A Family Man: Part 6 Crossroads

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After our mother cleaned her wedded children of the residue from their marital union, I released her of her duties and she left the room. I spent the rest of the day in bed with Dana and she alone tended to my needs. When it came time for dinner, the other women would prepare it and bring it to our room, but it was Dana who would take it and serve me personally. I broke her in orally as well as anally that night, but all my semen I deposited into her womb.

I couldn’t get enough of my sister, nor she of I and we brought each other off multiple times. While I withheld cumming for the week leading up to my marriage with Dana, it was not something I would repeat. Aside from the fact I loved fucking my women too much, I loved fucking Dana too much in particular to forego her pleasures. Besides, Bonnie had been such a good girl for her patience that she really did deserve a good regular pounding. However, I was going to be marrying Danielle the following week and for her sake, I did hold off for the two days prior so I’d still have plenty of cum for her.

Our wedding, while a carbon copy of the her sister’s, was carried out with no less pomp and circumstance. Dani’s collar was just like Dana’s except it was silver plated instead of gold, signifying Dana’s position over her sister-wives. Once again, our mother gave her daughter away and performed her duties as she did with Dana. Even though Dani was my sister, our union was not as mind-blowing as it was with my twin, but it did have its own unique appeal.

To call Dani ‘underdeveloped’ would be an understatement. She was twenty-one and she was just barely taller than our mother, if even by an inch, but she was smaller in every other catagory and had a body of someone half her age. She was just one of the reasons I wanted to wait until my daughters were older to bleed them, because I had to be very careful I didn’t hurt Dani, even if she didn’t want me to.

Dani thrived on being little and made it part of her persona to act her size with me, even taking to calling me ‘Daddy’ despite not being pregnant. It was understandable for her to have ‘Daddy Issues’, considering she was denied service to her father by his failing health and death. Indeed, she took the loss of Travis the hardest, as being his had been all she wanted her whole life and every time it looked like he might be well enough to take her, he’d fall deeper into illness until his life finally ended.

Like I said, I had to be careful with Dani because of our differing sizes. Her ass was the only hole of hers I could enter fully, but even then I had to be careful not to be too rough. She of course begged to be wrecked, but she was a slave, of couse she cared little for herself when it came to pleasing her owner and husband. It fell on my shoulders to decide between my pleasure and the girl’s welfare. Because I couldn’t get my whole cock inside her pussy or mouth, I contemplated not impregnating her, concerned that our daughters could be equal to if not smaller than her, not to mention, whether or not she could even carry a child to term. However, when it came time to marry her, I relented and emptied my seed into my older sister anyway. There is no question, her dimiuative size did do wonders to facilitate a unique experience that if my daughters had even half the enthusiasm of Dani, I’d be hard pressed not to bleed them as soon as possible. Still though, for all the aspects Dani brought to the table to fulfill a specific niche in our relationship, she was not my Dana nor our mother.

The experience when I consumated my marriage with mother was on the scale of Dana and I’s union. Mother was much smaller than Dana and suffered from the same issues I had with Dani, but there is just something about releasing yourself in the body of the woman who carried you. Sex with my mother was unlike anything I experienced with any of my other women, mostly because there is nothing like a mother’s love for her children. Even though I am the dominant and mother the submissive, there was still that sense of nurturing, security and parental guidance when I was inside her. She made me feel like a little boy again and every thing she did was solely toward my benefit and making me feel good. She told me that from her perspective, the best servant to a father is a daughter and the best servant to a son is his mother and she was grateful that she had the privilege of having been both.

While I tried to impregnate all my women, I knew mother was entering the second half of her menstrual cycle when we were married and wouldn’t be fertile for nearly another month. That didn’t stop me from trying to give her my seed as much as possible though. Of all my women, mother was the one I wanted to plant a child inside of most. Unlike my previous two marriage ceremonies to my sisters, mother didn’t have anyone to attend to her in the sense that she had for Dani and Dana, which was fine. I wanted my time with Mother to just between us during our consumation and I think it was appropriate that mother alone was allowed to dote on her son, husband and master. Like any good mother, she loved being the only one in the room with me and being the only one to attend to my needs. If it were not for Dana, there is no question I would’ve made mother my first wife and alpha sub. I made a mental note that if I ever decided to have a second alpha, someone only below Dana and I, it would definitely be mother. Our Saturday went off like clockwork and mother and I did our best to make up for eighteen years of seperation. It was Sunday morning when I got an unscheduled call from Mel and Aud.

It had been nearly two months since I’d sent Melanie and Audrey out west to get her divorce from Robert. I didn’t want to do it from our home in Illinois because I didn’t want Robert to know where we lived nor did I want interstate bureaucracy mucking things up. I sent Audrey with Melanie, because I didn’t want Melanie to go through this alone and I couldn’t come for fear of upsetting Robert and making the process harder than it needed to be. Still though, we knew that while drawing up the paperwork would take very little effort or time, getting a court date for the judge to approve it could take up to a year. Fortunately for us, Mel happened to find Karen as her attorney.

Normally, the girls have a scheduled time to call me and we’d give updates and share words of love so I knew it had to be important for them to break with the schedule and call in the morning. It turns out that a lot had happened behind the scenes that the girls were keeping from me, like the fact that Karen had figured out about our relationship, for one. One issue with maintaining a routine is it is easy to pickup on, which is sort of the point, but that also makes it easier for anyone else to pickup on, even if the routine doesn’t apply to them. Mel told me that while they’d only call me when Karen wasn’t in the room, she still deduced that she and Audrey might be seeing the same man. Her suspicions were heightened when both she and Aud started getting morning sickness around the same time as well. To make a long story short, Karen had confronted the girls shortly before I left for Wisconsin to find my family and they’d been keeping this from me since.

I understood why Mel and Aud thought it might be best to hide this from me though. Why add any undue stress to me when, after the divorce would be finalized, they’d be back home with me and Karen’s knowledge wouldn’t matter? However, they also knew better than to discuss our arrangement with someone outside our circle and having done that, they kept it from me out of fear. They knew delaying in telling me wouldn’t help their cause, but when one day turned into two, then four, then eight, they thought it better to keep digging the hole and hope it all blows over and I’d be none-the-wiser.

This is why dominant’s keep their submissives on a short leash, because they are prone to doing things contrary to the dominant’s interests. The girls were cornered when Karen confronted them about our arrangement and being givers, nurturers and wanting to make people happy rather than upset, they folded like lawnchairs. If I were there, I would be able to hold my ground and lie my ass off convincingly to keep Karen in the dark, but that is not the kind of person a submissive is. Mel and Aud, all of us for that matter, were deeply in debt to Karen for allowing Mel and Aud into her home during the divorce process and as such, they felt obligated to come clean when Karen confronted them, to make Karen happy, as it were, since I wasn’t there to take the reigns. Ultimately, Karen finding out was my fault, as I never should’ve expected Mel and Aud to be able to keep our secret indefinitely.

I kept my disappointment, in the girls and myself, quiet for the moment, as I listened to Mel spell out the reason for the call. I already knew a lot of Karen’s situation and why she allowed Mel and Aud to live there during this process, but I also learned a lot more about what had been going on in the background.

Karen’s whole life was upended when Robert and his firm came after the oil company her husband worked for. Robert was the attorney who handled the case and he destroyed the company. During the trial, it was discovered that Karen’s husband had embezzled millions from the company and from the government subsidies. Once the company had been picked clean, the government came after Karen’s husband. Rather than face the next fifty years in prison, he decided to be a coward and take his life. In doing so, he voided all of his insurance policies and left all of the expenses for his wife and daughter to absorb. Needless to say, they had to sell off everything, including their house and cars. In just a few months, Karen went from living in a hillside mansion to living in government apartments, like my mother and sisters.

Although she had no knowledge of her husband’s activities, her law firm fired her because they didn’t want their image tarnished with the stigma associated with her husband. With the loss of her job, she lost the benefits and retirement package she had been working toward and any hope of getting on with another big firm. With only her ruined name to call her own, she struggled to climb her way back out of poverty. In a few years, she had opened her own law office and managed to move out of the projects and into a low-end suburb. It wasn’t a huge step up from the hole she had found herself in, but she was getting her life back and was determined to make a life for her and her daughter they could once again be proud of. The problem Melanie and Audrey were calling about revolved around Karen’s daughter, Holly.

Holly was Karen’s sixteen year old daughter and had found herself in a spot of trouble. For most of her life, Holly had attended prestigious schools. The kind of schools that wealth and privilege can access. However, such schools are quite insulated from the world around them and Holly was unprepared for life in a public school when their worlds came crashing down around them. For the most part, Holly did her best to conform to life in public school, but had since fallen in with a bad crowd during the end of her sophmore year. Being socially inept in this kind of environment, Holly was desperate for friends and unfortunately for her, the ones she gravitated towards were not the kind of people you’d want to associate with. Her girlfriends all ran around with losers who were well outside highschool and enjoyed corrupting young girls with drugs and alcohol. Holly was the girlfriend of a guy who was involved with gangs and drugs and while he didn’t particularly care about Holly much, he did care that she knew she was his.

Miguel and Holly was a classic case of a young impressionable girl falling for the attentions of the ‘bad boy’ older man. He was in his early to mid twenties and while Holly thought he was her world, she was nothing more than a taxi service, atm and cum receptacle to him. The abuse started almost right away in their relationship, but he’d managed to keep the bruises to areas of her body she could hide under clothing. Now that it was Summer and there would be no nosy school officals to intervene, Miguel had decided to drop all pretenses and Holly would start coming home with a shiner or fat lip. Like many girls, Holly defended her boyfriend against her mother’s complaints, until just recently. Holly went to pick up Miguel at a specific location and while waiting for him, a guy with a dog happened by. According to Mel’s account, Holly was only interested in the puppy, but that is when Miguel showed up. He kicked the dog and threatened the man with a knife, sending him fleeing the scene. Once in the car, Miguel turned the knife on Holly and told her that if she ever so much as looked at another guy, he’d gut her like a fish. If that wasn’t enough, he said he’d bring his friends over to pay a visit to her mother and the other two bitches that lived with them and rape them all before doing the same to them.

When asked why they didn’t bring this up to the police, Mel told me that Karen tried, but she was told that there was nothing they could do unless he tried something first. When told about the bruises, the police said that Holly could press charges if she wants, but it would be a hard sell unless the cops were called as it were happening and that she should just dump the jerk. Of course, that advise landed like rock as dumping him was the reason he threatened her in the first place. Off the record, the cop wasn’t entirely unsympathetic, as he apparently understood the mind-numbing bureaucracy didn’t make sense. He told her to buy a gun and if ‘defending’ herself meant dropping the punk on the sidewalk, so be it, just make sure she could drag the body to the door before the cops get there.

That’s when I got the sinking feeling in my stomach that I was about to get involved in all of this. I asked Mel why she was telling me this and she asked if I could come out there and help them. I tried to tell her that I wasn’t a cop, mercenary or bodyguard, but I could also tell that my words were falling on deaf ears. Melanie knew I did not want to do this nor did she want me to, but she also knew what kind of person I was and they had no one left to turn to. We were all in debt to Karen for allowing Mel and Aud to live there rent free during this, as she was eager to get a shot at the man who ruined her life, if only in the smallest of ways. She was saving us thousands of dollars in apartment or motel room rental for what could take a year to complete. Furthermore, Miguel’s threat included Mel and Aud and that alone was enough to boil my blood, but they couldn’t just leave and come back home either. We owed Karen and Melanie had no issue reminding me of that.

It didn’t matter that I was still new at my job and would have a hard time convincing my boss to let me have however long off to handle a ‘family’ problem. In fact, I was pretty sure my boss would just fire me as I was little more then general labor and lacked the experience to make me hard to replace. None of that mattered to Mel and Aud though, despite the fact I was the sole bread winner in our large family. They didn’t feel safe and my ‘job deion’ as leader of this family included security, to which I had no problem providing. It was just that every time I was trying to move forward in my life, our lives, something new would come up and derail the process.

Although I never let on to the women in my life, I was seriously questioning if this was what I wanted in the end. Sure, I loved them all, but what none of them knew was that I would give it all up just to be with Dana alone. There was no question that she was the love of my life, my soulmate and she was everywhere and in everything I saw. At times, I felt more a slave to my women than they to me as I would constantly have to give up things I wanted to do to make sure they didn’t feel neglected. I never got the sleep I really wanted or needed, because I would have to keep my tired ass up to make time for one or more of them when all I really wanted to do was sleep. It would’ve been a lot easier if I wasn’t so connected to them or they to me, but they all relied on my leadership and they had all surrendered their lives to me willingly, accepting whatever life I chose to give them and not necessarilly the lives they might choose for themselves. This was the trade off for having multiple women.

Perhaps I was just too weak to lay down the law, but for someone who always wanted a family, but never had one, until now, this was the price I was going to have to pay to keep it. I knew I could never send any of them away, not after accepting their submission, not after they pinned all their hopes and dreams on me, so sacrificing myself was the only currency I had to exchange for their service. As much as I dreaded the coming days ahead, I told Mel and Aud I would be on my way as soon as I could and hung up. Now, I just had to explain to the rest why I was leaving and do so in a way that didn’t cause them all to fear for us, especially after the incident in Wausau.

There was one person I couldn’t lie to and would never lie to however, and that was Dana. I took her aside and explained the whole story to her. She, being the good wife she was, understood completely why I needed to go and supported me a hundered percent, but the truth was there in her eyes. She knew I didn’t want to do this and she also knew how I truly felt about my life. She wanted our family as much as I, but she also understood that to make a pleasant life for the others meant sacrifice on my part. However, my struggle was her struggle and it bothered her that there was nothing she could do to fix it, to make it right, because it was inherent in the life we lived. After all, we were just a couple of kids ourselves, being the youngest in our family by far and yet, we had all the responsibility of keeping it afloat.

