Worry for Safety Turns Fun

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I never meant for this to happen, the gesture was meant to ensure she didn’t drive while drunk not as a sexual advance, but looking back I can understand why she interpreted it that way. Earlier in the evening we had been drinking at the hotel bar and having a great time with colleagues. Brie lived locally but was still hanging out with us out of towners.

After the first 2 shots, I started to worry about the amount she had drunk and her intent to drive home which was 45 mins away, so I had asked if she wanted to get a room at the hotel and go home in the morning. She went to the desk to check but came back saying the hotel was full and they had no rooms, so she would have to go home.

2 more drinks and a shot later and it was clear to me I couldn’t let her leave, so I offered up the 2nd bed in my room. Her eyes shone and she kissed me on the cheek thanking me for the gesture. From then onwards she was hung on my arm and glowing.

By about midnight people started to trickle away and were among the last to call it a night and go up to the hotel room. There were none of our colleagues on the same floor and we walked to the room.

After we got in the room Brie asked if I minded if she took a quick shower before going to bed. I told her to make herself at home and handed her a towel from the shelf. She asked if I would mind helping her out of her dress and proceeded to turn around and lift her hair so I could get to the zipper. Again, not thinking it was going anywhere I agreed and helped unzip her and found to my surprise she wasn’t wearing a bra under the dress. I could see her milky white skin all the way down to her red thong as I unzipped her and tried not to let her catch me enjoying the view.

With the dress unzipped, she slipped into the bathroom and closed the door. I took just a few seconds to adjust the erection I had started to develop before the door opened again and she stepped out wrapped just in the towel and carrying her clothes and underwear which she deposited on the 2nd bed before returning to the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on.

As I glanced over at the 2nd bed, I realized she had left her thong on the top in plain view. It was at this point I thought to myself that she may have gotten the wrong idea about my original intentions about asking her to stay. The naughty side of my brain however was beginning to think about where this might go. That side of my brain won out and I quickly went over to the pile and lifted up the thong. It was still warm and had a little damp spot on it.

Replacing it in the pile, I began to get myself undressed and ready for bed too. I had just gotten into bed wearing just a tshirt and boxers when I heard the shower turn off. It was less than a minute before the door opened and Brie stepped out with the towel wrapped around her. It barely covered her butt and was clearly feeling the strain of her larger than I had guessed breasts.

Confirming my suspicion and no hope that she wanted to have a little fun together she moved toward my bed instead of the 2nd one, stopping by the foot before saying “I’m not sure if you intended to bring me up here to fuck me when you first asked and I know you are married so I’m going to give you two choices. You can just make me cum without fucking me or you can fuck me anyway you want. Either way you need to get me off at least once.”

I took a deep breath before saying “Brie, when i asked you to stay, I was honestly just worried for your safety and not wanting you to drive home.” Her face fell before I added “but now that you are here and making that kind of offer I’m definitely not turning down getting some of your hot little body. Now lose the towel and sit on my face!!” I threw back the covers and stripped my tshirt off while she stood on the bed and then undid the towel throwing it to the floor.

Her body was even better than I would have given credit for. Her breasts were probably big C cups and wonderfully perky with bullet like nipples that clearly showed her aroused state. Her waist was trim and her tummy flat. As my eyes wondered further down her body I was treated to a shaved and clearly freshly waxed pussy that was already showing signs of her wetness with beads of fluid on her outer lips.

I scooted down the bed so I was able to lie down as she towered over me. She lowered herself down until her knees were either side of my head and then she grasped my head in her hands looking down between her breasts at me. “This will be the first time someone has eaten my pussy before even kissing me or taking me on a date!” With that she pulled my head forward and dropped the remaining distance so her pussy was planted directly on my mouth.

She must have really been turned on because she was already dripping wet when my tongue first entered her. She tasted heavenly and had clearly cleaned up carefully in the shower as there was no sign of the musk of the day that you might have expected. I was soon making bursa eskort bayan long deep strokes with my tongue into her snatch, paying particular attention to her clit which I sucked and licked with as much enthusiasm as I could muster. It didn’t take long before she was arching her back and forcibly holding my head hard against her pussy and shaking toward an orgasm.

