With Mandy At The Cinema

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The following is a true story and actually happened. Although the event took place some years ago it is still very fresh in my memory, but I do admit to making one or two small embellishments as it is difficult to remember every detail in its entirety.

I was manning a stand at a two-day trade exhibition, and during the afternoon of the first day I was in the refreshment room with one or two colleagues from other companies. We had been discussing the previous night’s television programme about what were then called “Blue” films, and as we broke up to go back to our respective stands Mandy quietly remarked, “I’ve never seen a blue film.” No-one else seemed to have heard her, or of they did they were taking no notice, but I stopped and turned to her. “Haven’t you?” I asked her. Mandy was in her thirties and although not a stunner she was quite attractive.

“Never,” she replied, “but I’m sure my husband has from the way he gets some of his ideas.”

I knew that there were two adult cinemas not too far away – about half an hour by car – as I had been to both of them in the past. I hesitated a little, though, before asking her, “Would you like to see one? There are a couple of cinemas that show them not too far away.”

She looked a little shocked, and blushed, then said, “Let me think about it.” And she almost ran off back to her stand.

However, an hour or so later I turned from dealing with a customer to find Mandy standing behind me. She blushed a little again as she said, “I’ve thought about it. Would you mind taking me? But not a word to anyone else or I’ll kill you.”

We were both staying in the same hotel, as this hotel had special prices for the trade show, and I arranged to meet her in the bar for an early snack meal.

I had already made some discreet enquiries and found that one of the cinemas had a “couples only” night that evening, and so when I met her for the snack I put it to her that she might be less embarrassed if there were only couples present.

She was pleased about that, and said that it would make her feel easier if there were other females present.

“I have already showered,” she told me, “but I was still a little hesitant until you told me that I would not be the only woman in the cinema, so I shall go and make a quick change of clothing. I promise not to be more than about ten minutes.”

I had wondered why she was still in her business suit, but thought that perhaps that she had no other outfits with her, but now I saw that she had still been a little uncertain.

I had a swift drink at the bar whilst I waited, then to my surprise she appeared in just under the promised ten minutes! And I liked what I saw!

She had changed her business skirt for a much shorter one, about half-way up her thighs, and a less severe black nylon top which was semi-transparent enough to show her black bra beneath. Even her black opaque tights seemed to have been replaced by black nylon – whether stockings or tights I could not tell, and doubted whether I would ever really find out, even though my mind was full of lecherous wishes. After all, I was taking a married woman to a sex-film, even though she had always acted extremely respectably whenever we had met, always telephoning her husband when she was away, and whenever we had previously met up she had always appeared to be a paragon of virtue.

Anyway, we got into my car and I drove to the cinema, where I managed to park my car down a little-used side street, as the cinema had no car park of its own.

On reaching the box office we found that there were two other couples in front of us, although their ages were well below ours, probably early twenties. They all four seemed to be together, and in fact asked for four seats.

“Two doubles” said the girl receptionist, handing them their tickets.

I asked for and received a double ticket, and we entered the dimly lit auditorium where a film was eryaman escort already showing. There were no usherettes in this cinema, so we had to find our own places, which was not as easy as usual owing to the lack of light.

However, we found a row which was empty, and stumbled along towards the middle, where we sat down. I noticed that for “couples” night the management had already adjusted the seats so that alternate arm-rests had been raised to make all seats into doubles.

Decorously we sat side by side, tempted though I was to put my arm round her. But I did not know what her reaction might have been had I tried anything on too early. On the screen we were watching a huge cock being fondled by a girl, and I glanced at Mandy to see her reaction. She seemed enthralled, and I was just about to sneakily slide my arm round her shoulders when we heard a shuffle behind us and something knocked into our backs.

Immediately we both turned round to see that what had knocked into us were in fact two feet belonging to a girl who was now sitting with her feet resting on our seat, legs wide apart, which meant that we were looking straight up between her legs to where her partner’s hand was already inserting itself into her knickers. As we looked up at her to see her reaction to disturbing us she smiled and said, “Sorry” in a soft tone, and removed her feet by bringing them both onto the edge of her own seat!

Mandy smiled at me, her face showing no shock but actually showing almost an expression of envy! I took my cue and tentatively stretched my arm round her back and she leaned forwards to allow me to do so.

