With the Neighbor Ch. 02

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For those of you who asked to see Derek get involved, you’ll have to wait for Part 3, which is already in progress. Until then, enjoy.

“Why don’t you let me take control, for once.” She had asked.

“You’ve been in control before.” I answered.

She had laughed. “Even when I’m on top, your hands are on me moving me on you . . .”she smiled ” . . . but there is one way . . .”

Which is how I ended up in the position I’m in. Seated on a dining room chair, with my hands and feet rather firmly tied to the legs. It’s not the first time she’s tied me up—she’s right about my difficulty giving up control during sex, even when she’s the instigator I end up taking control. . . . it’s my nature—but it is the first time I’ve ever been tied up in the middle of the living room.

I wanted her walk around me dressed in her robe, and felt her fingers trailing across my shoulders, neck, and chest. I was already naked of course, and had made a promise not to try and free myself.

“Yes . . . this is much better,” she purred, and leaned over licking my ear. “Do you like being my prisoner?”

I grinned, and bit her neck, bringing a yelp from her.

She wore a frown on her beautiful face, and her voice took on a tone of mock severity. “Well. You don’t seem broken in the least.”

“Come closer,” I whispered.

She shook her head. “John, John, John . . . you really don’t see the purpose of this do you.”

I shrugged and smiled at her. “I can play any game you’d like.”

“Can you?” She asked, a bit seriously. “You know, I’m not the only one who’s noticed the issue you have with giving up control in the bedroom.”

My smile slipped slightly, but I didn’t answer. She continued.

“I was talking to Leigh . . .”

“You talked to her? About this?” I frowned. “Teá . . .”

“If you’re going to interrupt me, I’ll leave you there.”

My frown deepened, and I pulled at my restraints. If I tried, I could probably free myself. But not without doing some damage to either the chair or my skin. I shook my head. “I thought we said we were going to hold off on you speaking to her about what’s happened. At least until you worked on Derek a bit.” It had been weeks since that night at the party, and aside from another quick fuck between me and Leigh, there had been little to talk about. Leigh had admitted to me that she would love to see Derek with another woman, and would love to bring a man into their bed. And she had told me of the fantasies she had of fucking him in front of an audience, which is something else we’re working on. Whether by camera hidden in their bedroom, or a live performance depended greatly on the next few weeks.

Leigh had turned out to be quite a freak, albeit a closeted one. The illicit nature of our relationship aroused her just as much as the sex did. But still, in order to work in the long term, Derek had to know what was going on. For that, I had enlisted Teá. She had already told me how easily Derek had been distracted during my first encounter with Leigh. At how easily he flirted with her, and seemed to enjoy the light contact (brushing up against him, a kiss on the cheek, that sort of thing) she used to keep him focused on her while I was outside fucking his girlfriend, and how he had been more concerned with getting caught in a compromising position that anything else. In short, he was very attracted to my fiancé.

She smiled. “Don’t you worry about Derek. He’ll be putty in my hands before long.”

“I doubt that,” I said dryly, grinning. “I’m rarely putty when you’ve got me in your hands . . .”

In spite of herself, she smiled in return. “If you keep interrupting me, I’m not going to take you in my hands, mouth, or any other body part, today.”

I opened my mouth to respond, then thought better of it. My mouth snapped shut quickly, and I nodded at her, smiling slightly.

“Good boy,” she purred, and walked across the room. “Now that I have you where I want you . . . what to do with you . . .”

I opened my mouth to give her some suggestion, but again closed it quickly. It was, admittedly, difficult. I was curious as to where this was leading, and impatient to get there.

She studied me a minute. “Well, I’m stumped. I’ll have to go get help. Be right back.”

With that, she pushed off the wall, and walked out of the room.

I opened my mouth to shout after her, before I noticed she was heading to the bedroom, not the door. Although she could just be going to put some clothes on. I tugged at my restraints again. She wouldn’t go anywhere without untying me, would she?

“Teá,” I growled.

I heard her coming back down the hall, and opened my mouth to demand to be untied—I enjoyed playing as much as anyone, but I was getting a bit irritated—when she walked in the room. The words died in my mouth. Standing in the doorway wasn’t my fiancé, but Leigh. She was wearing a pleated skirt and knee high stockings, like a catholic school girl, and a white blouse. Her hair was back in a ponytail.

Teá followed her inside, smiling. escort tanıtımları “What do you think?”

I opened my mouth to answer before realizing she wanted talking to, or looking at, me.