When she came, she screamed loudly and I fleetingly thanked my lucky stars no-one else from our company was on the same floor because there would be no doubt what was going on in this room. As she came, I was deluged with wetness from her pussy and did my best to suck down all that she produced but my face was slick and absolutely covered with her cum by the time she released my head and raised herself slightly from my face. She scooted back a little before reaching down to passionately kiss me on the lips and dueling tongues with me.

She kept that up for a couple minutes before licking all of her cum from around my face then sitting back a little to look me in the eyes. “That was fucking amazing, I haven’t cum that hard for the longest time…your turn now!!” With that she scooted down the bed and confidently slide my boxers down and immediately put my cock in her mouth.

I don’t have a huge cock, but I’ve also never had complaints either and after a minute or so Brie lifted off my cock and said “your dick is the perfect size for me to deep throat and really enjoy it.” With that she went back to her task and within a couple of attempts she had me in her mouth all the way to the base. I knew I wouldn’t last too long with her doing that so decided to try to give myself a little distraction so that I could last a little longer. I pulled her legs back toward me and she quickly understood my intent and re-positioned her legs either side of my head without ever taking my dick from her mouth.

I hooked my arms around her thighs and pulled her still wet pussy back toward me and delved in. It did the trick for me and I managed to hold off the orgasm that had nearly taken me but knew it was only a matter of a small delay. Five minutes later I crossed the point of no return and after extracting my tongue from her pussy warned her by saying “I’m gonna cum”. She acknowledged by increasing her pace and I took that as permission to cum in her mouth.

It had been a while since I’d last cum and I rarely got a blowjob or anything from the wife it turned out to be quite the load that I started to blow in her mouth. She took a couple shots directly into her mouth before she released my cock from her mouth and aimed it at her face and eyes. She took another shot to her face before pointing it downward to her neck and tits capturing the remaining shots between the valley of her breasts. With an audible swallow she cleared her mouth of my cum and rolled off of me onto her back beside me. I quickly spun around as well and delved back between her thighs to continue my effort of making her cum once more. It took less than a minute to push her over the edge again and she once again screamed her release as she once again flooded my face with cum.

I was glad when I realized I was getting hard again and got even harder when a nasty thought struck me that would determine how kinky she was. As I made my way up her body I continued to kiss every part within reach. She placed a hand on the back of my head but didn’t stop me as I worked my way up to her breasts. I sucked each of her nipples in turn making them stand off her chest like little bullets before I slid my face between them and licked the remnants of my cum off her body and continuing up to her face level.

She had a little wide eyed look when I kissed her on the lips first then proceeded to lick the rest off her face and then kiss her and thrust my cum coated tongue into her mouth. She quickly began to suck my tongue into her mouth and we were soon pulling apart panting gently.

“No guy has ever done that to me before… Most are scared to even kiss me after they’ve cum in my mouth let alone deliberately lick it off me. This could have been even more interesting if I wasn’t at a fertile time of the month.”

I didn’t let on at that point but I had a little secret that meant this wouldn’t be a problem. After 3 kids and my wife’s allergies to condoms we had decided that I would get fixed so we could not worry about risking getting her pregnant again. The naughty side of my brain kicked in again and I decided I would see if I could get her to take the risk of her getting pregnant by me so we could enjoy a little fun that I had always wanted to do but had never plucked up the courage to ask my wife to do before. “That’s a shame, because I would love to have you sit on my face with a cum-filled pussy”. She flushed at this and said “oh my god – you really would do that?”

I continued my sneaky ploy by saying “I guess you will never know.”

Without waiting for an answer back, I bursa merkez escort began to kiss her again as well as reaching down to line up my now rock hard cock to her now slick entrance and thrust fully into her within one stroke.