I told my girls that Melanie and Audrey were having emotional problems being pregnant and having been away from me for so long. Thankfully, they could relate to those feelings so they bought into the lie. Next, I called my boss and told him that a family emergency came up and since I wasn’t sure when I’d have it worked out that I was also tending my resignation. I guess I had impressed my boss all this time, because he told me that I was the hardest worker he’d ever seen. He gave me his best and while he couldn’t afford to promise me my job back should I return, he did say that if the guy he replaced me with didn’t measure up, the job would be mine. I thanked him profusely and was pleased there was a silver lining to this otherwise dismal situation. With a series of long goodbyes, I was loaded up and was watching my home disappear in the rearview.

I wasn’t desperate to get there right away, but I was desperate to stay in motels even less so I drove through the night. It was around five in the morning on Monday when I called Karen’s to let them know I was near. Another twenty minutes of driving and I was pulling up in front of her small home. I grabbed my bag from the back and my weary legs carried me to the front door where I was quickly swarmed by Melanie and Audrey. As much as I missed them, I was too tired and this was not the place to reunite so I urged us inside.

Karen was standing in the middle of the living room when I entered, waiting to be introduced. She was around 5′ 6″ with brown hair that was parted from the left in a smart-looking bob that hung just off her right shoulder, providing a nice view of her neck and jawline. She was neither fit nor fat, but retained a small ponch from the birth of her child that she’d never been able to get rid of. The most remarkable feature she had were her eyes. They were brown, like her hair, but had a distinct almond shape to them, giving a peircing or predatory look about them, which I imagined worked well in the courtroom as they were capable of a wide range of expression. Indeed, if she were ever incapable of speaking, I have no doubt she could still carry on a basic conversation with just her eyes alone.

“Karen, we’d like you to meet David.” Audrey said.

“David, it’s so nice to finally meet you.” She said, sincerely, taking my hand in hers to shake. “I cannot begin to thank you for coming all this way. You have no idea how it feels just having you here.”

“The pleasure’s all mine.” I lied, yawning.

“Oh, Daddy, you must be dead tired?” Melanie observed.

“Yeah, I don’t want to disrupt my sleep schedule, but I’d sure like to take a nap.” I said.

“I only have two bedrooms, but you’re more than welcome to take a nap on my bed, David.” Karen offered, gesturing down the hall.

“You don’t mind?” I asked.

“Oh, heck no. You sleep as long as you like and we’ll work out a more suitable sleeping arrangement later.” She said, leading me down the hall.

“Thanks, Karen.” I yawned again.

“No, thank you, David.” She insisted, leading me through the door. “You just make yourself at home and don’t worry about us.” She said before closing the door quietly behind me.

I set the alarm clock for 9 am. Like I said, I only wanted a nap, not a full sleep, no matter how badly my body wanted it. The last thing I remember was kicking off my shoes and crawling face first onto the bed.


I was awaken by Melanie gently shaking me.

“Did the alarm go off?” I growled into the pillow.

“Yes, Daddy. About six hours ago.” She giggled. “It’s a little after 3 pm.”

“Shit.” I mumbled. “I guess I was more tired than I thought.” I said, still wanting to slip back into the warm embrace of sleep.

“Do you want to go back to bed, Daddy?” She said softly, stroking my hair as she placed kisses on my arm.

“No.” I grumbled, rolling over onto my back offering a place for Melanie to snuggle into under my arm. “But let me hold you for a bit, first.”

“Mmmm, I’ve missed this so much.” She sighed, as she pulled herself tightly against me, buring her face in my chest.

“How much do they know about us?” I asked.

“Karen knows everything, Daddy, and I’m sorry about that.” She said, getting very still in my arms, signalling her apprehension.

“And Holly?”

“She knows we’re polygamus and that we’re pregnant, but she doesn’t fully understand our dynamic or that your sisters and mother are involved.”

“Let’s keep it that way, yes?” I asked, though not making a suggestion.

“Of course, Daddy.” Melanie agreed, emphatically.


After a few minutes of reconnecting, Melanie and I exited the bedroom and walked down the hall to the living room where the other three were watching tv. I say, watching, but it was merely background distraction as all eyes fell on me as I came down the hall, especially Holly, who had yet to see me and was clearly pleased with the sight of the dashing young man who’d come to her rescue. Like many teen girls, she had no shortage of crimson in her tender cheeks or lack of eye contact when meeting a cute boy for the first time. I took the opportunity to shake Karen’s hand again and thank her for the use of her bed, but again, she was the grateful one. Audrey and Melanie went to the kitchen to fetch us all something to drink while Karen offered me a seat on the recliner. I sat down in the recliner and turned it to face Karen and her daughter who were seated on the sofa. When Mel and Aud returned, they handed out the refreshments before taking their place on either side of my feet, drawing an unusual if not unexpected look from the mother and daughter.

I wanted to find out as much information about Miguel and the people he ran around with so I started my conversation with Holly. She said there were about eight guys he ran with in his crew, but they were just one of several that controlled their section of town. She recalled seeing as many as thirty or forty at parties they had, but she wasn’t sure how many of them were actually members of the gang. She said she was usually too scared to be too nosy and ask too many questions. When asked about firearms, she said that they had lots of guns and she believed that murdering someone was part of the initiation into the gang. Now, I was getting this information from a teenage girl who had probably seen too many of the gang films that seemed to permeate the market in early 90’s cinema, not to mention that Mel and I came from Albuquerque less than two months ago. I’d never heard of any gangs that required initiates to murder someone to get in, but I did know that most of the time it took some manner of violent act so I needed to proceed with caution, nonetheless.

The numbers didn’t fill me with a lot of confidence. I was pretty sure of myself in any fight, one on one, but gangs never fight anything one on one and they won’t fight fair, not that anyone ever should, only fools fight fair. Karen did take the cops advice and purchased a handgun so we had that at least if they should try and shoot up the house. I wasn’t too worried about a drive-by though, at least not unless it was a last resort. Karen was a lawyer and even though she was disgraced, she was still well known by some rather powerful firms. If they came to house, guns blazing, and failed to kill everyone there, word would get out about who was responsible and they’d have far too much heat on them. Gang members are generally on the low end of the intelligence spectrum, but that doesn’t mean they are always idiots. They know the system and they know who they can fuck with openly and who they have to deal with more creatively.

I wasn’t ruling out a home invasion, but I was pretty certain this was more about Miguel and less about his gang. Holly was just some little white bitch to these guys, a dime a dozen and easy to replace. It seemed highly unlikely they would attack the home of a lawyer just because Miguel was posessive. There simply was nothing in it for them to take the risk. However, even though Miguel might not have any real interest in the older women, I had no doubt he might be crazy enough to harm Holly, which meant if she left the house, she’d have a target painted on her back. It was Holly I was going to have to protect and that would change things for Miguel and his crew.

They were not about to let some pale-ass gringo disrespect Miguel or anyone else in their crew. In a way, my presence here would only make matters worse for me and the others, but if I wasn’t here, it would be like feeding Holly to the wolves. Like things were not bad enough already, it wasn’t like Holly could just stay inside indefinitely. I mean, she could, but Miguel would come looking for her and it would only be a matter of time before he learned of my presence either way. No doubt, he would see me as her new man and it would be on anyway. The best case scenario I could think of would be that Miguel got killed by a rival gang and all this would just dissolve, but the worst case scenario would be I have to defend the home and I end up killing one or more of them. Once that happened, the whole gang would want revenge and they wouldn’t care about shooting up the home then.

After hearing the whole story from Holly and her mother it was time to get the house ready. The first thing I wanted to get done was limit the visibility into the home so we went straight to work hanging blankets and towels over all the windows. Next was dismantling all the beds and putting the mattresses on the floors. In the event they decided to spray the home with lead in the middle of the night, everyone would be safer if they were already on the floor. As far as sleeping arrangements went, Karen offered her bedroom to my girls and I and she’d sleep on the hideaway in the sofa. I wasn’t too keen on this idea as it put me at the farthest point in the house away from both the back and front doors. I didn’t think Miguel would stand more than a few days of Holly ignoring him before he’d become impatient and do something, but there was no need for all of us to be there either, so I sent Melanie and Audrey to stay at a motel. I doubted that Miguel or his gang was well connected enough to track the Illinois plates on our cars, but I didn’t want to leave anything to chance so I had the girls take both our cars with them. If we needed to leave the house, we had Karen’s.

After a nice dinner and with their bags packed, the girls and I had an emotional goodbye before they were out the door and driving away. Although they were still unaware of what happened in Wausau, I used the same strategy I employed there. I had them go to the other side of the city, far from here, to get their motel room. Anywhere that Miguel or his crew would be unlikely to encounter them. Fortunately, it wasn’t that long ago Mel and I lived in Albuquerque so discussing the plan was made easy. With my girls out of the picture and safe, it was just Karen, Holly and I.

“Are you going to shoot Miguel, David?” Holly worried.

“Holly!” Karen objected.

“What? That’s why he’s here isn’t it?” She asked, defensively.

“No, he’s not here to shoot anybody.” Karen replied.

“I’m here to make sure you two are safe. Whatever that entails then that’s what I’ll have to do.” I explained.

“How long do you think it will take?” Holly asked.

“I don’t know, really. I figure someone like him will either make a move or give up after a week. It really depends on how badly he wants you.” I said.

“What would you do if one of your girlfriends left you?” She asked, figuring Miguel and I shared something in common when it came to seeing women as property.

“I’d let her go.” I said, flatly.

“But I thought they were your slaves or something like that?” Questioned Holly.

“Holly, I don’t think we should bother David about his personal life.” Karen suggested.

“I don’t think it can get any more bothersome, actually. I mean, keeping our life a secret was always a big deal so now that the cat’s out of the bag, I’m interested to know how you two feel knowing about it?” I wondered.

“I guess I don’t have an issue with it. I mean, as long as you’re all happy, that’s all that matters, right?” Holly started, “However, I think it’s pretty weird you sleep with your own mom and sisters.”

“You know about that, huh?” I inquired. “Mel told me only your mother knew about them.”

“I’m sorry, David, but I thought it might come up in conversation and I wanted Holly to have a chance to come to terms with it.” Karen apologized.

“Yes, well, I guess I can’t fault you for wanting to keep her up to speed.” I reassured her, “As far as it being weird, yes, I know how it looks, which is another reason we try to keep a lid on it.”

“But do you love them?” Holly asked, her candid tone seemingly absent of judgement, only wonder.

“With all my heart. I love my mother as much as you love yours, even more so, I would wager, considering the nature of our relationship.” I explained.

“Because you sleep with her too?” She asked.

“Yes. It’s like having a mother and a wife wrapped in one.” I said.

“I thought I would have more difficulty dealing with it, myself.” Karen joined the conversation.

“So you’re not?” I wondered.

“Well, one the one hand, I think it’s wrong, but on the other, I see how happy Melanie and Audrey are and they have become very dear to us, so…” Karen wrestled with her feelings.

“Yeah, I really like Audrey and Melanie. They are so sweet.” Holly gushed.

“Yes, that they are.” I smiled.

“Exactly.” Karen added. “It was they who convinced me to allow them to call you for help. When I think about how wrong other aspects of your relationship might appear, I have to assume everyone in your family is just as happy and content as Mel and Aud.” Karen admired.

“Yeah, probably even more considering how excited they got since David arrived. It almost made me cry when you three were saying goodbye.” Holly recalled. “I can only imagine how happy they would be if you all were reunited.”

Karen and Holly went on singing praises about my girls. As I listened to them carry on, I couldn’t help but think back to my own struggle and doubt about my family. I wish I had come to this conclusion on my own, but sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes to see. Karen and Holly were that fresh pair of eyes. As they went on and on about how much they loved my girls, I felt guilty for even entertaining the notion of possibly reducing my family’s size. I mean, it was kind of a foregone conclusion, as I don’t think I could ever part with those I care about, but just listening to this mother and daughter, these outsiders, disregard the taboo and unconventional aspects of my relationships and focus only on the love and unity we shared, I knew I was doing the right thing, even if it meant I would have to run myself ragged to keep up.

“I’m glad they’ve been such a positive influence in your lives.” I finally broke into the conversation.

“It’s you, David.” Karen gleamed. “You’re the positive influence.”

“Yeah.” Holly agreed. “I used to get so excited listening to them talk about you.”

“Well… erm.” I was dumbstruck and I could feel my cheeks heating up.

I may be a confident and dominant person, but that mostly relates to my capability and drive. I’ve always struggled with receiving praise, because to me, when I set myself to task on something, I do it because it needs doing, not because I am seeking praise. I came into this situation, the odd man out. The four women had had a lot of time to get to know one another and share with one another and I was learning much for the first time. No question, I certainly felt proud to hear Karen and Holly laud my contribution to it all, but it was humbling as well, because it wasn’t all me. My girls, every single one of them, had been instrumental in helping to shape the person I was and it was only for them, for our family, that I strove to try and make things work. It was then that I noticed that Karen and Holly were looking at me in a different way than before. It was a look that I had become quite used to at home when my girls looked at me…

“Shit. Where they falling for me now?” I thought to myself, but my thoughts were cut short by the phone ringing. “That’s probably Mel and Aud checking from their room.” I said.

“Hello?” Karen answered.

I could tell right away who it was when I saw Karen’s once smiling face become hard as stone. Karen didn’t want Holly to talk to Miguel and Holly wasn’t keen on doing so, but I insisted that should Miguel call, she had to speak to him. He couldn’t know I was here so I couldn’t do it and he’d likely just blow Karen off had she tried. The only problem with putting Holly on the line was that london escort agency she wasn’t as calm and collected as her lawyer mother or I. Fortunately, the instructions I gave her were pretty simple.

Holly took the phone from Karen, “I don’t want to talk to you, Miguel.” Holly said, first thing.

I could tell Miguel was an asshole as I could hear him yelling at Holly over the phone halfway across the room, even if I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying.

“No, Miguel. I don’t want to see you anymore and I don’t want to talk anymore.” Holly calmly spoke into the receiver.

As expected, Miguel wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer and I could see Holly starting to lose her cool. She looked to me and I gestured to her calm down. The last thing we wanted was for the two of them to get into a shouting match. Miguel was going to be pissed unless he got his way anyhow so my only concern was keeping Holly on .

