Working the Pole Pt. 15

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Part 15:

Included kinks:

Futanari, implied growth, mini-gts, teasing, seduction, growth talk, plot, implied sex scene off screen, big curves, big bulge, cleavage, size praise, wholesome

All characters are entirely fictional and all above the age of 18!


The scratching of April’s fork filled the mostly empty hotel lobby as she kept tormenting her already cold lava cake. She always looked forward to it as the crowning conclusion of an entire day spent with her mom, but after the last few hours she no longer felt like eating at all — and stopped after only three plates of food.

“Do you want something else, April? I am sure the kitchen is still open,” Sarah said in a worried tone.

“I am fine, mom,” April lied and continued mindlessly drawing circles into the dried-up stream of chocolate.

She was not fine. It felt like ages when she was this distraught after a check-up with Dr. Zimmermann. There was a time when she was so terrified of riding all the way up to Indianapolis to see him, that her mom had to make sure the day would end on a happier note. That day the unbroken tradition to indulge in the finest food the city could provide before they would drive back home the next day was born. They have become regulars in the hotel ever since, although they always stayed only for one night. Many of April’s best childhood memories go back to these 7-hour road trips up and down the I-70 with only her and her mom. The fact that some undergrown doc in his sixties never failed to make her feel like some sort of alien usually burnt much less vividly in her memory, but today, today he outdid himself … and left April feeling like she was some Anthrax superspreader at the very least. Not even when she was informed about her incoming growth spurt almost a month ago, did she feel this deflated.

“C’mon, April. We should talk about it,” Sarah insisted and gently pushed her daughter’s neglected plate aside and reached out across the table like she often used to when April was smaller.

The futa sighed and eventually put her restless fork down. She shrugged and leaned back when the overly zealous waiters circling around the table rushed to them before they could even say a word. Not even their clearly curious gazes wandering all over April’s bulging bosom and firm ass straining her tight dress to the maximum cheered her up. She should have felt pent up like crazy, for she didn’t tend to her needs for almost the entire day, but Dr. Zimmermann somehow soured her body’s appetite as much as April’s when he went over the lab results.

“What is there left to be said? I thought he was rather thorough in his assessment,” April said drily and crossed her arms when the swarm of waitresses dispersed.

“You know how he is. It’s rarely as bad as he first says,” Sarah said and reached out to April’s much bigger fingers across the table. “I would look for another doctor, but he is literally the only one treating women like you from Pittsburgh to Vegas. But I will ask around, maybe there is someone else.”

“It’s fine mom. He is alright. I … just… I thought everything was okay,” April muttered and gave in, laying her hands into her mother’s.

April might tower above her mom by a foot and a half, but she still felt an aura of protection radiating from the smaller woman in front of her. Nothing had changed in the regard from when she was a kid and even now when she grew into an amazon.

“And it still is. He only corrected your projection a bit.”

“You are skipping the part where he had to sit down and looked like he was having a heart attack,” April said, earning both a chuckle at that admittedly hilarious image.

“So what? He also admitted that he doesn’t have the equipment to diagnose you properly anyway. It’s just … that you are growing a bit faster than you’re supposed to.”

“And may end up way bigger as well,” April interrupted and noticed her voice rise loud enough to summon another pair of young and clearly interested waitresses.

“But that’s not what bothering me…” April continued when they were alone once again. “He made me feel like… that was a bad thing. I mean… I don’t feel like all this is something I should hate anymore. He made it sound like I’m not normal… for liking what I am.”

Her mother’s angelic smile lightened up the table, without any trace of the same worry that befell April.

“You remember our first appointment with him? You were four,” she grinned softly.

“That’s literally the first thing I remember,” April said and simply ignored the few people in the lobby staring at them at all times. “I cried almost all the way home… guess I was always a bit overdramatic.”

“Maybe just a bit,” Sarah laughed. “Do you remember what he told us?”

“He said that I would never have the same life as any other girl and that I should prepare for that,” the futa said and silently smirked when she knew where Bostancı Escort her mom was getting at.

“Exactly. And would you say he was right about that? I mean, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t feel like I raised an extra-terrestrial … well, not too often.”

