What Rain Can Do

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What Rain can Do – 8/14/2002

I’ve known him since a few months into my freshman year of college. I realized I had a crush on him at some point … but we (he) came to the conclusion that we were better off as friends. So I dealt with that … it since it wasn’t the first time that sort of thing had happened to me.

My problem with this particular gentleman was that he had loose lips. This fella had a tendency to tell me things about his sex life that I didn’t need to know. It was simply unfair how he told me about his fondness of thunderstorms and candle wax! That sort of thing makes a girl’s mind wander to places it shouldn’t. And sometimes he didn’t even have to say anything. (Like the time I saw him with a newly acquired pair of handcuffs attached to his book bag.) Despite all of that … I tried to keep myself on the straight and narrow when it came to him … until the night fate stepped in.

We went out to dinner. It wasn’t technically a date, but he had promised me a good meal a long time ago. We ate at a nice little seafood restaurant near Inner Harbor. After clam chowder, a nice fillet of fish, and a decadent cheesecake dessert, we noticed that it was getting quite cloudy … as if the heavens were going to open up any minute. We headed back to the bus stop. (Just 2 broke college students with no cars!) The rain started during the bus ride; not too bad at first. By the time we had gotten to our stop near campus however, the storm was in full effect … pouring down big, hard, cool raindrops. We had a 10 minute walk back to my room. I thought about running … but I was already soaked just waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street … so what was the point of running a few blocks? I definitely couldn’t outrun the raindrops. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered what he had said about liking the rain as I put my jacket over my head and we walked at a leisurely pace in the downpour. It actually felt rather good to tell the truth!

We hadn’t expected it the interlude from the heavens, so neither of us had an umbrella. I was thankful for the darkness because I was wearing a white sundress … which I’m sure had become transparent in the rain. I could feel how the cool rain and the wet fabric against my flesh made my nipples harden … It didn’t help that I was wondering if he was aroused by the rain. Suddenly there was a huge flash of lightning and I could have sworn I saw him staring at my protruding nipples … I dunno if it was my imagination or not, but either way, I blushed crimson and pulled my jacket around me.

By this point we were near the apartment and I worried about the embarrassment of my transparent dress once inside with the lights on. I need not have been concerned though because once we got upstairs we found everything pitch black. We fumbled around for the light switch and I heard him bump into something and swear. Shortly thereafter, I realized that there would be no lights because the power was out. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into my room. I had a few candles around so after a few minutes we were sitting in soft, warm, flickering light.

Now … what were we going to do about our wet clothes?

I didn’t feel like leaving the candlelit room so I told him to avert his eyes if he didn’t want to see anything … I grabbed the first thing I could find, which was an oversized T shirt … I stripped out of my wet things and put on the T shirt.

I saw him sitting there in his soaking wet clothes and I knew he was too stubborn to say anything so I grabbed my black bathrobe and threw it at him. It was pretty big, so I knew it would fit him, and it was basic black terrycloth so it wasn’t like it was too feminine for him to wear … except it might have smelled like my bodywash but he would just have to get over that now wouldn’t he? I wasn’t letting him go back out in that storm: it had gotten worse since we were in the house and he had another bus ride and a bit of a walk back to his place.

“You’re spending the night here whether you like it or not!” I told him matter of factly. He didn’t object.

I noticed when he was taking his shirt off that he had a big scratch on his arm. Now I knew tecavüz porno why he had sworn as we fumbled around in the dark. I grabbed a candle and searched my room for the peroxide and a bandaid. I made him slide the robe off his shoulders some so I could clean the cut and bandage it. He whined about the stinging of the alcohol … and I remembered him once saying something about only liking sensual pain. I think that thought got me in trouble because as soon as it crossed my mind I lost my grip on the candle I was holding and accidentally spilled some hot wax on his shoulder. He kind of gasped and his eyes shut in what might have been a wince of pain, but looked suspiciously like one of pleasure.

I honestly hadn’t done it on purpose, so I apologized … and since we didn’t have anything better to do with no electricity, I told him to lie down and I would give him a massage.

I had him lay down on my bed and we pulled the robe off enough to expose his back … I tried not to think too much about the fact that he was naked underneath. I wasn’t any better clothed with nothing on under my t shirt.

“So … did you enjoy the rain?” I asked him.

“I told you before I like a good storm”

“I know” I said, “You told me that the same day you told me you liked candle wax” I said, with a distinctly naughty undertone.