“You know why.” She answered.

I wished I could’ve been listening to the conversation on the phone in the kitchen, but then I wouldn’t be able to be here for Holly. I couldn’t hear Miguel over the phone anymore so I was assuming this was the part where he was trying to convince her that he was sorry and that he didn’t mean it, the classic bullshit lines abusive partners use. Unfortunately, they work well more often than they should however, Holly had me there and we’d already gone over what was likely to be said. She was doing pretty well, although I knew she couldn’t keep this up indefinitely. Miguel would not be satisfied until she agreed to see him and no amount of talk or reason was going to change his mind. This was more of an exercise in human nature than anything. By going through the motions, we could force Miguel to unknowingly play the game on our terms and not his.

“You can do better than me, Miguel.” Holly progressed the exchange, as expected.

I could hear Miguel again, but this time he wasn’t yelling, he was begging. Holly knew this was coming so she wasn’t caught offguard by his change in tactics, just like she knew he would explode on her again when she shot him down.

“No, Miguel. I’m not going to do that.” She told him.

Here it comes.

“Look, it’s getting late. I need to get to bed.” Holly lit the fuse.

And Miguel exploded. “YOU BETTA FUCKING LISTEN TO ME, PUTA!” He screamed through the phone.

Holly nearly dropped the phone as her shaky hand slammed the receiver down on the craddle when I gave her the ‘hang-up’ gesture. She quickly fell into her mother’s arms who held her close.

“You did really well, Holly. I’m proud of you.” I told her.

“I’m really scared.” She said, still pressed into her mother’s embrace.

“I know you are, but that was the only result you were going to get from him. Guys like Miguel do not like being told ‘no’ by anyone, especially from women they do not respect.” I explained. “There is nothing you could’ve done differently to diffuse the situation.”

“Then why did you want me to go through this? Why not just tell him to fuck off?” She broke the embrace to ask.

“Because. Even though he doesn’t realize it yet, he knows now that there is nothing he can say to get you back. If you cut him off before he had a chance to run through his emotions, through his ‘options’, he might still have reason to hang on.” I told her.

“Like, ‘I should’ve said this or that’, kind of thing?” She asked.

“That’s exactly it.” I said.

“So what now?” Karen asked.

“Hopefully, he will take some time to cool off and realize that Holly is a waste of time and move on to someone else.” I said.

“And if he doesn’t?” Holly asked.

“Then we’re no worse off now than we were then.” I said.

Holly slouched and held her head in her hands, clearly stressed by the situation. Karen looked over at me and mouthed the words, ‘thank you’. I smiled and nodded and Karen did her best to console her daughter.

It took a while, but things started to get back to normal. Audrey and Melanie called to let us know they were checked in and left us the number for the room. Interestingly, they asked if they could speak to Karen and Holly alone for a bit before we had our time. Karen and Holly told me they were close with my girls, but I guess I just hadn’t realized just how close knit they all were, but I had no issue letting them chat for a while. I wanted to get out of the house anyway, figuring I would do a walk around and give myself some time to think, so I handed the phone off to Karen and Holly went to the kitchen to use that one so they could chat.

The front of the house was pretty well lit with both a house light and street lamp to cancel out the darkness, so my interest was more in the back yard. There was a back door light, but it was pretty weak and only lit up what was directly around the back door. Karen had a small back yard that shared a small chainlink fence with adjoining properties. There were hedges that lined the neighbor’s side of the fence directly behind Karen’s house and I figured if Miguel were to sneak up to the house, it would be from there. I rattled the fence in various spots and was satisfied at how much noise it made. It was about chest high so you’d have to climb over it and the resulting noise would give away whoever attempted it. I was on my way back toward the house when Karen came out the back to let me know they were finished chatting.

Karen and Holly went to get ready for bed as I sat and talked with Mel and Audrey. They wished they could be here with me, but hoped that I would stick around for a few days after this was all over so we could have some alone time. I told them that there was no way I would come all the way out to New Mexico and not leave my two lovely women walking funny for a week. They teased me by telling me how they were playing with each while we chatted, which was risky ground considering I wasn’t getting any, but it was all in good fun. Being this close for the first time in two months and not being able to be with me was excuse enough to let them play while I remain celebate.

It was around the time that Karen had finished her shower and put on her night shirt when I ended my conversation with Audrey and Mel. I knew she wasn’t trying to look it and perhaps it had a lot to do with speaking with my ladies that I was so turned on, but I had to take a double-take when Karen entered the living room to say ‘goodnight’. Her ‘nightshirt’ was little more than an oversized tee that was pink and faded. Faded enough that you could see a faint hint of her body under it. I don’t know if she simply forgot or if it was on purpose, I would assume it was on purpose, as I could barely see the dark circles of her areola beneath the well worn cotton. I might not have noticed at all if it were not for her erect nipples pushing the fabric out drawing attention to her breasts. Her figure was a lot better than I first thought, as the tee clung to her enough to show off her hourglass shape and large C/small D cup breasts. In addition to her dark areolas and nipples, there was distinct shade where an obvious pubic mound was located, meaning no bra or panties. As there was no bulge in the fabric, it was pretty clear she kept it well maintained.

“Oh, I probably should put a robe on, I’m sorry. I’m not used to needing to be modest.” She started to turn away.

“No, you’re fine.” I responded, perhaps a bit to enthusiastically, because Karen stopped and turned back around with a small smile on her face.

“Are you sure?” She asked, actually giving me a small pose by sticking her leg out and feigning as seductive draw of her hand up her thigh. “I wouldn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.” She winked.

“I’ll take my chances.” I smiled back.

“Well, in that case.” She made her way over to the sofa were I was sitting and stopped at my feet. “Do you need any help getting the hideaway pulled out? It can get a little fussy.” She asked.

For someone supposedly getting ready for bed, I could detect a distinct smell of perfume on her, but it seemed like it was coming up from the bottom of her nightshirt.

“No, I think I will just sleep on the sofa itself, actually. I’m still not familiar with the layout in here and having a bed take up so much room will only make it that much harder.” I told her.

“Okay.” She smiled. “Make yourself at home. Are you hungry or thirsty? Can I get you something before I go to bed?” She asked, putting her hand on my forearm.

“I’m fine, thank you, Karen. I overslept earlier today so I’ll probably be up most of the night.” I said, bringing my other hand to put it over hers.

Karen was about to say something, but we were interrupted by the phone ringing. Giving the likelyhood of who was on the other end, her mood was broken immediately. She reached over and picked up the receiver.

“Hello?” She asked.

“Put the little slut on, Puta!” I heard him shout, giving Karen a start.

“She doesn’t want to speak to you, Miguel.” Karen responded, doing her best to remain calm.

“PUT. THE. BITCH. ON!” He demanded.

“NO!” She shouted back.


Karen slammed the phone down and I quickly rose, taking her trembling hands in mine. Karen’s gorgeous eyes gazed up at mine, pleading to make this mess go away. We were both jerked from the moment when the phone rang again.

“WHAT?” Karen shouted into the receiver.

I was standing close enough to hear Miguel hiss, “That’s gonna cost you. Now put Holly on.”

By now, Holly was rushing into the living room, wrapped in a towel, having just finished her shower. She had a frightened look on her face since all she heard was shouting. Karen just slammed the phone back down, hanging up on Miguel. Karen and Holly looked at one another and then to me when the phone rang again. Karen was about to lunge for it, but I grabbed her by the arm. I calmly reached down and picked up the receiver, but instead of speaking, I depressed the disconnect button, ending the call. Before Miguel would have a chance to call back, I released the disconnect and quickly dialed the number of the motel. A nervous Melanie answered, not expecting a call so soon. I told her what was happening and that I was going to keep the phone disconnected and that I would call her when I get a chance. I could hear the emotion and fear welling up in her words as she acknowledged my decision. I waited for her to get Audrey over to the phone as well so we could exchange ‘I love yous’ and ‘goodbyes’ again, on the remote chance it might be our last time.

No sooner had I ended the call and laid the receiver on the end table, that I was fallen into by Karen and Holly. As I held them I told them both that things might pop off sooner than expected and that I thought it best we move Karen’s mattress into the corner of the living room and they sleep there tonight. I had to shift the recliner, an end table and a small bookcase to make room, but at least they’d be out of the way in the middle of the night and clear of any windows. Holly quickly went to her room to finish getting ready for bed, but neither girl was really up for sleep, not that I could blame them.

When asked, Karen said she had a bunch of candles in the storage closet. I got them out and turned off all the lights in the house. From now on, I decided the lights were going to remain off at night and we could only have one candle in a given room. My reasoning for that had to do with the windows. Sure, we covered them up pretty well, but there would still be light leaking through the gaps. The light from a single candle wouldn’t be enough to detect which room was occupied from the outside unless someone were standing right outside the window. The pistol Karen bought was a revolver and would require a manual reload of each round when empty. I went to the bathroom to change into a pair of cargo pants so I’d have the extra pockets to carry the remaining ammunition from the box. Plus, I also wanted some measure of leg protection should things turn into a physical altercation.

With everything set, I sat down on the sofa, the pistol on the seat next to me. Even in the dark, I could feel the eyes of Karen and Holly on me. Looking back, it was a good thing I overslept as it looked like I was about to pull an all-nighter. I guess Karen and Holly felt safe enough because they were both asleep within an hour. As my eyes strained to penetrate the veil of darkness in the living room, I thought I could make out the lumps of the two women curled against one another. The soft rhythmic sounds of their breath beckoned me back to my nights with my women when I’d lie there in bed listening to their contented breathing. I may have had my misgivings about coming here before, but now, I was right where I needed to be… Right where I wanted to be.

I was exhausted as the sky slowly turned from black to dark blue, the earliest signs that dawn was approaching. I nearly fell asleep a few times during the night so I spent most of it pacing the house and checking out windows. It was 5 am when I heard the buzz from Karen’s alarm clock in her bedroom. In all the excitement from the previous night, we forgot to bring her clock into the living room. Even though I was here to protect them from harm, Karen still had a job to do and so I needed to wake her up.

Karen was still spooning her daughter when I came over to wake her up. Not wanting to wake Holly, I carefully moved up the mattress behind Karen to whisper into her ear and gently shake her awake. In the dim gloom of the early morning light, Karen and I shared an interesting gaze for more than a few seconds when she rolled onto her back after being awakened. By her sleepy eyes and heaving chest, she was beckoning me to join her in the warmth and comfort beneath the covers. Ever focused on the task at hand, I resisted the urge to bring my body to hers and explore an unknown, but tantilizing path. Karen responded with a slow blink and a sigh, acknowledging this was not the time or place and allowed me to help her up.

“Were you up all night?” She whispered.

I nodded as a long yawn escaped me.

“Poor thing.” She placed her hand on my cheek. “We should be fine. Why don’t you get some sleep?”

“Yeah, I think I will.” I agreed, turning to go collapse on the sofa.

The last thing I remember was Karen laying a blanket across my back and bending over to kiss my cheek.


I was awaken a couple hours later by a terrified Holly screaming at me and shaking me violently to wake up. It turns out that Miguel was waiting for Karen at her law office when she arrived. Karen was too traumatized and in shock to be as hysterical as her daughter, but she quickly fell into my arms like a frightened child hoping I would shield her from a nightmare. After about twenty minutes of calming the two down, I was able to get Karen to recall her story.

Karen’s office was in a small strip mall in a business district. She always arrived before any of the other businesses opened or her small two person staff, which meant she was alone when Miguel jumped her. He attacked her as she was getting out of her car, forcing her back in face down and dropping down on top of her. She tried to fight, but quickly gave up when he reached around and put a knife to her throat. Karen recalled how Miguel reached up her skirt with his free hand and pulled her panties down to her knees. Once they were out of the way, he shoved two fingers into her pussy and his thumb up her ass and began pumping into her, telling her that this was just a taste of what was to come if she ever got in the way again. Then he pulled off of her, but not before cutting her panties from her with his knife, taking them with him as a trophy of their encounter.

“And you came home right after?” I asked.

Karen nodded.

“We need to call the police!” Holly demanded.

“No, the most they’ll do is take a statement.” Karen told her.

“Mom, he tried to rape you!” She protested.

“She’s right, Holly. They’ll probably open a file on him, but they are not going to dedicate any uniforms to go get the guy. Then there’s the lack of evidence.” I told her, supported by Karen’s nods.

“So what are we going to do when he tries it again?” She asked.

“We’re going to play to his vanity.” I told her.

“What?” Holly wondered?

Holly was right to wonder when and what he’d try next time. This guy wasn’t going to stop until he’d been busted or one or both of them lay dead. I knew it was time to step things up to the next level and seize the one advantage we had going for us. The fact he didn’t know I was here afforded us the initiative, provided we moved quickly. I began laying out a plan for the two women. It involved Karen calling Miguel and inviting him over, but she had to be convincing. She needed to appear both scared and defeated and while she had the scared part down, she was too angry to sell the defeated part of the equation. Neither woman liked the idea of inviting Miguel over, but they trusted my leadership and worked with me despite not knowing every facet of the plan. I coached Holly and Karen for a bit on how to speak to Miguel and when I felt she was ready to deal with him, I had her call.

Miguel was more than a bit surprised when he discovered it was Karen calling him and not Holly. He immediately started belittling and threatening her, but with me right there with her, she held fast. Once he was done with his tirade, he asked why she was calling him and Karen began her part in this. She told him that she wanted him to leave them alone and asked what would it take for him to do so. As I hoped he would, he asked what Karen had in mind, which led her to the next part of the plan. Karen offered both herself and Holly for one night if he promised to leave them alone after that. I could hear Miguel nearly shitting himself by Karen’s proposition. I’m sure he had every intention of taking both women anyway, but to hear a mother offer herself and her daughter instead of just taking them was much more appealing.

