Wife Loves Vegas

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My wife and I were representing my association at a small convention, and it was the first time we ever visited Las Vegas. It was the summer and the weather was very hot and, the nights were not much cooler.

My wife is 5-8 with dark brown hair and a spectacular set of C-cup tits, nice legs, as well as a tight ass. She was only 19, and not yet able to go into the casinos. I was 21 and had no problems.

We spent most of the first day unpacking our displays at the convention hall, and then we hurried back to our hotel room. My wife put away our clothes and then, began to get in to her bathing suit. As soon as she undressed, I walked up behind her, and caressed her beautiful boobs.

Her nipples grew very hard in the cool, air-conditioned, room. She turned and let me see her beauties in all their glory. Her breasts are so nice with wonderful tan lines from her tiny bathing suit. Her hard, big nipples centered her crinkled areolas. They are ripe and full and I love getting my hands on them.

She reached out and began to stroke my hardening prick through my jeans, and told me to take it out for her to play with. I quickly obliged, and out popped my raging hard on. She smiled at the fully hard and thick length, and then knelt down on her knees. Her lips opened, and slid in the warm meat in front of her. Her mouth was on fire, as it coated my dong with saliva.

She pumped the shaft with one hand, and fondled my balls with the other, driving me to ecstasy. I ran my fingers through her long hair, while she coaxed me to my climax. I managed to hold off, though.

I told her to lie on the bed and she did. She lay in the middle of the bed, but I pulled her to the edge of the bed and began devouring her tasty flesh. Her breasts were firm and tasty, and I slid one hand down her body to her furry pussy.

It was neatly trimmed, and her vaginal lips quickly parted when I found her opening. She began to moan and wiggle, when my fingers slid into her hot, steaming box. While I nuzzled on her tits, my fingers were moving in and out, and my thumb was brushing across her clit. It was driving her to her first climax, and she moaned, loudly, through it. Then, I moved down, to kiss, lick and suck on her love button and, she fired off again.

She told me that she needed my dick inside her and to be quick about it. I pulled her back to the edge of the bed, rolled her over onto her tummy. With her legs spread and dangling off the edge, her pussy was exactly at the right height. I plunged my rod deep into her love nest and pounded it, like there was no tomorrow.

Her ass bounced with the rhythm of my movements. She rose up onto her elbows and her boobs began jiggling like Jell-O. She pulled and tugged at her nipples. She moaned very loudly that she was cumming. I grabbed her ass tighter as I pumped harder. Finally, I rocketed my spunk deep into her cunt.

Afterwards, we cleaned up and got ready to go back to the convention hall. My wife put on her sexiest dress, a purple halter-top with a neckline that plunged to her navel, showing off every curve of her boobs. She sashayed around the hall with her tits bouncing and her cleavage heaving. She received many longing stares that night, cinsel bilgiler especially when she would lean over.

We met up with a good friend of mine, who was also attending the convention. He always had his eye on my wife, and knowing how horny my wife was, I could see that she was eyeing him, as well.

I invited him back to our room after the evening session, and I told him to bring some champagne, too. When he arrived at our door, my wife was nearly breathless in anticipation. She poured the bubbly into three cups and sat between the two of us on the bed, as the room had no chairs.

The more we drank, the more emboldened my wife became. She would stand up and refill our cups, letting my friend see down the front of her dress. He could not keep his eyes off her beautiful tits.

She left the room for a potty break. When she came back her halter top was tied much looser than before. When she moved, we could see every inch of one or the other breast.

I could tell my friend was getting very interested and was watching her show very closely. His dick was beginning to make a tent out of his pants. I excused my self from the room for a moment, knowing that if anything was going to happen, they would make their move then.

While I was in the bathroom, I heard her ask my friend if he liked her dress, and he said yes. She coyly asked if he liked what was in the dress too, slipping out one of her creamy white and tan breasts. He quickly shook his head yes. When she asked if he’d like a taste, he again nodded yes.

She moved close to him and placed her dark brown nipple to his lips. His tongue snaked out and slithered around the hardened nub. His hands had already eased out her other boob, when I exited the bathroom.

They were startled, and they moved apart. Smiling, I asked my friend if he thought my wife was beautiful. He responded that he did. Since one of her boobs was still out, I told him that he could help me enjoy her delicious charms, but only if she wanted him to continue.

He looked towards my wife. She quickly responded by untying her halter-top, and freeing her torso. Her fully exposed boobs were a sight to behold in the light. They were milky white, framed by her golden tan. Her areolas were crinkled up, in excitement. My friend’s expression was one of pure lust, which matched my wife’s.

She moved her tits back into his face, and he feasted on them while mauling them with his hands. I slid her dress off her body and discovered that she wore no panties that night.

I caressed her bare ass and back, while my friend moved one hand to find her furry pussy. She spread her legs to give him better access to her love canal. His fingers found her rapidly growing clit and she moaned that she was already going to cum.

He flicked his fingers across her clit, without actually entering her box and, she screamed out in her first fiery climax. She bucked against his hand and fingers, coating them with her slick oils.

While she started to recover, she told us to get naked. My friend was undressed first, and she cooed when she saw his hardware. He has an eight-inch dick and was not circumcised. cinsellik bilgileri She had never seen one like it before.