Her pussy was the perfect fit for the size of my cock and I felt myself bottom out just as my balls slapped into her butt. We continued to trade while I began to thrust into her at a pretty fast pace. Having just cum I was pretty sure it would be a while before I would need to cum so knew I had some time to try a few different positions with her. About 5 mins after we had begun fucking missionary still I rolled us over so she was on top and she proceeded to sit up a really grind her pussy down on my cock. I took the opportunity to enjoy her tits bouncing in front of my face and taking the hint she leant forward and pushed her tits into my face dragging her nipples up and down my face as she bounced up and down on my cock.

Shortly after this she asked me to take her from behind so we repositioned with her in a doggystyle position and me sliding back into her and grabbing her hips. In this position I was getting even deeper into her and she started to moan with ever deep thrust before letting out the loudest scream of the night yet as she came on my cock. I didn’t need the words, the look over the shoulder was all the confirmation I really needed to know what she wanted but what she uttered next was fantastic. “Give me that cum in my pussy – I don’t care that I’m fertile. I want it deep in me and for you to eat me after”.

Thinking I could probably still go at least one more round tonight and definitely again in the morning I decided still not to tell her that it wouldn’t be a problem, instead I said “get ready, here it comes!!” I pushed as deep into her as I could which caused her to cum again too and shot just as much cum as I had the first time deep into her pussy.

Breathless we fell forward with me still embedded in her but starting to shrink inside her. As soon as my cock slid out of her I rolled off her and on to my back. She turned on the pillow to face me and had a well fucked and contented smile on her face.

“No-one has ever cum in me before. I’ve always made them use condoms” she said. “But you can do that any time you want, even when I’m fertile especially if you eat me out after. I don’t care if I have to go get a morning after pill.” Knowing i didn’t have to convince her again I said “it’s ok – I could cum in you every day and still not get you pregnant, I had a vasectomy after 3rd kid, besides there was no way I was not going to cum in that tight little pussy even if you hadn’t told me I could.” She looked surprised for a second and then an even brighter smile crossed her face. “You naughty fucker, you didn’t tell me deliberately to see if I would let you cum in me by myself didn’t you?” “Guilty as charge” I said with a grin. “Now come and sit on my face again I want to taste that juicy pussy of yours again.”

She rolled onto her back and reached her hand down to cup her pussy before sitting up and making her way over to me. The thought of what I was about to do made my dick start to twitch again in excitement and I knew I would get to do this twice in one night if we both enjoyed it.

She released her hand and I only then realized just how much I had cum as it came running out of her like a stream. Immediately I opened my mouth and tried to encompass her entire pussy with my lips so I wouldn’t miss anything. After the initial stream slowed I swallowed what was in my mouth. It was a surprising concoction of flavor. I could clearly discern the differences between her sweet flowery tasting cum and my slightly salty and thicker deposit. Together they were ok but I knew it was her cum I preferred. With the stream stopped I continued by slipping my tongue up into her pussy and licking all around the walls of her pussy.

Once I had done, she sat backward on my chest and leaned forward to kiss me. “That was incredible – no-one has ever fucked me as well as you have or done anything like what you did to me tonight. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to walk or function tomorrow after I’m finished with you.

She climbed off of me and then leaned over to take my half hard cock into her mouth and tasted our combined cum for herself. “Hmmmm, we taste good together don’t we!!”

She rolled to her back and sighed “you want to go clean up in the shower quick?” I swung my legs off the bed walked to her side and gently lifted her up before leading her into the shower. Lucky for me – it was a big standing shower with glass doors and opposite a big mirror that enabled you to see the full extent of the shower.

I left the bathroom door open and turned on the fan hoping that would limit the steam build up on the mirror so that I could watch the fun to come in the mirror too. I reached in and turned on the water, careful not to bursa sınırsız escort bayan make it too hot either. We both then stepped inside and we started to soap each other up. After we had sufficiently cleaned up Brie made to turn off the shower, but I stopped her and instead turned her toward the mirror and pushed her toward the glass front of the shower. Immediately she got the hint and knew what was coming next. As she reached the glass, she assumed a slightly bent forward stance and widened the gap between her legs so that I could see her pussy lips peeking between the tops of her thighs and I could see her breasts squashed against the glass in the mirror.