Miguel asked what the catch was, suspicious of this complete turnaround in her attitude, but Karen was ready for that. She explained that there were some conditions. The first was; that he use condoms, as neither wanted to become pregnant. Second; that it only be him, as they did not want to be shared with his friends. She said that if he would honor those requests, he was free to have both of them for an entire night and they’d do whatever he desired. As expected, he got greedy and demanded two nights, considering there were two of them. Karen agreed, but had an additional stipulation as a result; that no one know about this. She was still a lawyer and had a reputation to protect and if anyone knew about it, this deal and any future ones were off.

Miguel asked her what she meant by ‘any future deals’ and Karen appealed to his masculinity, saying that if he was a good boy and followed the rules, there might be an additional night in his future. Still skeptical, Miguel asked why she was all of a sudden so willing to do this. Karen, showing why she was one of the leading associates at her former firm had that covered. She told him that she despised him and wanted to watch him die, BUT she knew that was unlikely to happen before things got out of hand between the three of them. She became very cold and professional when she told him that she simply wanted him out of their lives forever and that this was probably the best way that was going to happen. Furthermore, she reasoned with him that he’d likely grow bored with Holly and want someone younger, fresher and naive sooner, rather than later.

With her use of pragmatism and sexuality, she quickly won Miguel over and he was eating out of her hand. They made plans for him to show up later that evening, but before he let her go, he wanted to hear from Holly to verify that this was not some sort of set up. Holly, who’d been listening quietly on the other line spoke up, telling Miguel that this was on the level. As inappropriate as it was, given the situation, I smiled as it sounded like Miguel was nearly having an orgasm at the prospect of fucking a mother and daughter at the same time. He agreed to the demands, but not before more verbal humilation about what he was going to do to them and make them do to each other later. Both girls fell into my arms when the call was over, still uncertain what I had planned for later.

“You’re not going to make us sleep with him are you, David?” Holly asked.

“No, we’re not going to have to do that. David has it all under control.” Karen told her daughter, but looking up at me with doubtful eyes.

“You’re going to be fine.” I told them. “You both did an amazing job. I’ll handle things from here.”

They buried their faces into me and we held one another for a while.


It was after 11 pm when Miguel’s El Camino came rumbling down the street, stopping in front of the house. We’d pulled all the blankets down from the windows and returned the furniture to avoid spooking Miguel and he was surprisingly descrete getting out of his car and coming up to the door. From where I was, I didn’t know what was going on, but I soon heard the doorbell ring and the front door open and close. Karen and Holly had made themselves up and dressed in her mother’s lingere, but it was only Karen in the living room, as I’d told Holly to wait in her mother’s bedroom.

I could hear Miguel and Karen speaking, but I couldn’t make out what was being said, however nothing seemed to be out of place. It sounded like she was trying to lead him back to her bedroom, but Miguel wanted start things off there with her first. She complained about the windows and lack of privacy, but Miguel wasn’t interested. I was worried this might happen so it was time to resort to Plan B. I motioned to Holly to leave the room and help her mother convince Miguel to come back to the bedroom.

The two of them had to work together in seducing Miguel enough to distract him as they led him down the hallway. A few minutes later, the three of them barged through the bedroom door wrapped up in one another, Miguel passing kisses between the two of them.

The rat was in the trap.

I stepped out from behind the door, throwing my arms around Miguel and without a second thought, snapped his neck. The two women screamed, falling away from me as I held Miguel’s limp body in my arms. I continued to crush and twist his neck until he was dead.

I had just killed a man and I felt nothing. In fact, I felt no different than anyone who steps on an ant, just because they could. Karen and Holly cowered in the corner together as I dragged the corpse from the bedroom to the kitchen. I rifled through Miguel’s pockets, removing his personal effects, before grabbing one of the tattered blankets used to cover a window and wrapped him up in it. It was time to put Phase II of the plan into effect. I went to the phone and called the motel room and told Melanie to meet me at a rest stop we hit about eighty miles out of town when we first left New Mexico together.

One nice thing about having loyal and devoted women is they don’t question when given strange orders. Audrey and Mel were not privvy to as much of the plan, but I did call them and told them to stand by tonight ready to drive and confirmed with Melanie that she remembered the rest stop. With that out of the way, I went down to the bedroom where Karen and Holly were still in shock. I approached slowly, not sure how they would react to me given I’d just murdered someone in front of them, but was pleasantly surprised when they both rushed into my arms.

“He was a rabid dog that needed putting down. I hope you understand.” I said, firmly.

“I know, David.” Karen responded. “But what are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to make this whole thing disappear.” I told her.

I kissed the tops of both their heads and let them go. I turned off the outside lights and went out the back of the house to Karen’s storage shed and retrieved a shovel. I took the shovel out to the car and put it in the bed before heading back around to get Miguel’s body. The problem with El Camino’s is most of them do not have back seats. There is a small space behind the front seats and while Miguel was a small man, about 5′ 8″ and 150 lbs, he was still too big to fit back there. El Camino’s do not have trunks either, instead the back half of the vehicle is like a pickup truck, meaning that Miguel was going to have to ride up front with me, which is why I wanted to do this at night.

I put Miguel in the passenger seat and uncovered his body enough to make it look like he was just sleeping. After buckling him in, I slipped around to the other side and fired up the car and calmly pulled away. Given it was late on a weeknight, I was pretty sure no one would pay any attention provided I drove like everything was normal.

I made sure to steer well clear of gang territory on my way out of town, as I was pretty sure someone, either friendly or in a rival gang, would recognize his car. I took backroads around the outside of the city until I could get on the interstate leading to the rest stop. It was going to be a long drive, but his car wasn’t overtly detailed or flashy so I was pretty sure it wouldn’t draw the attention of nosy police looking to make a profile stop.

I pulled into the rest stop about an hour and a half later and stopped alongside Mel who was driving my car. I didn’t get out, but instead motioned her to follow me and we were immediately back on the road. We drove for another couple hours down dirt backroads until we were well into the isolated desert before we stopped.

Mel was understandably distraught when she saw me pull the body from the car, but I didn’t have time to explain things to her. I had to get the body in the dirt and lose the car before dawn. I took the shovel and walked out to a small dip in the ground that was hidden by a natural ridge in the ground. Even though we were in the middle of nowhere on some podunk road, I didn’t want this body found any time soon and the small ridge would hide the shallow grave from any wouldbe passerby. I was grateful toward my work ethic when it came to fitness as I needed to move a lot of dirt in a short period of time. I didn’t need a typical six foot grave, but I did need to get a few feet into the ground so the local scavengers wouldn’t dig him up before he had a chance to decompose.

With the hole dug, I unwrapped the body and dropped it in. Putting the dirt back was much easier, but I was smoked nonetheless by the time I was finished. I took the blanket and shovel back over to my car and put them in the trunk and retrieved my gas can to put into Miguel’s car. As I dug, I did my best to explain to Mel why I did what I did. I told her that there were only two ways this was going to end with guys like Miguel. Either he would harm Karen and/or her daughter and maybe do some jail time or he’d kill them and get away with it. She seemed to understand and I think her biggest concern was how it affected me. I told her I was fine with it, better than fine, actually, like I had accomplished something that made the world a slightly better place. I knew what I did was wrong, according to society, but so much of our lives was wrong in that regard. I was called upon to solve a problem and solve it, I did.

Sticking to backroads, we drove for another couple hours until I found a nice rock outcropping. I had to do some offroad driving, but that wasn’t much different from the backroads we’d been on anyway and at this point, I didn’t care if I damaged the El Camino. Pulling in beind some rocks, I shut off the car and grabbed the gas can and a rag. Using the rag, I poured some gas onto it and began wiping down all the surfaces I’d touched, inside and out. The authorities would eventually find the car, but all I was concerned with was making sure my prints couldn’t be lifted from it. I thought about setting fire to it, but I didn’t want to risk the smoke attracting any attention. With the task complete, I walked my weary ass back to my car and put the can back in the trunk and wrapped the rag up in the blanket to keep the smell down. All that was left now was for Mel to drive me back to Karen’s. I’d had about eight hours total sleep in the last seventy-two and I was done in. As much as I wanted to talk with Mel, I needed sleep more. I let the seat back and was out minutes later.


It was nearly nine in the morning when Mel pulled up in front of Karen’s house. I was pretty sure Karen and Holly were safe now that Miguel had been taken care of, but I wanted Mel and Audrey to stay at the motel for at least another day until I was sure the coast was clear. She understood and we shared a kiss before I climbed out of the car and walked back to the house. I had told Mel not to worry about the stuff in the trunk as I’d take care of that later. Karen and Holly met me at the door when I entered the home. The both clung to me dearly, uncertain of what the future held, but relieved that I had returned.

“I’m sorry I had to do that. Are you two okay?” I asked, leading them to the sofa where I could sit down.

“Yes, David. Are YOU okay?” Karen asked, taking a seat opposite of me from Holly, holding my hand in hers.

“I’m fine. I did what needed doing. I just don’t want either of you to be afraid of me, is all.” I explained.

“Couldn’t you have just shot him, though?” Holly asked, taking my other hand.

“No. If the noise didn’t alert the neighborhood, the police might have been able to match the bullet to your mother’s pistol. It needed to be clean and silent.” I said, leaning back into the sofa, yawning.

“You’re beat. Why don’t you go sleep in my bed.” Karen offered, helping me up from the sofa.

I stopped to turn and look at the girls, “I really am sorry. I wish there was another way, but I couldn’t protect both of you and I wasn’t going to wait for the police to become involved after one of you got hurt or worse…” I said, somberly.

The each raised up on their toes, pulling me down to kiss me on either cheek.

“Thank you, David.” Karen smiled.

“Yes, thank you, David.” Holly parroted.

I grabbed my bag and brought it to the bathroom where I enjoyed a long hot shower. As I felt the sting of the steaming water rush over my flesh I recounted the events of the last ten hours, of the last seventy-two, of the last eighteen years.

I spent the most of my childhood as the punching bag of abusive foster parents. It had toughened me up in ways a child shouldn’t have to be toughened. Perhaps that’s how people like Miguel and Dante became who they were, perhaps I was well on my way to becoming just like them if it were not for Melanie saving me from that kind of life. Still though, as the water rushed over me, I couldn’t help but consider that maybe the damage was already done, psychologically. I took that man’s life and I felt no regret for it. In fact, I felt elated and justified for having done it. I beat Dante down without giving it a second thought and I went after those four drunks at the motel. When she watched me beat down the drunks, Melanie said she felt like I was asserting my territory and it turned her on to watch me do what I did, but what if she was wrong? What if I wasn’t asserting my territory, but rather choosing violence to solve problems because of it’s simplicity, because deep down, that’s what I was programmed to do? Was I a bad man? Would I become one? The lack of remorse terrified me…


My sleep schedule was way off track by now when I finally awoke around three that afternoon. I climbed out of the bed and made my way to the living room where Karen and Holly were watching tv. Their faces lit up when the saw me shambling down the hallway and asked how I was doing.

“Fine, thanks. Was there anything on the news about…?” I asked.

“No, nothing yet.” Karen answered. “I guess missing gang members are not really news worthy.”

Karen offered me a spot next to her on the sofa, which I accepted.

“Dinner will be ready in a couple hours, but did you want something to tide you over until then?” She asked.

“No, thank you, but I could use something to drink, please?” I asked.

“You bet!” She smiled and disappeared into the kitchen.

Holly got up from the recliner to sit on the other side of me. “Did you sleep well?” She asked.

“I feel like I could sleep for a day, but I want to get back on a regular cycle.” I told her.

“I’m sure you’ll have no problems falling asleep tonight.” She smiled, tucking her leg up under her to face me.

“Yeah, provided we’re clear of Miguel and his crew.” I mentioned.

“Well, that was part of the deal wasn’t it? That he couldn’t tell anyone he was coming over here?” She asked.

I gave her a sarcastic look, “Do you think he would keep something like banging you two to himself?”

“But…” She started.

“Look, I have no doubt he told his friends he was coming here. The reason I told your mother to make that deal was to ensure he would come alone. Trust me, as long as they don’t find out that I was here, they won’t even begin to think you two had anything to do with his disappearance.” I patted her leg, reassuringly.

“Oh…” She replied, thoughtfully.

“Are you sure you’re only eighteen?” Karen said, entering the living room with glass full of ice and a soda.

“Last time I checked.” I took the items from her so she could sit, “Thanks.”

“Because I still can’t get over how you pulled all this off.” Karen said in amazement.

“I pay attention to people.” I said, filling my glass.

“You’ve never met Miguel. How does paying attention factor in?” Holly asked.

“No, but I know his type.” I told her.

“So you don’t think they will come here looking for him?” Karen asked.

“No. I think you guys are probably in the clear.” I said.

“So you’ll be leaving us then, back to Illinoise?” Holly questioned.

“Illinois. The ‘s’ is silent.” I chuckled.

“Whatever, you’re going to leave us?” She frowned.

“I told Mel and Aud I’d spend some time here with them, but we can do that at the motel.” I sipped from my glass.

“Are you leaving tonight?” Karen wondered.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I’d like to stay one more night, just in case I was wrong about Miguel’s friends.” I said.

“Mind? I’d like to keep you around if only so we can sleep safely at night.” She winked.

“I have to agree with mom. In spite of why you were here, it was really escort london nice having you around.” Holly said, giving me a hug. “And I know how much Audrey and Melanie want you here.”

“Yeah, and I’d love to stay, but I have a family back home that I need to care for as well.” I told her.

“I wish my husband had half your character, David.” Karen praised. “We wouldn’t have ended up in this situation.”

“But then we never would’ve met David or Mel and Audrey, either.” Holly reminded her mother.


Karen outdid herself when it came to preparing dinner, sort of a ‘thank you’ for services rendered, if you will. I almost felt like I was at home as the girls waited on me hand-and-foot, making sure my plate had food and my glass never empty. It was nice to be able to forget about the tragic events of the past couple days as we enjoyed one another’s company. Perhaps the food was too good because soon after we were finished, I was ready to go to bed. The girls told me to go ahead and shower up and they’d take care of getting the bed ready and cleaning up from dinner. I thanked Karen and Holly for the great meal and took my bag into the bathroom to wash and change into my nightwear. I probably shouldn’t have spent so much time in the shower, using so much hot water that the girls would need, but it was nice to stand there and soak.

