A Christmas Carol Revisited Ch. 02

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The Second of the Three Spirits

I groaned and stretched. My head felt like a pumpkin, someone had emptied a bird cage in my mouth, and my eyes felt like they’d been lovingly sandpapered.

Note to self: sex with ghosts has a definite downside.

I padded to the bathroom to – well, hell, we all know why. Having done so, I turned to the mirror, wondering if I looked like I felt.

I stopped. There was a message on the mirror, written in dark red lipstick.


I was pulled to the door as if magnetized.

I walked out into a nightclub.

I turned back to the bathroom. Same old bathroom.

I turned to the nightclub. Still a nightclub.

It was done up for Christmas, with Christmas garland and lights, a Christmas tree the size of a small city, and soft Christmas music drifted in on hidden speakers. There was just one light, focused on a small white circular table for two. There were just four things at the table: two wine glasses, an ice bucket containing a bottle of what I suspected to be champagne, and a woman, dark of hair and eye with a soft. even tan. She wore a deep green velvet halter dress with a deep neckline, and a slit ran up one side to the hipbone. It sparkled as if it had been sprinkled with green glitter.

“C’mon in, Nick,” the woman said. “Have a seat.” She tipped her glass to me. “I’m the Ghost of Christmas Present, and you’re naked.”

I blinked. Damn. She was right.

“I thought I felt a draft,” I muttered as I sat. Christmas Present laughed – merrily. “A sense of humor. I like that. It makes my job that much easier.”

“And that would be…?”

“Convincing you to pull your head out of your ass and live a little.”

I bristled. “Excuse me? I’m a professional boytoy – well, semi-pro, anyway – for a sex-crazed sorority. How much more living can I do without killing myself?”

“Yeah?” The word was a challenge. “You had a ‘date’ with Marsha last week, didn’t you?”

“That’s right. Marsha the Maneater. Marsha the incredibly hot nympho. You’re not helping your case.”

“No? What were you thinking last week when you were fucking her?”

“I… I don’t know. You want me to remember what I was thinking nearly a week ago?”

“Let’s find out.” She snapped her fingers and a TV I hadn’t noticed before came to life. Marsha and I were on the screen, fucking like bunnies. Christmas Present made a “turning” motion with her thumb and finger, and suddenly I could hear what I’d been thinking!

Oh my god – oh, fuck! Fuck, she’s tight! Ogodogodogod… ohmigod, I’m so close… Fuck, what a pussy! I’m not gonna last much longer… ohhh, yessss… oh, take it, Sarah!


Then I came like a volcano and the screen filled with snow. No, not static – real, honest-to-Kris-Kringle fucking snow!

I stared at the screen aghast and the Spirit spoke. “Now do you know why I’m here?”

“I really am trapped in the past.,” I said slowly. “But what do I do now? Sarah’s part of my past, so I forget her?”

“No!” Her voice was so fierce that I shrank back.

She continued, her voice calmer now. “No. Sarah is and always will be your first love, and you’ll never forget her. A part of you will always love her, but she’s gone and you have to move on.

You know, this isn’t just about you, Nick. You have friends who have been reaching out to you, wanting to help you – but you’ve shut them out completely. You’re so bound up in your grief over losing Sarah that you can’t se what’s right in front of you. Like with Marsha… you were making love with her, but you were imagining Sarah. What if you’d actually called out her name for real instead of just in your mind? How do you think she would have felt?

Does Marsha love you, or Mel, or Karen? No, not in the way that Sarah did. But they like you; they respect you; they trust you with their bodies and their reputations, and that’s no small thing. But here – you want proof?”

The picture on the TV changed. Now it was Melanie. She was sitting in a restaurant and talking to someone who was out of frame.

“Nick? Awwww, he’s a sweetie. I was the one who recruited him, you know. We went to high school together and he probably didn’t say ten words to me in four years – he was just really, really shy. canlı bahis şirketleri But he was in Drama in his Junior and Senior years, so I guess he was only shy when it came to, you know, asking girls out and stuff. I talked to Catherine – she was president of the Drama Club, you know – and she said he was a whole different person when he was working on a play – open and playful and funny – but as soon as the play was done, he’d close up like a clam again.

He’s opened up a lot since then. I think being with Sarah really brought him out of himself. You remember Sarah, right? Really short, with humongous boobs? Yeah, he fell for her in a big way. They were a lot alike – she was looking for someone to love her for herself and she didn’t have a clue. She screwed a bunch of guys trying to find one to love her and of course they used her and threw her away like a Kleenex when they were done. And then she got pregnant – and Nick just lost it. He was already in love with her then, I think, but she’d always said there was no chemistry. That was sad, wasn’t it? Here she is, desperately looking for love and here’s this guy right in front of her who thinks the world of her and she doesn’t think there’s any chemistry. Well, they got together eventually and it was like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon for both of them. But something happened – Nick told me not to tell anyone, it really bothers him – and they broke up and he’s been just like a zombie ever since. I think he likes being part of the auxiliaries, but he still wants someone to love him and he thinks Sarah was his only chance and he blew it, so he’s depressed a lot. It’s really sad, ’cause he’s one of the nicest guys we have.”