“It’s perfect,” Leigh answered, eyeing my body from my toes to my eyebrows. I could almost feel her eyes caress me as they slid over my body. “He’s always so damned pushy.”

Teá laughed. “You have no idea.”

Leigh walked closer so she could stand in front of me. My eyes traveled again over her body.

“How did you get in here? I didn’t hear the door . . .” We have an alarm system on the house, which still chirps every time a door or window is opened when it’s inactive. “The only time a door opened was a half an hour ago when . . .” I shook my head and looked past her, to Teá. “Girl Scout cookies?”

Teá grinned devilishly. “I had to get her in the house somehow without you knowing.”

“How long have you two been planning this?”

“About an hour,” Leigh answered, smiling as well. “Ever since Teá called me and asked how much I missed having your cock inside of me.”

My cock, as if knowing it was being spoken of, swelled slightly.

“I have to say, I was surprised,” she continued, her eyes traveling down my body to my cock, watching it grow, slowly. She licked her lips unconsciously. “I knew Teá knew about us . . . but to have her call me to talk about it . . .”

So, Teá had mentioned it to her for the first time just today.

“. . . well, it drove me crazy. The questions she asked me . . . like how it felt when you slid inside of me . . . or whether I could steel feel your hands on me . . .” She stopped, her eyes still on my still growing cock. “She told me how hard you got when you were describing it to her, and how hard you fucked her afterwards . . .”

In spite of myself, I shivered. My cock lifted off of my leg, and hung out from my body.

“I love watching a man get hard . . . watching his cock grow for me,” she whispered.

Teá stepped up behind her, her hands sliding over Leigh’s body. She started at her shoulders, then down her sides, and over her hips. My cock swelled faster, lifting higher, as if straining to reach them. Teá’s hands slid over Leigh’s legs, drawing a gasp from Leigh at the first contact of skin on skin, and then moved upward, lifting the pleated skirt slowly. I took a deep breath and my cock throbbed, fully erect. She wasn’t wearing any panties and had shaved herself bare.

Teá’s right hand slid slowly inward until her palm hovered inches away from Leigh’s beautiful shaved pussy. My fiancée’s eyes were on me, I knew, watching for my reaction. But my own eyes were glued to her delicate hand. I watched with baited breath as she extended one well-manicured finger, and lowered it toward Leigh’s waiting slit.

Leigh had to know what was coming, but still she gasped—and shuddered out a breath I hadn’t been aware she was holding. She looked down at Teá’s finger sliding over her clit, and bit her bottom lip. She seemed unsure for a moment . . . then her eyes slid closed and her head tilted back, her mouth dropping open in an O of pleasure.

Again I tugged at my restraints, but they were too tight. My cock already felt like it would explode. Here we’re two of the sexiest women I had ever known not more than a foot away, and I could do nothing.

A low moan slid out of Leigh’s throat, and I looked down to see that Teá had slipped her finger inside our neighbor, and was slowly fucking it in and out of her. Leigh, for her part was thrusting her hips slightly, and had reached behind her to grab at Teá’s robe.

It was a scene out of fantasy. Teá’s robe loosened, and she shrugged out of it so that it looped over her arms. She lowered her head and bit Leigh on the neck, drawing another groan from the sexy younger woman. Teá licked upward to her ear, circled it with her tongue, then her eyes slid to me. “Poor John,” she whispered. Leigh’s eye popped open, and she looked down at me.

“Look how hard he is,” Teá continued. “Throbbing.”

Leigh’s eyes followed Teá’s words to my cock, which was indeed, throbbing. It pulsed slightly with my heartbeat, a tiny twitch of desire.

“It’s an amazing cock, isn’t it? The way it fill you . . . stretches you . . .”

Leigh only nodded in response, never taking her eyes off my cock. Teá’s finger quickened in her pussy.

“You know he wants to fuck you, right?” Teá asked. “Want to fill you with it . . .”

“Yes,” Leigh answered.

“And I know you want to be filled by it . . .”

“Yes,” Leigh answered again, the word coming out as little more than a gasp.

Teá slipped a second finger inside of Leigh, and Leigh’s hands slid over Teá’s legs. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen.

“I don’t blame you . . .”

Teá, withdrew her fingers and stepped to the side of Leigh, letting her robe fall to the floor and exposing her beautiful body to our neighbor for the first time. Leigh looked at her bare flesh. gaziantep escort tanıtımları So different from her own, but just as sexy. Where Leigh was petite and athletic, Teá was curvy in a way that made men drool. And women.