I turned off the light and exited the bathroom when I heard Karen call to me from her room.

“David, can you come here please?” She asked.

“Sure.” I called back and walked the few feet toward her door.

As I opened the door, my sense of smell was assaulted by the most delicious array of flowery fragrances and a dim room lit by candles. I dropped my bag to the floor when the door opened enough to see mother and daughter sitting on the edge of Karen’s bed dressed the same lingerie they wore to lure Miguel to his doom.

Karen was dressed in matching black lace bra, thong, garter-belt and stockings. Next to her was Holly donning a pink see-through babydoll and lacy pink panties. Her dark nipples and areola had pushed the thin material out by nearly two inches. They were sitting next to each other, mirroring one another with their legs crossed. They were indeed cleaning up after dinner, but not in the way I would’ve imagined.

“What’s this?” I asked, shocked.

“Please, sit down, David.” Karen said, as she and Holly reached out, taking my hand and leading me to sit on the bed between them.

“David, I don’t know exactly where to start.” Karen continued, tracing her painted nails up and down my thigh.

“We did some thinking and talking last night, David.” Holly interrupted, taking my left hand in hers.

“You see, David.” Karen jumped back in, “We were ready to go through with your plan and sleep with Miguel if it meant getting rid of him.”

“But what you did.” Holly said, kissing my shoulder.

“Not only did you save our dignity, David.” Karen said, pressing her breasts into my arm as she ran her hand up under my shirt. “You saved our lives.”

“You don’t have to do this.” I said, reaching for Karen’s arm, but getting intercepted by the two of them.

“There’s more, David.” Karen said, leaning up to kiss my chin as she and Holly each took one of my hands and placed them on their mid-thighs.

“Seriously, ladies. You don’t need to do this.” I protested, weakly.

“David, please.” Holly interjected.

“Please, just listen.” Karen pled.

I just sighed and shook my head in acceptance.

“David, you have to understand something.” Karen started. “You may not know much about us, but we know a lot about you. You and your family.”

Holly climbed up on her knees and began kissing my neck as she ran her hands up and down my chest and back as I listened to her mother.

“We didn’t believe Audrey and Melanie at first when they talked about you and your family. We thought it was just too fantastic a tale to be true, but since you’ve been here, we know now that their stories didn’t do you enough justice.” Karen explained before sliding off the bed to kneel at my feet with Holly soon joining her mother. “You could’ve demanded your girls just leave and left us to our own ends, but you didn’t.” She kissed my knee before the two of them laid their chins on them to look up at me. “You were willing to risk your life for us and the price your soul must have paid for ensuring our safety…” She started to tear up.

“David.” Holly took over. “The way Audrey and Melanie feel about you and the love they share together, knowing they belong to you, it-“

“It makes our hearts melt.” Karen finished her daughter’s thought.

“And since you’ve been here, we know why they love you so dearly.” Holly returned.

“We want to give our bodies to you, not just in gratitude for what you’ve done for us, but we also…” She looked at Holly who looked back with a loving smile, nodding. “We want you to show us the kind of love you have with your family, David.” She declared, looking back at me, longingly.

“Knowing what we know about you, Audrey and Melanie and given what you’ve told us about your mother and sisters, we want to know what that kind of bond is and we want you to show us, David.” Holly admitted.

“Teach us, David?” Karen begged.

“Yes. Teach us, David?” Holly repeated.

“Are you both sure you want to go down this road?” I asked, looking into the wanton eyes of mother and daughter.

“Yes.” They answered in unison.

“If we do this, you must obey me and do exactly as I command. Do you understand?” I asked, in a stern voice.

“Whatever you want, David.” Karen agreed.

“However you want, David.” Holly agreed.

I rose from the bed and had both girls climb up and kneel on the bed, sitting back on their heels, facing each other.

“I will join in when I am ready, but for now, I want this all to be about creating a bond between the two of you. Do you understand?” I asked.

“Yes.” They said.

“To help remind you of who you are and what this bond means, you will each address the other as either mommy or daughter. Is that understood?”


I could see the two of them nervously shivvering as they struggled to maintain eye contact, knowing what taboos were going to be broken and who they were going to be breaking them with.

“Karen, tell Holly that you love her.” I commanded.

“Daugh-” Karen choked and cleared her throat. “Daughter, I love you.” She whispered.

“Louder, so she knows it is coming from you, her mother.”

“Daughter, I love you.” Karen spoke clearly.

“Holly, you repeat it.”

“Mommy, I love you.” She giggled, probably from the ridiculousness of the word she hadn’t used in nearly ten years.

“I want you both to keep your eyes open and kiss one another. Nothing special, just a kiss on the lips, but remember keep your eyes open. I want you to see the other as you do it. Go now.” I ordered.

Very tentatively, the two women slowly leaned forward. I stared intensly to make sure they didn’t so much as blink when their lips met between them. Although I told them the kiss did not need to be anything special, as I was more interested in gauging their willingness before I moved on to more life altering acts, I was surprised to see them cocking their heads and opening their mouths after a few seconds. They started to lose themselves in their kiss when I saw their eyes flutter close and the soft ‘slurps’ and moans from the mixing of saliva and intermingling tongues beginning to emanate between them.

“That’s enough.” I gently told them.

Karen and Holly continued to kiss for another couple of seconds before obeying and breaking their kiss. Love and passion thrashed like a storm in their eyes as mother and daughter stared at one another. They had breached a door that most never get the chance to open. That ‘first’ awakening kiss would feel like nothing either had ever experienced before or will ever experience again and so I allowed them to ruminate on it in the soft glow of flickering candle light. As I observed the mother and daughter, I knew that I was barely in the room with them. The tears welling up in each other’s eyes was telltale of the desire and love that was coursing through their bodies, as the realization of all the years spent burying and denying the possibility that such a bond could exist.

“You’ve spent much of Holly’s early years dressing and undressing her, Karen. Remove your daughter’s clothing once more and rediscover what you helped to create.” I said.

Karen looked up at me for a moment with a slight look of shock and apprehension, though she knew full well this was coming, but still unprepared despite it. Taking a deep breath and bringing her loving gaze back to her little girl, Karen swallowed hard as Holly looked on passionately, looking forward to once again being little for her mother. They smiled at one another as Karen leaned forward and taking the hem of her daughter’s nightie in hand, slowly lifted the scant material up over her head as Holly lifted her arms. Even though the babydoll was sheer enough to leave nothing to the imagination, it still didn’t stop Karen’s heart from skipping beat when Holly’s growing naked breasts came into full view. It was easy to see the slight embarrassment on Holly’s cheeks being looked upon by two sets of lust-filled eyes, but rather than cover up, she embraced her vulnerability by putting her arms down to her side and sticking out her chest for her mother’s approval.

“One day those nipples will nurish her child as yours nurished your daughter, Karen.” I told her, noticing her eyes locked on Holly’s young and erect buds. “Now, her panties.”

Karen once again looked to her daughter, as if to ask for permission, and proceeded when Holly rose up on her knees to make it easier for her mother. I watched Karen’s trembling fingers slowly disappear beneath the waistband of Holly’s panties and once embedded deep enough, she took hold of the fabric, gently peeling it from her daughter’s body. Once over the hips, Holly sat back and stuck out her legs so Karen could draw the lacy pink garment down her young slender legs, until they were slid from her little feet.

“Hold them to your nose, Karen.” I told her. “Tell me if your daughter desires you.”

Karen, past the point of no return now had surrendered herself to her passion and brought Holly’s panties to her face. Pressing them fully to her, Karen’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she inhaled deeply the soaking crotch that hid her daughter’s waking womanhood.

“Mmmm.” Karen moaned, loudly, taking additional breaths of Holly’s sweet teen aroma.

“Well?” I asked.

“She most definitely wants Mommy, don’t you, daugther?” Karen sang, completely embracing her role.

“Yes, Mommy.” Holly answered, though the word ‘mommy’ had lost all its previous humor and had now become synonymous with ‘lover’.

I reached down behind Karen who, like a cat, arched her back and purred when she felt my touch on her back. Her delight was short-lived, however when I removed my hand as soon as I released the clasp on her bra. Taking a shoulder strap between my fingers, I pulled forward on the bra and taking it as her cue, Karen helped me remove it from her body. Mother and daughter had similar dark reddish-brown nipples and large areola, but it was easy to see the clear difference of which set had fed a baby and which set had yet to.

“Do you remember those long nights when you’d take your crying daughter from her crib and let her feed from you, Karen?” I asked.

“Mmmm, yes.” Karen gasped, her eyes closed, reminiscing of those early days as she stroked her nipples between her fingers and cupped her breasts.

I guided Karen to the head of the bed and had her sit with her back against the headboard. “Call to your daughter and relive the pain and pleasure.” I told her.

“Come and suckle on Mommy, daughter.” Karen beckoned in a sultry voice.

Holly licked her lips and crawled up the bed before curling up in her mother’s arms. The two shared a passionate kiss before Karen placed her hand on the back of her daughter’s head, gently pulling it down to her breasts.

“Latch on, daughter.” Karen told Holly.

“Mhm hmm.” Holly acknowledged, taking her mother’s elongated nipple into her mouth to suck and most of her areola in with it.

Even though Holly had covered her teeth with her lips, it wasn’t enough to keep Karen from gasping and throwing her head back when Holly bit down, latching on. She held Holly close and the two of us watched Holly’s jaw slowly bounce up and down as Karen’s little girl suckled, curled up safely in her mother’s arms.

“How does it feel, Karen?” I asked. “Does it feel immoral or wrong?”

“No.” Karen groaned, “It feels so right.”

“What’s wrong, little one?” I asked Holly, who was whimpering in frustration as she sucked, while clawing at Karen’s other breast. “Is mommy not feeding you?”

Holly just moaned and gently shook her head, careful not to break the seal she had with her mouth.

“Do you wish for your daughter to be able to drink from you again, Karen?” I asked.

“Yes.” Karen gushed with a breathy voice.

Taking Holly gently by the arm, I helped her away from Karen so I could reposition Karen’s legs. I had Karen prop her knees up and eased them open with my large hands. I could feel the shudder in her thighs, eager for my touch to continue its journey down the length of her flesh toward her aching pussy, but again, her moans of protest would denote my refusal to bring her pleasure when I stopped just inches from her dripping hole. Instead, I reached over, placing my hand behind Holly’s young head, drawing her toward the gateway she entered the world from.

“There, little one.” I pointed at Karen’s clit. “That is the nipple that will feed you.”

Both women held their breath in anticipation as Holly lowered her face between her mother’s legs, inching ever closer to the spot where she once brought such great joy to the woman who bore her.

“OHHHH!” Karen cried out, her head snapping back, nails digging into the sheets and arching her back as Holly once again latched onto mommy like a hungry infant.

I was about to say something to Holly, asking her whether she enjoyed mommy’s taste, but that question was already answered by the impassioned assault her mouth and tongue had begun on Karen’s drooling babyhole. As if she’d done this a million times, Holly took to aggressively pleasuring her mother. I no longer needed to guide her as I watched natural instinct take over.

Wrapping her arms around Karen’s thighs, Holly anchored herself tightly against her mother’s pussy as Karen’s hips began to buck and grind against her teenage daughter’s oral worship. Holly drank deep of Karen’s essence as she lapped and sucked from clit to taint, starving for her ‘mother’s love’ that flowed from within Karen’s body into her daughter’s mouth. Karen brought her legs up over Holly’s shoulders, clamping her head in place with her thighs and dug her ankles into her back, locking her daughter in place. Just to ensure that the younger woman remained sealed to the elder’s womanhood, Karen brought her hands down behind Holly’s head, taking handfuls of hair in her grasp and began grinding the teen’s face against her.

Once securely restrained against her mother’s pussy, Holly released her hold on Karen’s thighs and allowed her fingers and hands to begin exploring mommy’s body. One hand worked up Karen’s belly, pausing to admire and caress the stretch marks she’d caused upon her mother so many years ago before reaching up to knead Karen’s breast. The other, slid down under her chin, where Holly began inserting fingers into her mother’s birth canal as her tongue wailed on Karen’s sensitive clit.

Karen looked like a depraved cowgirl as she bucked her hips against Holly’s young face. Her display of unbridled passion could lead one to believe that Karen was trying to force her daughter back into the womb, face first, by how dearly she clung to her daughter’s head. By now, the two of them had developed a rhythm between them and I could her the low animalistic grunts boiling up deep from within Karen as she worked her daughter’s face toward orgasm. Holly was clearly focused on bring her mother climax as I noticed she had closed her eyes and even ceased her ministrations on Karen’s breast so she could concentrate on fucking mommy with her fingers, as mommy fed daughter once again.

“What is your daughter doing, Karen?” I knowingly asked, wanting Karen to hear herself say it.

“Eating my pussy!” She groaned. “Oh, God! My daughter is eating my pussy!”

With that, Karen dug her heels into Holly’s back, lifting her ass off the bed as she pumped away on her daughter’s face.

“I’M CUMMING!” She screamed, staring into the eyes of Holly as she felt her release spray into the teen’s mouth and face.

Holly just held still as Karen took over, slamming her hips into the young girl’s helpless face. In her throes of ecstacy, Karen bucked and rolled to her side, taking Holly with her. Soon she was straddling young Holly and had reduced her daughter to little more than an object to grind and get herself off against. I could see the discomfort in Holly’s eyes as her poor lips and nose must have been pressed and hammered raw from the relentless pounding her mother’s pelvis had unleashed, but she heldfast, for her desire to bring her mother off superceded any thoughts of relief for herself.

As wave after wave of orgasm had finally washed over Karen, she fell forward off Holly’s beleagured face. Her legs and balance too weak and disoriented to keep her upright any longer, Karen shuddered in the after effects of orgasmic bliss. Holly was slow to stir herself, but eventually regained her composure enough to roll over and claw her way up her mother’s body, slathering her flesh with licks and kisses as she went, claiming the older woman’s body as hers. Karen, feeling her daughter working her way up reached down with a weak hand, ushering Holly up her body so she could once again embrace and kiss the lovely little girl who had brought her such mind-blowing pleasure.

