Your An Empty Promise Ch. 02

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We walked into my bedroom and he took a glance at all the space has to offer. It was a typical bedroom with a few things that aren’t so typical, unless you’re a musician. I watched him look at everything, picking up things and looking at the little things I have laying around. As I watched him observe my life in a nutshell, so to speak, I sat on the bed and felt my jetlag kicking in. I was tired and wanted a nap or to lie down for a minute. He could sense this in me and smiled when he looked at my weary face.

“Are you tired, my love?”

He stood next to me and ran his fingers over my jaw, bringing little goose bumps over my skin; he’s so good at that. When I nodded, he kissed my forehead like you do an unruly child and he pressed a hand on my shoulder to lay me back. I saw his face appear above me and I knew he was going to kiss me. I can tell from the look in his eyes what he wants and what he’s going to do. He wants me almost as much I want him usually, but I knew inside he was throbbing for me. He was delicious to look at, mouth-watering to taste, and the greatest reason to not take a nap.

Watching the smile crawl across his face was like watching caramel being drizzled over vanilla ice cream. You want more, but it looks so delicious that you want to taste it before it’s done. His eyes sparkled with emotions swimming in them and I wanted to know each one, I wanted to cup every feeling he was experiencing in my hand and Escort cradle them close to my heart. I ran my hands over the soft fabric of his shirt, feeling his chest and shoulders under the cloth. His breath ran over my skin and brought back the goose bumps he already set in place.

I was throbbing and sore all over my body, he’s good at that too. I pulled him closer and instead of kissing me and ending some of the hunger I was feeling, he nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck and took a deep breath. I held him close, feeling the length of his body against mine. I wanted him so bad, and I was chanting in my head, “Take me, take me, take me…” but he just held me.

His lips came to my ear and when I thought he was going to kiss my flesh, finally, he whispered, “Go to sleep. You’ll feel much better.” He then lifted himself from my hold and walked toward the computer, sitting down as if nothing happened and he didn’t stir all the available juices in my body.

I was stunned. I was raw. I was horribly craving him and he walked away. And I was hurt. ‘Fine’ I thought, ‘Two can play that game.’ I lay back on the bed, head resting against the pillows so I can have a good look at him, and he can have an equally good look at me. I was going to boil his mind with my own desire if it’s the last thing I can do. He turned on the computer and sat back with a satisfied grin on his face. I knew what he was thinking, that he stirred me up and I’ll be hungry later for him. Well, he had another thing coming.

I brought my hand up to my breast and held it close, sighing a little bit. He looked over at me at my sigh and smiled. But his eyes never left my hand.

My other hand ran down the length of my body, retracing the curves he covered. When my hand rested over the zipper of my jeans, his smile faded slightly and he asked me what I was doing.

“You’ve made me desire, and made me want you. If you won’t satisfy me, I’ll have to do it myself.”

With that, his jaw dropped along with my zipper and he watched with wide eyes as my hand disappeared into my jeans. I was so wet from his teasing and touches and I felt in my underwear all the nectar that had drenched my body. My own fingers massaged the delicate bud that he has taken in his lips and sucked before. My body moved with the familiar territory of my own hand, my own fingertips. I know where to touch and where to press. I know what parts are more sensitive than the rest and what parts will drive me crazy.

I’ve never done anything like this in front of him, and I usually don’t. My character has been thrown out the window and my hands were now driving my new character toward an orgasm that he had me thirsty for. He watched me and I saw his right hand go to the front of his own jeans, pressing down and making his body react. The small peep show I put on for him was making him wonderfully stimulated, beautifully turned-on, and I was too busy to help him.

He walked over to the bed as I writhed and my hand became quicker, fingers entering the hole he has filled so many times. He crawled next to me to the vacant space next to me and brought his lips to my neck again, this time kissing and biting my flesh. He was in my head the entire time. Images of his body and memories of our actions were making me wetter and hotter. His own hand rested on my stomach and tried to join mine but I turned my body away and faced opposite him. He growled, he actually growled in frustration. It ran a thrill through my body, down my spine as his hand ran up my bare back under my shirt.

He came up behind me and when my body rocked with my hands; my ass was grinding up against his impressive hard-on. I felt it press against me and I wanted it in me so much, I could feel it penetrate my hole as my fingers were now. The thought of him inside and the feeling of his arms wrapping around my waist and chest; the frustration and the passion dripping from his own body was enough.

I exploded with a gasp and his grip around me became tighter. My body convulsed and the wave of pleasure took over. I bowed my head backwards and felt his teeth on my exposed neck, biting hard enough to draw blood if he really wanted.

When the wave pulled back into the tide, I released the breath I was holding and turned my body towards him, watching the desire rush over his face. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Ok,” I said, “Your turn.”

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