Stepping behind her I quickly guided my hard again dick to the entrance of her pussy and then pushed it home. She started to rock back and forth and said “Fuck me as hard and fast as you can and fill my pussy up again”. I grabbed her hips and true to her request started to fuck her as hard as I possibly could. I worried that i was going to break the glass with the force I was putting into her so I pulled her back from the glass a little and grabbed her shoulders instead before resuming my pounding of her.

It didn’t take long for her to cum again and I was suddenly ready to cum too. We both came together and I again felt a surprising amount of cum fly up out of me and deep into her pussy. Before she could catch her breath I pulled out of her, spun her around and pushed her back against the glass, dropped to my knees in the shower, lifted her right leg and buried my face into her soaking wet pussy. All of our combined cum again slid out of her and into my waiting mouth before I licked and sucked on her clit to bring her to the edge one more time. After she had cum once again she wearily pushed my head away from her and collapsed down on to the floor beside me. “No more… I can’t take any more.” We sat there for a few mins before I stood and then reached out for her arm and pulled her to her feet. We took another fast rinse before Stepping out of the shower, toweling off and climbing naked into bed together.

She nuzzled into my chest and without saying a further thing fell asleep. I think I was probably awake a further 20 seconds before sleep overtook me too.

I awoke to a buzzing noise and silently cursed myself for forgetting to reset my normal workout alarm while I was traveling. I didn’t need to get up for another 2hrs this morning so turned it off without moving too much, trying not to wake Brie who was still sleeping beside me. She didn’t stir and I quickly reset the alarm to the right time and settled back to try to go back to sleep.

I must have succeeded in falling asleep again as the next thing I knew I felt a delightful hot sucking action on my cock and knew that Brie was down below giving me a fantastic blow job. Strangely though it felt different to what I remembered her blowjob the night before to feel like. As this thought started to take hold, I gently opened my eyes and looked to my left and acknowledged the fact Brie was there, so she clearly wasn’t the one giving me a blow job however she was definitely actively doing something under the covers too. She caught my eye and smiled before throwing off the cover to expose herself and the 3 fingers she had in her pussy obviously stroking herself closer to an orgasm.

My shock of confirming it wasn’t her turned to surprise when I realized it was another of our colleagues Keri who was blowing me enthusiastically. In contrast to Brie’s dark near black hair, Keri was a stunning redhead. I looked over at Brie and she read the question that was coming. “She texted me this morning worried if I got home. I told her I had stayed at the hotel in your room. What I didn’t know was that she still had your room key from when she came and got something for you earlier yesterday. She must have thought we were having fun together and came up to join in.” At this point Keri popped her lips off my cock and said “I kind of hoped you had hooked up because I’ve been dying to have a threesome and my husband is totally not into it. What do you say Brie – can I eat your pussy while he fucks me.”

Brie looked over at me and grinned before scooting up the bed and splaying her legs wide open. Keri scrambled on to the bed and her clothes began flying so fast as she stripped naked and practically dived between Brie’s thighs. I moved around behind her and leaned down to take a taste of her pussy before I began fucking her. She tasted different from Brie, more like honey than flowery but equally good. I started to think about how good she might taste with my cum mixed into her too.

As I slid my length into her, she lifted her head from between Brie’s legs and turned to say “please don’t cum in me – I’m not on the pill at the moment, I’m trying to get pregnant.” Brie looked into my eyes and said “that’s a shame, I was hoping we both could eat his cum out of you, he’s done it to me twice last night and it was incredible.”

Keri dived back into Brie’s pussy but not before she shared a lustful look with Brie. She winked at me, apparently thinking the same trick that fooled her last night would fool Keri too into asking me to cum in her even though Brie and I both knew I was going to anyway and that it would be ok.

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