April almost brought herself to laugh, but settled for a grin that refused to vanish from her face for now.

“I did a good job hiding my tentacles then. Yeah, I think it turned out pretty well so far.” April said and exhaled audibly before her face darkened again. “But he was really adamant today. I just don’t want to end up like… you know who.”

April caught herself short, remembering the unspoken rule of not mentioning her futa mother. It wasn’t that Sarah was actively avoiding the topic, but that April noticed the sadness creeping onto her mom’s face whenever she brought up the topic. It has been years since they last spoke about it, not even when April received her last diagnosis.

Sarah was shifting uncomfortably in her seat, but kept her hands offered to her daughter. There it was again, the same forced smile that April learnt to despise and almost felt guilty for provoking.

“I shouldn’t have mentioned her, I’m sorry,” April said and gently stroked her mother’s palms.

“She was never a bad person you know,” Sarah said after some moments of silence, her dark eyes lightening up while her voice shrunk to a whisper. “And I don’t hold a grudge against her. She gave me you. How could I ever feel anger for that?”

The knot in April’s throat tightened, but it couldn’t hold back what burnt on her tongue.

“She left you when you were pregnant and never showed up again. That’s unforgiveable. No matter how bad her urges were, that’s not acceptable.”

Sarah shook her head and gazed back at her giant daughter with nothing but warmth.

“I knew what I got myself into. But I don’t regret a second of the time I spent with her… and anything that followed,” she said and reached out to stroke April’s cheeks across the table. “You two look so much alike, but believe me, you’re not her.”

“But I might turn into her… if my urges get worse, that’s what Dr. Zimmermann said. I just don’t want to end up hurting the people around me like she did.”

The futa’s stomach twisted and turned in agony, equally crying out in hunger and rambling like she went through the whole menu at KFC.

“April… you would never do that to others. If you don’t believe that yourself, then let me tell you as your mother… you are way better than that,” Sarah said and almost looked as touched as the giant woman on the other end of the table.

“I’m not so sure about that anymore. I noticed… a few things over the last days… some he mentioned would happen and already happened.”

“With Gina?” her mother asked and didn’t stop shining like a diamond for even a second. “She loves you April. I have seen the expression on her face when she saw you coming down the stairs. I am sure you don’t have to worry about her.”

“Gina… is amazing, beyond amazing even,” April muttered but forced herself through to the truth she wanted to hide from her mother at least. “But … my needs … are already too much for her alone. Akari and Lizzy… I sleep with them too… and others as well.”

April always felt like she could tell her mother anything, literally anything, but when it came to relationships there was simply nothing there to share… until a few weeks ago. They had talked about her growth spurt and how that might change things between them going forward, but actually speaking about how much that affected April’s sex drive meant stepping onto new ground.

“Does Gina know about it?” her mother eventually asked after some thought. “I mean… do you speak openly about … such things.”

“We do. Almost every day, but I feel it myself how much … more … I am craving. It’s like all I can think of at times. But … up until today I thought that was okay. I enjoyed noticing all those eyes checking me out… and was excited every day I woke up and got to measure myself. The girls … I think they understand and they don’t mind sharing while I’m still growing, but … what if it gets worse?”

Her mother rarely let her warm, always encouraging expression slip, but April noticed how much she didn’t expect to have that sort of conversation. And to be confronted with the depths of her daughter’s sexual desire.

“As long as you can talk about it… I mean as long as all of you are happy. It’s not uncommon for futas to do that … and your mother had other women when she was with me too. Maybe it’s just unavoidable. I mean look at you… you are a big, beautiful woman now,” she said and returned to her motherly aura. “Whatever you are doing it seems to work. That’s all that matters to me. It’s great to see you smile again and it’s absolutely okay to like your own body. That’s what we all want for ourselves, so why should that be any different for you?” Sarah said with passion lingering in her soft voice Ümraniye Escort and an ever-growing smile.” You are changing in ways that most others can’t even comprehend. Of course, it’s overwhelming… and it can be terrifying, but that doesn’t mean you have to hate yourself for who you are. No diagnosis will ever change that, April. You will always be my little girl… even if your head ends up hitting the ceiling.”