I stood there in the aftermath and watched mother and daughter hold each other’s naked bodies against one another, as their lips professed their love and devotion between them. Like a true mother, Karen began cleaning her daughter’s face of the mess she’d left on it. Like a cat to a kitten, Karen held Holly’s young face still as she licked and sucked her juices from her tender skin.

After a few minutes, when Karen had finally regained her composure, she began working her way down Holly’s body to repay her daughter for loving affections. I thought of my mother back home as I watched how nurturing and attentive Karen was with young Holly. Each touch, each lick, each kiss, each caress was deliberate and overflowing with love and kindness. As Karen proceeded to pleasure Holly, it was clear to see that Karen, like my mother, was making up for lost time and giving to her daughter everything that only a parent can give a child.

By now, I had become nothing more than a shadow on the wall, completely forgotten by the two women who were focused only on one another, and I was fine with that. While they may have wanted me to participate, I knew better. This was about awakening the love and bond that they’d denied themselves their whole lives and I wasn’t about to tarnish the moment by interjecting myself into it. I quietly let myself out of the room and crept down the hall to go to bed.

I knew they wanted me to bring them into my family, but I wasn’t sure I even wanted to. This was no longer about the hangup I had over spreading myself too thin for the sake of my women, no. If there was one thing I learned during my stay out here it was that my women loved our family and they loved me. I knew that it didn’t matter to them if I could give them all the time they may have wanted, because it wasn’t about them, it was about us. As I laid there on the sofa, too tired to pull out the mattress within, I thought about what Melanie or Audrey would say if they were here. I knew they would want Karen and Holly to join us, because they would say they needed it. While it may have been true that Karen and Holly may have very well wanted to be part of our family, there was more to our family than just sex and love. There was discipline and order, as well.

My women were submissives through-and-through and I was pretty sure that Karen and Holly forgot that aspect of our family’s lifestyle. Life in my home was more than the tales told by Melanie and Audrey. Those two romanticized life at the bottom and although not knowingly, they would’ve been prone to leaving out details that might otherwise cause others to turn tail and run away. However, incest was probably the single biggest obstacle I could imagine someone would have to come to terms with, but with Karen and Holly currently carrying one another over that obstacle again and again in Karen’s bedroom, so perhaps they could accept the life of a submissive. One way or another, we were going to find out the next day.


I awoke the next morning to the smell of a hearty breakfast being cooked. Despite having a full night’s rest, I still had a backlog of sleep to catch up on, but then again, with my life there was always a backlog of sleep to catch up on. I rose from the sofa and sleepily made my way into the kitchen to discover what tasty delights awaited me. I was pleasantly surprised to see Karen and Holly, both still naked, working together making breakfast. They came to me, falling to their knees at my feet, a worried look upon their faces.

“We’re so sorry, David.” Karen apologized. “Last night was suppose to be for you and…”

“It’s fine, Karen, really.” I smiled. “I wanted last night to be about you two making your own discoveries. Also, what’s with the kneeling?”

“Well, isn’t this how you want your women?” Holly asked, unsure if she was doing it right.

“Sure, but you’re not my women.” I told them. “Let me guess, Audrey and Melanie put you up to this?”

They looked at each other and then back to me. “Well, yes.” Karen answered. “We may have called them this morning after we failed you last night.” She said, somberly.

“Haha, you didn’t fail me.” I stroked their cheeks before I moved to sit down at the table. “Breakfast is burning.” I reminded them.

The quickly got up and went back to fixing the food. “You don’t want us?” Karen asked, struggling between making breakfast and their uncertain future.

“Look, there is more to all this than just wild sex.” I explained. “I don’t want you both to commit to something when you have no idea what you’d be getting into.”

“But we’ve already talked about it with Melanie and Audrey, David.” Holly said, bringing a couple plates of food over. “We know what to expect.”

“And you’re both willing to just give up your life here, just like that, huh?” I asked. “Just pick up and go live with someone you’ve just met and be his slaves?”

“I know you’re making it sound worse than what it is, David.” Karen said, bringing the last couple dishes over before the two girls loaded my plate with food. “And yes, that is what we want, especially after last night.”

“Thank you.” I said, taking my plate.

“You’re welcome.” She answered, as she and Holly sat down and filled theirs. “David, we meant what we said.” She continued. “It’s not like we came to this decision lightly or quickly.”

“No, we didn’t.” Holly joined the conversation. “Remember, we’ve known about you for well over a month now and while it’s true, all we had were the stories about you and your family that Aud and Mel told us.”

“We knew those stories were true after you showed us what kind of person you really are.” Karen finished. “I know it sounds insane. How could we possibly have fallen in love with you, right?”

“Actually, if you knew how I met the others, you wouldn’t think it’s all that crazy.” I told her, semi-jokingly.

“Yes, of course.” She smiled, understanding that is literally how all my relationships seemed to go. “David.” She got very serious, “You are larger than life. I can’t begin to explain just how safe and protected you make me feel.”

“Me too.” Holly said.

“I can’t believe what you did the other night and yet you acted it like it was Tuesday.” She remarked. “I thought I would have a problem with the fact you killed a man in my home without giving it a second thought. I thought I would have a problem making love to my little girl. I should have a problem with those things, but…” She looked at Holly, taking her hand. “But I don’t.”

“Any man would’ve done what I did.” I lied.

“No, very few men would, David.” She said. “Maybe if they were protecting their home or family, but you did it for complete strangers. Ever since you arrived, we could see that you’ve been in control of the situation. Everything you said would happen did. You’re the kind of man a woman can trust and believe in and that’s why your women follow you, David. That’s why we want to follow you.”

I sat there taking in what they were saying.

“We shared our doubts and disbelief with Mel and Aud already. We just couldn’t accept that so many would follow a man, share him with others, so willingly and obediently, especially someone so young who hasn’t established themselves yet. You know what they told us, David?” Karen asked.

“If it was Mel, she probably said something like, ‘I’d stay with David even if we were forced to live in a cardboard box’.” I recalled the words she once told me.

“That’s pretty much what they said, too.” Karen replied, smiling. “There is a reason they are so loyal to you, David, and it has little to do with them and everything to do with you. We didn’t believe it then, but we believe it now. It sounds like some movie cliche, I know, but you are destined for great things, David.”

“It doesn’t hurt that you’re sexy as hell, though.” Holly laughed and was soon joined by her mother.

“True, you are one of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen.” Karen agreed.

“Well.” I started getting embarrassed by their constant praise. “We better eat before the food gets cold.” I said, trying to change the subject.

“David?” Karen asked.

“Yes?” I responded.

“You had us say things to each other last night and I know why you did it.” She started.

“You do, do you?” I wondered.

“Yes, you wanted us to hear it being said, making it real for us.” She explained.

“Did it work?” I asked.

“Most definitely.” Holly answered, smiling at her mother.

“I’m glad to hear that.” I said.

“Well, if saying it and hearing it makes it true then listen carefully.” Karen said, her tone once again serious. “I love you, David Olsen. I love you and I want to be your woman, your submissive, your slave.”

“Me too.” Holly quickly joined her mother’s sentiments. “I love you too, David. I want to be your woman, your submissive and your slave, too.”

With a quick look between them, the naked girls got up from their chairs and once again came to kneel at my side, their heads reverently hung low.

“Will you accept us into your home, David? Master?” Karen asked on their behalf as she and Holly held hands.

I pulled away from the table enough to turn to face them. “We will see after tonight.” I told them. “I’m going to put your words to the test and see just how badly you want to spend the rest of your lives just as you are now.” I said, coldly, taking a chin in each hand firmly.

I may have wanted to come off as frightening and I might have, but it was hard to tell as the women’s nipples quickly became erect and their bodies began to quivver from my masculine touch. Even if they were frightened by the prospect of what I had in store for them, it wasn’t enough to dissuade them from what they wanted. Realizing I wasn’t going to scare them off right now, I relaxed my grip to stroke their chins instead, drawing longing sighs from the two.

“Take your seats.” I told them and they quickly obeyed. “Let’s enjoy this wonderful breakfast. Thank you, Karen and Holly.”

“You’re welcome, Master.” They responded in unison.

“Yeah, about that whole ‘Master’ thing.” I mentioned, taking a bite of food. “I prefer David for the time being.”

“Of course, David.” Karen beamed, enjoying the feel of being under control.

“Yes, David.” Holly replied, feeling much the same way as her mother.


The rest of morning went off without a hitch. I called Melanie and Audrey and told them to check out and come back to Karen’s, which they were delighted to hear. When they returned to see Karen and Holly still naked, they had immediately thought I had decided to claim them only to be disappointed that they could not yet call them ‘sisters’. Still though, their disappointment was short-lived when I told them that I had a plan to test the mother and daughter duo later that evening. In either case, Mel and Aud were happy to finally be able to strip down for their Daddy once again.

As the day progressed, I made sure to tease Karen and Holly by providing a great deal of affection toward their wouldbe sisters, Mel and Aud, even going so far as to finger the two of them as they made out at my feet. To make matters even more enticing, I made Karen and Holly service my girls, but denied them any reciprocation or relief as their swollen cunts cried their slimy tears down the girl’s legs, until it was time to see if this was the world they truly wanted.

It was about an hour after dinner and I had Melanie and Audrey wash Karen and her daughter, getting ready for tonight’s activities. Once they were cleaned and dried, I allowed the new girls to kneel in the bathroom as Audrey and Melanie washed me. Like some twisted inside joke, Audrey, Mel and myself bore wicked grins as the girls undressed me, waiting for the trademark ‘gasp’ when a girl sees my cock for the first time. Karen and Holly did not disappoint and the three of us laughed at their shock, knowing the sudden jolt of reality that had struck all my women at the thought of getting my beast inside them.

I noticed that Karen and Holly paid close attention to how Melanie and Audrey performed their tasks when cleaning me. I had to say, I was impressed that neither girl showed the slightest bit of discomfort after kneeling on the hard linoleum tiles of the bathroom floor during the duration of my shower. While their focus to ignore the pain of kneeling was commendable, it was the sight of Mel and Aud drying my cock that caused them to become distracted, but distracted by lust and want. I had made sure to drink plenty of water that evening because there were several tasks I wanted to test Karen and Holly on and one of them was their reaction to being my urinal. However, before I made them perform such a duty, I wanted to gauge their reaction when they watched my girls do it first. If they found it revolting, perhaps seeing how much Melanie and Audrey loved it, it might persuade them to reconsider. I started to have hope for Karen and her daughter when I saw them having to swallow back their own drool as they watched my girls slake their thirst on my golden essence.

Mel and Aud were nearly ready to cum already as today had been the first time in nearly two months since they’d last been able to feel my touch and service my cock. I was going to have to pace myself if I wanted to have the stamina to make all four of them tonight, but being without Mel and Aud had as much affect on me as it had on them and my raging cock yearned to return to their loving holes.

With the bathroom activities complete, I exited the room with Mel and Aud in tow. Since they were not yet in my family, I told Karen and Holly they had to crawl to the bedroom, which they did gladly, if only for the change of position and no longer kneeling on the hard bathroom tile. I stood off from the side of the bed, allowing the girls room to pass. Melanie and Audrey went to the far side of the bed while Karen and Holly crawled up on my side. Aud and Mel knelt on the floor on the far side as Karen and Holly knelt on the bed itself. I told the two of them to bow, placing their heads on the mattress and stick their asses high in the air, facing me. With everything in place, it was time to begin.

Back home, we’d never gotten into purchasing fancy BDSM tools and devices. Mostly because none of us were really aware of most of them, but also, I was resourceful and liked to make use of things found around the house. Things were no different here and I was forced to rely on items I found around Karen’s place to use for tonight’s activities. The main implement I planned on using was my thin leather belt, but I’d also brought one of Karen’s pinp pong paddles she had stored in her shed and formed a wire clothes hanger into a wicked switch that was sure to welt with each strike. Karen had silk scarves and other items that could reasonably restrain someone, but having the freedom to flee the pain is what this session was all about.

I walked up behind the two girls, admiring their nice rounded butts, sopping cunts and glistening thighs where their fluids had been running down for quite a while now. I decided to start with Holly first for no particular reason other than she was on the right and I was right handed. I took my time placing my implements carefully on Karen’s ass, instructing her not to drop a single item or there would be terrible consequences. Before I got started, I stuck my hands between their legs, cupping their wet pussy’s. Karen nearly failed her simple task right away as she fought her shuddering body from my touch.

“Your bodies beg for me.” I commented, rubbing my palm, mashing their labia as my finger tips rubbed their clits and my thumbs massaging their assholes.

“Yes.” Karen gasped.

“Please.” Holly begged.

“In time, but for now, I want to see if you are worthy of kneeling alongside those before you.” I said, referencing Melanie and Audrey.

I released their weeping cunts and slid the belt from Karen’s ass. I wrapped enough of it around my thick meaty fist so that I had precise control of it when I swung. Too much length and it would lose much of its sting as each strike would dissipate over a larger area. Too little and I wouldn’t be able to generate enough kinetic force to cause much pain. After a couple practice swings, I warmed Holly’s right cheek up with a few hard slaps from my left hand.

“Ooh!” Holly jumped slightly from the smack, but seeming london escorts to enjoy the playful strike.

She wasn’t smiling anymore however, when I brought the belt crashing down her tender flesh, the walls reverberating the crack as the leather bit into Holly. Instinctively, she dropped her ass away from the pain, but was quick to bring it back into position. She yiped as the second strike came down much harder than the first, but this time, I anticipated her ducking her ass out of the way and brought rapid third strike down on her evading cheek. Holly buried her face into the covers and clenched them tightly in her fists as she grimaced and braced herself for what was to come.

Holly’s legs trembled after a flurry of a dozen strikes from the leathery asp that was repeatedly attacking her right ass cheek. Holly howled into the mattress as her body felt like it was on fire, but she refused to flee the pain anymore. Sure, she continued to bounce her ass up and down and side to side, instinctive reactions from the punishment she was receiving, but if she wanted it to end, all she had to do was crawl forward. Since she was holding fast, I felt it time to turn it up a notch.