Leigh hesitated only a moment before turning toward Teá. And then, in a moment that will dominate my memory for years to come, they kissed. It was so different from anything I had ever imagined, seeing two women kissing. So different than movies, or fantasy. It was . . . soft. Somehow innocent. Yet still the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed.

Leigh’s hands slid around Teá’s waist, and Teá’s settled on Leigh’s arms. There was just a few inches separating them, except for Teá’s breasts, which pressed against Leigh’s through her blouse.

The kiss deepened; their mouths opening to each other, tongues dancing together.

Surprisingly, it was Leigh who moved it further this time. Her hands slid upward over Teá’s curves to her breasts, and stepped away just far enough to run her thumbs over the sensitive nipples, bringing a surprised gasp from Teá. Then, just as quickly, one hand slid down Teá’s stomach, and between her legs. Teá’s eyes shot open as Leigh slid her fingers between her thighs to tease her.

I, for one, was shocked. I had a feeling from the beginning that Leigh was an extremely sexual woman . . . but the ease with which she moved right into playing with Teá astounded me, and plainly Teá as well.

Leigh’s arm moved as she slid her fingers into Teá. Their tongues and lips moved together, and for the first time, Teá seemed to be the one being controlled by her body. Her hands were still on Leigh’s arms, and I could see her fingers tighten.

Leigh stepped closer to Teá, pushing her backward toward the couch until the back of her knees pressed into the soft fabric, forcing her to break off the kiss and sit. Leigh bent over her, her fingers still moving in and out of Teá’s pussy. From my vantage point, I could see Leigh’s shaven pussy just peeking out from under the short skirt. All I wanted to do at that moment was drive into her while she teased Teá, but there was no way to make it over there without sliding the chair across the floor. And once I got there, I’d still be tied. So there was nothing for me, and my aching cock, to do but watch and enjoy the show.

On the couch, Leigh had lowered herself to her knees, and was sucking hard on Teá’s left breast. Teá’s hands were cradling the back of Leigh’s head, tangling her fingers in her hair, holding the younger woman’s lips to her nipple. Her face was pure ecstasy.

Leigh’s fingers moved quicker in Teá’s pussy, drawing a loud groan from her lips. Teá’s hips began a torrid thrusting upward toward Leigh, fucking her back.

Then, to my surprise, Leigh lowered her head between Teá’s legs, and slid her tongue inside of her.

Teá screamed a loud, guttural sound that shook me to the core, and made my cock throb uncontrollably. Leigh’s head moved side to side between Teá’s legs, and Teá thrust her pussy up to meet Leigh’s mouth.

I could see Leigh’s arousal by how wet and shiny her pussy looked as she was bent eating my fiancée’s pussy. And I could tell Teá was already close to climax by the look on her face.

I wasn’t disappointed.

With one final thrust, Teá screamed, and shook. “I’m cumming!”

Leigh moaned in response, and quickened her pace, her fingers moving in and out of Teá’s pussy even faster than her tongue slid over her clit.

“Oh fuck . . . eat me!” Teá squealed, as she rode out one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever seen her have.

And Leigh didn’t disappoint. I know for a fact she had never been with a woman before, but it sure as hell didn’t show. Maybe it was the fact that, as a woman, she would know exactly what felt best, or maybe she had thought about this for a long time. Whatever the reason, she had Teá losing her mind. And me as well.

Eventually she slowed her ministrations, bringing Teá back to earth.

“Oh God,” Teá whispered, when Leigh stood up in front of her. “That was your first time?”

Leigh nodded, and giggled lightly. “Did you enjoy it?”

Teá didn’t respond. Instead she said, “I’m going to have to invite you over more often.” She stood, on somewhat shaky legs, and stepped closer to Leigh. “But for now, you deserve payback . . .”

I cleared my throat loudly, and the two ladies looked over at me. It must have been a sorry sight. My cock was easily as big as it’s ever been. It was swollen to the point of turning slightly purple from the engorged blood, and there was clear liquid dripping from the tip.

Oh yes, and I was still tied to a fucking chair.

The two ladies looked at each other and laughed, then turned to me simultaneously, each with a decidedly devilish look on their faces.

They strolled over, Teá naked, and Leigh still dressed like the schoolgirl, albeit a slightly rumpled one now. Teá bent to grasp the base of my cock in her gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları delicate fingers. Leigh took a more direct approach, lowering her head to swallow the tip of my cock.

A grunt escaped my lips as she took me deeper in her hot mouth, and Teá stroked her hand upward to meet Leigh’s lips. Leigh pulled back to the tip of my cock to circle the head with her tongue, and Teá slid her hand lower to cup my balls, before Leigh plunged her head low, and sucked me deep into her mouth.