The beautiful smile of her mother was simply too infectious to resist and left April almost feeling stupid for feeling this disheartened in front of her.

“That might actually happen very soon, mom. But whatever happens… thank you for being here … today and in general I mean. I know how busy you are. I’m not saying this nearly as often as I should, but I really appreciate how you are always there for me. You are the best.”

Sarah’s lower lip started quivering and she broke her gaze when wetness was filling her hazel eyes.

“Just don’t make a scene now. That’s my job,” April joked and made both erupt in laughter.

“I would never,” her mom said in a still wavering voice, but she rarely ever wore such pride on her tired face. “See, that’s why I’m sure you will never hurt anybody, no matter how wild things are getting. Just tell me when the old hag shouldn’t be coming home.”

“Mom, you are a lot of things, but being an old hag isn’t one of them. Quite the opposite,” April giggled. “Don’t you worry we are mostly at Gina’s place anyway.”

“And here I am, feeling bad for being this occupied during your growth spurt and being barely at home. Looks like I wasn’t that badly missed after all,” her mom chuckled.

“Let’s say I didn’t mind having the house for myself for a bit,” April replied cheekily. “But on a real note, I would like to have you around more often.”

“Me too,” Sarah said with love radiating from her lips and looked over April’s shoulder again. “That almost calls for champagne.”

“Being the law-abiding citizen I am, I have to remind you, that I’m still just 19,” April said in a tone that left no doubt she was far from being serious. “Not that I’m reporting you, but just to let you know.”

Her mother didn’t only wear the face of a twenty-something year old, but also the playful smirk of a woman half her age when she leaned in.

“That’s good and all, but you better show me the waiter who tells a 7 feet woman she can’t have a little drink. What do you say?”

“Sounds great, mom,” April laughed and kept the fact that she was already 7’2″ to herself.

Suddenly, her mother let go and lifted her hand towards the waiters behind the counter. They ran over like their job depended on them taking any order within ten seconds. A man and a woman. While the cute blonde was mentally undressing April with her blue eyes it seemed the man taking the order lost himself in the same passionate gaze when he talked to Sarah.

“Yeah, for me too,” April eventually said when he forced himself away from the sight of Sarah and her more than enticing figure. The futa didn’t have any idea what she just ordered, but it didn’t matter to her, not when she finally got to enjoy a day that only should have been nostalgic and homely in the first place.

“Looks like I’m not the only one turning heads, huh?” April said and winked. “And you didn’t have to grow by almost two feet to do that.”

“Him?! He is merely a boy,” her mom replied with a growing blush. “I could be his mother.”

“Maybe that’s exactly what he likes. Believe me, that’s not the first time I heard that.”

“About me? Or in general?”

April’s smirk returned with the two waiters who silently handed them their champagne while his gaze lingered on Sarah’s more than prominent cleavage.

“Let’s say both. So, maybe there is some truth to it,” the futa grinned and looked after the blushing waiter with great amusement. “Maybe that’s something to consider.”

Sarah’s face was literally turning red, but her eyes followed the quite attractive man back into the kitchen.

“I will think about it, April. And take it as a compliment that he even noticed me while sitting next to you,” she grinned and rose her glass. “On turning heads and …”

“… and on us, mom. On us,” April interjected when her mom struggled to find the right words for the only time that day.

They sat together until the stylish orange ambient light came on and bathed the black marble floor in an almost magical glimmer. The night was quickly approaching and the entire lobby had emptied besides the two and their harem of waiters. Eventually, Sarah and April showed some mercy and got up from their table and began heading for their rooms. Sarah apologized profusely and made sure to tip all of them generously for overstaying their welcome, but none of the staff seemed to mind the extra hours, not when they got the opportunity to stare at two women this breath-taking.

April teasingly bit her lip when she felt a dozen eyes stray over her figure as she rose from her seat. The futa made sure Kartal Escort to tighten the cord on her dress a bit than she needed, just to repay them for their services with a more than revealing sight of April’s proportions. Especially the bulge and her now certified booty stood out in their full glory and left quite the impression when she followed her mom to the elevators.