Her right cheek was a deep red where I had focused all my strikes. I could feel the heat from all the blood beneath the flesh on my hand without even touching her. I thought I’d give her right cheek a break and focus on the left. I returned the belt to Karen’s ass and picked up the paddle and rapidly began striking the left cheek. I started out softly, but steadily picked up the pace as I went. I used the paddle to create a slow burn in Holly. With a seemingly unending stream of whacks, I wanted to drive her crazy as what was currently just irritation turned into pain, which would evolve into a burning. Like holding a hair dryer against ones skin, what starts out as warm and cozy will soon turn into a burning misery. By the time I’d finished with the paddle, I was drawing my arm back and wailing away on the young teen’s purple cheek. I put the paddle down on Karen’s ass and gave Holly a moment of peace. Holly’s body shook as she bawled loudly into the bed.

“You only need to crawl to Audrey and this will end, little one.” I mocked her. “You’ve done enough, you don’t want this in your life, do you? Tell her, Audrey. Tell Holly that this life isn’t for her.”

I was taken by surprise as this was the first time one of my girls had openly disobeyed me. Audrey looked up at me quickly before leaning across the mattress to lift Holly’s head.

“Listen to me, Holly.” She told her. “You can do this. You want this. I believe in you.”

Audrey took another glance at me. Realizing that since she was in for a penny, she was in for a pound and continued her encouragement to the young teen.

“Daddy wants good girls, Holly. Good girls who will make Daddy happy and accept whatever he asks of them. Are you a good girl, Holly?” She implored.

Through teary eyes and reddened face, Holly nodded vehemently.

“Be Daddy’s good girl, Holly!” She plead.

Holly looked over her shoulder at me and declared, “I’m a good girl, Daddy.” before burying her face in the bed again, readying herself for even more suffering.

“Face me, Holly.” I commanded and the beaten girl painfully came about on hands and knees.

Despite her continued tears, Holly locked her gaze on my thick cock that sprung out before her, inches from her face. Even though her lips quivvered in suffering, she hung her mouth open, offering it to me to try and sheath my cock down her throat.

I took my cock and brought the large tip to her open mouth. “Drink.” I told her.

With an animalistic grunt, Holly latched on to me like she had her mother the night before. I looked down into her red tear-stained eyes as I released my urine into her teen mouth. Holly twitched slightly as the hot blast of bladder broth sprayed the back of her mouth, but she was determined to pass her test so she forced herself to swallow. Karen did her best to look over her shoulder, hoping to watch her daughter imbibe my piss, but it proved too difficult given her position and balancing my ‘tools’ on her ass.

I finished my stream and stroked Holly’s head in praise. “Well done, little one.” I smiled.

“Thank you, Daddy.” She smiled weakly, but proudly.

“Do you wish to continue?” I asked her.

“Yes, please, Daddy.” She answered.

“Call me, David.” I reminded her. “Go to Audrey and she will take care of you. You did well so far.”

“Thank you, David.” Holly meekly replied before turning and crawling to Audrey.

Audrey nearly had tears in her eyes as she took young Holly into her arms. She laid the girl down on the stomach and began gently rubbing her burning ass with ice cubes. Holly laid in such a way that her head was still turned my way and her eyes lovingly stared up at me as she smiled over her success.

“Your turn, bitch.” I said, sharply to Karen, causing her to shudder slightly.

I took the paddle and set it off to the side on the bed. I then took the wire switch and held it out in front of Karen and told her to hold it between her teeth, which she did. I grabbed the belt and drew the leather strap around her supple neck. Sliding the tip through the buckle, I cinched it tightly around Karen’s throat, pulling until I could see her eyes bulging slightly and her face reddening.

“Try to breath.” I commanded.

I listened carefully as I heard the labored sound of air struggling to pass through her constricted airway. She could breath, but I had cut it off just enough that her body would demand more than it would get, keeping her in a constant state of panic if she didn’t relax.

“Fold your arms behind your back.” I told her and she complied.

No longer able to use her arms to help stabilize herself, Karen’s upper body was held up by her head alone. I pulled back on the belt strap, effectively pulling Karen up by her throat. She wheezed as she tried, almost in vain, to pull precious oxygen into her lungs. I didn’t pull her entirely upright, preferring to keep her bent forward so the tension remained taut and her discomfort remained constant. I did however, pull her up just enough to explose her well shaped breasts and elongated nipples. Given her awkward position, her chest stuck out naturally as I was keeping her aloft via her throat.

I took the switch from her mouth and placed it on her left nipple. She did her best to moan, but it sounded more like a groan from a wounded animal through her constricted air passage. Starting with small, ever growing, circles, I slowly dragged the switch in a spiral out from her nipple until I encircled her entire breast. No sooner had I completed the spiral, I snapped the end of the wire across her nearly inch long nipple, causing Karen to cry out in a grotesque sound. I whacked the nipple a few more times, until it was a deep red, each whack drawing a similar distorted wail from the mother.

I didn’t bother drawing out the same process on the other nipple, preferring to simply get to the point and began strumming her motherly appendage viciously with the switch. I missed a few strikes, slapping the switch violently down on her supple breast, due to her wiggling and bouncing in reaction to her nipples feeling on fire.

“This can stop at any time, Karen.” I told her. “You only need to drop your arms and crawl away. I promise, I will let go of the belt and allow you to run away. You do want to run away, don’t you?” I teased.

“No!” She cried out in a raspy voice.

That’s when I lit up both her breasts with a flurry of welt-raising strikes on her tender breasts. There were multiple times where Karen nearly brought her arms out from behind her back, but was always able to restrain herself, even going so far as to dig her nails into herself to prevent her arms from leaving her back. Tears flowed freely down her anguished face, dripping onto the heavily welted and blackish purple splotches that now dressed the tops of her tits.

“Honestly, I don’t know what’s wrong with you two.” I shook my head at the mother and daughter. “You could’ve gotten beaten like this from Miguel and it probably wouldn’t be as bad, either. Plus, you allowed me to corrupt the both of you. You stuck your tongue up your little girl’s pussy, Karen.” I began striking the underside of her tits now. “How fucking sick do you have to be to suck your own daughter’s cunt?”

Karen just hung there, bawling in pain as I brutalized her breasts.

“Answer me, bitch!” I brought hefty strike down right above her clit.

“LOVE!” She shrieked. “LOVE YOU!”

“You love getting beat like this? You love watching your daughter get beat by me, you sick twisted fuck?” I admonished.

“YES!” She gasped. “LOVE! DIFFERENT! NOT MIGUEL!” She howled.

I released the belt and Karen fell forward, crashing into the mattress. Despite the tears and pain, Karen quickly mustered the strength to loosen the tension of the belt around her throat and began gasping for air. Her body curled up into a fetal position protecting her savaged chest as she wailed in misery.

I looked over at the other girls who had just witnessed the events unfold. The smile on Holly’s face was gone as she stared helpless at her mother. Her expression couldn’t have been further removed from that of Melanie and Audrey who were fingering themselves, both on the verge of orgasm as they watched ‘Daddy’ work.

“I hope you’ll play with us like that one day, Daddy.” Melanie cooed, wide eyed at just how vicious I could be.

“I’m not done, bitch. Get your ass up her so I can continue.” I calmly told Karen.

She twitched for a few seconds and struggled greatly, but she was desperate to get back into position to pass her test. Needless to say, I was convinced these girls truly wanted to be in my family and had decided to relent on any further beatings. Poor Karen wouldn’t be able to wear a bra for the next week as badly as her tits had been hammered.

“Face me.” I told her once she was back in position.

Karen lumbered around on her hands and knees, her body shivvering from the agony spread across her chest. She turned about and looked up at me with pleading teary eyes.

“You too.” I told Holly.

Her ass still ablaze, muscles sore and spasming uncontrollably, she nonetheless scampered her way across the bed as quickly as she could to kneel on hands and knees next to her mother.

I put the switch down next to the paddle and released Karen from the belt, placing it with the other items and nodded to my girls to take them away. As they left the room, Audrey quietly closed the door behind me. I looked down at the two suffering, but proud girls as they could tell by the look on my face that they’d passed the test.

“You still didn’t answer my question.” I told them

“You will never leave us, Daddy.” Karen whispered, her voice still hoarse and weak from the belt and beating.

“I said to call me David.” I corrected her.

“No, Daddy.” Karen shot back, defiantly.

“Test us however you wish, Daddy, but we’ve made up our minds.” Holly agreed with her mother.

“Don’t ask us to explain the inexplicable, Daddy, please.” Karen begged.

She had a point about it being inexplicable. Everything about my life was inexplicable so why should I expect these two to explain what I could not myself. It’s true, I would never leave any of my women and they knew that. They also knew that beatings on this scale were not in my character nor were they ever without reason or out of anger. They, like everyone out there, just wanted to love and be loved. They wanted stability and security and as outlandish as our world was, it called to them, like it had called to all of us. Whether I wanted them or not, they belong to me now. They needed our family as much as any of us did and I would not deny them that. Honestly, if I didn’t really want them I could’ve told them so, but I didn’t. Deep down, I wanted them, just as I wanted all my women. I was as much a slave to them as they were to me. They needed someone to worship and I needed to be someone they could.

I stepped forward to the edge of the bed, between the two women. They began to smile broadly as I reached down with my hands, behind their heads, a loving look on my face as I guided them toward my groin. It was like a new life was erupting within them as they suddenly began moaning, crying, laughing, at once. It was as if they were so overwhelmed, they didn’t know which emotion to exhibit, instead choosing all of them, as I felt lips and tongues sliding and sloshing across my balls and the base of my cock.

Like a couple of kittens, Karen and her daughter mewled and whimpered as they licked and kissed about my mighty manhood as I stroked their heads in my large hands. Traits and tendancies inherent in both mother and daughter were revealed as they worked in unison despite never having pleasured a man together before. I couldn’t imagine the pain they were still in, but it was almost as if they felt nothing but joy and desire as they moaned their way up either side of my shaft.

“Get it good and wet, girls.” I told them and they answered with enthusiastic groans.

Up and down, their tongues and lips worked to grease my shaft to a glistening shine, stopping multiple times at my tip to share it between themselves, as mother and daughter exchanged passionate kisses as they passed my precum between them.

“Do you want to choke each other on it?” I asked.

“God, yes!” Karen exclaimed at the prospect.

“Are you going to choke me with Daddy’s big dick, Mommy?” Holly asked, a wicked smile on her lips.

“Oh yes, daughter, you dirty little slut.” She cooed back.

Both women looked up at me momentarilly, devilish grins on both of them before they repositioned themselves so Karen was holding her daughter’s head in her hands as Holly knelt there slack-jawwed, ready to be throat fucked. I guided my tip into her mouth before letting it go to allow Karen to force her daughter to pleasure me. Karen leaned down so she could see Holly’s face as she began pushing the young teen’s face foward, watching my cock slip further and further into her.

“Punish her, Karen.” I told her. “Don’t let her get away with anything. She’ll pass out before anything bad happens.” I smiled.

“Yes, Daddy.” Karen beamed. “You hear that, cunt? Daddy says I get to choke you until you pass out.”

“Mrmm nrm.” Holly nodded, scared and excited at the same time.

With that, Karen, perhaps a bit overzealous, put everything she had behind Holly’s young head, driving it deep down my shaft. Holly, taken by surprise by never having done anything like this before, tried to fight back and pull away, but Karen was too strong and pushed even harder. As the head of my cock slammed into the back of Holly’s mouth and started to push down her esophagus, Karen looked up at me with alarm at the sudden resistance.

“It’s fine. You’ve just hit her esophagus, Karen. Keep pushing and it will expand to accomodate me.” I explained.

Karen resumed her efforts and even placed her hand on Holly’s throat to feel it expand as my cock pushed down it. Unfortunately, it was too much for the inexperienced Holly to handle and she was able to fight her way back, dislodging me from her mouth. Coughing and gagging, Holly hunched over trying to work through the sudden onset of panic that having your air supply forcibly cutoff can create.

“Daddy didn’t say you could quit, whore!” Karen scolded her daughter, as she brought her hand down on the young girl’s already brutalized ass cheek, causing her to yelp loudly.

Karen grabbed her daughter by the hair and yanked her back up on her knees to resume her duties as cocksheath. Karen looked up at me with a deranged sadistic smile as she mercilessly shoved Holly’s head back onto my cock, leaning into her, forcing my cock back down her throat.

“Mommies encourage their children, Karen.” I reminded her. “Play with her pussy so she knows you love her.”

“Yes, Daddy.” Karen gushed.

Keeping one arm extended, pushing Holly’s head down, Karen used the other to begin massaging Holly’s dripping snatch. In turn, I held the teen’s skull between my hands and began driving my cock back and forth. The opposing forces of my violation and her mother’s love sent young Holly’s eyes rolling into the back of her head as she gave her body over to the two people in control of her fate.

“Gah, gah, gah, gah, gah!” Holly growled as my cock would cut off her air only to back off an allow some measure of sound past before cutting it off again.

Thick ribbons of saliva flowed from her mouth, matching the leakage of fluid now escaping her cunt onto her mother’s fingers. Every so often, I would jam my dick deeper inside her, just to remind her that breathing was a luxury I determined whether or not she be allowed to have, but for the most part, I was mainly interested in using her mouth as a lube applicator.

“Tongue your daughter’s dirty asshole, Karen.” I commanded. “I want to test the depths of your depravity.”

“I’d love to, Daddy.” Karen beamed.

She let go of Holly’s head and withdrew her fingers from her slimy hole. Hunkering down behind the teen, Karen spread the young girl’s purplish black ass cheeks apart to reveal her tiny sphincter. Karen made sure to maintain eye contact with me, making sure I was watching her disgusting incestuous display. She rolled her tongue around the outside of the ring of muscle, causing Holly to buck her hips back a little, eager to feel her mother’s tongue inside her as I continued to casually drill Holly’s oral cavity.