The screen dissolved to snow again, and then Karen filled the screen.

“Nick’s a dumbass, but all guys are dumbasses – it’s in their genes or something. Really, he’s a nice guy – too nice for his own good. I didn’t know Sarah, you understand, but Mel tells me he fell head over heels for her and it just about killed him when they broke up. I mean, really, sometimes I think he wants to die, you know? – and he’s just making the best of his time while he works his way up to getting the nerve to kill himself.

He’s pretty good in bed, especially with his tongue” – her eyes glinted wickedly – “and I’m teaching him to be my sub and he’s doing really well. Oh, and did I tell you about the Halloween party? No shit, he designed my costume; well, no, he didn’t make it, but he used what I had and kind of put it all together for me. He had me do a vampire – a real person called Elizabeth Bathory who killed like 600 people a long time ago, and get this: she’s supposed to have bathed in their blood. So anyway, he had Roxanne make me up this long black velvet skirt and then he had her slit it all the way up to my hip, and he took this black leather corset I had – I thought I was going to have to kill him, he fussed with it forever. But when he got it laced up just the way he wanted, I looked fuckin’ spectacular! You know my boobs are okay, but they’re not huge or anything” – here she leaned forward and pulled her neckline open so the unknown could see – “but they looked pretty damn big by the time he had me laced into that thing. And he had me carry one of my floggers, so everyone would know I was into torture, right? And Mel did my makeup – she’s so good at that, and – damn, I wish I had a picture to show you, but they’re all back at my apartment!”

Here the unknown muttered something inaudible. “Well, sure, if you have the time, I know just where they are.” Velvet lashes dipped and she looked up at the unknown from underneath them. “Could be I might show you more than pictures… if you’re interested….”

Again the screen went to snow, and then Marsha was there, that naughty-Tinkerbelle grin all over her face.

“Nick is – let’s see, how do I say this? – he’s open for anything. I’ve done stuff with him that has scared off superstuds and he just laps it up.” She laughed. “Yeah, he laps that pretty well, too. He doesn’t freak out because there are other guys there – he may not be bi, but he’s definitely NOT homophobic – and he has such passion; I mean it’s like he just throws himself into everything. I hear that Karen is flogging him and fucking his ass with a strap-on, and I bet I could get him to try another guy if I wanted to.

But he can also take canlı kaçak iddaa control. My God, my first time with him, I didn’t know what he was going to do next! He handcuffed me and fucked my mouth and spanked my ass and my pussy, and he pulled my hair and fucked my ass and came all over my face – it was like a porn flick! Of course, he was trying to get me to sign off on his membership back then, but he has my endorsement now and he hasn’t changed a bit – he still fucks like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, there was that deal with Sarah.” The unknown muttered something. “Yeah, it left him pretty damaged. Me and Mel and Karen are trying to turn that around, but God, he really loved her, and turning that around isn’t easy.” Another unintelligible comment. “Well, see, most of our guys are like, ‘Pussy whenever I want it? Cool! Where do I sign up?’, but Nick – well, I mean, he’s enough of a guy that that does play a part; but when he’s with you, he’s really trying to make you feel good, and not just because he’s afraid of losing this dream job. It’s like he really doesn’t get anything out of it unless you do, and he tries to make it the best it can be for you.” She laughed again. “Hey, you know how we are here – no one owns the auxiliaries. But you have to promise – if you do fuck him, you have to come back and tell me all about it!”

The dark eyes met mine, serious and direct as a loaded gun. “So they’re not the love of your life. Are you going to push away lesser love because you don’t have a greater love? You’re setting yourself up for a very lonely life if you do.”

She leaned back and took a sip from her glass. I followed suit, surprised to find it was spiced cider. She put down her glass, stood, extended her hand. “Come walk with me.”

I took her hand. followed her to where a solid wall of glass had replaced the cracked plaster wall of my apartment.

“Look out there. What do you see?”

I stared, bewildered, What was she getting at? There was nothing outside the window, nothing but –


“Very good. How many do you suppose there are?”

“I don’t know… thousands, at least.”

She turned to look at me. “You’re one of those stars, Nick. So is Sarah. So is everyone you know, and a lot of people you don’t know.” She gave me a look that somehow managed to convey both compassion and annoyance. “With all those stars out there, do you really believe you’ll never love again?”

She stepped closer, put her arms around me, drew my head down to her breast. “I know it hurts, Nick. Sarah’s hurting, too. The only way either of you can stop the pain is to accept the love that others feel for you, however much or little it may be, and give them your love in return.”

She lifted my chin, turned my face up and touched her lips to mine. “Embrace the present, Nick. Make the most of every moment. Don’t let life pass you by while you mourn the dead past.”

