A Fantasy

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This is my first story, so be nice.

* * * * *

As I sit here awaiting your return from work, I think of how lonely my day has been. All day, I’ve sat here growing quite bored with whatever I’ve picked up to pass my time. While I await your return, I begin to daydream. My daydreams float from theme to theme. As I sit here alone on the sofa, my fantasies begin to take on a sexual nature.

In my mind, I see you as you come in the door. Your uniform out of place, your shirt untucked. You remove you glasses and massage the bridge of your nose where the frames have sat against your skin all day. I get up from the sofa and walk to where you stand.

“How was your day, hon?” I ask as I reach up and give you a BIG hug.

“Exhausting,” you reply, “I feel like I didn’t get anything done today.”

“Was Mark getting on your nerves again?” I ask, referring to the one of the jackasses in your department.

“Yeah, the stupid S.O.B screwed up a customer’s mower and I HAD to fix it to keep Chris off my back.”

“Well, baby, how’s about I make you feel better?” I whisper as I give you a soft kiss.

“MMMMM……” you almost purr as I kiss you again. Slowly, I begin to kiss your forehead, you eyelids, your nose, your chin, your lips. Gently I begin to deepen the kiss, no tongue, just my lips on yours. I draw your bottom lip between my own softly sucking and nibbling as I do. As I pull away, I notice that your eyes are closed and your breathing has quickened.

Slowly I begin to rub the muscles of your neck and shoulders (not an easy task being shorter than you). As I massaged your sore muscles, I continued to kiss you, moving slowly from your jaw-line to your neck. I began to kiss, nip, nibble and suck gently on the muscles of your neck, focusing on the places where your heartbeat is felt most. I know that place right behind your jaw and just canlı bahis below your ear is the most sensitive.

Down your neck I go, placing kisses and light bite marks along the way. I remove your shirt and bite into your shoulder; your gasp lets me know you are beginning to enjoy yourself. More kisses find their way along the contours of your chest. I pause at each of your nipples, noticing they are already beginning to become erect. My tongue darts out and circles one, then the other. Gently I suck on each in turn.

Your hands have come up and are caressing the back of my head. The more I kiss and caress your body, the closer you hold me to you. I work my way down your torso, pausing yet again to have tongue sex with your bellybutton. You shiver lightly as I run my tongue in, out and around your navel.

“That tickles,” you say softly. I just look up and smile a soft, secret smile.

Slowly, I begin to unbuckle your belt. Your eyes are following my every movement. After the belt comes the button, and then the lowering of the zipper. As I let your pants drop to the floor, you begin to wonder what I have in store for you. Although, you are fairly certain you WILL enjoy it. You have certainly been enjoying things so far.

“My, My, My…Is that all for me?” I ask as I trace my fingers over the prominent bulge in your underwear. You groan a response. Carefully I take hold of the waistband of your briefs, then I pull them out and down, to avoid catching them on anything “important.”

I reach out and grasp your manhood with my fingers. I hear you gasp as my flesh makes contact with yours. Even though I have done this many times to you, I still marvel at the textures and contrasts in the feel of your cock in my hand. So soft, yet so hard. Smooth, but still kind of scratchy where your pubic hair covers you.

Finally you don’t think your legs bahis siteleri will hold you up any longer and you drop onto the sofa. I continue my actions, my fingers moving quickly yet still taking time to caress and soothe. Softly I blow a breath across your hardness. You shiver as the cool air comes in contact with your heat.

I lean in and place a kiss on the head. Your intake of breath tells me you are enjoying the feelings I am giving. I run my tongue up one side and then the other. I feel you arch your back and try to move closer to me. Knowing what you are needing, but wanting to keep you waiting a bit longer, I move away. You groan you disappointment.

My fingers caress your ball-sac, rubbing and squeezing lightly. As I do this, my tongue finds that soft spot just behind your balls that is so smooth. As I run my tongue over this spot and begin to tickle you there with the tip of my tongue, you begin to caress and grab the back of my head more insistently.

You try to get my mouth where you want it. You try to get me to take your cock into my hot, wet mouth. I give you what you want. I close my lips over your hot hardness, running my tongue over and all around the head. As I take more and more of your length into my mouth, I feel your muscles stiffen with your excitement.

You relax a bit as my mouth moves off of you. Only to tense up when I engulf your dick yet again. I begin to find a rhythm. The sensations I am getting from you, hearing your moans and grunts, your intakes of breath are enough to make me hot. I can feel as my own body responds to what I am doing to you.

A tingle has started deep inside me. I can feel my body heat rising and my pussy becoming wetter and wetter. I give a soft moan around the hardness in my mouth. You jump from the vibrations. I move away and begin to remove my own layers of clothing, although there aren’t bahis şirketleri many. I move back and continue working my magic with my tongue and lips and teeth over your wonderful cock. With one hand I caress your balls and that spot behind them. With the other I caress myself.

I feel your eyes on me and look up; meeting your eyes with my own. You smile as you realize what I’m doing, not just to you, but to myself as well. Faster and faster my mouth moves upon you. My fingers matching my rhythm. I begin slowing down, just to tease. You watch as my fingers slowly circle my clit, dipping down occasionally to borrow some wetness from my depths.

I reach down and slip two fingers inside my hot, wet passage. You groan out loud as you witness this. It’s something you have imagined only in your dreams. Still, my mouth continues to work, as does my other hand. I can feel your body begin to tighten. Watching me has only added to the level of your excitement. I know that soon you will cum and I want to cum with you.

As I begin to suck and nip with more concentration, I also work my fingers faster still in tune with the rhythm being used on you. I can feel my climax building and can tell that yours isn’t far off either. Your hands come to the back of my head, willing me to move faster, harder.

Just as your body tightens, and I feel the first throbs of your orgasm begin, I move my mouth away and watch as you cum with a great force, your fingers gripping the sofa cushions. When you open your eyes, you see I am in the midst of my own wonderful orgasm, my fingers still buried deep within me.

As my body begins to come down from the emotional high it has just been on, you take my hand and lick my own juices from my fingers……as you are doing this, I come back down to earth and realize it was just a fantasy. And in reality I was alone, masturbating on the sofa to a wonderful dream. But, my orgasm wasn’t just a dream. I’ve awoken to find my fingers still within my depths, soaked with what was one of the best orgasms I had ever had.

Maybe one day I’ll tell you about it…

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