What happens in… Denver

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Ass Fuck

I’d only ever had contact with another man once in my life. He was the older brother of a friend of mine. I guess he was 29. I was a freshman at USC.
I’d gone to their house one afternoon during the summer break and everyone else was out. He answered the door in just a towel. I’d guessed I’d gotten him out of the shower.
I had always admired this guy.He had always been nice to me even though he was much older. He asked me in to wait, and I followed him up to his room.
He told me he’d been jerking off when the doorbell rang and really wanted to finish what he’d been doing when I interrupted him.
I said I would go downstairs and wait but I guess he decided to take a chance. He told me I could watch him if I wanted. I was curiously interested in that. I took him up on his offer.
So he stood up and dropped the towel from around his waist.
I looked at him as he stood in front of me, naked.
I was amazed by all the hair round his cock and balls. And his cock was so much bigger.
He told me to sit on his bed and then stood over me as he started touching himself. He was already semi-erect.
He stared down at me as he stroked his cock. Asked me if I liked seeing his penis.
I was enjoying it, even though I knew we shouldn’t be doing this. Told him I liked it.
I know it was exciting to him. His cock got very hard.
He came close to me as I sat there looking up at him and I watched his fist sliding up and down his hard shaft.
Then he asked me if I wanted to stroke it. I couldn’t help myself… I reached up and took his erect penis in my hand.
I could remember how it felt to hold his hard cock in my hand. I stroked him up and down and he encouraged me with his words and by putting his hand on my head and running his fingers through my hair.
He told me he was going to cum and stood to one side. His big hand came down and held my smaller one tight around his cock and he controlled the speed of my stroking until he ejaculated.
I was fascinated to see the white fluid shoot out of his cock.
Once he was done, he got dressed and we went downstairs and played on the Atari until his brother got home.
College started up again a few weeks later and it was never repeated. I’d still see him from time to time. We never mentioned it, but he remembered. I could tell from how he smiled at me when we met. It was a secret we shared.
And I pretty much forgot about it. Went about the process of reaching my own maturity. Had plenty of girlfriends.
I guess somewhere down deep I was left with an interest in doing something sexual with another guy.
I would look at bisexual porn. Jack off. Watching two guys going at it.
I’d even worked a dildo into my ass a couple of times while I furiously jerked my dick. Liked how it felt.
But I’d never found myself actually attracted to another man the way I was to women. Never turned to check out a guy passing me on the street. Nothing like that.
Until this one time when I was about 25.
I was flying to Denver for a temporary assignment.
And he was there at the aircraft cabin door, welcoming the passengers.
It was the weirdest feeling… like a jolt of electricity. The moment I saw him I was attracted. And he could tell. He knew he’d caught gaziantep escort bayan my eye.
I took my seat and tried to figure out what had happened. I was hot for this man, in exactly the same way I would get hot for a sexy woman.
Tried to put it out of my mind and opened up the book I’d brought with me.
We took off. I found myself casually leaning out and staring up the aisle of the plane, trying to catch a glimpse of the steward who’d had such an effect on me.
He caught me looking. Caught my eye. Smiled at me.
When he reached my row and was serving us, he was very friendly. Put his hand on my shoulder and leaned down close to ask me if I wanted anything.
I could barely speak. Asked for coffee.
He leaned across to deliver a beverage to the man in the window seat, I felt his hip brush against me. Could smell his cologne.
He was making things worse for me, I was becoming erect.
When things were cleared away I got up to stretch my legs and hit the restroom.
He was working in the galley at the back of the plane. Both bathrooms on my side were occupied and so I was just standing there.
He looked up and smiled.
Asked me if I had everything I needed. I was fine, I said.
He told me I could come through the galley to get to a vacant bathroom. It was tight in there, he turned to face me as I passed him. I felt him, just ever so slightly, move his hips towards me. Our crotches brushed against each other.
Now I needed the toilet more than ever. But not to piss.
I closed and locked the door and undid my fly. My cock was hard and precum had lubricated the head more than I could remember.
I slipped my foreskin back, the head of my penis was slick and shiny. Started to stroke myself.
Thinking about the sexy man just outside the door. The man who had just rubbed his cock against mine.
I came in seconds. Grabbing some tissues just in time to catch my cum and stop it from covering the wall.
My cock stayed hard, I couldn’t pee with it like that. Had to wait. Eventually I was able to urinate without soaking the ceiling. Pulled up my pants and flushed away the evidence of my perverted imagination.
I left the cubicle and he was still there. Smiling at me.
Asking if everything was OK. Better than OK… I couldn’t admit I had been masturbating, but I almost wanted to. Wanted to tell him I had stroked myself to an orgasm thinking about him.
We got to chatting a little and I told him I was going to be in Denver for some weeks and staying in a downtown hotel.
He made some suggestions for things to do and then offered to show me a couple of places that evening, if I wanted, since he was on a layover. Told him thanks and the name of my hotel. He said he knew it. In fact it was the same hotel the airline used for accommodating cabin crews. Perfect. We’d meet at the bar.
The rest of the flight went OK, he and I exchanged looks and smiles a couple of times. I was aroused to think of being alone with him, even though I had no clue what we might do together.
I sat there quietly amused that I’d just joined the mile-high club – solo division.
I got myself checked in and had a shower, shave, etc. I took more care than gaziantep escort bayan ilanları I might. Like I was preparing for a date.