He didn’t have any comment about that … so I just continued my massage. After a few minutes his breathing slowed and it sounded like he was sleeping, but I wasn’t inclined to stop the massage. I gazed into the flame of one of the candles and I couldn’t resist the urge to reach over and grab it. I toyed with the thought for a few moments then I decided to go for it … on purpose this time. I let a few drops of wax spill onto his back. He moaned softly … and it didn’t seem like he was complaining so I continued letting the wax drip up and down his back, then his arms. At this point he sat up and looked me in the eyes. We sat there for a while just staring at each other … then suddenly we found ourselves locked in a kiss.

You know how sometimes you’re doing something … but it isn’t really sinking in that it’s actually happening? Well that’s how the whole scene felt up until that point … but this kiss was real … very real. I wanted to speak but then again I didn’t want to break the lip lock, so I didn’t say anything … I just returned the kiss as my hands absently caressed his back, brushing away the dried candle wax.

Yes, words were definitely not a necessity. That was my whole problem with him to begin with … always trying to explain how I felt and what I wanted. Now I was acting purely on impulse and it felt good.

I found myself pulling away from his lips… but I didn’t go too far. I blazed a trail of soft kisses from his cheek down to his neck … from his neck to his shoulder … from his shoulder to his chest … all the while one hand cupped the back of his neck, fingers gently stroking his ear. My other hand rested on his thigh as my lips found his nipple. I parted my lips to tickle the sensitive flesh with my tongue and then began to suck on it gently. I moved over and gave the other nipple the same attention while my hand moved from his thigh up to his chest so that I could stimulate both at the same time. He was moaning softly, his hands stroking my shoulders and back…

I remembered again that comment about sensual pain and bit down lightly at first; but when I knew he wasn’t going to push me away I bit down harder. While nibbling on one, my fingers pinched the other. All the while he was letting out low moans. We were sitting on the edge of the bed at this point, so I decided to take things one step farther. I slid to the floor between his legs and looked him straight in the eyes as I untied the robe and pulled it completely away from him. He wasn’t the only one who had ever let stories about his sexual escapades slip … he knew what I was about to do and he knew that I had done it before and done it well.

I wrapped my hand around his shaft and began to pump it slowly. He was already hard and he seemed to grow harder in my hand. I let go and began to kiss the travesti porno length of him. I kissed the very tip of his head and let my tongue swirl around it. Then I parted my lips and let him slide into my mouth as far as he could. I didn’t have quite enough skill yet to deepthroat … so to substitute for that particular lack I grabbed the base of his manhood with my hand and together with my mouth I worked up and down. I went slowly for the first few minutes then picked up speed. On occasion I would back off and stroke him only with my hand. I began stroking him even faster and harder with my hand as I let my tongue swirl around the head. For about 15 minutes I alternated back and forth between this and sucking him. Suddenly while he was in my hand I felt him tense up and before I could really react I heard him gasp for air and I tasted his warm salty cum on my tongue. Because he had not been fully in my mouth at the time, the cum dripped over my lips and down my chin. As fate would have it … the power decided to come on at this particular moment! Light flooded the room and there I was on my knees with a face full of cum.

I guess the change of lighting threw me off. In the candlelight everything had seemed surreal and magical … but with the real lights on I felt awkward and uncomfortable. I couldn’t read his expression and he didn’t say anything. I stood up and blushed as I caught myself staring at him sitting naked on my bed. I averted my eyes and stared instead at the pile of his wet clothes on the floor as I wiped my face with the front of my shirt. I mumbled something about putting them in the dryer for him.

I had to go outside to get to the laundry room and I couldn’t do that in just a t shirt so I grabbed a wrap skirt that was hanging in my closet and wrapped it around my waist. I picked up our wet clothes and an umbrella and left the room eager to get some distance between us and clear my head. Outside it was still raining, but not quite as hard. I heard the occasional crack of thunder but it was more distant than it had been, so I figured the storm must be passing. As I unlocked the door to the laundry room and stepped inside I wondered out loud “What the hell did I just do?”

I emptied all of our pockets put 75 cents into the dryer and put the clothes inside. I just stood there for a few minutes … because I honestly didn’t know what I was going to when I got back upstairs. In addition to the thoughts swirling through my head … my body was very aroused from the activities that had transpired. All and all … I was a hormonal mess as I stood there in the laundry room leaning against the dryer.

I guess I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn’t hear the door open … so I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand on my shoulder!