With that curious boneless movement known only to women, she unclasped the halter, let it fall around her waist. A sinuous movement of her hips and the dress slithered down them to lie in a green-sparkling puddle on the carpeted floor. Beneath it she wore only a garter belt and sheer stockings. She moved in, kissed me again, this time invading my mouth with her tongue. She took my hand then, led me to a round white bed surrounded by dozens of candles in glass votives. She sat, pulling me down beside her. She took my hands, placed them on her breasts and kissed me deeply.

I caressed her breasts, tugging gently at her nipples. She purred, her tongue moving along the side of my throat, lapping… I moaned hoarsely, squeezing her firm tits. She bit down gently and I groaned, clutching her tightly. My hands slowly slid down the smooth skin of her back, then reversed course, my nails teasing lightly upward. She moaned and pushed her breasts hard against my chest.

The feel of her nakedness next to mine was electric. My cock was pulsing, standing straight and hard against her flat, taut stomach. I kissed her hard… again… again. I bit her throat lightly and she shivered; I swear, it felt as though her body rippled. I bent forward, licked a breast all over, nibbling now and again. She bucked against me, her fingers in my hair, moaning. I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked sharply; her back arched and she whimpered. Her nails traced their canlı kaçak bahis way up my back and I ground myself into her with a groan. I licked the aureole of her breast, then bit her nipple without warning. She gave a little scream and her nails dug into my back.

We kissed, with and without tongues, our hands roaming freely. She caressed my cock, stroking it from the base to the tip and back again. I scented the bouquet of her desire and I inched a hand up her smooth thigh. I could feel the heat of her as I came closer to her center. I touched her pussy – very lightly indeed – and only for the barest fraction of a second, but she writhed and almost pouted when I withdrew. Her lips were swollen and her clit was hard and erect. I licked a finger and slowly drew it over her clit and she literally hissed! – like a cat in heat. Her soft fingers closed convulsively around my shaft and I cried out and thrust upward into her hand.

I was dizzy with the scent of her; I had to taste her, had to! I slid from the bed, fell to my knees between her thighs. I propped her legs up over my shoulders and took a long look at her pussy.

Have you ever looked – really looked – at your lover’s pussy? I promise you, it will repay your attention. There’s amazing beauty there, and especially when she’s horny; her folds swollen, puffy, bedecked with her natural juices, the inner lips glistening… her clit a sentinel, standing tall and erect at the gates of paradise. And the taste…! I tell you here and now, men who don’t eat pussy have no clue what they’re missing.

Christmas Present’s pussy looked untouched, almost virginal, but the glistening of her fully abducted lips told the true story. I took a deep breath, intoxicating myself with her scent – and then, very delicately, I began to lick her.

I drew my tongue slowly along the sweet curve of her outer lips, eliciting a groan from my now all-too-human lover. I savored the taste where her lips were bedewed with the evidence of her passion, but only briefly; I wanted more.

My tongue slid slowly, lovingly past her outer lips into he inner recesses, flicking restlessly as I went. Her fingers were fisted in the comforter, as if she’d float away without an anchor. My tongue probed deeper, ever deeper… teasing… licking…. She cried out and a fresh effusion of wetness bathed my mouth. I smiled happily and continued on.

God, the taste of her! I was high as a kite on it! A finger gently probed her, gathering some of the hot slippery fluids I’d missed, caressing…. As I pulled back, I replaced my tongue with this finger and as I stroked my tongue against her clit, I began to finger-fuck her, slow and deep. I added a second finger, going as deep as I could, then gently swirled my fingers in her dripping pussy, caressing her tight slick walls. She purred, delirious with my mouth on her clit, my fingers deep in her cunt. It was a long, low, lazy sound, like a spoiled cat demanding more cream. I smiled as the image flashed briefly through my mind. I accelerated the pace of my licking, flicking away with almost the speed of a hummingbird’s wings. She shouted and thrust her pussy hard against my face. I took her clit in my mouth, sucked – again! – again! – and she came hard, drenching my face. While she was still in the throes of her first real orgasm of the night, I slipped one of my slippery fingers into her ass and renewed my assault on her throbbing clit. To hell with subtlety; I ravened at her pussy, ass-fucking her as I ate her, and she screamed and screamed and screamed again as her orgasm roared through her.

I gave her clit one last hot flick with my tongue, then I stood, lifted her hips and thrust deep. Her eyes snapped open and she screamed again, wrapping her legs around my waist, drawing me in tight and locking them behind my ass. We pounded into each other, slamming hard now. My cock was awash in a sea of scalding wetness and she clamped tight around my thick shaft, working her hips – squeezing tight, milking me, all but wringing me out. We hammered into each other like pile-drivers bent on mutual destruction. I found myself riding the edge, Christmas Present doing her damnedest to shove me over that edge.

I fell, exploding over and over and over, her legs scissoring behind my back, her tight cunt pulling every drop of my juices from me. My voice cracked when I ran out of breath, but my hips jerked spasmodically, draining my balls….

I eased out of her, panting like I’d run a marathon, and fell bodily to the bed beside her. She was on me in an instant, kissing me – and sometime in the next minute or so, the lights went out.

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