But when my hand gently brushed against the side of her breast she reached up with her own hand and pulled it further round so that it was actually cupping it! And what was more her hand remained over mine and began to put on a little pressure until it was fondling her breast in no uncertain manner.

Mandy now snuggled closer to me, bringing her head closer, and as I turned my own head towards her it was mutual that our mouths met in a kiss which started with a peck then was followed immediately by a full tonguing!

Seconds later we broke apart, guiltily turning our heads towards the screen, as Mandy murmured, almost to herself, “Remember you’re a married woman, Mandy. What would Derek think if he knew what you were up to?” But she kept the pressure on my hand cupping her breast just the same.

For a few more minutes we watched the action on the screen, where any amount of fucking was taking place, with hardly any story, as is usual with that type of film.

Then, gradually, Mandy began to lean towards me again, her hand still keeping up the pressure on mine, and once more she turned as her lips opened again for a second but more intense kiss. This time we lingered even more, only breaking away as Mandy whispered, “Bugger Derek!” To which I replied, “I wouldn’t want to!”

Mandy, in answer to that retort, laughed quietly as she took her hand off mine and quickly began to unfasten her blouse. “My bra has a front fastening,” she breathed into my ear, taking my free hand and placing it directly onto the centre of the bra.

It was a simple matter to release the fastener and as the two cups swung apart she removed my encircling arm to allow both my hands to come into contact with her bare breasts.

Once again we kissed, and as we broke away next time she deliberately turned round to look at the girl behind us who had given us such a sight previously. Automatically I also turned to see that she still had both legs on her seat, but that she was now knickerless, her partner’s hand playing with the hairs which hid most of her pussy.

Looking up we saw that she was fully aware of our attention but her only reply was to smile back at us.

Mandy again turned to me for a kiss, then broke away to say in a voice which was no longer esat escort a whisper, “I shave mine. Or rather, Derek does it.”

As she said that she grasped my hand and slid it forcibly under her skirt and onto the bare flesh above what I now found to be stockings. And I had been thinking earlier that I would never know whether they were stockings or tights!

As my hand began its rapid journey along the naked flesh so did her hand reach for my now throbbing erection. Deftly unzipping my trousers she pulled it out and began to rub it quite forcibly.

In the meantime, though, my hand had now reached the top of her thigh to find that she was not wearing anything at all beneath her skirt! As she had just told me her pussy was as smooth as silk, except that it was positively wet with her juices.

Her mouth broke contact with mine again as she said, “I didn’t see the point in wearing any knickers. If we hadn’t gone so far with each other you would never have known, but now that we have they would only be in the way. So if you want to look as well you can lift my skirt up, or shall I do that for you?”

She didn’t wait for any answer, but instead she reached down and quite deliberately pulled her skirt to her waist, raising her bottom off the seat to be able to do so.

To our surprise we were suddenly leaned on from behind as the girl there and her partner bent over to look. Mandy was now quite sexually intoxicated and moved away from me momentarily to allow them a better view. “Why not?” she said to them. “We’ve both seen yours!”

Giggling, the girl now went back into her own seat, and Mandy grasped my hand on her pussy to cause it to rub even harder. “More!” she gasped as I increased the pressure until the whole seat was shaking. Suddenly in a subdued shout she exclaimed, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as her body shook and my hand became drenched.

With a sigh of satisfaction she once more moved her head towards mine for another deep kiss, even though my instant reaction to her squirt had been to transfer my fingers straight to my mouth. As our tongues touched she broke away sufficiently to say, “I can taste me!” before probing in my mouth with her tongue again.

When we finally broke apart again she wasted no time in twisting herself so that she was kneeling between my spread legs, taking my cock right into her mouth just after telling me that she always swallows for Derek.

Before long I had joined her in a climax, and as I had expected after her remarks she retained the whole of my cock in her mouth until the eruption had ceased. But once again she pressed her mouth to mine and this time it was my turn to taste my own juices.

She had shrugged off her blouse and bra earlier on, and now all she had on was a skirt bunched round her waist and her black stockings and suspenders. But she seemed unconcerned that heads from all around were looking our way, and brazenly made no effort to cover herself up.

