked in. It was amazing, with a semi private balcony, a panoramic ocean view, small jacuzzi tub, and a hammock!! We hurried to unpack and got ready for the pool. By this time we couldn’t wait to get down there and get drinks.

Wading into the pool, the water felt amazing. We made our way over to the bar and ordered “the special”, which was the name for their “famous” margarita. Drinks in hand we waded over to a shallow area where there were partially submerged lounge chairs, just deep enough to keep you cool.

We sat, and as we began to take in the view, the stress of travel and the busy work week began melting off with each sip of our drinks. Looking around at the other guests I noticed one couple in particular. She looked to be in her mid 30’s, and he was probably closer to my age. They both had great bodies, and were very good looking. Not wanting to make it obvious I noticed them, I continued scanning the pool until finally looking out over the ocean. Just then Jessica nudged my arm, “did you see that hot couple?”

“Huh?” I said, acting clueless looking around.

“Now that’s definitely my type!” she replied confidently.

Turning back to her I smiled and said, “Oh them, oh yeah I saw em. Your type of girl or guy?” I said with a laugh.

Her lip curled up in a sly smirk, “Maybe both!” Then looking over at them again, and taking a sip from her drink, said teasingly, “Yeah, both for sure!”

I laughed, becoming slightly aroused. It was always a good tease when she talked slutty like that.

As we finished our first round I made my way back to the bar for one more. While waiting I looked over and noticed the ‘hot couple’ was getting up to leave the pool. I looked over at Jessica, also watching them.

By the time I was headed back with our drinks they were gone. As I handed her her drink she blurted out, “Did you see her butt? I want that butt!”

“And your gonna get that butt baby!” I said laughing at how weird we are.

After our second round we were feeling great. The sun was just starting to go down, so we decided to go back to the room and relax before dinner. When we got back we went out on the patio and climbed in the hammock, under the shade of a big palm tree. We snuggled up against each other and stared off at the ocean. As we sat listening to the ocean breeze I started hearing what sounded like people having sex. I looked at Jessica, who whispered quietly, “do you hear that?”

“Heck yeah, it sounds like it’s right next to us.” I whisper back.

Our patios were conjoined, with only partial privacy from a waist high partition. I climbed out of the hammock and walked over to listen, careful to stay out of sight. it began getting louder, and was pretty obvious they were in their room with the patio door open. I stood there for a minute, then crept back to her, shaking her head saying, “get back in here ya perv”. As I snuggle back against her, she says, “woooo, got a little chub have ya, haha?”

I laugh from embarrassment, as I was hoping she wouldn’t notice, saying “well yeah, it sounds pretty hot!”

Then pushing her ass back against me she says in a seductive little whisper, “Well, maybe we should go in and make our own noise.”

Just as we are about to get up we hear our neighbors screams and moans of climax. We sat, listening until it was quiet.

“Damn that was crazy, they totally both just came so loud!” I say, my dick now completely hard pressing against Jessica’s bikini covered ass. “Hang on, I think they’re coming out, I want to see what they look like.”

Just as Jessica starts climbing out to go in, the ‘hot guy’ from the pool comes out and climbs into his hammock. He sees Jessica getting up and says, “Oh hi!”, with a thick French accent. I was shocked at how outgoing he was, considering that it was pretty obvious we had just heard him too.

“Hi……I’m Jessica.”

“I’m Chad” he says back.

Now standing, Jessica says, “This is my husband Steve.”

“Nice meeting you both.” He says with a smile.

Just then a female voice from inside says, “hunny who are you talking with?”

“Oh yes, our neighbors, Steve and Jessica” he said just as she walked up next to him looking over at us.

“Oh hello, Im Elizabeth” she said in a refined English accent, walking over and extending her hand over the partition. As Jessica and her exchanged the normal pleasantries that girls cared about, I couldn’t help but notice how overtly Chad was checking Jessica out! His eyes looked her slowly up and down, not the least bit concerned if either of us noticed. bayan gaziantep escort Was this a European thing to not be subtle about this kind of stuff? As much as I found it oddly bold I definitely appreciated it. Considering how hot they both were, for him to eye fuck my girlfriend was a compliment to me!