Went down to the bar to meet my new friend.
He was already there, but still in uniform. Explained that it had taken some time to get out of work and hand off some paperwork, so he’d only just arrived.
I said that was OK we could meet later if he wanted, but he said no, just come up to his room and I could wait while he changed and then we could go on out to a place he knew.
I was OK with that. Followed him out of the bar to the elevators. And then his room.
I was in the hotel room of another man. A man who had somehow aroused me. A day of firsts.
I admitted it to him. Told him this wasn’t something I’d ever done before, but he had attracted me in a way I’d never known before.
He was OK with it. Could tell I was shy. Could tell I was surprised at myself…
Asked me if I wanted to explore my interest. I told him yes.
He went to take a shower and I sat watching TV.
When he came back into the bedroom he was just wearing a short robe, toweling his hair dry.
As his hands reached up to his head, the hem of his robe lifted and I was entranced first by his sexy ass and then, as he turned around, his penis – swinging between his thighs.
He stepped towards me and asked me what I wanted to do.
I reached out and took his cock in my hand. The memory of my junior-high experience came to me.
I gripped and stroked his cock, feeling it harden in my palm.
Do you like it? He asked… yes, very much. I looked up at him.
His hand came to my head… guiding me to his cock.
It seemed like the most natural act to open my lips and let him put his penis in my mouth.
Felt exactly right. Like he was the person I’d been waiting for.
I reached up and took his buttocks in my hands. Pulling him into my mouth.
Felt his cheeks clench as he thrust his cock.
After a few minutes, I pulled away.
Looked up at him.
I want you to fuck me.
He smiled down at me and told me OK. Told me to take off my clothes.
He went to the bathroom and came back with lubricant. I was lying naked on his bed.
And you never, ever did this before?
No. I want you to be the first.
I’ll make sure you like it.
He took the pillows and arranged them under my bottom. Lifting me up. Presenting my ass to him.
He climbed up onto the bed. Between my legs. I spread for him.
My ass exposed.
My cock was hard.
He dribbled lubrication onto his fingers and started to gently massage it between the cheeks of my ass.
He eyes never left mine as he rubbed and then began probing.
Pushing, first one finger, then two, into my ass.
I reached up, arms apart. Inviting him to lay down on top of me.
He climbed up. Face to face with me.
I felt his cock rubbing against mine.
Felt his arm between us as he continued…. his fingers pumping in and out of my ass.
I held him to me. Lifted my face. Lifted my lips.
Kiss me.
He leaned down. His lips found mine.
Kissed me hard as he finger-fucked my willing ass.
I broke the kiss. Held him tight. My lips next to his ear….
I gaziantep escort bayan reklamları want you in me.
I want you to fuck me.
I want your cock.
He looked me in the eye…
You’re sure?
Yes. You’re gentle. I trust you. I want you to take my virginity.
So sweet. I’m so pleased. You want me to be your first.
Yes. Yes. I want you. I want it to be you..
We never lost eye-contact.
His fingers left my ass.
I felt him gripping his hard cock and position it against my ass.
I nodded. Telling him to go on. Telling him to push his hard penis up my ass.
The head of his hard cock entered me.
An inch.. two inches… going inside my ass.
Reaching up and grabbing my knees. Pulling them up on either side of him.
Spreading wider. Accepting his cock.
He moved his arms so that my legs were held in place above me.
My hands were free to reach down and grab his sexy bottom. I pulled him into me.
Felt his whole cock steadily entering me. Filling me up. Stretching me.
Oh yes.
Does it feel OK?
Ohhhh yeah. Perfect. Your cock is perfect. You can fuck me.
He started moving in and out. Slowly. Gently making love to me.
Sliding his hips down against my up-raised ass.
I was feeling the length of his hard cock enter me.
Felt it stretching my asshole.
In and out.
In and out of my willing body.
He reached with one hand and took my hard cock in his. Stroking me as he fucked me. I moaned and came.
Cum spilled out onto my chest. Dribbled down his knuckles.
He was increasing the pace of his rhythm. Fucking into me as I rocked my body to meet his thrusts.
He brought his fist up to my mouth and I licked my own cum off his hand.
He rubbed what was left onto my lips and chin and then leaned down and licked it off. Then locked his mouth on mine.
I felt the intensity of his motion increase again.
Held onto him tight. Moaned with pleasure. Still looking into his eyes. Sending him non-verbal messages.
Cum in my ass.
Finish it. Fuck me and cum inside.
Cum. I want your cum.
He stared down at me and made one more mighty shove.
I felt like he had found another two inches of cock. All inside me.
Then he held on tight and I felt his orgasm begin.
Yes! Yes! Fuck me. Cum in me.
He grunted. Bucked his hips. Once, hard. Twice, harder. Three times.. so deep into me.
He collapsed onto me. I held him tight. My legs in the air. Arms around him. I kissed his neck.
Slowly he softened and then he pulled his cock out of my ass. Allowed my legs to drop back onto the bed.
We dozed together in blissful relaxation, then it was time to go out, as planned. Later we returned to his room and I slept in his arms.

During the next few months, whenever he had a layover, he would stay with me. I never stopped feeling that unexplained attraction. Taking his cock in my mouth or ass was a pleasure I couldn’t get enough of. I always came when he fucked me. He made sure. He was such a considerate lover.
He showed me all over Denver. He took me out to eat, to the movies. To gay bars. He liked to show me off. I was his boyfriend, and I had no trouble admitting it to myself. Maybe I was even in love, a little bit.
But, as we knew it would, my assignment came to an end. I left Denver and returned to my straight life.
Nobody knew I had been exclusively, submissively gay for nearly 4 months. .
I’ve never met another guy who attracted me. But sometimes I yearn to feel a man’s body over me. To take cock. Get fucked. It’s nice to lie there and be made love to, sometimes.

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