“Fuck!” I growled. “Untie me . . .”

Leigh lifted her head, sucking on me hard, and my cock pulled out of her mouth with a pop. “No,” she whispered. “Tonight, you’re ours.”

Teá nodded, and, as if to emphasize the point, lowered her head to kiss Leigh. The up close view drove me crazy. I could see Teá tongue slide into Leigh’s mouth through a small gap between their lips, and Leigh’s hand reaching down to stroke my cock gently didn’t help matters any.

They broke off the kiss, and this time it was Teá who lowered her head to my cock. She sucked it into her mouth, and then licked the underside. Leigh joined her after a moment.

I looked down to see them both alternating sucking me deep, and then licking the length simultaneously, their tongues touching each other as much as me. For my part, I thrust my hips to give them as much room to work as I could. I no longer cared that I was tied up, as long as the pleasure continued. And now that they had me in hand, so to speak, I knew it would.

Teá pulled her mouth away from me, bit me on the abdomen on the way to sucking my left nipple. Leigh never left my cock; her lips now wrapped around me tightly as if not wanting to let go. She worked it like she was trying to make me cum immediately, and I was damned well going to . . .

Then she stopped, and wrapped her hand around my swollen cock, stroking it soooo slowly.

My teeth bared with frustration..

Teá had worked her way up over my chest and neck, trailing kisses and bites everywhere she went, until she bit down on my left earlobe. “You want her pussy, don’t you John,” Teá purred in my ear. “You want to feel her stretched around you . . . taking you.”

I didn’t answer.

Leigh started to lick my stomach, slowly, her hand still just barely stroking me. Teá pulled away from me grinning. She knew what I wanted. But she also wanted to hear me say it. For my part, I wanted to see what they would do to get me to say it . . .

Teá leaned in to whisper in Leigh’s ear, and Leigh raised herself to her knees so Teá could unbutton her blouse. She only unbuttoned it far enough that her bra was visible (to just above her belly button). The bra had a clasp in the front, and Teá wasted no time in popping it open. Leigh released my cock, and pulled her blouse open. Teá gripped my cock and held it outward so that Leigh could rub her already erect nipple against the head of my cock. Precum was oozing out of me, and every so often, Leigh would lift herself so that Teá could suck the now moist nipple into her mouth to clean it.

Even gritting my teeth, I couldn’t stop a low moan from escaping.

Then Leigh rose to her feet, and straddled me. I clenched my ass and pushed my hips forward eager to be inside of her . . . but the women weren’t ready for me, yet. Instead of sinking onto me, Leigh pressed her wet cunt against the bottom of my cock, and began to rub herself on me. I could feel how wet she was, but no amount of repositioning could get me inside of her.

Teá stood and moved behind the chair, placing her lips near my ear. “You want her . . . say it.”

I kept quiet.

“Say it . . .”

Still I kept quiet. Although, I had to admit to myself, that being a dominant man in bed, being forced to give up that control was driving me to a new state of arousal. The sheer newness of the situation was driving me close to climax.

Leigh began to moan, her eyes on mine. She leaned in and kissed me. I kissed her back. Hard. She pulled away and placed her hands on my thighs, giving herself leverage. Still her pussy didn’t take me inside of it . . . she just rubbed her clit against me, oh so slowly.

It was maddening.

“Say it . . .” Teá whispered.

“I want her,” I relented, unable to stand it.

Leigh gasped, and watched me.

“Say please,” Teá whispered.

I gritted my teeth. “Please,” it came out strangled.

Leigh barely waited until the word left my mouth before lifting off me, and driving her wet cunt down on my cock, enveloping it fully. I’m not sure which one of us screamed louder.

She rode me hard and fast, with her head thrown back. Her screams of pleasure mixed with mine in a chorus of sexual energy.

Teá rested her head on my shoulder and looked down at my cock disappearing and reappearing rapidly inside of Leigh. By the sound of her breathing I could tell she was masturbating. I wished I could taste her . . . to take her into my mouth. But this was their game, not mine.

Leigh pressed her breast to my face, and I sucked her nipple into me mouth. My hips thrust of their own accord, slamming my cock into her with a frenzy matched by her driving pussy.

Teá stretched her neck out to bite Leigh’s neck, and they kissed over my head. Leigh reached out to rub Teá’s clit for her, and rive her fingers into Teá’s willing cunt. Teá reached around to grip Leigh’s ass and help push her down onto me.

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