The two had booked separate rooms at the end of the hallway each for the night. The days when they slept in the lounge for two were long gone … and April’s body finally showed that even Dr. Zimmermann couldn’t fully spoil its appetite after all.

“Home sweet home… almost,” April grinned and leaned into the hug her mother offered her.

“Good night, my little girl,” Sarah said to the behemoth of a woman embracing her, earning a chuckle. “And don’t let today pull you down, okay?”

“I’m fine, mom. I really am,” the futa said and rose to her full height, dominating the hallway. “I love you, mom.”

“I love you too.”

April tossed her purse onto the queen-size bed that still looked quite a bit too small for someone of her stature. It would suffice for the night, but her feet would be dangling off the rim, so much was certain. The futa showed no disregard for the safety of the hotel’s furniture either when she crashed with her back first into the heavenly cushions, prompting her breasts to quake for a few seconds before her thick figure settled for good in the extra soft mattress.

“What a day,” she sighed and simply laid there for a minute or two with her mind letting loose.

Her mother was right. Not much had changed after all. Dr. Zimmermann did only repeat what he feared would happen on her last appointment, so the message should not have held the same dread. Nevertheless, it still left April wondering if her growing … enthusiasm about her new size was not entirely due to Gina and her friend’s encouragement, but just hormones messing with her brain. She saw the charts and knew she had very fiery cocktail of those to deal with. But her judgement couldn’t be THAT clouded, right?

The futa’s fingers travelled over her body and sank into her plump flesh.

“How could such curves not be worthy of admiration?” she thought and grabbed two hands full of her massive breasts, barely encompassing half of the glorious mountains obstructing her view.

She didn’t just imagine the staff eying her with lust as well, that she could say with absolute certainty. Nor did any of her schoolmates deem her an anomaly that needs immediate treatment like Dr. Zimmermann put it. If anything, they seemed to agree with April’s assessment that she was turning into a proper bombshell… one that many people were all so willing to see explode. The prominent bulge between her legs was starting to snake down her thighs and strained the golden fabric further as it began rising with stiffness.

“Of course. You don’t care, do you?” April chuckled and spread her legs until her cock pulled over her dress and could swell unabated.

There was something simply hypnotizing to see it grow, to see it pulse bigger and thicker before her very eyes. Not just to her, but to all the women she had slept with… and those who clearly cherished the chance to do the same. No, it wasn’t April’s fault that some lever in their heads switched whenever they saw more than two feet of glorious futa cock throbbing before them.

April’s legs spread further and her more than swollen sack sank deeper into the bed like cannon balls. Only now did April find the time and state of mind to fully notice how swollen they really were… and how much they begged to be milked.

“It’s been a full day almost… I didn’t think I could go for so long,” she muttered to herself and saw her cock rise beyond her ocean of tits like the growing tree trunk it was. “It’s not like Dr. Zimmermann told me I could no longer fap. Not that my urges get even worse than they already are… right.”

The brunette closed her eyes and slowly began working herself in the right mood, her grip tightening around her pulsing shaft and moving up and down while it stretched to its full size. Then the sound of plastic vibrating and dancing on the floor ripped her out from her increasingly pleasurable trance and pulled her back into her hotel room. She contemplated ignoring the message until after she was done taking care of herself, but a second one followed that prompted April to reach for her purse.

“Impeccable timing as always,” April grinned when she read Gina’s message.

She merely asked innocently about how the appointment went, but April shuddered with excitement at the thought of having some late night dirty talk with Gina before she pulled the final curtain on that eventful day.

“Quite a mixed bag. I will tell you more about it tomorrow,” April typed and her smirk turned devilish when she added. “How about we discuss that over a film? Cuddling included of course 😉 “

The futa’s meat was throbbing and her vivid imagination burnt with hundreds of scenarios on what she would do to Gina tomorrow. Her phone’s screen went dark before Gina replied and April was already back to stroking her shaft which seemed as inpatient as she was. She could almost feel her thick veins throb stronger when the phone vibrated again.

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