I had been her first real lover, and she had only jacked off one other boyfriend back in high school, and we were both circumcised.

She got onto her knees, and asked if she could study it closely. He smiled and said yes. She took it in her hands, and studied his meat for a time, while I finished undressing. Carefully touching the foreskin with her fingers, she commented that his cockhead slid in and out of the loose skin, as she pumped it.

She said that it was not as thick as mine, but she really liked it. She traced the lines of his veins around the girth of his dick. She began to stroke the shaft and toyed with his foreskin, watching the tip slide in and out of it.

My friend was in heaven with all of her attention to his cock. He told her to place his cock in her mouth, and she did so. The foreskin made for a different feel and she began to gobble him down, quickly. Her tongue ran circles around the extra skin. She sucked on his cockhead and let it slip back into its sheath over and over again.

I was massaging her back and upturned ass while my friend was getting a spectacular blowjob. His cockhead finally grew out of the foreskin, the harder he got. He told her to take him deep into her mouth and she managed to swallow most of his length.

She lavished his prick with her tongue as she swirled it around the tip of it. Then, she would drop her head down and take him in completely. He moaned that she was wonderful and to keep sucking him. She mumbled that she loved every inch of him, and wanted much more.

She continued to suck him while I had my hand in her pussy. My fingers were deep in her canal and my thumb was rubbing her clit. She was bucking against my hand and swallowing his sword with a vengeance.

My friend suddenly surprised her by cumming in her mouth, something she usually does not like. She tried to pull back, but he begged her to drink it all down. She did as she was asked, letting only a little bit dribble out her lips. She said that she really liked the taste of his cum, as she licked off her lips.

Then she had an idea. She got some towels and some bubbly. She lay out on the floor, poured the liquid on to her body and rubbed it in. Then, she told us to lick it off. I started at her tits while I let my friend began with her pussy.

The two of us, with our tongues on her body, caused her to cum over and over again. My friend has a talented tongue and he used it to perfection on her snatch. His face was coated with champagne and pussy juices when he finally came up for air.

I poured a little liquid onto my cock and my wife began to lick it off, while my friend started to use his cock on her pussy. He eased his log into her steaming cunt while she was sucking my dong.

Her legs were in the air and he spread them wide to allow deep penetration. He began to slide in and out, increasing the tempo with each stroke.

My wife stopped sucking me and gave him her full attention. Her ass was bouncing in time to his thrusts. She was clutching at his ass, cinsel bilgi trying to get him deeper into her cunt. I watched and caressed her tits while they fucked like dogs.

He rolled her over and entered her pussy from behind. He grabbed her tits and used them as handles while he pounded her box. His big nut sack bounced against her tight butt as his red-hot prick drove in and out her dripping hole.

Her moaning intensified as she came again and again. Finally he said that he was going to cum. She told him to give all of it to her. When he heard that, he filled her love canal with wave after wave of fresh hot jiz.

My wife collapsed on to her chest while cum ran out her well-used pussy. She begged me to fuck her, as she just could not get enough cock that night. I lay on my back on the bed and she climbed onto my chest. Slowly she inched her cauldron onto my hardness and sank down its length. When she reached bottom, she stopped to catch her breath.

My friend leaned over and kissed her while carefully tweaking her love buds. She began to revive and started to grind her cunt on my pelvis. She told me not to move and that she would do all the work. Her cunt muscles began to ripple up and down my dork with incredible pressure.

Her tits were being twisted completely out of shape and gnawed upon by my friend, something she was really getting off on. Then he walked around behind my wife. Her ass was high in the air as she slid up and down my rod. He poured champagne on his dick and then, eased his hard dork into her ass. She moaned that she wanted a hard cock there, too.

My friend eased his rod into her ass and she stopped fucking me for a moment. He slid his dong in and out of her tight hole, as she was relaxing it. She told us to get in sync and to fuck her good. We alternated strokes and she quickly exploded in a loud climax. She asked him to bring his cock back to her face and then pulled back the foreskin.

While she began to jack him off, she was again riding my dick like it was a bronco. The more she bounced, the hotter she got. Her tits were flopping to a rhythm all their own and her hair was flying wildly.

She kept a firm lock on my friend’s cock and pumped him quickly. She said that she wanted us all to cum together. I knew that I was close and that she was too. My friend was almost ready and my wife asked him to cum on her face, while I filled her cunt.

I began to match her motions with my thrusts and my friend began to jerk his own cock. Suddenly, my wife reached for her clit with her hand and screamed that she was cumming again and that we’d better hurry.

My friend put his dick next to her lips and jerked it rapidly. His spunk flew out and splattered onto her cheeks and hair, causing her to cum. That brought about my own climax and my jiz rocketed out of my dork and into her dark, sticky chasm.

Soaked with sweat and filled with cum, my wife said that was all for the night. She told us that she was satisfied and that she loved me for allowing her to fulfill her wildest desires.

My friend departed and my wife cuddled up next to me in bed. She stroked my limp dick and told me that she was very content, but she could use one final fucking from just me. When my dick grew hard again, I spread her legs and slowly entered her well-used pussy. I stroked in and out slowly and tenderly made love to her. When we finished, we fell a sleep.

We never repeated our scene with my friend, but we did have fun with one of her friends in the not to distant future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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