Yearning with Anticipation

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Anticipation burns through me as the night draws to a close. How I have wanted this moment to come. I cannot believe it is finally here! I thought the day would never end. As I look briefly at myself in the mirror, I mutter under my breath “the perfect look” for this occasion. Wearing nothing but a white, unbuttoned chemise hanging over my breasts, I think to myself that you’ll like this. As I turn around I notice light softly shining through the slit in the door as I make my way out of the hotel’s bathroom. I wonder what he is doing.

As I quietly shut the door behind me, I see that you are already in bed. Sitting up and leaning against a pillow you seem quite preoccupied with reading papers in your hands. You are so occupied that you don’t hear me as I enter the room. I stop for only a moment just to watch you then I ask myself “How do I get your attention?”. An idea pops into my head as I turn towards the bed.

As I walk over, I could hear my heart beating in my chest as the moment Kartal Escort is now here. I crawl up slowly as you see me and finally make my way to sit on your lap. With little effort, you put your papers on the end table beside you as I see a small smile forming on the side of your face.

Here we are face to face gazing in each other’s eyes. I find myself getting lost inside your soul as I feel your hands resting on my thighs. It seemed like an eternity that we sat this way. Face to face, cheek to cheek. Then I feel your hands come up to touch the soft skin on my abdomen. Stroking my skin very softly, very lightly. I gaze into your brown eyes as I cup your face tenderly with my hand. I stroke your cheek and watch my fingers as they touch your skin. I bring up my other hand and do the same on the other side. Then after a moment, I take my fingers and run them in your beautiful thick hair.

In this lover’s gaze, I lower my lips to brush yours gently and with much longing. Now in Yakacık Escort an open kiss full of softness that lingers on and on.

I feel your fingers come up touching my sides slowly, moving the sides of the blouse away. Your hands continue up and graze the nipples on my breasts. Rubbing back and forth, taunting each one so tenderly.

It is then that the fire and hunger burns. A wanting of needing much more from the other as passion consumes us both.

I feel a hardness begin to stir under my bottom so I move a hand to stroke its shaft within the contours of the clothes.

Harder you pushed against my breasts where gentle rubbing soon turned into kneading. Then I felt your lips against my neck working their way down as I arch my back to allow you to go further. Next thing comes the intense pleasure as your teeth tug at each nipple. The pleasure shoots down into my belly and straight into my pussy. I moan from the intensity with each tug and twist. My arm wraps Kadıköy Escort around your head to keep you there as I continue to go for your hard cock against the clothes. At last, we briefly part just to take a small break to catch our breathing. In that moment, I move off to remove the clothing that completely separated you and I.

Alas, I come back and this time, I feel your hard cock against the wetness of my vagina. We look at each other just briefly, anticipating what is to come. With one subtle move, you easily slide within me. I feel you as you thrust yourself deeper and deeper. Faster with each move as I can barely stand each wave of pleasure as it hits. My body tenses with each move until I cannot feel nothing else but you inside me. Together, faster, stronger with each move as we hold onto to each other. The intensity captures is both until the moment of climax when our bodies feel like they are exploding and all muscles throb and contract from the build up. We remain together in silence, holding onto each other taking it all in. It was me to move first, only to kiss your cheek and then to move into an embrace. It was all I wanted and more. The moment is now gone but here we are, together in the most intimate way. For the very first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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