As I heard the ladies finishing up their introductions I pulled myself up out of the hammock, then looking over I waved saying, “good meeting you, I’m gonna go shower.” A moment later Jessica followed me in, sliding the door closed behind her.

“She is really sexy, just the kind of girl I would totally hook up with.” said Jessica as we began to undress. “So sex or shower?” She asks seemingly not caring which.

I kick my shorts off and turn towards her, my half hard cock slowly lifting, higher and harder by the second. Her eyes look down and get big as she sees it. “Wow, so sex then?” she asks with a laugh. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her in. “Baby, you really got worked up didn’t you?” she asks more seriously.

“Well yeah, that was so hot, hearing them……. you talking about her like that…….and, there’s something else.”

Jessica pushed back enough to look at me, “what?” she asks sounding curious.

“While you were talking, Chad was totally checking you out. Like big time!”

“Well duh! You think I didn’t notice?”

“You did?!”

My cock, now rock hard, pressed against her stomach.

“Baby a girl always knows, it’s you guys who are oblivious.”

“Wow, I couldn’t tell” I said, sort of disbelieving.

Then taking my hand, and bringing it between her legs, she says, “can you now?”

I gasp feeling how wet she was, as my fingers slip between her lips, My eyes glaze over as I lean down, and wrapping my arms under her, lifting her up. She grabs onto my shoulders, then with one hand reaches down and guides me to her opening. We kiss, and as our tongues swirl together, I gently lower her onto my throbbing dick. We moan into each other’s mouths as she slides slowly down, her pussy swallowing me inch after inch, until I’m buried deep inside. Her walls squeeze tight around me.

“Uhhhh baby……you’re so……so hard!” she groans into my neck.

Overcome with desire I begin lifting her up, and down, over and over as moans fill the room, the pleasure increasing with the speed of our fucking. My hips thrusting up into her, matching her rhythm, and I can hear she’s close. Her arms clasped tight around my neck, as she kisses the side of my face, screaming in my ear, bringing me to the edge. I feel her body tighten around me, her face a silent scream as her juices begin soaking me. My cock swells beyond its normal size, bringing me to a peak. As pleasure rips through me I scream, then explode inside her. I freeze, as she takes over, gyrating her hips, milking my orgasm as I fill her wanting body.

The next day after breakfast we decide to head down to the beach. We find a nice partially shaded spot of beach chairs and set up our stuff. After settling in we waked down to the water to cool off. As we were hanging out, I spotted our new neighbors walking down towards us.

“Hey guys”, Chad called out as they got closer.

“Hi” Jessica said back with a smile.

As they slowly made their way into the water I got the feeling Jessica was checking them out behind her dark shades.

“Oh, this place is amazing” Chad said grinning ear to ear. “I cant believe how clear the water is!” as they came up next to us.

Elizabeth came over and kissed Jessica on both cheeks saying “Good morning beautiful” with her cheerful little accent. I could tell Jessica wasn’t expecting that as she seemed to get a bit flustered by the close encounter.

After talking a bit we decided to make our way out of the water and lay out a bit. Our word for order drinks. “Where are you two at?” asked Elizabeth.

“Over there” I said, pointing at our beach chairs now surrounded by old mid westerners.

“Oh no, well you are welcome to join us, thats our cabana there” she said pointing. “There’s more than enough room. Get your things, we insist” she said in a firm but cute way.

She didn’t have to beg us, we were more than happy to share a cabana with these this hot European couple than sweat in the sun with the Ohio folks.

As we gathered our things and made our way over Jessica said in a whisper, “dude Chad keeps checking me out and its making me super uncomfortable”

“Really? Wow! But why does it make you feel weird?”

“I don’t know, because he’s with his girlfriend, its in front of you, and he’s not even trying to hide it……and she’s so sweet”

“Maybe she’s ok with it, I mean things are different in other cultures, maybe they have an open thing going on, or something cool we don’t even know about” i said making myself laugh for a moment.

“What are you two laughing at?” Elizabeth asked as she was perched up on the white mattress poring champagne into a glass bayan escort gaziantep and motioning it towards Jessica.

“Steve just thinks he’s funny, he cracks himself up a lot” Jessica said while climbing in and taking the glass. “mmmmm, wow this is really good” she said taking her first sip.

