When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 09

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Dildo Machine

Chapter 9: The dancer’s proposition…

“Where would you like to sit?” Mason asked.

“How about up at the bar, I like to be right on top of the action.” Veronica replied in a giggle.

They took their seats and ordered a few drinks, and then a little perky blonde got their attention on stage…very quickly. She was about 5’4″—petite all over—small perky tits with long nipples, a tight round ass, a black G-string, great tan and a million dollar sparkling white smile that matched her white stiletto pumps. She came over to play and Mason quickly dropped some bills in front of Veronica wanting to be a gentlemen and not make her feel weird, he wanted her to know he was there to be with her, to show her off not for anyone else.

“Boy, I’d love to chew on one of those wouldn’t you?” Veronica asked as she nodded her head toward the dancer’s hard long nipples.

“Kinda makes you want to see just how far you can stretch them, just how long they’ll get…hell, it already looks like she could hang a towel off of those bad boys!” Mason replied with a sexy, devilish istanbul travesti grin and a chuckle.
Mason ran his hand up and down Veronica’s bare legs, teasing her as she fantasized about what they could do with the dancer. It was so dark in the corner of the stage-bar that no one could see their hands roaming to each other’s crotches, both of them harder than bricks in no time at all.

After they’d been at the club for a while, and she’d calmed down enough to stand up…Veronica made her way to the ladies room, which was also the same one that the dancers used. She came in and saw the hot blonde checking her hair in the mirror. Veronica stepped up to the vanity to check her lipstick and said…

“Don’t worry Hun…you’re sexy as hell…my guy has been eying your sweet little ass all night…”

“Yeah, the sexy blonde with those pool blue eyes right…the two of you are sitting to the left of the stage right?” The dancer replied.

“Yes, that’s us… his name is Mason and I’m Veronica.” She replied.

“Well, I only have şişli travesti one more set to go for tonight…so I’d better get back out there…Oh, my name is Candie by the way…” The dancer said.

When Veronica finished in the bathroom and was returning to the stage, she saw that Mason was getting quite a lot of attention from the Little Blonde bombshell named Candie. When Veronica reclaimed her chair, the blonde shifted all her attention to her…and Mason just loved it…

“Hey there gorgeous…those are some great tits you have there…” the dancer said as she rolled her self around in front of Veronica.

“And that’s one sexy ass you have there…” Veronica recanted.

“This is my last set…how about you meet me in the ladies room in ten minutes?”

“And if you guys are careful you can let Blondie there join us…” The dancer said with a sexy wink.

Mason couldn’t believe his luck, he’d already been lucky once this week, but this was gonna be real fun, he couldn’t wait until the dancer found out that she bakırköy travesti had two cocks to deal with.

Mason went first and went to the men’s room, then made his way back to the corner of the bar closest to the restrooms. Veronica went to the ladies room, and there was Candie, beautiful…bare breasted and in nothing but a lace see through thong. Veronica stuck her head back out the door to give Mason the signal and he came in a few minutes later. The place only had two stalls and it doubled as the girls’ dressing room too… but who the hell cared Candie thought…

“Mason, that’s your name isn’t it? Can you throw the bolt on the door?” Candie asked.

“Sure, anything you two want” Mason replied.

After the bolt slid into place, Candie took control, this was her atmosphere, her place and she knew it—she was like a tigress on the prowl…and Mason and Veronica were to be her dinner…much to their surprise and elation.

She shoved Mason up against the wall and started kissing him powerfully…then she grabbed Veronica’s hands and ran them over her perky breasts and down to her sexy g-string. As she kissed Mason passionately she mover her hand and Veronica’s towards his cock and Mason pulled them both into his crotch as they rubbed his growing member together.

“This is gonna be a 3-some of a whole new sort…” Mason thought as he suppressed a chuckle.

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