Winter Nights

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It was mid winter, and the poorly heated dorm room was chilly. He had stayed up late into the night, talking with Sarah and her roommate Jess. Eventually Jess yawned, stretched, and announced that she was going to bed. She quickly changed into a set of flannel pajamas, crawled under her blankets and switching off the light. As she reached for the switch, he caught a glimpse of glowing pink midriff in the soft light, then blackness. Sarah, too, stood up and stepped behind a cabinet, re-emerging a moment later wearing sweat pants and a button up shirt. He stood up, pulled off his jeans, shivering briefly in boxers and a t-shirt as Sarah burrowed under the sheets. She laughed and threw him a blanket.

“We’ll both be warmer if we cuddle together,” she said, beckoning to him as she tugged on the corner of his blanket. He murmured assent as he slid into the bed next to her. The two of them snuggled together, giggling quietly. Sarah turned and kissed his arm, which was threaded beneath her neck. He nuzzled her neck softly, inhaling the scent of her hair and skin, and kissed her lower neck gently. She sighed, pressing back against him. She could feel his hardness pressing against her, and began to feel a small core of heat building inside of her. She cautioned herself that her roommate was in the next bed, and she was uneasy with another person so near. She began to trace small circles on the back of his hand with the tip of her fingernail. He shivered, wrapping his arms more tightly around her. Soon, they drifted off to sleep in the shared warmth.

He awoke to extreme darkness. Momentarily disoriented, he concentrated for a moment and found that he lay on his back, with Sarah snuggled up against his bursa escort side, his arm still under her neck. The fingers of one of her hands were laced with his. His other hand felt a soft sponginess he couldn’t identify. He moved his fingers gently, sliding the tips along and pressing slightly. As he searched, a bulge formed underneath the surface of the cloth, and with a mental start he identified the sensation. He was gently stroking Sarah’s left nipple as his palm cupped her heavy breast.

Her faint sigh seemed to roar in his ears and his hand froze. Pressed against him, he felt Sarah shift slightly, and the motion pressed his hand closer to her shirt, jostling his fingers. He waited a moment, unsure of his next move, when a warm, wet mass pressed against the webbing of his thumb. Sarah’s tongue slid agonizingly slowly over his knuckle and between his first two fingers. He resumed the inspection of the cotton of her shirt, confirming his identification. He listened closely to Jess’ breath, looking for signs of wakefulness. She slept heavily as ever, the covers of her bed rising and falling with her breathing.

He squeezed his palm, grasping a fistful of Sarah and kneading it. Her hips shifted unconsciously as her breath deepened. Her hand closed about his wrist and pried him from her for a moment. He thought he had overstepped his bounds, and was about to withdraw, when his arm was replaced, though this time his hand slipped under the fabric and he felt her hot skin touch his. Her breast fairly burned as he stroked it, running his thumb over her swollen nipple. She moaned quietly, and rolled back against him, the movement sliding her chest beneath his hand and his fingers touched bursa escort bayan the other soft mound as her shirt fell away. In his mind’s eye he saw them lying there, Jess sleeping heavily in the next bed, and him embracing Sarah, her bosom open to the room, growing warm beneath the blankets.

After what seemed like several hours, she raised her head and pulled his arm from beneath it, laying it across her body. She shifted the blankets, pulling the top quilt from beneath his arm until it dropped under the covers. His palm lay against her flat belly, and he discovered with a smile that Sarah was an “innie”. His longest fingers just crested the ridge of her pubic bone. A whisper of motion, and he could feel the smooth skin beneath her sweats. He drew his arm upwards, his elbow grazing her warm breasts, and set about to untie the drawstring around her waist. At this odd angle he was clumsy, and his fingernails too short to grasp the tiny knot. He fumbled quietly for a time, until suddenly his hand was shoved away. He recognized the tearing of a seam in his ears as she thrust his hand through the torn waistband and over her mons. Now his fingers felt coarse ringlets beneath silky panties, and he scratched lightly in small circles at the top of the hill. With each circle, he dipped somewhat lower, until he was sweeping across the barest hint of a ridge of flesh. He stopped his advances there, pressing more firmly, but always only grazing that spot.

His hand was nestled in a womb of moist, warm air as Sarah began to roll her hips forward with each circle, vainly trying to catch his fingers as they passed. She was aching, straining for contact, but was afraid görükle escort bayan of waking the room’s third inhabitant. As he circled, he felt her wetness creep up to meet his fingers and he relented. At the top of the next circle, his hand darted under the string that held up her panties. Arching his wrist, he lifted the damp satin from her and danced his fingers through her hairs. Scratching lightly, his fingers burrowed inward to her center. Her thighs parted involuntarily to make room for him, and Sarah’s leg stretched over his. He lifted his leg over hers in an effort to restrain her motion. As his middle finger slid wetly over her clitoris she thrust upwards and engulfed him. He reached inside her and cupped her as he had her breast, rocking his palm in slow circles. His fingers were deep inside of her pulsing walls as he grasped her lips between his knuckles and held firmly. With the heel of his hand he pressed downwards and fluttered his palm, sending vibrations through her spine to explode in her brain. She clamped her teeth on his arm as her thighs clutched at him and she trembled.

Minutes past and they lay still. Finally, Sarah stirred, rolling over to face him, the movement drawing him from her with a soft smacking sound. She drew his hand to her lips and delicately licked it. Taking a finger in her mouth, she languidly rolled her tongue around it, tasting herself. As she nursed quietly on him, her other hand nestled between his legs, touching and stroking him. Gently she began to squeeze him, occasionally running her thumb along the tip. It wasn’t long before she was greeted with a groan and a warm splash of fluid as he lost control.

She smiled sleepily and kissed him, clasping his hand to her chest, before closing her eyes and drifting away. As he began to fall asleep, he caught a glint of light from the other bed. He dismissed it as an illusion, but he could have sworn he saw Jess’ eyes, wide open, as sleep snatched him up and carried him off into the night…

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