“Sorry Darlin … I didn’t mean to scare you” he said “I just … well you had been down here for a while … I came to check on you”

“I’m fine” I said, not looking him in the eyes, “I just … ummm….ok, look… about what happened upstairs… I guess we were just both in a weird mood because of the storm. I know you just wanna be friends… I didn’t mean to force myself on you like that”

“Darlin, its ok. You weren’t alone up there. Its not like I was fighting you off … you didn’t do anything wrong,” he said sincerely.

“Ok … well lets get back inside before someone sees you frolicking around outside in nothing but a robe!”

We went back upstairs and sat down on the bed.

“So where does this leave us?” I asked

“Well … it leaves me owing you a massage I guess”

I didn’t know quite what to make of that answer … but I was never one to turn down a massage, so I lay down on the bed. He told me to take of my shirt, so I did. While I did so he turned the lights back off and now that the power was back on he turned on some music. I started to relax some … and he eased any tension that might have been left as soon as he started working on my back. After a while I was in that state of relaxation halfway between asleep and awake. I was aware of his hands on my body and vaguely aware of the music but not much else.

I guess this xhamster porno is why I didn’t notice the handcuffs until they were already on…

Nope … I didn’t notice the handcuffs until they were already on … and at that point I figured I might as well not ask any questions. I think he had once seen a poem I wrote about bondage … and I guess he remembered that and figured this was all fair game. He smacked my ass playfully and said,” Now it’s my turn”

As if reading my thoughts he said, “I remember that poem you wrote … what was it called ‘Bound’? There was another one too … one about being blindfolded…”

With that he had me roll over onto my back and he blindfolded me. I was pretty much totally at his mercy now … and I knew instantly that I liked it.

He kissed me again and it felt even better than last time. I guess my senses were all the more aware now that I couldn’t see. His hands roamed my body and I gasped in surprise when I felt him reach between my legs and slip something inside me. As I felt the object start to buzz, I had my answer and another question. It was my vibrator … but how has he known about that?

Well it didn’t matter now … because he had found it and now it was buzzing away inside me as his tongue searched for and found my nipples. He teased one then the other as I remembered something he had said a few months ago… My roommate had said to him, “You Suck” and he had replied, “I don’t suck, I lick and bite!” Well … I knew now that the sexual innuendo behind that comment was true as he nibbled and licked at my nipples. To say it felt good was an understatement.

I was so worked up and so wet that the vibrator slipped out of me and landed on the bed buzzing as if in protest. Before I knew it he was between my legs licking at my wetness. He pushed the vibrator back inside me as his tongue worked magic on my clit. He continued this for a while then he backed off and I felt empty again … until I realized that his intentions were to switch. I felt his tongue slide inside me and the vibrator buzzing at full force against my clit … it felt amazing. He then replaced his tongue with his fingers. I bucked against him as my body tensed and started to tremble. I opened my mouth and what came out started as a scream and ended up being a breathless moan as I climaxed.

The next thing I felt was him kissing me while he removed the blindfold and the cuffs. He looked into my eyes … and I knew we both wanted more. My mind was telling me that it was a big step … but my body was telling me that it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Do you want to stop now?” he asked me. I shook my head no. I also pulled away the skirt … which was bunched around my waist as I pulled him into another kiss. I spread my legs and he positioned himself between them. He teased my wet slit with the head of his cock with an impish grin. Of their own accord, my hips writhed in protest. He continued this torment, rubbing the tip of his erection against my clit as he pulled out a condom from who knows where.

Once the condom was on, all foreplay was over. He slid into me as my body grinded against him with a mind of its own. We were both already very worked up and our pace quickly increased until we were moving against each other with reckless abandon … holding back nothing. I ran my nails down his back as he pumped inside me. I tried to focus, to look him in the eyes, but it was hard. The weight of his body on top of mine, the sensation of the hairs of his chest against my nipples, the ragged sounds of our breathing and the wet sounds of our bodies pounding against each other … it was all too much. I couldn’t focus, everything was a haze.

I don’t think I had ever really gotten over the first orgasm … so this continued stimulation was pushing me quickly over the edge. The second climax was even more intense than the first … and as I clung to him I felt him explode with me.

We held each other for a long time after that … just listening to the rain fall outside. I got up to blow out the candles and then crawled back into bed and fell asleep in his arms while thinking to myself how amazing it was what a little rain could do.

(This little tale comes from my journal … a fantasy about one of my “just a friend’s”. It may lack the finesse of my more developed stories, but I bring it to you with spell-check and a bit of editing. I hope you’ve enjoyed … votes, comments and feedback are encouraged!)

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