For a short time we watched the film, still without much story, but now Mandy kept remarking on various aspects, such as, “He doesn’t fuck as good as Derek,” or “I wish he was fucking me right now!”

Then, in the last few minutes of the film the couple actually indulged in anal sex. As the huge cock entered the girl’s bottom she exclaimed, “Ouch! I bet that hurt the first time! I’ve never tried that with Derek, yet.”

Then she turned to me and asked me, “have you ever tried that?”

I admitted that I had not whereupon she replied, “I’m damned certain we won’t be sleeping in separate rooms tonight. Would you be willing to try it?”

I told her I would love to try it, whereupon she said, “But I shall want to be fucked in my cunt, first!”

I hadn’t envisaged sleeping with her that night when I had fist suggested our outing. But now I was looking forward to it, and I believed that she was, too.

We continued to fondle one another ankara escort as we watched the end of the film, and then the lights in the auditorium came up – not too bright, but just sufficient for everyone to be able to see one another. As Mandy and I looked round we saw that many other couples were in a similar state of dress, or rather undress, as we were. We also purposely looked behind us, this time with no pretence that it could have been accidental. What we did see made us wonder if they were contortionists, as they were in a sixty-nine with him in his seat and she was head down on his cock with her pussy on his face and completely undressed apart from her hold-up stockings which were already laddered and half-down.

As the lights came on, though, they slowly parted, and the girl deliberately twisted round to face us and pulled open the lips of her cunt as if to show us the ultimate gesture.

Mandy smiled and did he same with hers, standing up so the girl’s partner could see. But she then noticed that many others in the audience were looking at her, and she bravely waved all round and sat down again.

The interval was very short, and within a minute or so the lights dimmed again and another film began. But this one was like the last one had been – just an excuse to show as much nudity and sexual goings-on as possible, with no semblance of a real story line.

This was when Mandy turned to me and said, “Thanks for bringing me, but I’ve seen enough – I don’t know about you. Let’s go for a drink and then bed.”

We stood up, Mandy replacing her skirt and blouse, but ignoring her bra which she pushed into my pocket.

But when we reached the hotel we noticed that some of the other reps were still around, so Mandy whispered her room number to me and asked me to bring some drinks up to her room, as she didn’t want to be seen in that condition by the other reps, not did she want them even to suspect that we would be sharing a bed.

So I ordered doubles of gin and tonic for Mandy and whisky for me, then carefully carried them upstairs. When I reached her room I could see that the door was slightly open, and just walked inside.

Mandy was sitting on her bed as I walked in, still dressed as she had been, but with a telephone in her hand. Immediately I guessed correctly that she was speaking to Derek, her husband. She was telling him that one of the other reps, she had forgotten his name, had accompanied her to a cinema, but the film was so lousy that she had come away again to go to bed.

“I am missing you, darling,” she was saying. “I’m now sitting here playing with my nipples (she was, with her spare hand,) and I’ve taken my knickers off so that I can pretend that you are watching me.” Here she used her hand to raise her skirt once again to show me her still aroused pussy, pointing to it and beckoning me towards it. I crept quietly towards her and she took my head with her one hand and pressed it towards the still wet hole, which she was spreading wide as her legs parted as wide as she could. She continued, “I’m now pretending that you are sucking my pussy for me, so if I scream at all you’ll know that I am getting excited by using my imagination! Keep going, Derek! I’m nearly there, and you know how I squirt when I climax. Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! I’m there, Derek. Lick me out! Drink it! Phew!”

She really was squirting, and I was lapping it up. Vaguely I heard her telling Derek about reaching her climax, and then I heard the phone go down, as she reached down and kissed me again, savouring her own juices once more.

“Leave the drinks for now,” she said. “I don’t want to spoil the taste in my mouth. She stood up and almost tore off her nylons, her suspender belt and her skirt, her blouse already being on the floor.

“Now,” she said. “Fuck me until I scream for mercy, but don’t forget you are going to fuck my bottom some time during the night!”

And I really did. Unfortunately since that night I have never been able to meet up with her other than in a professional capacity. I hope that she and Derek are still hitting it off together. One day, perhaps, we may meet up again where we can renew old acquaintances. Until then I live and hope.

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