I timed it perfectly when I pulled Holly’s head down as I thrust my hips forward, forcing my cock down the girl’s throat as mother speared her tongue as deep into daughter as possible. Holly, caught off-guard by my thrust, instinctively tried to pull away, but was no match for my strength. I groaned out loud as I felt the familiar expansion of muscle, cartilage and tissue as I pushed my entirety down Holly’s throat to the base. The teen’s body began to convulse and panic from the suddenness and sensation of asphyxiation.

Karen looked up at me, a look of fear and concern for her daughter on her, but remained devoted to her task as she wiggled her tongue inside her daughter’s rectum. Holly was really starting to squirm and had even resorted to beating my thighs with her fists, begging me to release her. If I hadn’t done this numerous times with my other girls already, I would’ve been concerned, but as long as Holly still had fight in her, I knew she wasn’t in any danger of losing consciousness, so I kept her face pressed to my belly, even flexing my hips to push my cock just that much deeper into her.

It was when I saw Holly’s eyes begin to flutter and her resistance start to wane that I withdrew my cock. I quickly grabbed the small trashcan near the bed and put it under Holly as she vomited, coughed and gagged, her body and mind struggling to make sense of everything that had happened.

I gave Holly just enough time to finish heaving before I picked her up, spun her around and threw her back down on the bed on her back. Her mind still reeling and unable to process what was happening to her, I pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and pushed her knees up as high as they could go.

“Hold her legs up and wide as you straddle her face, whore.” I told Karen, who eagerly did as she was told and was soon grinding her greasy slit on her daughter’s weary face.

With my cock and her ass sufficiently lubed now, I took my meatspear by the shaft and pressed the tip against Holly’s tightly clamped anus. Karen watched in amazement at the ridiculous sight of my massive tip mashed against such a tiny opening. I reached over and grabbed Karen by the back of the head and pulled her down on top of her daughter into a sixty-nine.

“You’ll want to see this, whore.” I told her as forced open Holly’s virgin ass.

“Grmph!” Holly’s cry was lost in her mother’s cunt as my head disappeared into her ass.

I pushed as hard and as fast as I felt I reasonably could to create as much discomfort for Holly as possible without risking damaging her. The young teen’s hips jumped and shifted in a vain attempt to pull herself off of the fleshy pike that was impaling her helpless hole, her fingernails clinging to her mother’s thighs for dear life as I skewered the girl. Karen licked her daughter’s clit at a fevered pitch as she stared wide-eyed as her daughter’s little butt was being uncerimoniously filled.

“This is the life you have to look forward to, Karen and Holly.” I mocked. “I hope it is everything you wanted it to be.” I teased, as I went balls deep into the shrieking teen.

“She’s attacking my cunt, Daddy.” Karen gasped. “It feels so good. I think she likes it.”

“You’re both filthy cunts, you know that, sluts?” I chided the two wanton women.

“You make us that way, Daddy.” Karen groaned. “I want that young thick cock in me. I need it!”

“You’ll get yours, don’t worry.” I smiled as I started pumping slowly in Holly’s ass.

Clearly, Holly hadn’t yet adjusted to something so big in her ass as her body seized up when I began fucking her, but I didn’t care. The lesson wasn’t over and these women needed to realize that when it came down to it, my women were nothing more than holes for my cock to pleasure itself inside of. I needed to dismiss any romantic thoughts of family and togetherness and make them fully aware that this wasn’t a game, it was a way of life.

All my women knew what they were and what to expect in my home. Although I listened to them and wasn’t all that demanding of them, it was only because I chose to be. They all knew full well that I could be an absolute tyrant if I so wanted to be and in some cases, they desired me to be. Being cruel and a tyrant was still something I was learning about myself. More often than not, I found myself treating my girls like we were in a normal relationship and while I had no issue telling them what to do, I found it difficult to dehumanize my women out of fear that I would upset them. Sure, if I were to be a cold heartless bastard to them all the time, they probably would want to leave, but I still needed to learn that slaves like to be put in their place and treated like condoms from time-to-time. Slip them on, dump your load and toss them to the side when you’re done and have no concern if they liked it or not. Well, where I was still learning that lesson with my current women, I was teaching that lesson to this mother and daughter who were begging to be owned.

As I fucked Holly’s little ass, Karen went back to work licking her cunt as Holly was doing to her. I could feel the strain and discomfort Holly must’ve been feeling from the earlier beating, the throat fucking and now quite literally being folded in half and having her ass raped. Still though, for all her suffering, she seemed to be embracing it, owning it, thriving on it, as evidenced by her mother’s moans and hip gyrations on her daughter’s face, that Holly was eagerly servicing her mother’s birth canal with her fingers and tongue. Indeed, I may have seriously underestimated the depths of depravity these two would sink to, as it seemed they were truly enjoying being sub-human. Although there was still more testing to be done.

“Suck it, whore.” I commanded, grabbing Karen by the back of the head and feeding her my cock straight from her daughter’s dirty ass.

I wanted to cum in Karen’s mouth so badly when instead of shying away from sucking her daughter’s ass juices off my cock, she whimpered loudly, latching her hands on my ass and pulling me into her. Limited by her positioning on her daughter, Karen pulled with her hands, urging me to fuck her face with my shit-flavored cock. Not one to deprive a girl of her treat, I pushed Karen’s head down as I drove my rod deep. Given that she wanted it and therefore, expected it, I was able to cram myself down Karen’s esophagus a lot easier than I would’ve anticipated. However, I wanted Karen to swallow my cum, not throw it up, so once I had buried my length down her, I pulled back out to let her recover. As she did so, I rammed my dick back home inside Holly’s gaping ass.

“More, Daddy!” Karen demanded, frustrated at having her treat taken away.

I appeased her demand by pulling my cock from Holly’s ass, back into the hungry throat of Karen. I spent the next minute or so alternating from one to the other, but I was getting so close to cumming that I needed to make a decision. I went back to fucking Karen’s mouth as Holly continued to feast on her mother’s babyhole. I made sure not to go too deep down Karen’s throat, as I wanted to time her orgasm with my own. When I saw Karen’s hips start to grind eradically on Holly’s face, I knew it was time. Keeping on hand on the back of Karen’s head, to hold her in place when I was ready, I reached under her with the other. I took one of Karen’s welted and bruised breasts in my meaty grip and squeezed for all I was worth.

Her scream was dulled by a mouthful of cock as her body shuddered and came over her daughter’s face. That was when I jammed more than half my dick down her throat and held there there as I thrust my hips back and forth, bringing myself over the edge. With one hand on the back of her head and the other using her breast as a handle, I had little trouble using Karen’s upperbody to fuck my cock with.

Like her daughter, Karen’s mind was a convoluted mess as she struggled to process all the stimuli assaulting her at once. With so much going on, she lost control of her functions and began pissing all over Holly’s face as load after thick load pumped from my massive balls down her well stretched throat. I did manage to ease back enough to fire the last few shots into her mouth, allowing her to savor the flavor and texture of my cum on her tongue, although her mind was currently too racked to truly appreciate it. Karen’s consciousness had pretty much shut down as it just let her body do whatever it wanted to do at that moment.

Holly clung to her mother, sucking and swallowing as much of Karen’s fluids that were racing from her cunt and urethra as possible, but it was far too much to handle. The intensity of bringing her mother to such an orgasm and feeling the result of it spraying her face, combined with the torturous abuse her ass had suffered from my cock, triggered its own orgasm inside Holly. Once I was finished emptying my heavy balls into Karen’s mouth, I let go and pulled back and she fell limp onto her daughter below. I watched as the two girls writhed and spasmed against one another, each triggering a reaction from the other as they convulsed.

I opened the door and called Melanie and Audrey back into the room, although they didn’t have far to travel as both were fingering each other just outside the door, listening to what had transpired. With Karen and Holly out of commission for a while, it fell upon Mel and Aud to clean me. They were excited to perform the task, as they had assumed that I would’ve wanted mother and daughter to do it, but given the circumstances, Karen and Holly were in no position to perform their duty.

“Are they going to be our sisters now, Daddy?” Audrey asked, looking up at me with hope in her eyes as she licked and sucked her side of my cock and balls while Mel did the other.

“That’s up to them, Audrey.” I smiled, stroking the older woman’s cheek.

“I hope they do.” Melanie spoke up from the opposing side. “They really are such sweethearts.”

“Well, they’ve handled the stick pretty well. I guess I should give them the carrot.” I said.

“You’re not going to fuck them anymore?” Mel asked.

“Maybe later.” I told her. “Right now, I want you two to clean them up and change the bedding. They’ve had it pretty rough tonight. I think they’ve earned the right to sleep with me.”

“Of course, Daddy.” Audrey said. “Do we get to be beaten like that as well?” She asked, with delight.

“I don’t know who is more sick, you two or them.” I chuckled, slapping Audrey across the cheek, playfully, but firmly.

“Mmm, I’m willing to find out.” Audrey cooed.

“Perhaps another day, sluts.” I told them. “It’s been far too long since I’ve been inside either of you. I think that takes precidence.”

“God, Daddy. We’ve missed your cock so much.” Melanie sighed, kissing my shaft reverently.

“Are you going to breed them too, while your here, Daddy?” Audrey asked. “That is, if they want to join our family.”

“No.” I said. “I really shouldn’t have played with them at all. It’s kind of unfair to my mother and sisters back home who had to wait until their wedding day for that.”

“Exceptions can always be made, Daddy.” Audrey said.

“You have to admit that your mother and sisters were a unique situation.” Melanie added. “I mean, they already belonged to you as your birthright so it wasn’t like trying on a pair of shoes. How else is a girl to know if she wants this life or if you even want her unless you do what you did?”

“Mel’s right, Daddy. I know Bonnie and I never would’ve consented to what happened unless it happened in the spur of the moment like it did.” Audrey agreed.

“You can still marry them, just as you will marry Bonnie, Audrey and I.” Mel reasoned.

“Trust us, Daddy. It doesn’t matter that you’ve already had us and impregnated us before you ‘marry’ us. We still dream of what that day will be like and look forward to calling ourselves your ‘wives’.” Audrey explained, as the two women at my feet held each other close, worshipping my cock.

“God, I love you two so much.” I smiled, caressing their heads as life began returning to my cock.

“Mmm. Does Daddy want to play again?” Melanie moaned, referring to my rising rod.

My girls didn’t get around to performing their tasks I had assigned, as I was too eager to get back inside my beloved girls. I led Melanie and Audrey to the bed where I enjoyed their bodies once again. Karen and Holly soon recovered from their euphoria and joined us in our activities. By the time the five of us were finished that night, it was well into the next morning. We’d probably have to replace the mattress considering the mess we made on it. Indeed, we all came more times than we could count and despite the door being closed, the whole house reeked of sex by the time we all collapsed in exhaustion.


I spent the rest of the week at Karen’s, enjoying myself with my two absent loves and my two new ones. I decided to go ahead and fuck Karen and her daughter, as they were now going to be members of my family. I wasn’t ready for more children on the way so I was happy to learn that both were on birth control. Mel and Aud did a fantastic job of educating Karen and her daughter on how to serve me around the home and we were all very pleased with the situation. It turns out that all four of them enjoyed being dehumanized and beaten so I was able to incorporate that into our sex play, especially when I was too spent to get off myself.

I also decided to expand on treating the girls ‘worse’, although from their perspective, I was treating them ‘better’. Where I thought Melanie was being facetious about living in a cage and eating out of dog bowls, it turns out she was being rather serious. For the duration of my stay, I had Karen go pick up some dog bowls and the four of them would eat from the bowls on hands and knees when we had dinner. They enjoyed being ‘pets’ and crawling around the house, only standing or walking when it was necessary. Honestly, treating someone I love like that never did sit well with me, as it hit too close to home for some of the foster homes I lived in growing up, but the girls loved it. If that’s what it took to make them feel complete and whole, then who was I to tell them they couldn’t have it?

The plan was for the four of them to stay here together until Melanie’s divorce was complete. Then all four of them would move to Illinois with the rest of us. Karen would sell her house and close her law office with the intention of getting a license in Illionis after the move. Holly was to finish out the last two years of high school being homeschooled like I was by the older women. When they got back, Melanie would try to get accredited to teach in Illionis as well.

With Karen, Holly and three confirmed pregnancies, there were going to be twelve of us living in Illinois within a year. There was no way I was going to be able to provide for such a family on my own for a very long time, if ever. No, they were all going to have to pitch in if we were going to make this thing work, but they already knew that, they were just waiting for me to realize it myself. Melanie said, she would follow me anywhere, even if it meant raising our family in a cardboard box, because she believed in and loved me so. There was no doubt the others felt the same way, but reality is reality and I think they all breathed a sigh of relief when I came to the conclusion that they all needed to work.

It was Friday morning and I planned on leaving later that night to head home, preferring to drive at night to avoid traffic and potential resulting traffic jams, when I was jolted from my sleep by Karen shouting for me to wake up. As I tried to get my bearings, I saw Karen standing there with terror in her eyes as she held out a manilla envelope in a trembling hand. By now, all four women had gathered around as I took the opened envelope and withdrew its contents. Inside were nearly two dozen photographs taken over the last two months. In particular were the ones of me carrying Miguel’s wrapped up body out to his car and another of me driving it away. Clearly someone had been keeping the house under surveillence. There was a single post-it note on the top photograph with a phone number on it. Melanie and I recognized it right away. It was Robert’s office.

It took everything I had to keep from falling apart in front of the others. I thought I’d gotten away with it. I thought my future, my family’s future was clear to proceed unhindered. I was wrong, dead wrong. I murdered a man the other night and someone knew it. The one person in the world I wanted to keep in the dark about Melanie’s life knew the worst secret I had to keep.

I swallowed hard, taking several moments to breath deep and clear my head. I quickly cut off any attempts from the others to ask questions and told them all to leave the room. When the last one left, closing the door behind her, I picked up the phone on the nightstand and dialed the number.

“Robert Henson.” I heard.

“What do you want, Robert?” I asked, coldly.

“Ah, David!” He said, recognizing my voice, his smugness oozing through the line. “I’ve been waiting to hear from you.”

To be continued…

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