“Yes, its actually from the region where I grew up, I’m glad you like it” Chad said looking at Jessica. Now that she had gotten it in my head i couldn’t tell if i was over thinking it or it was real. His body language, the subtleties in his words, everything seemed flirtatious to me now. As we talked I watched him from the corner of my eye, my dark shades hiding my glance. I wasn’t overthinking, Jessica was right, as I caught him checking her out many times, but it was a game i begin to enjoy very much. Seeing this handsome European guy with a super hot girlfriend lusting after my girl filled me with pride, and it turned me on seeing her being looked at as a just a sex object.

The afternoon was spent relaxing, swimming in the ocean and having fun getting to know our new friends. When the sun began to go down, Elizabeth suggested we meet for dinner and drinks later. Sounded perfect to us, so we said our goodbyes and went back to our room to rest and freshen up. I could feel the elephant in the room and wondered who would be the first to bring it up.

It didn’t take long before Jessica did. “So is it just me or so you think they want to swing with us?” she asked, settled into the room.

“Oh wow, haha I don’t know, are you serious?”

“I don’t know, I mean they sure seem flirty and he obviously wants me”, she said with a confident sarcasm.

“No, ha ha, honestly I think it’s just a European thing, and they are just cool and relaxed about sexuality and stuff”

“Exactly! So cool and relaxed that they want to get us in bed!!” she said with a laugh as she got in the shower.

I took my shorts off and followed her in, and as she turned around she looked down, surprised at my dick which was more than half hard.

“Wow hunny! Did that talk get you all excited?” she asked, starting to stroke me.

I just moaned softly and turned her around with her back to me, then reaching down pushing my fingers against her lips, and I instantly felt how wet she was. She continued stroking my dick which was now fully hard as I played with her pussy, slipping a finger in and out and rubbing her clit.

“Feels like you got turned on too” I said with a hint of a question.

“Uh huh” she moaned

“Tell me what turned you on” I asked, my body now shaking from excitement.

“Her flirting, him looking at me, seeing how bad he wants to fuck me” she whispered, almost embarrassed to admit it turned her on.

With that I pushed her forward until her hands braced against the shower wall, with her ass pushing back against me. Then reaching down I slid my cock between her cheeks until I found her well prepared entrance. Then pushing into her warmth, her pussy engulfed me. We fucked. with long slow strokes, savoring every sensation of our sex, heightened by our new friends erotic energy. It didn’t take long for us both to cum long and loud.

As we finished our shower and walked back into the room we noticed we had left the sliding door open to our balcony. After we dressed we made our way out to the hammock and immediately heard Elizabeth’s voice, “well, sounds like you two had fun” she said with a smile, laying in Chad’s arms in the hammock.

Obviously embarrassed we didn’t know what to say but before we could even respond Chad said “Hey we were thinking, after dinner we should check out a club in town and go dancing”.

“Sounds good” I said quickly, happy to move onto another conversation.

Jessica wore a cute but sexy little summer dress. At first she was a bit concerned about her nipples showing through the thin material but after trying on a bra realized it looked even more ridiculous. “Great, that’s all I need is to give Chad one more reason to stare at me”, she said finally giving up.

“Oh relax, Europeans usually go topless at the beach anyway, so it’s not really a big deal to them. And besides, doesn’t it feel good to be wanted anyway, just enjoy it”.

She just gave me a look that said ‘shut it’, like she often did.

We met Elizabeth and Chad in the lobby of the hotel and made the short walk into town. Once at the restaurant we had an awesome dinner and margaritas. Feeling good we left the restaurant and had to ask for directions a couple times but finally found this cool little hotspot with live music and a small area for dancing. We found a booth and ordered some more drinks. While waiting for the drinks Elizabeth said “come on Jessica, come dance with me” as she got up out of the booth, Jessica quickly following. Both Chad and I said nothing, we just watched the girls moving their bodies to the rhythm of the music. After a few minutes they seemed to loosen up a bit as their hands begin gently touching escort bayan gaziantep one another, their bodies slowly intertwined, in sync to the music. “You have yourself a very sexy woman there Steve”, Chad said still watching the girls.

“Thanks man, you too!”

“Wouldn’t mind watching the two of them all night”

“Haha yeah that would be fine by me”

“Hey Steve, have you and Jessica ever fooled around before?”

My mouth went dry when I heard it, and was taken by surprise at the very bold question. “Uh no, why?”

“just curious……are you a jealous man?”

“no, not at all”

“well that’s good, so you wouldn’t mind sharing your girl then?”

I wasn’t sure if this was a proposal or just curious as to our own personal limits. “let’s just say I wouldn’t hold her back from something she was excited at exploring for herself”

Just then the girls came back to the table.

“wow, you two looked great” chad said as my heart was pounding out of my chest from the recent line of questioning.

I was confused, a little nervous and a little bit excited, I wasn’t sure yet what to even tell Jessica, because I wasn’t even clear what it was he was getting at. We had one more round of drinks then decided to head back to the hotel, we were all feeling pretty good and Elizabeth suggested we get in our bathing suits and head down to the Jacuzzi.

Once back at the room as we were changing into our bathing suits I told Jessica what Chad had said. She just laughed and said she “see, I was right!!”. Once dressed she came over, wrapping her arms around my waist and looked deep into my eyes. I Leaned down as we kissed. “Are you having fun?” She asked.

“Oh yeah, this trip is awesome, I’m stoked we met someone to hang out with”

“Yeah I like them, she’s a lot of fun, I wish they lived near us”

“Haha yeah, that would be trouble” I said back

“Fun trouble?” Jessica said with a wink as she grabbed the room key and I followed her out the door.

There were two Jacuzzis on the property, the one closest to our room was nestled into this subterranean grotto surrounded with trees. We were happy to see it was empty, as we got in and waited for our friends. About five minutes later they appeared with a bucket full of ice and a bottle of champagne.

Halfway through the champagne Elizabeth and Jessica started talking about sex. Chad and I just sat quietly listening, and I wondered if he was just as aroused as I was.

Elizabeth slowly moved closer to Jessica as their conversation grew.

Then Elizabeth looked over at me and said “Steve, would you mind so terribly getting us some water?”

“Yeah of course” I said, a little bummed to leave but needing some myself, stumbled off to find the water station, lightheaded from the heat of the Jacuzzi and alcohol. I filled a few cups and made my way back. As I rounded the corner I was stopped at what I saw. Jessica and Elizabeth engaged in a slow, and very passionate kiss. I could see their tongues swirling around one another, with Elizabeth sucking Jessica’s lips into her mouth. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen, with both of their soft lips pressed together, the steam from the Jacuzzi creating droplets of water on their faces. As I slowly eased myself back in the water Elizabeth’s hand reached up from the water and begin caressing Jessica’s breast’s. Chad moved up next to Elizabeth, leaning over her slightly to get as close as he could without interrupting. I was shaking from the adrenaline as my cock began to harden in my shorts. Then just when I thought that was the extent of it, Elizabeth slowly pulled Jessica’s bikini top down below her breast. Jessica’s eyes got a little wider for a moment, obviously not expecting that. Elizabeth slowly pulled her mouth from Jessica’s and moved down to her breast, and opening her mouth began sucking and licking her nipple. Jessica’s eyes closed and her head fell back, resting on a rolled up towel behind her. As Elizabeth continued sucking and licking Jessica’s exposed breast, her hand reached over and began squeezing and pinching her other one. Jessica just laid there, eyes closed, moaning softly. Chad watched intently as his girlfriend sucked and squeezed Jessica’s breasts. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I wanted so desperately to stroke myself as I watched. Chad moved to the side of Jessica to get even closer. Sensing him, Elizabeth lifted her head up and kissed him while continuing to squeeze and caress Jessica’s breasts. Then turning her attention back to Jessica, her mouth enveloping her nipple once again.

Chad slowly leaned in and began kissing Jessica’s neck, and as Jessica moaned with approval, his hand went down under the water, moving between her legs. My heart jumped and my head was spinning as she began to moan deeper now, being serviced by them both. It was so incredibly erotic and surreal watching my girlfriend being the center of this hot couples sexual attention.

Suddenly I was jolted out of my trance as I heard people coming our direction. I looked over my shoulder, then back at the Jacuzzi. Like a party when the cops show up, suddenly everyone was alert and sitting up like nothing had happened. Party over.

A few seconds later some people rounded the corner and made their way into the Jacuzzi, and we were out. We were all pretty out of it by now so we said our good nights and went back to our rooms.

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